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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kiramekineko, SpringBreeze

When Xie Quan arrived downstairs, a crowd of people, mainly paramedics, gathered around. They carried out the woman who had fallen into the fountain and was unconscious from choking, but her face was burning red. Xie Quan knew that this was omega pheromone at work in her body.

If the omega was not marked or injected with an inhibitor, she would become unconscious, dehydrated, irritable, and so sensitive that her body would tingle when she was touched.

A beta paramedic was giving the woman artificial respiration while Xie Quan stood two meters away, squinting and watching carefully. Immediately afterward, he found what he was looking for.

In the woman’s damp hair, a silvery light like stardust, the size of a green bean, was crouched near the Loon area of the woman’s head, flapping its wings. It was the miniature silver beetle robot again. The woman spat out the water, took a sharp breath of air, and opened her eyes.

“You’re awake? How do you feel now? You’re in heat, we’ll inject you with an inhibitor right away.” The paramedic asked with concern.

But the woman just stared blankly into the air, ignoring the paramedics’ words. Her lips mumbled, and a small voice came out, “It hurts, it hurts, it hurts.”

The paramedics couldn’t hear her and frowned as they approached her mouth, trying to hear what she was saying. However, as soon as the paramedic got closer, before he could hear the woman’s words, he was bitten hard by the woman.

“Ah—” A miserable scream cut through the air.

“Quick!” The people next to him rushed up to separate them after a moment of dazedness, yet the woman used the momentum and force that almost bit the paramedic’s ear off, making it difficult for them to do anything at all.

As soon as they went up and pulled, it only led to louder screams from the paramedic. At the same time, the omega pheromones were also recklessly invading all corners, the air purification system was turned on, and the medical robot also came with the inhibitor.

The scene was extremely chaotic.

At this time, Tang Wenshao also finally arrived, he seemed to have gone back to get something, so he came later. He waved his hand to indicate the people next to back away, and then crouched next to the woman.

Before the medical robot, he took the first step to take out the drugs in his pocket, three injections of inhibitor were given to the woman’s arm at the same time, and a tube of medicine was held between his pinky and ring finger.

The people next to him saw and exclaimed, “You’re crazy!”

If ordinary people, three injections of inhibitor down, there would be more serious pheromone deficiency symptoms than the previous Xie Quan’s early inhibitor injection, and could kill.

But what they didn’t know was that the pheromone in this woman’s body was storming out, and was a beta who had never had pheromones in her body and was not adapted to having it.

After the three injections of inhibitors, Tang Wenshao eloquently pulled the cap off the last tube of the drug between his fingers and stuck it in the muscles of the woman’s hand. The drug spread rapidly in the woman’s body, her eyes once again lay open, and her mouth also relaxed.

The paramedic covered his own ear that had been bitten and was bleeding, fleeing in a hurry.

“Dr. Tang, what are you doing?” Someone questioned Tang Wenshao’s previous actions.

Tang Wenshao said with a serious expression, “Please move the patient to the isolation area of Building C immediately.”

The beta case was kept secret for fear of causing panic among the public, and even the hospital staff did not know much about it. However, they generally knew that there was a group of mysterious patients in the isolation area of Building C.

Medical robots quickly brought in stretchers. The unconscious woman was again carried on a stretcher and then moved to the C building isolation area.

Xie Quan stood among them and kept a close eye on the woman.

To be precise, it was the miniature robot in her hair.

Why? Why didn’t the miniature robot fly away this time like last time? Instead, it stayed there?

Just then, the words that Tang Wenshao said to himself just now suddenly resounded in Xie Quan’s mind: “Don’t you know? Now everyone is suspecting Yan Bai is the murderer.”

Xie Quan’s face was expressionless, yet the hands hanging down at his side squeezed tighter than they should have. Someone was deliberately planting the charge on him.

The miniature beetle robot delayed its departure, just waiting for others to find out because it carried evidence that could prove that the murderer was him. So, the note that told him who the murderer was, turned out to mean what?

The man was sure that he would not go to the appointment, so he deliberately set up this game. If Xie Quan had gone to the appointment, he would have been the first to find the woman, and the miniature robot in her hair. Then, he could have taken the evidence away before anyone else arrived.

But he didn’t show up for the appointment.

Just as the man had wanted.

It was clear that he could have avoided the risk of being discovered by him by not having to pass him a note, yet the man had gone the extra mile.

The man was taunting him, provoking him.


Ji Cheying arrived at the hospital only an hour later. As he reached the stairwell, he paused slightly, then subconsciously looked to his right. Through the glass in the door, he could see that the corridor to his right was dark, with only moonlight, and that the only occupied ward had its lights out and the door closed tightly. He turned toward the lit isolation area to his left.

“What’s the situation?” Ji Cheying pushed open the door and walked to the ward that was already surrounded by several medical staff. However, as soon as he approached, the pheromones that belonged to the omega jolted into his sensory system because the isolation measures had not yet been completed.

It was a musty, damp smell.

Ji Cheying frowned in disgust, but even so, the body of the unmarked alpha was slightly disturbed. His breath caught for a moment. Then, he let out a tsk with some annoyance.

Ji Cheying did not like this uncontrolled physical reaction due to pheromones. In this moment, his body was always clearly separated from his soul. It made him look like a primitive animal.

Tang Wenshao, who was helping to set up the isolation device, looked at Ji Cheying and said, “Major General Ji, why don’t you wait outside the door? This time it’s an omega… You can come back in after we finish the isolation device.”

Ji Cheying pursed his lips tightly, but finally chose to walk in. He looked at the quiet woman lying in the hospital bed and knew that she was only quiet for now, but when she woke up, she would also fall into madness, just like the rest of the victims. He asked again, “Found in the hospital? What happened?”

Tang Wenshao stood up straight, handed over his business to the nurse next to him, then walked over to Ji Cheying and said, “I don’t know. She suddenly appeared in the garden of the hospital and then fell into the fountain. We have checked, she is not a patient in the hospital, as for the other, we have sent the information to the police department. They are looking for identity information.”

Ji Cheying came a little closer, the smell of pheromones was even stronger. He covered his nose, holding back his disgust, and bent down to take a closer look. As he looked, he routinely confirmed, “Was the Loon area destroyed in the same way as the previous victim?”

Tang Wenshao hesitantly replied, “That… It’s not confirmed.”

Ji Cheying then subconsciously tried to ruffle the woman’s still dripping hair to find the stitched wound on the brain. However, once the hair was removed, he saw the silver beetle resting on the scalp. He asked, frowning, “What is this?”

Tang Wenshao leaned in and looked closer, surprised. “A beetle? That’s new.”

Then he reached out to touch it.

Ji Cheying said, “Don’t move!”

Seeing Tang Wenshao’s hand stop there, Ji Cheying stood up straight and brought a pair of tweezers from the cart next to him, and then carefully clamped the silver beetle off. He found that the beetle was stuck to the scalp and was very firm. Staring carefully at the beetle caught in the tweezers, he frowned.

Tang Wenshao followed suit and said, “Is this real or fake?”

“Fake.” Ji Cheying said with a slight squint, “It’s a mechanical device—”

“A mechanical device? So small, huh? It’s quite a good job.”

Looking at the silver beetle, a fragment flashed in his mind. Ji Cheying was suddenly stunned, and his starry eyes suddenly darkened. He took the zipped bag next to him and put the silver beetle inside, then while sealing the bag, Ji Cheying said, “Tell the victims to let me know when they have information.”

Then with the bag in hand, he strode out the door.

Walking down the stairwell again and looking at the closed door in the hallway to his right, Ji Cheying’s cheeks hardened. His brow was deeply locked, as if in a knot.

His mind suddenly recalled Xie Quan’s previous conversation with the officer in the interrogation room just now. At that time, the officer asked him what he was looking at when he suddenly looked up at the sky in the surveillance footage.

This was what Xie Quan had said: “There’s a little bug… That bug is not an ordinary bug… It’s a beetle.”

All at once, Ji Cheying understood.

What Xie Quan was looking at at that time was not a real beetle at all, it was this silver beetle mechanical device. Whether Xie Quan was Yan Bai or not, he must have seen that it was not a real beetle, but a mechanical device. Because he didn’t say anything at the police station.

According to this time, the mechanical device should also be between the victim’s hair, Xie Quan saw it, and also saw the device leave the victim’s head and fly into the air. If Xie Quan thought it was a real beetle, then he would have made it clear at the police station that the beetle flew out of the victim’s head.

Xie Quan didn’t say that because he thought it was suspicious. It was even possible that he knew the mechanical device. In particular, if Xie Quan was really the famous mecha engineer Yan Bai, it was highly likely that this device was even one of his design works.

That’s why he noticed it with a quick glance and recognized it.

Clutching the tightly sealed bag, Ji Cheying cast a deep glance into the room where the lights had been extinguished, and then he struck off.

After dealing with the victim, the hospital was once again quiet, and just when everyone thought the night would finally pass in peace, at three o’clock in the morning, there was a sudden commotion in the hospital wing.

This time, however, it had nothing to do with pheromones.

Instead, a patient in the burn unit suddenly died in the ward.

The patient had been rescued from a fire a few days before and then brought to the hospital, and even though he might have difficulty living a normal life afterwards, he survived by virtue of his tenacity.

However, he still did not escape the scythe of death.

The patient’s name was Márquez.

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September 20, 2022 7:10 pm

Someone is really working hard to set up Yan Bai. 👀

September 20, 2022 7:36 pm

Was Marquez death an accident or planned? Who is behind all this?! Thank you for the translation and editing!

September 21, 2022 6:30 am

Seriously, he shoud get a Oscar~ Atmosphere getting thicker and thicker

Thank You for the new chapter (´,,•ω•,,)♡

September 21, 2022 7:42 am

At least Xie Quan is now aware that someone is trying to set up his true identity, for these Beta attacks.
Very cleverly done, so must be an intelligent person.
I don’t feel Ji Cheying believes, deep down, that it’s Yan Bai. Not because of his feelings (I don’t believe this character would put personal stuff before duty), but because of the YB he’s getting to know as a person.
Thanks for translating and editing.

December 31, 2022 10:10 pm

Will mc trust the army and cooperate with them to uncover the true killer that’s using his name, orrr will ml move first in confronting him and asking for cooperation OwO orrr will mc always try to escape. Doctor is very sus, wonder when mc can trust ml enough to tell his suspicions and worries.

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