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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


“What did you say?” Ping Mo asked, stunned.

Pei Yutu looked at his face. His eyes were gentle. “We’ve been together for so long, just give me a name.”

“…” Ping Mo said in a hoarse voice, “Don’t you like good-looking omegas? Even with the way I am now?”

Pei Yutu affirmed, “Have you heard that beauty is in the bones but not in the skin? Even if your skin is burned a little, you still look good in your bones. Really. I can’t get enough of it for the rest of my life!”

Ping Mo, “This lie, even you don’t believe it.” Pei’s acting skills were really bad.

“…” Pei Yutu began to cheat, “No matter what, I want you for life! If you don’t say yes, I’ll be by your side every day, annoying you to death! One day you’ll say yes!” After that trick, Teaching Assistant Pei started to pretend to be pitiful again. “I know I don’t have much weight in your heart, but if you were willing to think about me a little, you wouldn’t have run away without saying a word. You little heartless kitten, born with a lack of heart and lungs. Always eating everything, and not admitting it.”

“Pei Yutu,” Ping Mo suddenly interrupted him. “You’re staring at me so hard to force yourself to get used to this face.”

Pei Yutu subconsciously denied, “No, no. You’re not ugly”

“Silly.” Ping Mo’s lips couldn’t help but rise. “When I recover, let’s go get a license.”

“Really not ugly…what? What did you say??”

Instructor Ping smiled and repeated it. “Get a license. When the time comes, my identity will be made public. So openly I’ll give you a name.”


Pei Yutu originally thought that Ping Mo’s ‘recovery’ meant ‘rehabilitation’, rebuilding muscles that had atrophied over the days he had been bedridden, but after some time, he realized that Instructor Ping’s ‘recovery’ meant all aspects.

Including appearance.

After he passed the most dangerous period, Ping Mo’s burned and scabbed skin fell off again, and little by little, it regained its original smoothness and whiteness.

Not only Pei Yutu was amazed, even the doctors were amazed. However, the private hospital was so secretive that all the doctors and nurses had signed confidentiality agreements. More importantly, they didn’t dare to offend two powerful and wealthy patrons, the Dai and Pei families.

As for the visits, on the grounds that Instructor Ping needed to recuperate, after the day he removed the gauze, they completely stopped. Even the woman, Leng Li, was also stopped at the door. Teaching Assistant Pei was quite satisfied on that point.

Pei Yutu at first thought that Ping Mo was disfigured, which would hurt his mentality and was reluctant to let people see him, but now he realized that he was trying to keep it a secret.

Teaching Assistant Pei’s heart was happy and sad. Thanks to his ‘disfigurement’, he had accepted his proposal. He seized the best time to show loyalty, otherwise his wife might have run away again!

The only one who accepted the change in Instructor Ping’s appearance easily was the old expert, Liu, who had tested his pheromones before. The old expert would come to the inpatient unit to visit Ping Mo, and while he looked at the science, he said, “As expected of a male Therian, the king of Therians! This recovery ability is exactly like the legend, ah. Small Captain Pei, no, you should be called Lieutenant Colonel, you really found a treasure!”

Pei Yutu was disgusted with the old expert’s behavior of putting the cart before the horse. “Dr. Liu, why haven’t I heard you mention this before?”

The old expert smiled modestly. “Indeed, I hadn’t checked this part before, and only learned about it after a little research. After all, I don’t specialize in Therian physiology. A few months ago, you asked me to think of ways for you to curb Instructor Ping’s conjugal life as a cat. Well, I checked a lot of information. In regards to your matters I really am attentive –mn–!”

“Fuck, keep your voice down! He’s not sleeping, he’s resting his eyes!”

Teaching Assistant Pei unceremoniously covered the old expert’s mouth, and forcibly carried the person out.

When he came back, he saw his fiancé was looking at him with a smile. Ping Mo had recovered a lot. He was white with tender eyes and white teeth, and smiled so beautifully that Pei couldn’t move his eyes, but according to Pei Yutu’s knowledge of him, he clearly felt that the smile hid a touch of killing intent.

“Listen to my explanation. I just talked to him. Dr. Liu felt he had to check the information. It’s not much of a big deal. Since we talked about it, shouldn’t we also look at the reasons? Why would you run from sex halfway? It’s so inhumane. Hey, hey! Don’t hit my face! Ping Mo, how can a person be this violent? Except for me, who dares to want your hand? Ancestor! Can you stop hitting me with your right hand? The doctor advised this! Use your left hand to hit me!”

Finally Teaching Assistant Pei pityingly sent himself over, and exaggeratedly grimaced, “Gently, ah, wife.”

Instructor Ping didn’t hold back, but was somewhat amused and his mad look was completely broken. The fire couldn’t come out, so he simply waved his hand to say that the matter was over. Teaching Assistant Pei waited like an old Buddha by the hospital bed. Ping Mo carelessly ran his fingers through Pei Yutu’s head of prickly hair, and seemingly unintentionally asked, “At first you I really thought I was disfigured, but still wanted to get a license. Why?”

“I like you!” Pei Yutu said rightfully.

“Like me for what?” Ping Mo asked.

This question had been bothering Instructor Ping for a long time. He thought he was stinky, hard-tempered, and easy to anger. Since he spent many years carrying a huge secret, he didn’t dare have any deep friendships with people, and developed a cold nature. He was afraid that a lifetime couldn’t change him, but he would still be eye-catching. There was almost nothing good about him, so why was he so die-hard about it?

If Colonel Pei did not give up early in the year for martial arts, and read more soft literature, he would understand that this was called ‘love that comes out of nowhere only burrows deeper.’ Unfortunately,  he didn’t have the ability to sophisticatedly summarize it now, so instead he seriously counted the benefits of Instructor Ping on his fingers. “You are good, but also responsible. If you see any injustice, you run to help.”

“…” Ping Mo had the illusion that he was listening to the leader’s speech at the commendation conference, as if in the next second, that person surnamed Pei would pull out an award.

“You don’t say much. Sometimes you have quite the double standard, and are especially good to omegas, but you’re also protective of children. You are obviously an omega, but also especially attract butterflies, like a sea king scum. Your working style is also quite poor. Since you only use people in front, and not people in back.”

“…” The more Instructor Ping listened, the more he felt that his fiancé had not been beaten enough by him. The violence against him really couldn’t be blamed on his own personality. His irritability was to be blamed on that person’s mouth.

Just before Instructor Ping’s anger value was brushed full again, Pei Yutu concluded, “These are you. As long as it’s you, regardless of the advantages and disadvantages of each point, I like them.”

Ping Mo, “…”

“Especially, especially…” Pei Yutu stressed. “Whether you are disfigured, or your personality has changed, as long as it is you-“

Ping Mo suddenly leaned forward, hooked his arms around Pei Yutu’s neck and kissed him.

“!!!” He knew that Ping Mo may have a cleanliness issue and rarely kissed him.

The happiness came too suddenly. Until the two separated, Pei Yutu still felt it was unreal. Damn he took the initiative to kiss me?

The two of them together were still feeling surreal.

Teaching Assistant Pei’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he came over and said ambiguously, “Wife.”

Instructor Ping’s ears were also a little red, and he shrank back into the bed as he vaguely answered.

Teaching Assistant Pei saw his wife in such a state, and the little fire in his heart immediately ignited. “Wife! One more kiss, just one more. Just now it was too sudden. I did taste you enough.”

Unfortunately, Instructor Ping’s idol baggage was two tons heavy, and he was afraid of the doctor or nurse coming through the door, so he put a hand against Teaching Assistant Pei’s big head. “Stop it! I’m a patient.”

“…” Big Pei calmed down.

Ping Mo felt it was not enough. “Leave me alone.”

Pei Yutu, “…”

Five minutes later, Instructor Ping suddenly waved to Teaching Assistant Pei. “Pei Yutu, I want to have a snack.”

This time it was Teaching Assistant Pei’s turn to be impartial. “The doctor said you can’t eat them.”

However, in the next second, a pair of fluffy cat ears appeared on top of Ping Mo’s head without any warning. He looked at Pei Yutu with bewildered eyes and whispered, “Just a little bit. I have a special constitution. Those taboos to prevent scarring won’t help me. It’s okay.”

This was a sincere and reasonable statement, but more importantly, that pair of gray-blue eyes looked at him for a moment, and it was as if those eyes were full of fine starlight. That manner, together with that tone of voice was almost coaxing.

It was the textbook “using people towards the front and not people towards the back.” However, it was Teaching Assistant Pei who ate this set and was eaten to death. He pinched the fluffy cat ears on top of Ping Mo’s head. “Wait. I’ll buy them for you.”

Pei Yutu was actually a qualified family member, so except for the occasional weakness of will, and secretly buying pastries and candy for the patient, the rest of the medical advice was strictly implemented.

For example, Instructor Ping was not allowed to play with his cell phone or watch electronic products for more than half an hour a day.

Ping Mo was so bored that he borrowed a few paperback romance novels from the nurse lady. “Overbearing Special Forces Captain is in Love with Me,” “The Admiral’s Runaway Bride,” and even “My Mystery Lover is the Raptor Captain.”

He patiently flipped through a few books before he finally relented and borrowed the information he had recently found out about Therians from the old expert. He might as well learn about himself to make up for all the missed omega physical hygiene lessons.

Pei Yutu was in awe every time he saw Instructor Ping’s serious face as he flipped through the materials. “Are those romance novels really that hard to read?”

Ping Mo then expressionlessly opened one of the books and handed it to Pei Yutu, where it was written, “The Raptor Captain is fluent in 68 languages, and changes the language to say, ‘Woman, you are clean enough to give birth to my child’.”

Pei Yutu; “Pfft! Hahahahaha!”

What Pei Yutu didn’t expect was that Instructor Ping actually became addicted to reading those documents, and forgot to eat and drink until he was discharged from the hospital and had to pack those materials away. By this time, Ping Mo had completely recovered. Forget mentioning the scars were not left behind, the skin of his whole body was white and soft. It was as if the catastrophic accident was completely erased. It left no trace.

When Pei Yutu proposed to get a license again, Ping Mo didn’t object.

Pei Yutu couldn’t hold back his joy, and reported to his family first. Madame Dai was overjoyed when she received the phone call, and began to make plans to celebrate Ping Mo’s release from the hospital, as well as to figure out what outfits would be good for the wedding, plus what dishes should be ordered for the banquet. She finally asked, “Have you decided which day to get married?”

Pei Yutu looked at Ping Mo, and saw that Instructor Ping also looked bewildered, so he answered honestly, “How do we decide? I can do it on a working day.”

Madame Dai on the other end of the phone got excited, “This is a major life event! How can you just pick something?”

Finally, because they both agreed that any day would be fine, Madame Dai enthusiastically said she could find a master to calculate an auspicious date.

When he saw Pei Yutu happily informing all his friends and relatives that he wanted to announce to the world that he was getting his marriage license, Instructor Ping was also infected. However, he didn’t have many friends, and the date of the wedding banquet had not yet been decided. “Yutu, help me investigate a person.”


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