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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Slingshot just ran two steps before he was caught by Instructor Ping. Ping Mo’s body was far from strong, but every inch of muscle on his body was used to the fullest, thin but efficient. Slingshot, as an alpha, actually had no power to fight back, completely unable to break free.

“Ping…Instructor Ping. I, I, I didn’t see anything! Let me go.”

Ping Mo said coldly, “The same trick won’t work the second time.”

Slingshot knew that he was referring to the past when he played dumb at Legacy Base, so he took a deep breath and said, “Instructor Ping, if you really do it to me, I’m afraid there’s no way to explain it to Sir. How about we make a deal? I’ll pretend I didn’t see anything today, and you let me off the hook.”

Ping Mo, “Why should I trust you?”

Slingshot sneered, “Because you have no choice, no matter what your purpose is, if there is another way, why stab yourself?”

Ping Mo looked at his shoulder, the blood stain from his new wound wetting his sleeve, “You have a point.”

Slingshot was just about to breathe a sigh of relief when he felt a sharp pain in his neck, and before he could cry out, he lost consciousness completely.

“But keeping you is a curse after all,” Instructor Ping murmured. “I don’t like people who are too smart.”

Even the smartest person was useless in the face of absolute power.

Ping Mo disposed of Slingshot and cleaned himself up. He inserted the Death Series military dagger that Long Lang had given him into his boot, the only inconvenience being that it was encrusted with diamonds.

Ping Mo closed the door and muttered, “A little earlier than expected, but it’s about time.”

Instructor Ping looked around, waited a few moments for a cleaning servant, then beckoned him over and instructed, “Don’t clean my room today, tell the kitchen that you don’t need to prepare lunch for Sir, and that Slingshot will come to pick us up later.”

After he sent the maid away, Ping Mo retrieved a few small parts from the metal buttons of his clothes, and went to the pond where he used to watch the fish, and retrieved a small ziplock bag from the pot of the copper grass. He took out a few parts of similar size from the bag, and assembled them together with the previous parts to make a delicate coordinate launcher.

The moment the door to the study was pushed open, Long Lang was startled and almost blurted out a rebuke, but saw that the person who came was Ping Mo, “What are you doing here?”

Ping Mo leaned lazily on the door frame, “I was bored and came to talk to you. However, the study is a forbidden place, I don’t dare to go in without your order.”

Long Lang laughed, “There is no such thing as a forbidden place for you, come in.”

“What for?” Ping Mo closed the door, thought about it, and gently put the lock on again.

Long Lang’s attention was on the desktop and he didn’t notice Ping Mo’s small movements. He did not move except to cover a pile of materials with a book. “Drawing. Help me see?”

Ping Mo was looking for something to talk about with Long Lang, so he walked over to the painting, which was a painting of a landscape with a blue sky, a garden, a pond, and a small back by the pond. The little back looked like himself.

Long Lang asked, “How about this composition? It’s three flat and one broken, so it doesn’t look rigid.”

Ping Mo looked at the back, and inexplicably had a pang of guilt. I always feel that I have betrayed my friend after all. He murmured, “I am a rough person who grew up in the army. I don’t not know what it is that is called three flat and one broken. If you tell me ‘three pass and one flat’, maybe we can still chat a few words with you.”

Long Lang was amused by him, “Just tell me if it looks good?”

“…” Ping Mo, “It looks good.”

Meanwhile, the brothers of White Hole had been looking for Long Lang like crazy.

All the communications were out of contact, not to mention the arsenal, and the exchange couldn’t be found. One Eye and Black Panther, led a few of his inner circle directly to his residence, and checked almost every room over, but there was still no trace of Long Lang’s shadow.

Of course, it was only “almost searched.” All the brothers familiar with the new boss knew that Long Lang had a strange fetish. Without his permission, no one could approach his study, no matter what the reason, or their end would be extremely miserable.

One Eye hesitated for a moment, but decided to barge in. “This time it’s special. Someone is passing illegal signals. The entire White Hole security is at risk! Death is death, I have to talk to Sir!”

Black Panther stopped him. “Why don’t you look for him again? Sir is never merciful.”

While the two were torn, some servants also panicked and ran out to intercept them, and after asking the reason, they said, “Sir is not at home! He went out with Slingshot and Mr. Ping early in the morning.”

That’s what stopped them at least.

In the study, only a few steps away, hot tea was rolling on the stove, and the tea aroma curled around the room. Instructor Ping was somehow extra chatty today. Long Lang’s mood went up,  went to the back of the wine cabinet to find aged Pu’er, intended to take advantage of the opportunity to develop feelings.

Ping Mo was left alone at the other end of the wine cabinet.

The study was very large, divided into two by the wine cabinet, with the kung fu tea set and various antique bottles on the other side, and the bookcase and wind oven on the same side. Instructor Ping quietly glanced outside, but there was no movement.

The courtyard was very large, and he did not know what technology had been added. Although it was an antique building, the sound insulation was very good, and should be safe at present.

General Dai’s reinforcements should have received the message successfully and would arrive.

Long Lang’s communicator was placed on the table. Although he was suspicious and cautious, and habit was a terrible thing. Long Lang had long been accustomed to his study as the most relaxed place, and thus also habitually put the communicator on the desktop contact charger.

If you look closely, you would find that the communicator had been set to the no-disturb mode.

Ping Mo’s eyes wandered over the communicator and inadvertently landed on something else. It was a copy of Microeconomics, which was boring by its name, and Ping Mo was not interested in the book.

“Clack,” Ping Mo was startled by the sudden return of Long Lang, who was standing on the edge of his desk, and reflexively picked up the book of Economics to hide the fact that he was looking at his communicator.

“You–” Long Lang’s tone was unsettled for a moment, and there was a pause before he said, somewhat nervously, “I didn’t think you’d like to read such books.”

Instructor Ping was also nervous, but had not yet thought of how to explain, and first found the point.

It turns out that there was a pile of information pressed under the book, the information had been folded, and he was reading it but had not had time to put it away. The writing on it was dense, Ping Mo was sensitive enough to catch the key word: ‘male Therian.’

Instructor Ping put down the economics, naturally pressed on Long Lang’s communicator, before picking up the information.

Long Lang, for the first time, lost his cool and reached out to grab it. “This is all boring stuff.”

Of course, if it was a matter of skill, Instructor Ping had few rivals. He had already taken the pile of information, dodged Long Lang, and said, “The more you try, the more curious I am.” Ping Mo’s curiosity was really aroused, and he said with little sincerity, “If I don’t think this involves the secrets of White Hole, then I won’t read it,” while nonchalantly glancing at it.

Soon, Instructor Ping changed his face.

And Long Lang’s face was not better than Instructor Ping’s.

The information on that document was all about Ping Mo.

[Argue whether the cleaning and marking operation can retain the miraculous effect of a male Therian.], [What method to use when having intercourse with a male Therian that can prolong the youthfulness of an alpha.], [The secret technique of alpha strengthening – male Therian.], [Male Therian has been marked, whether it affects its efficacy.]

Long Lang carefully peered at Instructor Ping’s face, and his own expression fell wonderfully.

Ping Mo’s reaction was not as excited as he had expected, and it was strange. Instructor Ping repeatedly scanned the information several times, seemingly shocked and angry, but finally closed his eyes in relief.

“Ping Mo…”

“I have always found it strange,” Instructor Ping slowly opened his eyes, as his gray-blue eyes went straight to Long Lang. “Back then we were just children. Why would you want me as your partner? And we were separated for so many years but you gave me so many roses. That’s what you gave them to me for?”

“No, listen to my explanation!”

Ping Mo shook his head. “What I can’t figure out is, if you don’t want me, a cherished male Therian, to be marked by another alpha, why did you release the news in the first place and let so many people keep harassing me?”

Long Lang only felt that the words “cherished male Therian” poked him in the center, and it was so hard to ignore the meaning of ‘there is still time today anyway.’

Ping Mo had never spoken to him in such a rude manner, and Long Lang felt that the feelings he had cultivated over the past few months had gone down the drain.

“I can really explain that I didn’t bring you back because I was tied up with family matters. You know that my father left me with too many siblings, and those uncles who are old were after me. I’m not able to protect myself. I knew Lu Feng would definitely protect you as you grew up. I admit, I knew early on that you were a rare male Therian, but my feelings for you have nothing to do with whether you are a Therian or not. You may think children know nothing, but my first love was in the year I was thirteen. As for getting those jerks to look for you, I never wanted to hurt you, I only wanted you to reveal your identity as an omega. I just didn’t expect you to be so strong, even under a ten times the regular strength inducer.” Long Lang gave a miserable laugh. “This is really for your own good. Only when more people know that you are a Therian, you will be safe, because-”

A sharp alarm suddenly sounded throughout the artificial space station, high-pitched, urgent, it was the alarm of foreign invasion! Long Lang had no time to talk to Ping Mo, his first reaction was to look for his communicator, and when he lifted the economics book, there was a shiny dagger against his neck.

“…” Long Lang tightened his grip on the communicator, and closed his eyes. “Ping Mo, it’s you.”

At this point in time, Ping Mo did not intend to retort, but did. “It’s me. Long Lang, for the sake of our acquaintance, I will not take your life, and I will do my best to apply for a reduced sentence for you.”

Long Lang burst out laughing as if he had heard a joke, and when he had laughed enough, he said, “I want to know. Where did you hide the pieces of the coordinate transmitter?”

“I guess you must have checked the vial containing the inhibitors, and probably more than once. The coordinate transmitter did have a part of it hidden there at first, and another part was hidden on me, but the chip was specially treated, and needed to be assembled. Even if you used the detector, you could only find out that the material was metal.”

Long Lang, “But the pieces have to be in one place, and there’s nothing in your room.”

Ping Mo said, “They were in the pond that you pass every day.”

Long Lang was silent for a moment and said approvingly, “It’s a good idea to put them in the dark. I didn’t know you were so smart.”

Ping Mo said modestly, “I’m not smart, just hardworking. When others are receiving compulsory education, I have memorized cases of detection and counter-surveillance. With only a wrong word, a military instructor would put you under corporal punishment.”

“When I quit the Chick Program, I really missed a lot.” Long Lang sighed.

The military dagger in Ping Mo’s hand was held steady against Long Lang’s neck, and after a pause, he said, “You don’t need to delay, according to the reaction speed of the Alliance Army, in less than half an hour, they will be able to find this place.”

“Half an hour?” Long Lang murmured, “A bit forced, but also enough. Ping Mo, I ask you one last question. We got along for so long, have you, even a little bit, liked me?”

Instructor Ping shook his head sphinx-like, but the words he said were very definite, “No.”

His feelings for Long Lang were complicated. He was his childhood friend, but also the infamous pirate leader. Ping Mo’s most hated human traffickers were looking up to him, but Long Lang himself hadn’t done anything irrevocable to him, except covet his Therian body, and after all, he didn’t do the actions himself.

Instructor Ping, on the contrary, felt ashamed of how he treated his old friend. After all, he was the one who infiltrated and used his trust to report all the important coordinates of White Hole, including the arsenal, to the Military Ministry.

“No.” Long Lang’s eyes dimmed, but his expression was tinged with a trace of grimness. “Then I don’t have any more mental burdens.”

Before Ping Mo could react to what was going on, he felt his knees go weak and he could barely stand up.

“What’s going on?” He fought back the raging bonding heat before he could squeeze the words out of his teeth.

Long Lang stood up straight, “You apparently can tolerate ten times the inducer, but this one is a new product. I paid a high price for it to be developed. It is the world’s only one, worth 10,000 gold, colorless, tasteless, immediate onset.”

The sweet grapefruit flavored omega pheromones quickly filled the large study. Ping Mo blushed abnormally red. The effect of the drug was strangely fast, “You…”

Long Lang took full advantage of the drug, picked up his communicator, unlocked the do-not-disturb mode, and informed his inner circle to come over later to ‘save the day’, before he squatted down and squeezed Ping Mo’s chin. “Although you are an omega more powerful than ten alpha combined, I had to prepare a backup just in case. I didn’t expect to really use it. Ping Mo, I am very disappointed in you.”

This time the drug was different from all the inducers Instructor Ping had felt before, it was not the volume at all, if the usual difference between the strength of the inducer was like white vinegar and rice vinegar, then this drug was comparable to sulfuric acid.

Fierce and domineering. In a few seconds, Ping Mo was almost unconscious.

Long Lang’s gaze also became obsessed. He took off his gold-rimmed glasses, pulled the collar loose, and began peeling Ping Mo’s clothes off. “I expected our first time to have flowers and fragrance, at least have it be in the soft white bed. Here there is only a cold floor. Heh, this is what you asked for. I was too naive. I always wanted your heart, and the result is that you’re a wolf!” Long Lang had almost stripped Instructor Ping by half before he had enough and said, almost obsessively, “I didn’t lie to you just now, my first love was when I was thirteen, that was the first time in my life I fell in love with someone. Ping Mo, why can’t you love me?”

“Bam!” The door of the study was kicked open violently, and a tall figure, with the light at his back, appeared in the doorway, and for a moment, Ping Mo almost thought he was dreaming, how could he…

The next thing he knew, the man took a big step and kicked Long Lang in the chest, and cursed, “Why doesn’t he love you? Because you’re a fucking pretentious cunt!” Pei Yutu kicked him in the chest and then punched him. “Stay away from my omega!”


The author has something to say: 

Teaching Assistant Pei is online successfully, good night big babies!


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