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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Green Tea knew that Ping Mo was a military instructor at the AMTC. He had a crush on Instructor Ping at the party, but Ping Mo didn’t seem to have much interest in him at that time, so he didn’t expect to see him again. However, now Instructor Ping suddenly became so enthusiastic. 

“Ah,” He could not help but rekindle a small flame of hope, and said, somewhat shyly, “I’m still alive, glad to make you so happy.”

Ping Mo noticed that the eyes of the people around him had been following them, so he’d been identified, the purpose achieved, and his brief ‘enthusiasm’ also ended. He seriously and plainly said, “Of course. To survive in such a dangerous environment is a very lucky thing. I am happy for you.”

“It’s lucky.” Green Tea looked at Ping Mo with a smile, and said, “but I care more that you care about me.”

Ping Mo, “?”

Pei Yutu, Fuck! What just came out of your mouth?

Green Tea looked at Instructor Ping looking blankly at himself, and his heart couldn’t help but like him more. This handsome man’s dumb look was also too cute!

When he first saw Ping Mo, he thought this guy was beautiful and also an A. He was different from the usual alpha. He was outstandingly dazzling, and now since the opportunity was right in front of him, he decided to strike while the iron was hot. “I mean, I didn’t expect you to care about me so much. It touches me.”

Pei Yutu, “Wait a minute. He didn’t mean that!”

Green Tea sniffed, and looked at Teaching Assistant Pei with a complicated expression. “Captain Pei, you saved me from death, and your kindness I will never forget in my life, but-“

But I want to compete with you fairly.

He really didn’t expect Captain Pei, another top alpha, to be gay and like other alphas. He couldn’t blame him, though. Why was Instructor Ping so good-looking? So good-looking that it almost transcended gender.

No, he had to let Captain Pei understand that Instructor Ping liked fragrant and soft omegas, so he had to get an answer before it was too late. 

Pei Yutu didn’t hear the “but” only saw Green Tea instantly switch his expression. He tilted his head slightly, raised his clear bright eyes, as the corners of his mouth smiled, winningly then softly asked, “Instructor Ping, why do you care so much about me?”

In fact, Green Tea did look good. The key was good temperament, soft and clean, but also with a little bit of the bookish atmosphere the soldiers generally liked. In the military school, there had never been an alpha that could refuse his advances.

However, Instructor Ping said seriously, “It is our duty to protect our citizens, not to mention that you are a senior intellectual, and a pillar of the Alliance.”


Green Tea was dumbfounded.

The crowd was also dumbfounded.

Pei Yutu, on the other hand, laughed out loud with a “pft!” What was the meaning of throwing eyes to the blind? This was all listened to by the gossipy ears of the crowd, and while directly laughing at the two in front of them wasn’t good either, others joined in. 

Green Tea was embarrassed to be questioned about his charm, and Instructor Ping didn’t understand what everyone was laughing at, but they were definitely laughing at him.

When he saw that Ping Mo was about to flip out, Pei Yutu hurriedly pulled him away. “Let’s go, Instructor Ping. I still have a rescue mission to discuss with you. No one can deal with those mutant rats except you!”

Instructor Ping loved to save face and being praised in front of everyone was the best solution to smooth down his hackles. Indeed, Ping Mo looked a little better, so Pei Yutu ordered in a loud voice, “Don’t look at the scene here! Medical team, take the wounded for examination! Don’t stay idle. Arrange a rest area, then prepare nutrients and electrolytes to prevent dehydration.”

The ‘rescue mission’ that Pei Yutu spoke of wasn’t just a pretext. A mission was actually organized. It turned out that there were two kinds of most dangerous creatures on Legacy Base. One was the hordes of mutant white rats, and the other was a giant mutant frog. The rabbits hadn’t evolved aggressiveness except for their bigger size and better reproduction ability.

These were the legacy from when the laboratory moved out. The frogs stayed strictly in water, and made limited attacks on people, so the most difficult were the white rats.

Pei Yutu hadn’t wanted to wake up the sleeping Ping Mo that morning, and led his men out to rescue the people he had just contacted, and accidentally found a nest of mutant white rats. The life detector showed that there were many people alive in the nest.

It was possible that the mutant white rats were using them as reserve food.

Although the rescue team arrived with heavy weapons, with the fear of the rats, they were afraid of hurting the students or military instructors inside. They requested a second wave of support but it would take too long to come. The best plan was to try to lure the mutant white rats out, and then choose a death squad team to rush into the nest to rescue people.

However, according to the ferocity of those mutant white rats, the rescue mission was extremely difficult. Pei Yutu didn’t immediately shoot it down, but proposed to come back first for a long discussion.

He knew his Kitten Ping had faced off against several rat packs alone, and came out unharmed so he would naturally discuss countermeasures with him.

The meeting was small in number, but there were representatives from all sides: rescue team vice captains, auxiliary rescue Blue officers, including the Blue army that had Pei Yutu’s direct subordinates. There were also other troops. As they talked, each expressed their own views.

“That white rat nest is very big. The data has been estimated, and the dungeon is also similar. It’s unfathomable, but the path is narrow, so the number of people to form a death squad shouldn’t be too many.”

“Those mutant white rats are very ferocious, and aren’t afraid of anything. I have seen them swallow living people. If one is shot, they will eat each other. Even if we kill ninety percent of them, we may not be successful.”

“We should think long and hard, and apply for a second armed rescue, right? The chances of winning are almost zero. That is a needless sacrifice.”

“Are you afraid?! After I joined the army, I didn’t want to retire without a fight. I will go in and fight until my last breath!”

“Who is afraid? I’m just analyzing it rationally!”

“I am also in favor of forming a death squad. The important thing is not to be glorious here, but to stand up to my uniform! Not daring to go is going against my creed!”

“What is the meaning of your mobile brigade clip gun with a stick? Who are you calling greedy and afraid of death?”

The rescue team’s Vice Captain Wang advised, “Everyone calm down. It’s all for the rescue.”

Unfortunately, no one listened to him. The two factions continued to argue among themselves until Pei Yutu slammed a hand on the table. “We are in a meeting! Watch your fucking language!”

After Pei Yutu finished yelling, he turned to Ping Mo and suddenly changed his tone, as he asked in a soft voice, “What do you think about the feasibility of this mission?”

It was then that the crowd remembered Instructor Ping.

Ever since they learned that he was an alpha, they all regrettably lost interest, so Ping Mo only listened quietly from the beginning to the end, without making any comments at all, and the group gradually forgot about the little white boy.

Then, in the pin-drop silence, ‘white boy’ Ping Mo said indifferently, “I think it’s fine, prepare to form a death squad.”

Not like advice, but rather like he was giving orders. People had the illusion that he was the biggest leader in the room.

This wasn’t pleasant, especially for one of Pei Yutu’s men, a lieutenant named Miao, who was the first to protest. “You say form a team? Are you the general? We haven’t discussed it yet!”

Besides, their leader was still here. How could someone else make the decision?

But it was their Captain who rebuked him first, and Pei Yutu’s face was tigerish. “Miao Fan! What are you talking about? Watch out!” Then he turned to Ping Mo and said, “He doesn’t know how to behave, don’t mind him.”

The crowd, including Miao Fan, all looked like they had swallowed raw eggs, and at this moment, they reached an unprecedented tacit understanding. They silently exchanged glances, their gazes full of “So Captain Pei can speak properly? And also lower himself?” “Isn’t that white guy an alpha?” and “So Captain Pei likes alphas?”

Pei Yutu continued to ask, “How many people do you think it’s appropriate to bring?”

Ping Mo blinked his beautiful gray-blue eyes, gave him an almost reproachful look and then said, “I’m fine alone.”

The crowd, “???!!!”

They didn’t expect this little white face to pretend to be invincible, but when pretending, one also had to comply with basic laws of physics, right? Everyone turned their attention to Pei Yutu, and wondered how this would end.

But to their surprise, Pei Yutu nodded and agreed, “Yes, yes, yes.” 

The cat ears and tail must not be seen by others, but he knows Ping Mo and trusts him.

Pei Yutu, “Then I’ll go in with you.”

The crowd, “????”

Ping Mo thought for a moment, then said, “No. You can wait for me at the entrance of the cave.” There must be a trustworthy person to take over the rescue.

The rest of the group was already frozen by this time. No one reacted to the shock until Pei Yutu made the final announcement and dismissed the meeting.

It was Miao Fan who seized the opportunity to find Instructor Ping alone, and couldn’t resist advising, “Dude, you can’t be so brave. I think you should talk to Pei Yutu and ask him to withdraw his order.”

Ping Mo lifted his eyelids, looked at him for two seconds, and didn’t speak.

While Miao Fan looked a little uncomfortable, that alpha looked too fucking foul. He looked like an omega and a minor. He was too beautiful. Who could stand it? No wonder the captain was so attentive to him. Miao Fan touched his nose. “I’m not looking down on you, just advising you. Is it not good to live?”

Ping Mo smiled, no longer so serious. He very lightly hooked his lips up, then patted his shoulder. “I appreciate the good intentions.”

After he said that, he turned around and left. The camouflage uniform outlined his long legs and thin waist, while his body posture was unexpectedly elegant and dashing. Miao Fan looked at his back, hesitantly touched the back of his head, and muttered to himself, “Why, just now, was there a kind of vivid ‘captain’ and ‘kid’ conversation sense?”

Moreover, Ping Mo was the ‘captain’ and he was the ‘kid’. But that white boy definitely looked not more than twenty years old, ah!

The sooner it was done, the better, so they set out that afternoon.

The second rescue team to the white rat’s nest was huge, but ninety percent of the troops were responsible for luring the rats out of the hole. Pei Yutu hadn’t convinced Ping Mo to infiltrate the nest with him, and only brought a team of elite soldiers to meet him at and cover the entrance.

“Contact me first if there is any situation. I’ll go down immediately.”

“Check the communicator again. This mustn’t go wrong.”

“No, I’m still not sure, let me go with you.”

He was always saying that one thing. All the way, Captain Pei did not stop arguing, like a 1.9 meter old mother, and his old subordinates that were listening were dumbfounded. However, no one dared to ask.

Instructor Ping quickly got impatient. “I need you outside to pick up people. It’s settled. You’re not allowed to mention it again.”


“You just have to send me into the cave.”

Captain Pei smiled, and somehow, his expression actually had a momentary swing. With today’s serious atmosphere, it was particularly out of tune. It seemed that he also realized that something was wrong, and Pei Yutu tried to cover it up with a light cough. “Don’t worry, I will cooperate well.”

Instructor Ping nodded expressionlessly and looked very solemn. Only the roots of his ears flushed a little red for no reason, from the white skin, into a light peach pink, which was inexplicably charming.

After they successfully arrived at the destination, the team followed the original plan to attract mutant white rats out of the hole. With less than half an hour’s work, the rats appeared out of the hole in the thousands, and the plan was still in order. The number of mutant white rats here was extraordinary.

“It can’t be their home base, right?”

“Most likely. According to the data feedback from the life detectors, a large number of surviving humans are here, buried in the deepest underground area.”

“It looks like this underground palace is unfathomable. I don’t know how many white rats are left inside, but we have already laid the net outside,” someone whispered. “But that Instructor Ping just went in. It’s sending him to his death, right?”

“If he dies inside, we have failed in our mission for nothing.”

“No matter what, he has courage. It’s worth admiring.”

As more and more mutant white rats came out of the cave, the atmosphere of the rescue team became more and more gloomy, and no one joked or chatted. It wasn’t until the last group of the squad that attracted the white rats left successfully that Ping and Pei, the two military instructors, walked side by side into the hole of the mutant white rat nest under the watchful eyes of the remaining pick-up group.

Under the cover of the lush mutant vegetation, the two backs remained upright and firm, as if filled with a brave determination to die. Those outside gave a silent military salute to them. So, outside the abyss-like cave’s entrance, the Alliance’s warriors saluted solemnly and neatly, while the atmosphere was solemn and mournful.

Then inside the cave, where they couldn’t see the situation, tequila scented alpha pheromones spread out. Anyone familiar with Pei Yutu would know that it was Captain Pei’s pheromones.

“Could he be in danger?”

“Wait, I seem to smell omega pheromones, just that particularly sweet one from before–“


The man received a chestnut from Miao Fan before he could finish his sentence, and Lieutenant Miao scolded him with a tiger face, “What time is it now, that you are still thinking about sex?”

The man closed his mouth aggressively, but when he sniffed again, he couldn’t smell it this time.

At that moment, Pei Yutu retreated. Captain Pei clutched the communicator ,and was soaked with sweat, but didn’t move from the cave entrance.

“Something happened, right?” Finally someone voiced everyone’s speculation.

No one answered him.

Some sighed, and some shook their heads, but no one dared to say the words ‘Instructor Ping shouldn’t show off’, because Pei Yutu’s face was already very ugly at this moment. He really believed in Ping Mo’s strength, but a few minutes ago, the signal that had been sent out no longer responded. What if there were so many of those mutant rats that they were no longer afraid of special suppression?

“Chief, it has been so long. Instructor Ping’s chances of survival are very small. We’d better go back.”

Pei Yutu rose abruptly. “Back my ass! He can’t be in trouble!”

Although his mouth said no accident, Pei Yutu took a big step towards the cave, as if to rush in to save him.

“Captain Pei! It is not surprising that this mission failed. After all, it was impossible to do it alone.”

The words didn’t have time to fall when the hole of the mutant white rat nest suddenly showed movement. A giant white rat swooped out, no, scurried away fast was more reasonable.

“Team three! Prepare to repel! Team four, prepare to shoot!” Pei Yutu was the first to react as he shouted.

Immediately after that, the white rats ran out of the hole, not like an attack, but as if they were being herded. The people who remained outside grabbed their guns, closed the net, and became busy with some excitement. Pei Yutu was at the front, as he overturned a dozen giant mutant white rats, one after another, and stood hard against the current that rushed out of the hole.

However, before he arrived, he heard a cry of surprise from Miao behind him, as he split a rampaging mutant white rat, then saw a long figure at the entrance of the cave. The cat ears and tail were gone. There was only the black hair soft, the waist strong and thin, and the look of a teenager, only with a military dagger in his hand that still dripped blood.

Ping Mo leaned against a boulder at the entrance of the cave, and lazily glanced at the last white rat that came out in a hurry. The white rats were frightened to the sky, as they squeaked and screamed on all fours, and even ran head-on into a mushroom tall as a person, and hit countless spores.

At the same time, Instructor Ping stepped on a rock and leapt with force, wild feline-like dexterity and swiftness, then landed next to the white rat’s corpse, stepped on its neck and pulled out the dagger in a fluid manner. He ignored the blood that burst out, raised his voice and ordered, “The inside is clean. Go in and save the people.”


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