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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Pei Yutu, “…”

Lu DongWang, “…”

“…Old Lu, close the door!”

Lu DongWang was also afraid that the cat would be frightened and run into the hallway. To prevent any danger, he hadn’t waited for Pei Yutu’s command, and rushed to the door. A ‘click’ sounded as he turned the lock. Once Ping Mo saw this, he leapt up, then stepped on the table as he deftly turned and headed straight to the balcony.

But what he hadn’t expected was that these two actually didn’t even open the window for ventilation. He was a cat trapped in a jar.


The cat in question was quickly captured by the ‘victim’ Pei Yutu who strangled the back of that fateful neck. Four paws hung in the air, while only the tip of his tail fluttered uneasily, an attitude of confession for the ambush.

At the moment, Pei Yutu’s pants were still wet, and because he felt wretched, he inexplicably showed some viciousness although he didn’t seriously hurt the cat. He only lightly hit the small kitten’s buttocks. “Paws need to not knock stuff over!”

“!!!” Instructor Ping’s hackles rose. How dare he…! Ping Mo’s strength and temper were well known throughout the Raptors and even in Group E there was no one who didn’t respect him. When had he ever been spanked by someone?

...Pei had a death wish!

Pei Yutu only felt that the cat he held was suddenly struggling. The small thing wasn’t large, but was quite fierce. WIth a long tail flip, the cat twisted its body at an incredible angle, while the fluffy white fur hid its sharp claws!

“Hiss…!” It actually scratched the back of his hand! His first reaction was to press the cat into his arms, and suppress its range of motion with brute force.

Ping Mo only felt a strong force, and was pressed into a solid chest. The tequila scented alpha pheromones came to the surface, especially from his claws that were stained with blood. Pheromone concentration was higher in blood than sweat.

Ordinary inhibitors had limited effect on him, and now his bonding heat was still going so once he touched the alpha, the unbearable burning sensation almost turned into pain, making him cranky and painful. Ping Mo was prepared, but…

Ping Mo twitched his ears suspiciously.

Surprisingly, he felt nothing, and the agitation and the vague burning sensation in his body were gone.

“Brother Pei! Give me the cat. I promise to watch it, and won’t let it bother you anymore!” Lu DongWang was so distressed that his voice changed tone. He was afraid that Pei Yutu would make a mistake and strangle the kitten alive. He trembled and stretched out his hands, as he begged Pei with his eyes to give the little cutie back to him.

“…” Pei Yutu said, “Hurry up and get rid of it.”

However, as soon as he held the cat out, Ping Mo agilely jumped back into Pei Yutu’s arms and clung to his bare, strong, tough arms with all four paws. As expected, the skin-to-skin contact with Pei Yutu made him feel comfortable.

Lu DongWang, who still had his arms outstretched. “…”

Pei Yutu, “…”

I really didn’t think that this man’s pheromones actually had this effect, but why was that? Was it because he induced me to come into heat early, or simply because this person’s pheromone was strong enough? Ping Mo couldn’t think of the exact reason. He had been an ‘alpha’ for more than twenty years and never carefully studied in the omegas physiological hygiene class. His understanding of Therians was even less. He had always taken strong M-type inhibitors, so was it because he barely ever suffered from bonding heat? Nowadays, he just wanted to make himself comfortable by instinct.

Anyway, no one knew that he was Instructor Ping, so there were no personal burdens or idol baggage.

So, even after Pei Yutu forcibly tore Ping Mo off his body again, the cat jumped back persistently.

The cat slave’s heart was broken. “I brought the cat back. I fed it fish piece by piece. Why does it like you and not me?”

Pei Yutu, whose hand was still bleeding from the scratch, looked at Lu DongWang with an evil look. “…Are you sure it likes me?”

At the same time, the kitten who was clinging to his arm suddenly buried its round head in the bend of Pei Yutu’s arm, a pampered gesture of infinite dependence.

Lu DongWang was envious, and said jealously, “Look how much he likes you! Scratching you was probably because it was scared. Cats are timid.”

Pei Yutu looked down at Ping Mo, who was now buried halfway in his arms with his fluffy bottom facing outward. He was small, glutinous, soft, and indeed not aggressive.

‘Not aggressive’ Ping Mo deeply and greedily inhaled the tequila-scented alpha pheromones. His ears pressed against Pei Yutu’s abdomen, and through his firm and supple abdominal muscles, he could hear the rumbling sound of blood vessels as they flowed.

If Pei Yutu wouldn’t let him stay close to him, then couldn’t he create another wound on him and ‘steal’ more pheromones? Wouldn’t it last for a while?

Pei Yutu hadn’t noticed that the little furry child in his arms had quietly stretched out a sharp claw. He haphazardly petted the cream-colored fur, and thought it unexpectedly felt nice so he poked Ping Mo’s butt. “So sticky. If I go back to the bedroom, will you also follow me?”

Ping Mo’s tail was all hackles, but when he heard those words, his raised claws finally, reluctantly retracted. Forget it. He’d wait until he got through these few days then return to his human form. Then he would find his dead teaching assistant to settle the score.

Pei Yutu, under the envious gaze of Lu DongWang, returned to the bedroom with the cat in his arms.

“Get down first for a while.” He put the cat down, but when he saw those beautiful gray-blue eyes, he couldn’t help but hold it in his hand, and look at it twice more. The eyes were just too much like Instructor Ping’s!

Somehow, he suddenly remembered the first time he saw Ping Mo. His raven-feather eyelashes had fluttered, his skin had been extraordinarily fair. He was such a beautiful doll-like person, but he could pull out a military dagger in the blink of an eye. Plus, his knife skills were stronger and more skillful than anyone he had ever seen.

That person was really… hot!

Too bad he’s an alpha, Pei Yutu thought with regret.

And then his focus went back to the little white cat in his hand. Suddenly, he ruffled the cat’s fur into a giant mess. Ravaged, the cat looked pathetic.

Pei Yutu felt a vague sense of satisfaction.

Ping Mo, who had been suddenly ‘poisoned’ thought, What?? What’s wrong with this person?

But Pei Yutu had already put down the cat, and pulled open his cabinet in a good mood.

Ping Mo was confused by Pei Yutu’s foul play, even as his cat instincts prompted him to keep clean, so he was trying to lick his fur when he heard a rustling sound, Ping Mo only realized afterwards that he had gone back to the bedroom to change out of his wet pants.

As he wondered, he subconsciously raised his round head, and changed the angle to see clearly.

Ping Mo, … Fuck.


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July 19, 2022 2:51 pm

Oh my! The things you get to do – and see – as a cat! 😁🌡😽

July 20, 2022 12:45 am

Blinded by the light? 😉😏
Seems these 2 are fated, but fighting it is going to be entertaining for us readers 😁
This cat really has been cornered.
Looking forward to more!
Thanks for translating and editing.

July 20, 2022 1:06 am

I will love this cat, this is going to be funny!!! Thanks for the chapter!!!

July 20, 2022 2:05 pm

Thank You for the new chapter ( ˘ ³˘)♥

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