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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: SpringBreeze, Kiramekineko


Tang Wenshao said sadly to Xie Quan, “It’s a pity that your knight is late.”

Knight? Xie Quan’s hands didn’t stop moving for a moment, the wire was already stuck on the core parts. They had almost copied his design, the clasp of which he had designed specifically for this miniature robot. It was very solid and a little hard to pry.

Xie Quan asked distractedly, “What knight?”

“But the major general is more powerful than I thought, he found this place so quickly.”

Major general? Was that the major general of the imperial army carrying his beauty? Because the dust and fog was too heavy, and Xie Quan’s full attention was on the particle heavy machine gun, he didn’t even notice who was carrying it. It didn’t matter who it was, what mattered was…

The Imperial Army found out his identity? And stormed into his warehouse? And apparently robbed him of his treasure! Those brazen bandits! But how did they find his warehouse, and how did they get in?

The U-shaped wire hooked on a board slowly moved, revealing the wiring board underneath.

But then, there was a loud boom, and the craft tilted violently.

“Shit!” Xie Quan, who had hit his head on the wall next to him, twitched his nose as the unusual sound of the engine running came to his ears.

But not only that, there was another boom and the cabin shook. Xie Quan steadied himself again. The shock had caused his wire to lose its target, and he had to search for it again. He warned, “Your craft is having engine problems, I suggest you land quickly.”

Tang Wenshao looked through the glass window at the man who had somehow managed to climb onto the roof and was firing at them with his damn machine gun, and cursed in anger, “He’s crazy! He doesn’t want to save you?”

He’s not afraid of what will happen to Xie Quan inside?

And soon after, down below—

“Ahhhhhhhhhh, Ji Ming! Are you going to kill Mr. Quan?”

Because he carried nearly a person’s weight in weapons and rushed all the way up from the bottom, even as an S-grade alpha, Ji Cheying was sweating at the moment, his chest heaving violently from gasping for air. Aiming at the wing of the craft, he barked, “Quiet, I’m in control.”

Then he attacked the high-flying craft again, with a measured effort.

Inside the craft, Tang Wenshao struggled to maneuver the craft, trying to rebalance back to stability while trying to avoid Ji Cheying’s attack. On the other hand, he aimed the gun carried on the craft at Ji Cheying. He pressed the button to fire. “Go to hell.” 

Blue flames shot out and Ji Cheying, who was standing on the roof, could only temporarily stop his attack and then dodge it by rolling over as agile as a panther.

Tang Wenshao, who had stabilized the situation at the moment, sneered, and now he was no longer in a hurry to leave, but set up his aircraft to hover overhead and then chased Ji Cheying’s dodging figure and kept attacking.

“This little bitch! How dare you use a weapon of that aircraft! You have the guts to come down and fight!” Xiao Bai shouted in anger.

Ji Cheying was able to dodge the attacks from the air in the nick of time, as if he had eyes on his back. He even had the time to rush to Xiao Bai and asked again, “Are you really designed by Xie Quan?”

He did not like this character.

“Should have taken the rocket launcher—” The sound of shells roaring, Xiao Bai’s voice abruptly stopped.

“Xiao Bai?”

“It’s almost like a rat, but it’s really lousy.” Tang Wenshao stared down at Ji Cheying, who was dodging around, then said mockingly without looking back, “Looks like your knights aren’t very good either.”

“I was just about to say that I don’t have a knight.”

Xie Quan’s voice came from a very close distance. Realizing what was going on, Tang Wenshao turned his head in extreme panic, but as soon as he turned his head, a silver object suddenly flew towards his face, and he subconsciously reached out to block it and caught it in his hand.

It was a miniature beetle robot. He looked at Xie Quan, who had somehow broken free of his handcuffs. “You recovered faster than I thought.”

Xie Quan’s previously cuffed left hand was now dangled helplessly at his side as he dislocated his wrist in order to free his hand from the handcuffs.

“I’m resistant to these drugs, narcotics, painkillers…”

Tang Wenshao took the miniature beetle robot. “So what, this is the air, and you can’t escape–“

Tang Wenshao’s voice suddenly stopped, his body trembling violently, staring closely at the youth who was standing there with a robot. His body slid down slowly in a powerless manner. Dropping the wire in his hand, Xie Quan walked towards the console.

The miniature robot he had thrown at Tang Wenshao was modified by his wiring and would fire out its stored power in one breath after a short delay.

Xiao Bai’s voice rang out from the terminal on Xie Quan’s wrist, “Mr. Quan!”

After the interference waves disappeared, Xiao Bai finally connected to Xie Quan’s terminal again. So, it mercilessly abandoned Ji Cheying who was down there, which was why Ji Cheying’s side was suddenly disconnected from Xiao Bai just now.

Pushing Tang Wenshao’s body away, Xie Quan looked at the console, but as he was about to operate it, Tang Wenshao’s powerless hand grabbed his shirt. “It’s useless, no one can control it, except me…”

Xiao Bai said at this point, “It will take a while to break it.”

Tang Wenshao heard, he laughed out weakly, “And, even if you leave here, where can you go? Everyone thinks you’re behind it, and when that person hears about it, he’ll track you down… Except for us, no one will help you.”

Xie Quan effortlessly broke away from his hand. “Just faint, you talk too much.”

At this moment Xiao Bai heard Tang Wenshao’s words and said innocently, “Ji Ming has withheld all the evidence, so the police have no evidence to convict yet.”

When Tang Wenshao heard this, he became anxious. “What are you talking about?” Poked with a painful point, he anxiously tried to brace his body, but it was difficult to have the strength to support himself because his body was paralyzed. “How is it possible…”

Xie Quan put a parachute on himself from inside the cabin. At this, he was also a little surprised. “Ji Ming?”

“Yes!” Xiao Bai said, “I brought Ji Ming to save Mr. Quan!”

Hmm? Ji Ming was here? Whoosh— The airflow was like a pair of invisible hands yanking Xie Quan vigorously outside. Using the hand that was not dislocated to yank the hatch, Xie Quan was able to stabilize his body. Because Tang Wenshao wanted to chase Ji Cheying, the craft was still hovering over the building, not flying too high at the moment.

It felt like the parachute was not even used.

This was the crucial distance point. Before the parachute opened, he would hit the ground.

“Xie Quan?!”

Standing on the roof, because the aircraft suddenly stopped attacking, Ji Cheying also did not continue to hide, and saw the Xie Quan from the aircraft peeking out, he was surprised.

At this time, Xie Quan also finally noticed Ji Cheying, but immediately, he saw Ji Cheying holding his own particle heavy machine gun. So, the person who just carried his weapon was Ji Ming?

No, the point was how to go down now…

However, Tang Wenshao was not prepared to give him too much time to think, probably because he heard what Xiao Bai said. His plan did not work, causing the power in his body to explode, and after suffering an electric shock, he actually held his body up and stood up.

“I won’t let you run.” He gritted his teeth and walked towards Xie Quan with an iron bar.

Xie Quan looked at the approaching Tang Wenshao, and then looked down at the distance from the roof. He inwardly estimated this height to protect themselves from falling to death. So, he simply leapt forward—

“Holy shit!” Ji Cheying was ready to communicate with Xie Quan, but he didn’t expect to see Xie Quan jumping straight down without a care.

Cursing, he dropped his weapon and rushed towards Xie Quan’s direction of descent.

As he jumped down, Xie Quan held his head and prepared for a landing position, but before he hit the ground, Ji Cheying had already rushed to the front and leaped up in the air in the nick of time to grab his waist and brought him into his arms, using his own body as a cushion, and fell hard to the ground.

After a moment of blinding pain, Xie Quan opened his eyes, covering his head as he let out a slight wail. Xie Quan felt that his body was too uncomfortable lately. All day and all night, it never stopped.

“Are you okay?” Ji Cheying was slightly better than Xie Quan, even with his padding underneath, but the physical quality of an alpha just wasn’t comparable to normal people, let alone an S-grade alpha. His body did not hurt, but he was quite shocked, helping Xie Quan to sit up, he just stood up, head and face, said angrily, “Why did you jump straight down? You just had surgery a few days ago!”

“Headache, don’t argue yet.”

At that moment, the airplane hatch closed, and Tang Wenshao’s voice came over the speaker, “You can’t escape, Xie Quan, I’ll see you in the imperial capital.”

The craft stopped hovering and flew away quickly and directly into the distance.

Ji Cheying looked at the direction the aircraft left, and he frowned, puzzled. “Tang Wenshao? What exactly is his purpose?”

Xie Quan only felt exhausted, turning his head, he looked at the particle heavy machine gun that was mercilessly thrown on the ground. Probably because of the previous dodge, or maybe it was earlier, the beautiful metal surface of that gun had an ugly scratch on it.

“…” Xie Quan’s lips pursed into a straight line unhappily. Looking at the man walking towards his precious collection, thinking of what Tang Wenshao had said in the cabin earlier, his gentle voice took on a bit of mockery. “Rough hands and uncoordinated limbs? Major General Ji is overly demeaning.”

Just after picking up the particle heavy machine gun with a dozen kilograms of particles in one hand, Ji Cheying heard such a cold sentence from behind his back.

After a second of silence, there was a bang and the machine gun suddenly fell back to the ground as if it had slipped out of hand.

The sound made Xie Quan’s heart ache.

Ji Cheying clapped his hands and half-turned around, he said apologetically, “Sorry, my hand slipped. Compared to me, Mr. Yan was really joking when he said he wasn’t too smart and had a bad brain.”


Ji Cheying persistently said, “And I can buy this thing. Over the years, you’ve earned a lot of money from black market transactions, right?”

“…” Xie Quan’s face did not change color, like how a dead pig was not afraid of boiling water and said, “It’s not mine. My last name is Xie, I do not know what you are talking about.”

Perceptive on the inside, while perplexed on the outside, are we?1

Ji Cheying pulled the corners of his mouth and laughed coldly in his heart as he said with a vengeance, “In fact, the agile person just now is another personality inside me, the real me is just clumsy and uncoordinated.”

Xie Quan glared at Ji Cheying.

Ji Cheying picked up the particle heavy machine gun again and said, “He also took this thing, I don’t know anything about it.”


Imperial Army people were so fucking shameless!

At this moment, in the Empire, the woman in cloak disguise walked through a shady alley, then came to a closed tavern, knocked on the door, she said, “It’s me, Anna.”


The author has something to say:

Before, a little angel said that the noun “Yan Bai” was the radical of Xie Quan, bingo. Although it was not mentioned in the text, it was indeed designed in this way.

Noel City’s arc will wrap up soon and the development of feelings will occur in the Empire, Major General Ji’s susceptible period will happen in the Empire~ ~


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Translator Notes:

  1. 揣着明白当糊涂: An idiom that refers to behavior when a person pretends to not understand, but they actually do.


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Two underhanded but very interesting, I like them!! thanks for chapter!

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Awesome chapter! They both are so strong! I feel bad that Anna was involved although indirectly, maybe she will have a chance for redemption?! Thank you for the translation and editing!

October 4, 2022 7:21 pm

Love Ji Cheying’s retorts; the noun Yan Bai has met his match, it seems.
Definitely not the last we’ve seen of Tang Wenshao (sadly) and Xiao Bai is doing a great job of revealing everyone’s true identities 😁
Looking forward to arrival in the Empire; what’s Anna up to.
Thanks for translating, for the T/N and for editing.

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Blizzard passing by said hey~
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