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Chapter 34: Ears and Tails Came Out

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Through the door panel, Pei Yutu’s voice came back, actually a little smug, “Like it?”

Like it?!

Ping Mo held the underwear and was in a fierce struggle. The underwear were actually soft and the right size. Even though Ping Mo never paid attention to fashion, he recognized the logo printed on the box. The pure cotton white background was covered with round little strawberries, full of sweet girlishness. 1

He now had only two choices, wear this girly thing or go bare-assed.


Instructor Ping resolutely chose to go bare-assed.

He put on his pajama pants, pushed open the door, and Teaching Assistant Pei who was waiting outside the door almost fell in. Ping Mo quickly moved away, so Pei landed on the empty air and had to stand on his own halfway. He saw Instructor Ping, and his eyes lit up. “Aren’t they nice?! I’m pretty good at picking things out, right?”

The pajamas Ping Mo was wearing were quite normal, a simple and generous ash white, a light and loose short-sleeved top and shorts with no fancy patterns. Exactly the same as the one Pei Yutu was wearing, like a couple’s outfit.

“This one is very comfortable, so I bought the same one for you.” Teaching Assistant Pei said in a cryptic way.

However, Instructor Ping wasn’t thinking about couple’s clothes at all. He was still in the shadow of his strawberry underwear as he pointed to the pair spread out on the bed and asked, “What do you think?”

“You’re not wearing them!” Pei Yutu’s eyes moved away from the ‘little strawberries’ and landed on Instructor Ping’s pajama pants, his thoughts running like a wild dog in the direction of the indescribable. There was nothing under his pants.

Ping Mo, “Did you do that on purpose?”

Pei Yutu’s thoughts had not yet reacted, “Ah, ah?”

“…” Ping Mo, “Forget it.”

He suddenly remembered that this person’s own taste in clothing was also a bit worrying. The first time they met, he saw Pei Yutu wearing shiny fluorescent yellow boxers, and later because he became a cat, and often went to his room to rub against the pheromones, occasionally would run into Teaching Assistant Pei’s colorful underwear. “Pei Yutu.”


“I see that you usually wear clothes that are quite normal, why are you only,” Ping Mo phrased it a little more politely, “aesthetically chic about underwear?”

Is this a dislike of his aesthetics? Yes. Ping Mo had seen him wear a lot of ‘close-fitting’ underwear.

Pei Yutu remembered his own fancy underwear, and subconsciously raised a hand to ruffle his not very obedient head of prickly hair, “Actually it’s not that I like them. It’s mainly because I’ve lived in the barracks since I was eighteen years old, and in boot camp, twenty people were in each room. You can imagine how hard it is when eighteen out of those twenty wear black boxers. The other two wore black fucking thongs! Hanging on the same clothesline, they all looked the same, and after I took the wrong ones a few times, I never wore basic black ones again!”

“So you switched to wearing colorful fluorescent ones?”

Pei Yutu said modestly, “I was the only one who thought of that.”

“…” Ping Mo commented mercilessly, “Or maybe you’re the only one who went out of your way.” Such a flirty color, he wouldn’t wear it anyway.

Pei Yutu gave up. “Well, you are also from the barracks. Haven’t you ever lived in a group and slept in a bunk? Don’t you know how disgusting it is to wear another alpha’s underwear by mistake?! It’s like a psychological shadow!”

Ping Mo, “Oh, I’ve been living in a single room since I was a kid.”

“A single room? No! What kind of unit were you guys in that you were so well treated?”

Ping Mo didn’t answer his question and said, “Not everyone lived in a single room. Just me.”

Pei Yutu, “Why?”

Ping Mo didn’t want to explain, and said perfunctorily, “Maybe I’m attractive to people.”

Pei Yutu, “…” Okay, that’s a good reason. I can’t refute it.

It was Ping Mo who changed the topic, “This house is quite expensive, isn’t it?”

“I don’t know, I didn’t ask the price. My old man bought it. Can I show you around?” Pei Yutu asked casually.

To his surprise, Instructor Ping nodded. “Sure.”

Because of the after-effects of the live alpha hormones, and the risk of omega hormone rebound, Ping Mo was likely to go into heat due to the hormone rampage and couldn’t leave the house for at least three days, and was forced to be under the same roof with nothing to do. In fact, Pei Yutu didn’t know much about the house. The two went from the second floor to the first floor and from room to room. The house was finely decorated, the main color scheme was black and white in a cold hard modern style, while each floor was over 35 square meters.

In addition to the bedroom, closets, bathroom, study, living room, kitchen, storage, etc., there was a special fitness room, where a whole wall was floor-to-ceiling mirrors with multifunction machines, Roman stools, treadmills, rowing machines, dumbbell racks and other equipment. It was the highest utilization of space in the whole house. Ping Mo liked this fitness room.

Unfortunately, Instructor Ping Mo was now at his weakest due to the living alpha hormones after-effects period, and his strength was not at its normal level. Although he liked it, he also refused to lose face in front of his subordinate, and didn’t try the equipment.

Ping Mo, “I didn’t expect you to be a rich kid.”

Pei Yutu then seriously introduced his own family. “My old man is a businessman. At first, he was in the military, then later married my mother. In order to avoid suspicion, he went into business. He is a beta and my mother is an omega. My grandfather is also in the military and, at first, disliked my father. He was dead set against their marriage, resulting in my father’s lifelong mantra that marrying a beautiful omega is not easy! Ha, ha, ha, ha!”

“So how did you join the military?” Ping Mo asked. For himself, it was a coincidence, but it was hard to imagine a rich kid born with a golden spoon would be willing to join the military, and also not take the academy path, but start from the toughest base. Boot camp was not a comfortable place.

Pei Yutu said, “Because of Lu Feng.” 2

Ping Mo looked at him, “Which Lu Feng?”

“Which Lu Feng? Colonel Lu Feng of Group E!” Pei Yutu said, “He is my idol! Special forces background, war hero, the real lone hero, not to mention his body! Every year he wins the army competition!”

If one looked at the entire Alliance for the one with the highest ability in single combat, Lu Feng must be on the list. Even as he grew older and changed departments, he was still the idol of the entire Military Ministry.

“I was fortunate enough to meet him when I was a kid, but unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to have him instruct me personally,” Pei Yutu said with regret.

At that moment, Instructor Ping patted him on the shoulder. “I’ll teach you a few moves when you have the chance later.”

Pei Yutu, “You teach me? No need! We don’t know who will win in a solo fight.”

Although Ping Mo’s skills were indeed remarkable, this person’s idol was his superior and if he were to know he was his master, wouldn’t his tail be up to the sky? No, no. How can he hold it down!

“You were given a chance, and didn’t cherish it. Forget it.” Ping Mo said.

If one day Pei Yutu knew that his skills were personally taught by Colonel Lu Feng, he wasn’t sure what expression he would have.

“You say it as if you have learned some great martial arts. Ping Mo, are you hungry? Want to eat something?”

He didn’t know when Pei Yutu stopped calling him ‘Instructor Ping,’ However, now he had worn his clothes, lived in his house, and even his medical bills were paid by him, so he didn’t want to get mad for something like this. 

“Anything? Can I order takeout?”

“Takeout is unhealthy. I’ll cook.”

Ping Mo was surprised by the confidence of his Teaching Assistant. “You can cook?”

“It’s a basic life skill,” Pei Yutu said. “Just wait. I’ll go out to buy some ingredients and come back to feed you.”

After Teaching Assistant Pei left, Ping Mo was alone in the large house, so he couldn’t resist going to the gym to try out the equipment. Ping Mo originally planned to buy a house of his own if he could retire safely one day, and in his case, he would end up alone anyway. Right now most of his allowance was used to buy biodegradable clothing, and he had to save up for the final payment of the Therian inhibitors. He couldn’t keep bothering Pei Yutu to make temporary marks for him.

Ping Mo put on his slippers and headed upstairs to find his cell phone.

The slippers happened to be Pei Yutu’s size, and were too big for him. Instructor Ping dropped his shoes just as he touched his phone, and before he could rummage around and find Leng Li, he first saw a string of missed calls from Cheng Cheng.

The chase for Ghost Ear had become such a big deal that Cheng Cheng must have known about it.

Ping Mo dialed the number back, and the other party answered in mere seconds, “Team Leader Ping! I heard you were injured, is it serious? Teaching Assistant Pei won’t let me see you. Captain, don’t stay at his house. I’ll pick you up!”

Ping Mo didn’t know how to explain to his former subordinate that he had to stay since he needed Pei Yutu’s pheromones, kisses, hugs and temporary markings to ease his developmental problems. He could only rub his temples, as he replied vaguely, “I’m fine but it’s inconvenient to go out. You don’t need to come to me since I’m not injured.”

Seeing that the captain did not want to say more, Cheng Cheng didn’t dare ask, but brought a message, “Team Leader Ping, the police cleaned up the scene and found thirteen bodies. They suspect that you over-defended, and somehow went too far. Some parents complained that you are too dangerous, which isn’t suitable for a teacher, and think you should be temporarily suspended.”


“But you can rest assured that the school leadership hasn’t yet approved anything, and there is still room for maneuvering. The problem is…”

Ping Mo said, “Colonel Lu knows?”

Cheng Cheng, “Yes.”

The head of the school didn’t dare to approve it immediately. and in all probability, it was for the sake of Colonel Lu Feng. Ping Mo hung up the phone and simply sat on the stairs, slumped as he rubbed his face. Suspension was nothing to be afraid of, but he was afraid of Lu Feng.

The old boss had a long history of authority, until now. As he remembered the mistakes made under his watch as a child, Ping Mo still felt a vague pain in his buttocks.

The year Ping Mo was selected to join the Chicks Program, Lu Feng happened to be transferred to Group E as an extra hand. Their class of “young birds” was under his personal efforts to bring up, and Colonel Lu’s most favored one was Ping Mo. But those who he favored, he would be extra strict with, and there would be loads of additional training. He even did some irregular actions, such as taking the young Ping Mo, who had just turned 14 years old, on a mission. That was the first time in Ping Mo’s life that he had killed.

“I’m back! I got some snacks too since it will take awhile for the rice to cook.” From the lower floor, the loud voice of Teaching Assistant Pei could be heard.

Ping Mo peeked out the handrail of the solid wood spiral staircase to see Pei Yutu carrying several huge shopping bags. It was definitely more than three days’ worth, and if he didn’t know better, he would think he would be staying in the house for a long time.

Pei Yutu was busy sorting through his purchases, as he stuffed fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs, frozen foods and meats into the large double-door refrigerator, and said in a loud voice, “Come down and get your own snacks!”

Ping Mo was really hungry, and he had a great view from high up. He could see the cupcakes and packages of mochi quite clearly.

When he saw the table full of desserts, the corners of his mouth immediately and wildly rose. However, when he was in front of them, he forced himself to frown, as he sorted through them and said, “Why did you buy so many sweets?”

Pei Yutu took in his micro-expressions. The more he saw, the more he liked it. He wanted to take this pretentious, fat kitten into his arms and rub him properly, only to worry that if he poked him, he was afraid he would explode. Pei Yutu cleared his throat, and said, “It’s good to have something to eat. Don’t be picky!”

Instructor Ping immediately showed the humility that came with being a subordinate, and went upstairs with a big box of the creamiest snacks, as he contentedly munched on them.

“Put on your shoes!” Teaching Assistant Pei’s yell rang out behind him, but was selectively ignored by Instructor Ping.

Pei Yutu’s cooking skills, as he put it, were only “basic life skills.” Although he could eat it, the taste was barely comparable to that of the cafeteria ladies at the AMTC. On the other hand Ping Mo was satisfied because he had stuffed himself with cupcakes and juicy candies before the main meal.

He thought it would be hard to stay in the room for a few days and not be able to go out, but hadn’t expected the time to fly by. The two of them fought, chatted and played games online for a while, and in a flash, it was night.

Ping Mo finished washing up, and had just pushed open the bedroom door, when he saw that Teaching Assistant Pei had already unceremoniously occupied half of the bed.

Ping Mo, “What are you doing here?”

Pei Yutu justified, “This is my room. Why can’t I be here?”

Yes, this seemed to be the master bedroom, and Pei Yutu, as the owner, slept here. There was no problem, last night it should have been occupied by him.

“Oh. Good night.” Ping Mo turned around and left. He remembered that next door seemed to be a guest bedroom. The quilt and everything was brand new and ready-made.

“Eh, no!” Teaching Assistant Pei rolled out of bed, and with a healthy step he scampered over. He was tall and big as he reached out to stop Ping Mo. “Don’t go. Let’s sleep together.”


“Don’t look at me like that. I’m not trying to take advantage of you. It’s for your own good. Ping Mo, what do you think you’re living here for? It’s just a smooth passage through puberty…”

“…Physical maturity.” Ping Mo corrected.

“Right,” Pei Yutu waved his hand indifferently. “How can I give you a temporary mark if we don’t sleep together?”

The so-called intimate contact, such as kissing and hugging physical contact, was a standard temporary marking. It was actually milder than just biting through the back of the neck gland to inject pheromones, and was the most suitable solution for Ping Mo right now. However, even though Teaching Assistant Pei Yutu waited diligently, Ping Mo didn’t want that unbearable discomfort, and believed that he didn’t need a temporary mark yet, so he left. “No. No thanks for now.”

“What are you doing?” Pei Yutu took two or three steps to stop him, but was glared back by Instructor Ping, and swallowed his words.

Pei Yutu watched the back of Instructor Ping and muttered, “Even though I am not chasing you now, do not think I won’t. I can carry you with one hand, and just because you’re not strong enough now, don’t think I’ll go easy on you.”

Pei Yutu raised his voice, “Ping, if your pheromones go out of control in the middle of the night, I won’t care about you!”

“No need for you to care!” The instructor didn’t even turn his head around, just raised his hand and swung it back. The posture was very dashing. Once again, he had the body posture of the strong and sharp devil instructor. The only thing that was soft were his light home clothes, which revealed two white calves, while the shorts wrapped around his buttocks, and because the inside was empty, their peach-like outline was quite clear.

Pei Yutu watched him leave with relish, before he rushed back to the master bathroom and took a cold shower.

On the other hand, Instructor Ping put the bedding in order and fell into the comfortable bed. He turned off the bedside light, and the soft automatic backlight at the head of the bed automatically lit. He had to say, the living conditions here were much better than the staff dormitory. It was okay for a poor man like himself to live in the dormitory, but what exactly did Pei Yutu want?

He didn’t know how Colonel Lu would react after he found out about Ghost Ear, but he wouldn’t support a thorough investigation, as it was a suicidal act that put him in danger. Ping Mo was drowsy after thinking about things in a daze, but just before he fell asleep, he was jolted awake!

Something was wrong. Ping Mo touched the top of his head and behind him. His ears and tail had come out!

The good thing was that his pheromones didn’t spill out, so this should still be the old expert’s “physiological maturity morphological instability,” and not the real bonding heat. The best way to make the shape stable was to rub against a little bit of strong alpha pheromones, but just a few minutes ago, he refused Pei Yutu, and threatened to ‘not care.’

At this time!

The slap on his face came too soon, and with their sharp words, Pei wouldn’t help him but since it wasn’t bonding heat. It wouldn’t be so hard, and he had borne with it in the past. His face could not be lost!

Unfortunately, just as Instructor Ping was determined to endure as he had in the past, he had a bad feeling. He was going to directly change into a cat!


If he turned into a cat in Pei Yutu’s house, wouldn’t that be a complete embarrassment?


Teaching Assistant Pei had just finished taking a cool shower, and there were still beads of water on his short hair, but he ignored it and threw himself on the big bed in a 大 shape.

“Fuck. I picked him up properly, and I can only see but not touch. Looking isn’t a sin.”

However, just as the words fell, the bedroom door was pushed open. Instructor Ping, topped with two cat ears while he held a pillow, said with a false calm, “Or, I will consider your proposal.”

In contrast to his calm tone, the long tail behind him waved uneasily. The black tip of his tail between his two white calves was especially eye-catching.


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Translator Notes:

  1. 卢烽 = Black beacon fire


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