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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Ping Mo woke up in the hospital. The long-forgotten smell of sterile water and a bearded face awakened his sense of smell and vision, respectively.

Ping Mo wanted to say something, but found it difficult to even open his mouth, as if his whole face was wrapped in gauze, Pei Yutu first called the doctor ecstatically, and after a chaotic examination, the two of them were left in the ward again.

During the examination, the doctor readjusted the gauze on Instructor Ping’s chin, and only then was he able to speak. Instructor Ping’s eyes were warm when he looked at Pei Yutu’s haggard face, and said with hoarse disgust, “How did you get like this? You’re so ugly.”

Pei Yutu’s voice was raspy and his eyes were red. “Little heartless one. I have been guarding you day and night for more than half a month, and the first thing you do when you wake up is call me ugly?”

Although he said that, he still moved like a hurricane as he ran out of the ward. When he came back, he was clean and tidy. He’d shaved, and even his head of not very obedient prickly hair had been cut to reveal a handsome face with clear contours. As long as he was in a military uniform, he could be pulled to shoot a recruitment campaign, and charm fan boys and girls.

Ping Mo lost his smile, and wanted to lift his hand to touch his face, but his hand was still being infused with nutrient solution. Pei Yutu had the good sense to hold his hand carefully, of course, to avoid the intravenous needle in his hand.

“It’s good you woke up,” Pei Yutu said, as he held his hand in his big hand. “Everything will be fine.”

The chances of survival in that kind of explosion had been incredibly low. Several pirates, including One Eye, died on the spot. Long Lang was relatively lucky, and also kept his life, but there was no sign of him waking up. If he didn’t wake up, it was likely he would become a vegetable.

However, thanks to his iron fist actions after taking office, the old leaders of White Hole had long been out of the picture, and now the mast had fallen from the sinking ship. There was no new boss to preside over the situation, and the Alliance Army could take advantage of its weakness to kill it, then clean it up. The ‘finishing work’ had been continuing until now, and countless large and small bases were destroyed.

The biggest contributor in this matter was Ping Mo.

Ping Mo was injured much more seriously than Long Lang, and the doctor was about to give up on him, but Pei Yutu put a gun to the emergency doctor’s head and forced him to give priority to Ping Mo. After that, Teaching Assistant Pei transferred Ping Mo from the public hospital to a private hospital at his own expense, then mobilized all the resources he could in order to assemble a team of top medical professionals from the Alliance for him.

With the combined effect of Teaching Assistant Pei’s money power and Instructor Ping’s amazing recovery ability, Ping Mo miraculously woke up.

However, given the extent of his injuries, he was lucky to even wake up. Even now, the doctors didn’t expect Ping Mo to recover completely. He was wrapped up like a mummy, but after his spirit gradually recovered, he could talk to people more, so the doctors approved visits. Then, Instructor Ping received a wave of very dignified visits.

Many of the old heads and leaders that could only be seen on TV had come to pay their respects to the hero, with General Dai coming the most, not only as an old head, but in a sense, as Ping Mo’s elder.

Seeing as his grandson had used up so much attentive energy, and that the kid may soon be family, General Dai was naturally also quite concerned, and therefore often bumped out other visitors to fill into the slot.

For example, Lu Feng. Ping Mo’s old boss had fainted on the spot when he heard that his protégé had detonated the mecha, and might have been killed.

“It’s good to be alive. It’s good to be alive.” In just a few days, Lu Feng’s hair and beard had turned white and he looked ten years older. Although Ping Mo felt it was strange, he didn’t think much about it. His attention was on Colonel Lu. His heart was moved, and he couldn’t help but comfort Lu Feng again and again, “Don’t feel sad. I’m okay.”

Finally, it was General Dai who could not stand their repeater-like conversation any more, and changed the subject. “Xiao Mo, ah. You have made a great achievement. Now no request is too much. If you want to disclose your identity as an omega, now may be a good time! Don’t blame this old man for talking too much. I think, after all, it is a big thing. You’ve always hidden this matter, so you also have to consider personal problems too.”

Pei Yutu’s eyes were bright, as he nodded in agreement.

Lu Feng looked at General Dai and seemed to want to refuse, but Ping Mo was the first to say, “Let’s wait until I get out of the hospital.”

This was reasonable. The most important thing now was to get well, so General Dai didn’t mention it again. In addition to the leaders, the largest proportion of visitors were the students, led by Zhou Li, that girl. The first time she visited, she cried, but ever since being scolded by Teaching Assistant Pei, she no longer cried in front of Ping Mo. Every time she forced a smile. With such poor acting skills, Instructor Ping thought it was very unbearable to watch.

When the kids left, Ping Mo said with a headache, “Look at these bear kids. It’s almost like they think I’m going to die.”

Pei Yutu then scolded him with a tiger face, “Such nonsense! Blah, blah, blah. Children’s words have no bounds!”

Ping Mo laughed, “You’re this age, but still so childish.”

Pei Yutu carefully blew on the porridge to cool it. “You just became an adult a few days ago. Are you not a child? Open your mouth. I cooked the porridge with my own hands, ah…”

“Ah…” Ping Mo dutifully swallowed the congee. The temperature was just right.

Pei Yutu, “Is it good?”

Instructor Ping immediately gave a brainless blow. “Delicious. If your skills as a soldier weren’t good, you could go to a five-star restaurant as a chef.”

Pei Yutu gave him a heated smile. “Cooking isn’t difficult. In fact, it is skilled work, especially Chinese food, and relies on muscle memory. The most important thing is to repeatedly practice. I am now at the least short of time. The last time I didn’t actually take leave, so now I can make up for it. Of course, I have to admit that in addition to practice, talent is also important.”

Ping Mo nodded and ‘hmmed’ in unmistakable agreement. “Yes, yes, yes.”

The nurse nearby gave them a curious glance and felt her worldview had been refreshed. These two people were really odd. One dared to blow, and one believed. Wasn’t that really just a bowl of white porridge? What technical knowledge needed to be required? A person with a normal IQ could cook it.

But Instructor Ping ate it with relish, and cherished the food.

Although he never said anything, in his heart, Ping Mo knew those students were sad for him. He was in a serious explosion, with serious skin burns, especially on his face, so having the gauze removed must be very scary. For children, disfigurement was a big deal, especially disfigurement of someone handsome, then the blow would be multiplied. Until now, Ping Mo was still wrapped in gauze. When the nurse changed the medicine, he once secretly used his phone to take a selfie, and it could only be described as ‘unbearable.’

The monster Shrek was more handsome than him.

Pei Yutu, although he looked after him when his clothes were on, never appeared when the nurse was changing the medicine, so he was probably deliberately avoiding it. Ping Mo couldn’t help but be disappointed, but wasn’t surprised. He once asked Pei Yutu what he liked about himself, and the other party bluntly said it was his appearance.

Not many alphas were as direct as Pei Yutu, but it was true.

Instructor Ping was used to being alone, then suddenly he met such a heartfelt person. It was wrong to say that he didn’t crave tenderness, and he couldn’t help but want more. If he was just a ‘face’, what was there to actually like?

Ping Mo was tormented as he waited for the results, but didn’t dare witness the results. Then the day came to remove the gauze. This time, Pei Yutu didn’t make excuses to avoid it, but stood in front of the hospital bed, and watched the nurse.

Ping Mo could feel the gauze being removed layer by layer, a process that took so long that Instructor Ping simply closed his eyes. He wasn’t afraid to face his own appearance, but he was afraid to look at Pei Yutu’s expression.

Forget it, I’ll tell him that no matter what my injuries are, as long as I get my life back, I will be able to recover. Pei Yutu, for my sake, even sacrificed his life, why test him?

This face is also a part of me, why can’t I just like my face?

Tell him the truth, before Pei Yutu runs away in fear!

However, the truth was that after the gauze was removed, when Ping Mo opened his eyes and saw Pei Yutu’s expression, he couldn’t say a word. Not only Pei Yutu, even the nurse who had seen this disfigured look of his before dared to look more, and wasn’t pretending to pack things to look away.

He must look very ugly. So ugly that it was scary.

Instructor Ping’s throat was tight, but his idol baggage was still there. His voice came out cloudy and light, “Scared you, right? I’ve seen it surreptitiously before, and scared myself.”

Pei Yutu didn’t say anything, just stared at him for a moment.

Ping Mo thought he was scared silly, gave a sigh and said, “Your leave is almost over. I heard you also tied up the captain. It’s about time to hurry back to the station, so be careful of your captain being mean to you.”

“Will not.” Pei Yutu finally opened his mouth, while still looking at him. “Colonel Situ won’t hold a grudge. Also, inside information, I haven’t yet warmed up the major’s shoulder patch but it may already have to be changed again. I might get transferred to another station, without the control, to can land,”

“Your seniority is already enough. Together with commanding the battle against White Hole, two consecutive promotions are deserved.” Ping Mo was unable to stand his stare, and uncomfortably looked away, “Since this happened, it’s all the more reason to do a good job. You are bound to have a great future. Go back early, get your new appointment and leave a good impression.”

“Why do you always drive me away?” Pei Yutu said in a sullen voice.

Ping Mo sighed. He didn’t intend to beat around the bush with him anymore, simply looked him straight in the eyes. “You saw my face. I won’t blame you if you can’t accept it.”

The ‘frank confession’ that he had rehearsed in his mind was a joke the moment he saw Pei Yutu’s gaze. Ping Mo thought with dismay, It’s not his fault. I’m so picky, I deserve to be a loner for the rest of my life.

But Pei Yutu carefully touched his face. “Does it still hurt?”

Ping Mo subconsciously avoided him before he said, “It doesn’t hurt anymore. It’s just a little itchy.”

“It’s good that it doesn’t hurt.” Pei Yutu paused, and suddenly said, “Wife, I’ll take some more time off. Let’s get a license.”


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Thank you so much for translating and editing❣️

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Poor PM; hates pain and has had to endure burns.
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The nurses view in this chapter🤣 it’s just a bowl of porridge🤣 had a good laugh here. She caught them being so cute and lovey dovey🥺

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