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Chapter 35: Cuddling Up to Sleep

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Pei Yutu sat up. his eyes slid from Instructor Ping’s cat ears all the way to the tip of his tail before he grunted, “Didn’t you say you didn’t want me to take care of you?”

Ping Mo, “…”

If he stayed by himself, he would have become a cat right there, then Ping Mo would’ve wanted to turn around and leave. However, if he turned into a cat at Pei Yutu’s house, then Pei would have guessed that he was the cat, and all those many unpleasant memories he had of being a cat. Begging for petting, foolishly jumping on a stick, and even having his balls pinched by that man!

Such shame!

Instructor Ping had always believed that he could swallow a dumb loss, but couldn’t lose face, so he couldn’t let him know that he was the cat! However, after rejecting him and coming back to him, it seemed that he should say something soft. This left Ping Mo at a loss for words.

Just then Teaching Assistant Pei opened his mouth, “I’d already fallen asleep, and now you’re bothering me!”

As Pei Yutu said this, he lifted the blanket, and left a place for Ping Mo.


He slapped the vacant spot. “Come on in! I’m a light sleeper, so if you come to me in the middle of the night every day, I’m going to have a nervous breakdown!”

It felt like an offer, but it was also an order, so Ping Mo decided to go to bed with the pillow, not forgetting to turn off the light in the bedroom. Pei Yutu had just taken a shower, and now only had a towel around his waist, so his upper body was naked and filled with testosterone. Ping Mo couldn’t get used to sharing a bed with such an alpha, so he shut the light off.

Ping Mo had just laid down on the bed, when Pei Yutu moved closer, and with a firm grip, took Ping Mo into his arms.

Ping Mo only smelled the tequila alpha pheromones that wrapped around him, which successfully calmed his body’s storming omega pheromones. For a short period of time, he shouldn’t suddenly become a cat. This feeling was very comfortable, so he didn’t struggle.

Since it was just after his bath, Ping Mo gave off a fragrant scent. He had not used the vetiver grass Strong Alpha Forest spray, so his sweet fragrance of a touch of shower gel, mixed together with a little tempting sweet grapefruit scent called to Pei Yutu and made him want to bite him.

Pei Yutu inhaled deeply against Ping Mo’s short hair. “Why do you smell so good?”

“…” Ping Mo was sniffed so much that his hair hackled. Uncomfortably, he shook his cat ears and grumbled, “Shut up and go to sleep.”

“Can’t sleep.” Pei Yutu hugged him. “I’m a light sleeper, and you’re responsible for waking me up. Talk to me.”

Ping Mo couldn’t take it anymore, “You’re a light sleeper? Then why do you start snoring as soon as your head hits the fucking pillow?”

“How do you know I fall asleep quickly?”

Fuck, I let it slip. Ping Mo nervously waved the tip of his tail, and broke the pot. “Lu DongWang said so.”

“Ah, he told you that? That’s bullshit! Slander! Seeing is believing, Instructor Ping. You’ll know if you sleep with me for one night.” Pei Yutu reached out and grabbed his tail, then tugged it in his hand and petted a handful of fur.

Ping Mo, because of his weakness, surprisingly didn’t immediately pull his tail away.

That led Teaching Assistant Pei to take advantage of the situation, and he held Ping Mo’s long tail in his hand as he rubbed it repeatedly, and commented from time to time, “Hey, your tail feels really good. It’s silky and smooth, and the fur is thick and soft! Your hair is also so fine and soft. It’s very different from mine. Mine is thick and hard, it’s difficult to take care of.”

“…” Why does that sound so awkward? But for the moment I don’t know how to refute it.

Pei Yutu, “The feel of your tail is similar to that of the cat I have. Have you seen my cat?”

Ping Mo pulled his tail back, hugged it, then replied stiffly, “No!”

Although the room’s lights were off, the soft wall sconce above the bed was still faithfully lit. It was a wall sconce with an auto-sensing function that detected the owner’s breathing rate to determine sleep conditions, thus providing soft lighting as appropriate, as well as a hypnotic white noise function. It was on in default mode, and shone only a little, just enough for Pei Yutu to see that the pair of cat ears on top of Instructor Ping’s head were drooping from tiredness.

The fluffy little ears were almost invisible on his head, hidden in his short soft hair. Pei Yutu felt itchy and pulled up Ping Mo’s cat ears, then pinched them.


Pei Yutu’s fingers had a thin layer of gun calluses, so they were a little rough. The cat ears were much more sensitive when he was in human form than when he was a cat. Those beautiful gray-blue eyes were jewel-like in the soft light. No wonder it was said that ‘beauty was better under a lamp.’ 1 The dim environment filtered out eighty percent of the hostility Instructor Ping Mo usually had, and only softened the delicate outline of the features. Pei Yutu forgot his words. Only after a while did he say, “What’s wrong? I didn’t give you a temporary mark, so return the favor and let brother enjoy a little. Let me play with your ears.”

“No way!” Ping Mo said and moved away.

Pei Yutu immediately moved towards him, and made a gesture to pull the fluffy cat ears on top of his head. “I’m only trying to pinch your ears, not clip them off. Why are you so stingy?”

With the progressively stronger tequila pheromones, Ping Mo’s ears were also increasingly sensitive. That was why he refused to let him touch them, and immediately resisted. However, Instructor Ping was still suffering from the live alpha hormones sequelae, so his strength was weaker than usual. The consequences of the struggle was that he was hoisted into Pei Yutu’s arms.

Pei Yutu’s struggle caused the bath towel around his waist to loosen so that he felt uncomfortable. He simply threw the entire cloth aside, and hugged the omega in his arms. 

Through the layer of light pajama fabric, Instructor Ping could almost feel his blocky abs, and–


The two of them were right in the middle of a fight. Pei Yutu subconsciously went to grab his ankle, reacted and then hurriedly let go, covered himself and rolled around, then nearly fell off the bed. He wrapped himself in the blanket, and blushed in the darkness. “It’s not my fault! With an omega wriggling around in their arms, any alpha couldn’t fucking hold it!”

Under the dim wall lamp, he couldn’t see the expression on Instructor Ping’s face. He could only see that he was sitting on the bed, the cat ears on the top of his head still trembling slightly, as if he was very angry. It took him a long time before he squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth, “I will chop your thing off with my own hands!”

Pei Yutu immediately retreated, then opened his mouth and said loudly, “Ping Mo, are you still reasonable? Yes, it’s true that I’m not right to hit on you, but why are you so soft? You control the sky and the earth, but also control how hard I ge-“

A sweet buckwheat pillow whistled over, smashed away Teaching Assistant Pei’s playful words, and hit his strong, lean muscles with a muffled ‘bang’ sound that hurt to hear.

Pei Yutu hissed, “You murdered your lil–little subordinate! Is there any comradeship left?”

He reasonably suspected that there was something metal in Instructor Ping’s hands, so at least he didn’t throw it. This person looked like a Barbie doll, but why was his temper so violent?

“Forget it, I’ll stay away from you, anyway, this bed is big enough. We are Mr. Dong Guo and wolf, farmer and snake, 2 a warm-hearted helper alpha and a disagreeably-faced omega.” Pei Yutu’s speech was like a machine gun burst. “I’ll get revenge! I’ve been kind enough to help you, but now I also have to take a beating? I’m a man of feelings! I don’t want to see you! Okay, go to sleep.”

While he was saying that, Pei Yutu moved to lay against the edge of the bed. The size of this bed and the dormitory’s single bed weren’t the same. Teaching Assistant Pei was tall, but three or four of him could fit onto this bed with no problem. So now that he took the initiative to squeeze to the side of the bed, it left a large space opposite him.

Ping Mo sat on the empty bed, and felt guilty afterwards.

It seemed that he overreacted just now. He thought he was a top alpha throughout his teenage years. It wasn’t until the age of twenty-two that he had his differentiation. Although he didn’t fantasize about marrying a gentle and beautiful omega in the future, he had always, by default, thought of himself as a protector. He never thought of one day, being held in the arms of an alpha and being protected…

It’s really too awkward!

Nevertheless, in the end, these were the knots in his own heart. Pei Yutu had kindly helped him. Just now, he also inadvertently made a mistake, but Ping had treated him so violently! On one side of the bed, Instructor Ping felt guilt. On the other side, Pei Yutu was outwardly acting pitiful at the edge of the bed, but in his head he was thinking, Really fucking soft. Ah fuck!

It was said that the later a Therian develops, the more you can’t get enough of that aspect. I didn’t expect a single touch to be so exciting.

Ping Mo was also preoccupied. He wanted to apologize to Pei Yutu, but the words wouldn’t leave his mouth. After all, Instructor Ping always adhered to the principles of “keep your face,” and “no apologies.” This incident touched his knowledge blind spot.

Finally, Ping Mo rigidly turned to a serious topic, “I declared you an outstanding teacher. I originally wanted to approve it and then tell you, but now I’m finding it difficult to protect myself. I may lose my job. You’ll need to keep an eye on the process, the military school network and everything else.”

On the other side of the bed, Pei Yutu grunted, “What’s the point of saying I am a good teacher?”

Despite these words, the corners of Teaching Assistant Pei’s mouth crept up in the darkness. Ping Mo was really awkward. Couldn’t he apologize in a simpler way?

Ping Mo was silent for a moment, then said, “You have helped me so much, and I don’t know how to thank you. If you get some honor from the appreciation it should be useful.” The young master seemed not to be short of money, while of course, he was a poor man who now doesn’t have any decent pay. He could only rely on his former Raptor Captain title and the momentum of E Group, to give him a little return.

Now Pei Yutu wasn’t happy. What does he mean by that? It’s not an apology, it’s a payoff! The calculation was so clear. This was to clear the debt with him!

Pei Yutu, “Don’t bother! I’ve always been promoted based on my real ability, I don’t need such a backdoor.”

“…” Ping Mo lay on the other side of the empty bed, opened his mouth, and finally just said, “Forget it if you don’t care.” It was up to him whether he accepted it or not, but now that he’s thanked him, he’s not taking advantage of him for nothing.

Pei Yutu listened to this tone, and thought his instructor was angry, then reflected on whether he had spoken harsh words. He didn’t want to stick to the side of the bed and pretend melancholia. He was salivating to come back, and hugged the quilt close to Instructor Ping, “I appreciate your feelings, but this is not a favoritism situation. Look at us now, sleeping in the same bed. If you put me forward, it’ll look like I used special rules!”


The man was still in the mood when he came closer, so the dominant and strong tequila alpha pheromones that wafted his way were overwhelming. Ping Mo’s cat ears and the glands on the back of his neck were itchy. He wasn’t comfortable, and the tip of his tail began to shake. “Where do you get so many ideas? Isn’t promotion a good thing? You’ve done a good job. The team we lead is definitely a head higher than other teams as well. In fact, I often take leave, so most of the time you are leading. I can see that you are marching, and good at training soldiers. You are leader material, and your future is unlimited.”

This objective evaluation came from the heart, and successfully smoothed Teaching Assistant Pei’s hackles.

“In fact, I haven’t lost to anyone, and I have been in the emergency mobile combat unit. I have been in fights with the extraterritorial pirates, White Hole. Do you know them? Their equipment may be more advanced than the Military Ministry elites, but not in my hands! Later when I left the team, I was promoted to captain, and I had the extraterritorial space station under my control. It had more than a thousand people.”

Like every alpha who couldn’t help bragging in front of his beloved omega, Pei Yutu reminisced about the great years. Ping Mo listened quietly, but after a while, Teaching Assistant Pei realized that his kitten was asleep.

He actually put people to sleep.

Pei Yutu touched his nose. Was his own history of struggle so hypnotic? He gently put the thin, air conditioned quilt on Ping Mo, then brought the person wrapped up in the quilt into his arms. Under the soft light of the wall lamp, he could see Ping Mo’s face was very smooth and beautiful. His thick, long eyelashes were down, and set off by his snow white skin. Quiet kitten Ping was less arrogant and irritable as always, only good and beautiful.

Pei Yutu couldn’t help giving the fluffy cat ears on Ping Mo’s head a bite. The small ears were sensitive and shivered. The person in his arms also gently moaned. Pei Yutu, afraid the wall lamp shaking would wake him, manually turned off the light. He still felt unsatisfied, so he quietly put a hand into the quilt, all the way to the base of Ping Mo’s tail. His large hands held the soft thing and then closed his eyes contentedly.

The room was quiet. The night was quiet.


At the same time, a giant artificial space station outside the planet was as bright as day.

In fact, most of the space stations and the main planet relied on the same star for their energy supply. Its light source could be artificially controlled in order to allow the residents to develop a healthy biological clock, so almost all space stations and the main planet implemented the same twenty-four hour day. The light source was adjusted at the moment because the ‘Prince’ had an action plan for arms smuggling.

The Prince of White Hole, Long Lang, was a tall, handsome young man, elegant, usually liked to collect ancient Earth-era paintings and antiques, and prided himself on being a gentleman. However black and white did not agree with him. 3 The only thing that they were unified on was that he was a ruthless character who killed people and was a gangster.

“The rules have to be adhered to. After the money and goods are paid, let them have an ‘accident’. Let people see our black hand, where you do not have to come back alive.” He slowly and methodically finished his task, then suddenly changed the subject, “Ghost Ear is back on the main planet?”

“Yes,” he said in a regular manner.

“Have you seen him?” Long Lang asked.

“Yes, and almost got killed by him.”

Long Lang suddenly laughed. “The little friend is quite powerful. I heard that none of those who were sent to harass him succeeded?”

The men laughed with the prince and sweated. They didn’t dare say a word. However Long Lang waved his hand. “I don’t blame you. Maybe it’s not the right time yet.”

What ‘time’? Everyone was confused, while no one was willing to ask. Only one person had the courage to say, “Then I’ll send more people? There’s always going to be alphas who can force him to reveal his identity.”

“Forget it,” Long Lang said. “I’ll go get him myself after a while. When we’re done.”


Ping Mo had an exceptionally restful sleep. The only downside was that he woke up to find himself cuddled up to Pei Yutu, with his tail wrapped around his thigh in a very unorthodox way. The instructor tried to pull his tail away, but it disturbed the person behind him, and instead Pei Yutu hugged him tighter.


The stalemate was broken by a phone call. When Instructor Ping answered the phone, Pei Yutu wouldn’t let go of the phone, so he also listened to the story. The police wanted him to cooperate with the investigation.

“They say it’s for a statement.” Ping Mo got off the bed barefoot, but in his heart he understood that it might not just be as simple as making a statement. Those thirteen lives. Even if they were human traffickers, as long as those were involved, he would be caught in a tedious investigation. Especially now that he was in the Alliance Military Technology University, and ‘thinking about it’ for the military. If the suspicion about his collaborating with the enemy turned up and the two got superimposed, it would be a very troublesome thing.

Pei Yutu could see Ping Mo’s thoughts, but didn’t interfere. He only said, “Why do you have to go today? What’s the hurry? Wait. Brother will make you a hearty love breakfast, so you can first replenish your energy!”

After he sent Instructor Ping to wash up, Pei Yutu grabbed his cell phone and went downstairs. He entered the kitchen, pulled the partitioned sliding door closed, and sneakily made a phone call.

“Good morning, General Dai! Your grandson misses you! Please do something.”


The author has something to say: a small theater.

Pei Yutu: Your hair feels so good, fine and soft, I am thick and hard.

Ping Mo: …

It seems that something was not right, thinking about something perverted.

Five minutes later, Ping Mo pressed his gong down and gave him a violent beating.


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Translator Notes:

  1. 灯下看美人 = people look more attractive in dim light
  2. 东郭先生和狼 = Mr. Don Guo and wolf, popular Chinese fairytale, 农夫和蛇 = The Farmer and the Viper, and Aesop fable Both are about the ingratitude of someone being helped.
  3. The bad guys and the good guys, criminals and authorities, etc.


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August 18, 2022 6:11 pm

Is it bad that I think the chemistry between these two is actually kinda terrible?
Like, neither is terribly impressed with the other except in their audacity. The alpha just wants to trick his way into sleeping with the omega and the omega only wants to suck pheromones and would rather not even do that.
35 chapters in and I don’t even see a hint of sugar between these two. They may turn into a power couple eventually, but I can’t say I ship it at this point.

August 18, 2022 10:33 pm

PM’s a pseudo Alpha & like business women in male dominated environments, has built up a tough front & high pride. PY treats him in ways he’s not used to, making him over compensate to be macho.
PY has rough edges, but isn’t a bad person; a face con, PY appealed immediately, but he now respects his abilities. PY’s recognised his character too, like his inability to apologise.
They are getting there.
Don’t like sound of this Long Lang, whose objective seems to be PM.

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Thanks for translation, the informative notes and editing 🤗

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