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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


“Hello, Science Watch viewers! Just a short time ago, Star City was taken over by a mysterious force that compelled half of Star City’s alphas to go into heat! Could there really be an omega with this strength of pheromones? Some experts suspect that it could be the leak of a new strong alpha inducer! Whether it’s a twist of humanity or a loss of morality, we are now at the scene.”

“Fellow viewers of Star River Entertainment! We are now at the source of the super sweet pheromones! There’s still a little smell in the air, really! Yes! Super! Sweet! But according to sources, this house seems to be inhabited by single alphas only.”

“Bend News viewers, I’m an alpha, and I can’t do it anymore! I can’t control what I’m sending. Camera man, please hand me a bottle of emergency inhibitors!”


When Ping Mo opened the door with a black face, he saw this spectacular scene of the devil dancing around, and his forehead veins jumped to the naked eye, as his eyes coldly swept over the noisy reporters.



With just this glance, the reporters all went as quiet as chickens.

It was a long time before a bold, but weak reporter broke the silence, “This…isn’t this the handsome hero who destroyed White Hole?”

The Alliance had been harrassed by the interstellar pirates for many years. White Hole, was the leading pirate group, and their power could crush any planet. The netizens jokingly called them the ‘#1 extraterritorial group’. This heavenly group had been standing for decades, and was the scourge of the country and the people, as they burned, killed and looted everything. To the masses of the main planet, it had left an indelible shadow.

Therefore, Instructor Ping alone, going into the enemy camp, was a hero who had earned a great deal of credit, and also was naturally and vigorously publicized in recognition. He was so publicized that reporters could recognize him at a glance, thanks to his own high face value.

Ping Mo had been seriously wounded, and hadn’t been able to be interviewed by reporters, so the Alliance broadcasters had to use a photo ID of him instead. As soon as that photo was released, it sparked a huge response. Not only was he brave, but he was also so good-looking! It was hard not to be popular!

Now that they had seen him in person, the reporters were first excited, then nervous.

Instructor Ping looked even better in person than in his photos! Ping Mo had been killing people since he was 14 years old, and his bones were full of a stubborn and deadly aura, which may not be so obvious in the army or in the military academy, but these reporters lived in a peaceful and prosperous world. When had they ever met such a person?

Who would have thought they would run into Ping Mo! The legendary, super sweet omega couldn’t be Instructor Ping’s boyfriend or girlfriend, right? They instantly didn’t dare to interview.

Ping Mo wasn’t too happy with the sudden silence, frowned slightly, and asked, “What do you want?”

This was actually a clear question. Instructor Ping knew that this time he was exposed, and the evidence was conclusive. He planned to tell everyone anyway, and the reporters wouldn’t lie since it was all being filmed. The only problem was, how could he turn this embarrassing scene into a secret-telling press conference? After all, his face was the most important, and to announce that he was an omega shouldn’t sound forced.

One entertainment reporter was the bravest, and courageous enough to ask, “I…we were attracted by particularly sweet omega pheromones. Please…please do you know -“

Before the reporter’s voice fell, a loud voice with a bit of aggravation rang out behind Ping Mo, “Wife! To hide from me, you’ve gone to the door?”

Pei Yutu said as he was walking out still wearing his robe. Since he was in his susceptible period, the two had been in the bedroom everyday and rarely wore underwear. Pei Yutu’s robe was also apparently just temporarily put on. The reporters could see it was very hasty and perfunctory. A stiff wind could blow the robe off. His neck was covered with little ambiguous red marks, and anyone could see the intensity of the lovemaking he’d had.

Now, he just barged into the cameras with a big bang and called out “Wife” in a loud voice.

The crowd of reporters, “???? !!!!” What wife? Is this nearly 1.9 tall brother Instructor Ping’s wife? Wait, no, Instructor Ping is the wife?

Ping Mo, “…”

This time, his omega identity and marriage contract has been officially announced.

The reporters didn’t come out for nothing, they all went back full of joy. They were sure that their bonus for the year depended on this one big story, as they headed back to organize the news wording.

After the reporters had left, Instructor Ping’s barely maintained composure finally gave way to a face darker than the bottom of a pot. Pei Yutu suspected that if he had a weapon at hand, he could immediately murder his own husband.

“…” After all, it was his own trouble that caused this, so Teaching Assistant Pei vainly rubbed his nose, but still quickly regained confidence. He was now in his susceptible period, so these days his omega did everything according to what he wanted, and even reluctantly cooperated with a few positions he wanted to try. 

So Pei Yutu insistently proposed, “Wife, you talked with those reporters for so long. You should have had enough rest. Let’s continue.”

Instructor Ping was silent before he ground his teeth and said, “What did you just say in front of the reporters?”

Teaching Assistant Pei looked innocent. “I told the truth. We are going to get married. I’m also in a vulnerable period.”

“…” Instructor Ping looked like he wanted to beat someone up. In the past few days, he tried his best to cooperate because he felt sorry for Pei Yutu and didn’t want him to suffer during his susceptibility, and as a result was almost eaten to the bone by this Pei.

The long tail behind him made a customary flip. In the gap of Instructor Ping’s white calves, a fluffy silhouette could be vaguely seen.

For Pei Yutu, a strong alpha in his susceptible period, the cells in his brain responsible for running his perverted thoughts were lively and unusual. It only took a second to remember how the long tail wrapped around his body while they were having sex. His Adam’s apple rolled, and he thought more and more that his omega looked very beautiful.

But the next moment, the delicious Instructor Ping disappeared.

In his place was a fluffy, plump white kitten who raised its round head and looked at Pei Yutu with big, watery gray-blue eyes and said proudly, “Meow, meow, meow, meow!”

–Deal with it using inhibitors!

Since Instructor Ping turned back into a cat, Teaching Assistant Pei’s sex life was forced to come to an end. He was unsuccessfully begging his omega for forgiveness for the twentieth time, while he bitterly sprayed himself with inhibitors, when he received a call from the hospital.

Miao Fan had finally woke up!

Miao Fan was Pei Yutu’s second-in-command, once in charge of playing the Blue Army in the Red-Blue confrontation on Legacy Base. Instructor Ping was also considered an acquaintance, and later followed Pei Yutu as the pioneer of the elimination of White Hole. While he was holding the cat-shaped Ping Mo, he was unfortunately hit by Long Lang’s sneak attack. It hit his vitals, and although he was recovered alive, he had been in a coma.

Now he finally woke up.

Pei Yutu, who had been so irritated by his desire and was discontented that he had decided to scold anyone who called, was really excited to hear Miao Fan’s voice, and forgot to scold anyone for a while, as he said, “It’s good you’re awake. It’s good to be awake.”

His emotions even infected Ping Mo. As a result of the tantrum, Pei Yutu had been apologizing to Ping Mo’s turned butt. Now he was also curious, came over, and jumped on Pei Yutu’s lap, as he twitched his little ears, and eavesdropped on the conversation.

After he learned the reason, Ping Mo also felt happy for Miao Fan.

Pei Yutu suspected that his omega was going to forgive him, and he couldn’t help but feel better.

Since they both had just experienced life and death, they were a bit emotional, and even though Miao Fan had just woken up less than a day ago and was still a bit weak, they couldn’t help but talk more.

Miao Fan, “Captain Pei, I have something to tell you.”

Pei Yutu also said, “I have a happy event to tell you about.”

“…” Pei Yutu petted his cat and said humbly, “You go ahead.”

Miao Fan then said nonchalantly, “Captain Pei, do you remember that particularly sweet omega in the Legacy Base?”

“…” Pei Yutu had a bad feeling.

However Miao Fan didn’t allow him to stop him. Miao Fan was already a bamboo tube pouring beans in a breath, “I suspect that omega isn’t the Alliance Officer’s Engineering University’s Teacher Cheng. When I was in White Hole, I smelled similar pheromones, and didn’t have time to tell you-“

Pei Yutu, “!!!!”

Isn’t this being found out before he should be?

Teaching Assistant Pei looked at his cat who appeared to be about to explode, and hung up the phone without a second thought.

Fuck the comradeship, he wouldn’t listen to Miao Fan’s nonsense continue, he just hoped to coax his wife again.

“Duh…duh…” Miao Fan inexplicably listened to the busy tone on the phone and muttered, “No signal?”

When he was about to call back, the nurses reminded him that it was time to change his medication and confiscated the phone on the grounds that he had just woken up and couldn’t be too distracted.

In the process of the medication change, the nurses were excitedly discussing the Wedding of The Century. Miao Fan was a little distracted until he heard the names Pei Yutu and Ping Mo. He suddenly asked excitedly, “Who are you saying is getting married?”

“Oh. You just woke up, so you don’t know yet. It’s in today’s news. It’s very exciting!”

“Yeah, I didn’t think my boyfriend would be an omega!”

“And he is a top omega, ah! Half of Star City alphas are affected, oops! Unfortunately, I’m a beta and can’t smell it. Are his pheromones really so sweet?”

“My classmate in the Alliance Armed Police Force University is a school doctor, and they said today is crazy busy. At first the pheromone storm caused all the school’s alphas to go into passive estrus. After the results of dealing with the alpha guys, the news came out in the afternoon. Half of the school’s omegas are crazy, there are even unmarried young omega teachers in the class who suddenly cried. “

“Hey, I can understand. Their alpha crush suddenly announced that they are an omega. Who, for a moment, couldn’t accept it? He’s so good-looking. Good hands, high military rank, but also young…the standard performance stocks. There must be a lot of omegas who secretly like him. But, as an omega, I feel so proud! Ping Mo is simply the light for all omegas! Now who still dares to say that omegas are inferior to alphas?”

Miao Fan digested this with difficulty, and then asked in a trance, “Who are you saying is an omega?”

Nurse A, “Ping Mo, the special forces soldier who fought with you guys to destroy White Hole!”

Miao Fan, “But, but…omegas can’t join the army. Especially the special forces. You’re wrong, right?”

Nurse B, “It was on the news. He was specially approved. In order to eliminate White Hole, he hid for many years as an omega pretending to be an alpha, and bearing the humiliation, ah. So many years he kept the secret, the sacrifice is too big. But now, he finally can be redeemed. Now he and his love, the Lieutenant Colonel, are getting married. Lieutenant Colonel Pei is someone you should also know, right? He seems to be your commander in that operation, eh? Eh, eh, eh? Why did he pass out? Call a doctor!”

The poor Miao Fan was so shocked by the huge amount of information, that his eyes rolled over and he fainted again.

Teaching Assistant Pei pretended to be pitiful all afternoon and finally got Instructor Ping’s forgiveness, but before he could eat him, Ping Mo’s cell phone began to ring relentlessly.

Seeing Ping Mo’s gesture to answer, Teaching Assistant Pei immediately protested, “Can’t you do your job first?”

Ping Mo made a silent gesture and leaned into Pei Yutu’s arms. He lowered his long eyelashes and murmured, “What goes around always comes around.”


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Poor Miao Fan!
PY is incorrigible, really.
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Ok… That was super weird… Why those reporters wanted to find and show him in media? For easier recognize for some psycho to abuse him or what? And let’s not talk about PYT’s stupid actions:/
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You can tell that PYT is younger by his actions🤣🤣🤣 Wedding soon😍 thank you so much for translating and editing❣️

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