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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


Pei Yutu’s face was full of shock, “No way! I’m very restrained, and lately I’ve been doing it only three times a day-“

Before he could finish his sentence, he received a paw.

The old expert lowered his head to concentrate on the case, as he pretended not to see anything. He waited for Pei Yutu to finish getting beaten up before he instructed, “Although a Therian’s recovery ability is stronger than the average omega’s, young people also need to know how to restrain themselves. I will give you a little medicine to replenish your qi. Don’t leave the main planet, and come back in a few days for another test. You can leave when you have recovered well.”

Pei Yutu, with cat paw marks on his face, took the list and asked, “Is this medicine bitter?”

“…” The old expert, “The medicine is bitter. In fact, it is okay not to take it, but the recovery is slower. If the recovery period is too long, it may cause a pheromone disorder. It will be similar to the former physiological maturing. There may be a sudden emergence of animal ears, tail, or he’ll simply become a cat.”

Pei Yutu agreed, so when he left with the cat in his arms, he was already thinking of buying something sweet to make Ping Mo take his medicine.

At the same time, his heart was a bit sad. If he did it less than three times a day, how could he stand it? Omegas were too delicate!

Pei Yutu found that Ping Mo had refused to talk to him since he came out of the hospital. Pei Yutu tried to tease him in every way he could, but at most he got a meal of paws and claws. It wasn’t until he bought his wife’s favorite snack, that Ping Mo reluctantly wagged his tail and licked the cake so he could barely talk to him.

Pei Yutu didn’t know what the reason was, but while Ping Mo was a cat, he was never grown, and was always a small kitten with a milky meow, fluffy round fur, a pink nose and jelly bean paws. When he ate his food, from time to time, he would pick up his paw and lick it, but it was the most adorable look.

Unfortunately, Lieutenant Colonel Pei’s appreciation of soft little cute things was average. He still liked to touch and kiss the human-shaped Instructor Ping. So, after a few days of raising a cat, he couldn’t help but have itchy hands again, as he pulled his tail, took a finger to poke his butt, and often caused Instructor Ping to raise all of his hackles.

“Come and take your medicine.”

Ping Mo lay on the cushion and didn’t move, He only twitched his ears impatiently. His refusal was obvious.

Pei Yutu, “Good medicine is bitter, Dr. Liu said. You have to follow medical advice.”

Ping Mo waved the tip of his tail, extended two paws and claws, and stretched himself long. He turned over in the process, revealed his fluffy white belly, yawned and lazily continued to sunbathe. He stayed under the sunshine in a leisurely manner. Suddenly, there was blackness in front of his eyes. A large shadow was cast down. It was Pei Yutu.

When he thought about the extent of this person’s cheapness over the past few days, Instructor Ping felt apprehensive and subconsciously wanted to run, but also felt too embarrassed. He raised his round head, took the initiative to look at him, and tried to use his residual kingly aura to deter that person from running.

Unfortunately, Lieutenant Colonel Pei was a master of remembering to eat, and not remembering to fight. The immediate advantage was that he needed him to become human so he could molest him. He wouldn’t completely ignore his wife afterwards, and he wouldn’t find out. He laughed, and suddenly pinched Instructor Ping’s exposed cat balls.


“Meow, ow, ow, ow!!!”

However, even after he pinched the cat’s balls, Pei Yutu was not satisfied. He used a hand to pick up Ping Mo by the back of the neck, then held him in the palm of his hand. He slapped that fat fluffy butt. “You need to take the medicine! If you don’t take your medicine again, you’ll get a spanking!”

Ping Mo, “…” I don’t want to be beaten! Unfortunately, while Instructor Ping made a note to Pei in his heart, right now he was a defenseless kitty, so he could only temporarily submit and take the medicine.

Although Pei Yutu was a bit cheap, he still knew how to care for his wife. After he ate the medicine, Pei immediately handed Ping Mo a gummy candy. As he watched Instructor Ping lick the candy, Pei Yutu couldn’t help but poke his fluffy butt again. “Can cats taste sweet things?”

Ping Mo ignored him, waved his tail tip and licked the candy while he faced a different direction.

Pei Yutu’s military terminal rang at that moment. It turned out to be Miao Fan.

“Xiao Mo, Ping Mo, wife!” After he hung up the phone, Pei Yutu began to tease the cat again. The big man of one meter nine pouted and plopped down in front of the cat. “There is good news to tell you.”

Instructor Ping hadn’t forgotten that this person just pinched his balls and beat his ass, instead of looking askance at Pei Yutu, he just treated him like air, lifted a leg and licked the fur at the base of his tail.

“The matter of cooperation with the Alliance Army isn’t far off. Miao Fan just told me that the Alliance Army invited us to visit them. In your condition, we aren’t able to show up. So, I asked them to send a few people over. If it goes well, maybe next semester there will be students sent to our site.”

Ping Mo finally reacted. He stopped licking himself, shook his fur, gave a reserved “mimi” to show his dragon heart was happy.

Ping Mo turned back into a human being three days later.

“Don’t say it. Dr. Liu is really the cure.” Pei Yutu wrapped his arms happily around his wife, who had just turned back into a human being, and thought with satisfaction, I’ve got my happiness back.

“Heh,” Ping Mo said.

“…” Pei Yutu suddenly remembered his own deadly deeds in the past few days, and had the bright idea to change the subject before Instructor Ping hit him. “It’s not easy to become human again, and it’s not easy to return to the main planet. Let’s go out for a stroll!”

Ping Mo, “What’s there to see?”

“Let’s go shopping for clothes, eat, or watch a movie,” Pei Yutu said. “Anyway, it’s just a date.”

The straight man, “No.” What’s a date? It sounds weird.

“Why not?!” Pei Yutu turned into a giant petulant spirit, and said in a loud voice, “We have never been on a date. All couples go on dates. Don’t you love me? I should have known that if you loved me, you wouldn’t have left me behind and run off to the White Hole without a word. You never intended to come back to see me again.”

“Stop, stop, stop, stop!” Ping Mo’s head was in two places. He was afraid of Pei Yutu’s old debt, and that old debt was his own fault, so he rubbed his temples and admitted defeat. “Fine, let’s go.”

When they arrived at the mall, Pei Yutu first dragged Ping Mo to have lunch at a fancy restaurant, and then bought movie tickets for a couple’s sofa seats, and the two of them watched a movie hand in hand. The movie was a light-hearted romantic comedy, a film that Instructor Ping would not have watched in the past. It would have tarnished his image as a fierce man.

But today, in the dark, there were only two people holding hands, eating the same bucket of popcorn, and those boring romantic movies actually became fun.

In the movie, when the hero kissed his girlfriend, Pei Yutu also suddenly leaned over and quickly dropped a kiss on Ping Mo’s cheek. Instructor Ping turned his head, but in the darkness he only saw Lieutenant Colonel Pei was smiling with a mouthful of white teeth.

“Stupid.” Ping Mo whispered a scolding, but his heart was sweet.

After half a lifetime of military service, this was the place to return to. To watch a movie with someone you like, and then go shopping aimlessly. However, Instructor Ping overestimated his own patience. Shopping and so on was simply looking for sin.

“I’m tired.” Less than half an hour after the movie finished, Ping Mo started to protest.

Pei Yutu refused, “You’ve never been tired of running 50 kilometers with 30 kilograms of iron on your back.

“…” Ping Mo, “It’s not the same.”

He didn’t know why, but shopping was particularly easy to get tired of. Instructor Ping suspected that he was annoyed by the enthusiastic salesgirls and dazzling luxury stores. In fact, Pei Yutu regretted that he hadn’t shopped in more than a decade. The last time was when he was in school and he was lured into carrying bags by Madame Dai.

He couldn’t understand why omega and beta girls liked to shop so much.

However, now that they were out, Pei Yutu didn’t plan to go back empty-handed. “Come on. Let’s make this quick. We’ll buy some couple’s clothes and go home.”

Ping Mo, “Okay.”

It was Pei Yutu’s obsession to buy a couple’s outfit, while Instructor Ping thought it was no different from a standard military uniform. It was just two people wearing similar clothes anyway, but since Pei Yutu liked it, he was satisfied for once.

Pei Yutu led his wife into a familiar brand. The store even dared to sell a shirt at five figures Alliance coins. Ping Mo originally felt wasted, but as soon as he entered the door, the guide ladies and Pei Yutu teamed up and stuffed him into the fitting room.

“…” Forget about it. He should hurry up so they could go home after shopping. 

Pei Yutu also walked into the fitting area with the same style of clothes in different sizes, when he heard Ping Mo’s voice coming out.

“Pei Yutu. Come in for a minute.”

Pei Yutu, “!” Did his wife want to try something on with him? So affectionate?

Lieutenant Colonel Pei happily carried the clothes in, but was dumbfounded.

Ping Mo has a pair of cat ears on his head and a tail behind his buttocks. His underwear were propped off, and his pants simply couldn’t be put on. Surprisingly at that moment, although Ping Mo’s pheromones were out of control, and his beast ears and tail had spilled out while his omega pheromones didn’t.

Without waiting for Pei Yutu to speak, Ping Mo gave him an expressionless answer, “If I can’t change back, I can’t go home.” 

There was a sudden noise from outside.

“After so long in the station, I can finally let off steam. I really didn’t expect that we would have an entire day to do whatever we want.”

“Don’t go inside, this brand is worn by rich people. We can’t afford it.”

“Hey there is a 6D experience across the street that seems to be doing activities. Let’s go queue up!”

Although there were only a few words, because the voice of the soldier was loud enough, the key words were clear enough through the fitting room door panel and into the ears of the two. Instructor Ping then made up his mind even more, and refused to go out.

He could not kill anyone, or leave without losing all face.

Instructor Ping, who had already taken a physiology course, knew that “Therians will show animal ears and tails when in bonding heat or during lovemaking” was the knowledge written in secondary school physiological health textbooks. Ping Mo would have had to kill the boys he was training if they had mistaken him for being in heat. However, half an hour had passed and the soldiers still had no intention of leaving, so even the shop assistant felt it was strange.

This was not the way to continue.

“I have a solution, simple and effective!” Pei Yutu suddenly said with a clear mind.

In fact, Ping Mo also thought of ‘simple and effective’ countermeasures, but felt that it would cover up things, but would easily attract suspicion.

Ping Mo, “You mean…”

Before the words “get rid of them” were out of his mouth, Pei Yutu had already slipped away like a gust of wind. When he came back, there was a whole new set of clothes in his hand.

Skirt, shawl, wig, and hat.

Instructor Ping looked at it for half a day before he asked with difficulty, “What are you taking these things for?”

Pei Yutu said seriously, “If you wear all of this, no one will recognize you!”

“…” Ping Mo said, “No.”

Pei Yutu said, “Those kids are lining up for some free experience, and the line is quite long. It looks like they won’t leave for a while. It’s also right across the street. As long as you go out, you will definitely see them. We can’t hide here all day long.”

“Why? In fact, it does not matter if they see you,” Pei Yutu said, as he peered at Ping Mo’s expression. “You’re a Therian. It is not embarrassing. At most, people will misunderstand that you are accidentally in heat -“

Before the words were out of his mouth, the woman’s dress was already taken away by Ping Mo.

Pei Yutu was driven out of the fitting room, but his face was quite beautiful. His wife could really be too easy to cheat. A few words to coax him and he put on women’s clothing. Since he also didn’t know what Ping Mo looked like wearing a dress, he was really looking forward to it. Pei Yutu suddenly had a feeling that he had experienced this situation before, as if he had tried to force Ping Mo to wear a dress a long time ago, but hadn’t succeeded.

However, this idea was also too absurd. He didn’t have that much courage. How could he dare to force Instructor Ping to wear a dress? Pei Yutu shook his head, suspecting that he might have dreamed it.

It took a full ten minutes for Ping Mo to change into female clothing.

In addition to doing some psychological construction, it was also because the dress was something he had never worn. He tied the ribbon four or five times before he barely got it tied, so it finally worked. The skirt was very large, and covered his tail perfectly.

His cat ears were also hidden by the wig and hat.

Ping Mo walked out of the fitting room with no expression, but Pei Yutu looked stunned.

Ping Mo’s long curly wig was draped over his shoulders, and the skirt hugged his thin waist. The dress was a sexy, little, cute girl style, and hid Instructor Ping’s usual unsympathetic fury. Lustful and sweet.

“Don’t fucking grin.” Sweet Sister Ping Mo had a black face as he pushed away the giggling Pei Yutu. He strode out the door. He wanted to fly back to the car, hurry home, and end today’s points of disgrace.

Several shopper ladies suddenly saw a little beauty walking out of the store and were amazed. Pei Yutu lagged behind, eyebrows flying gestures to make a wink. He picked up the two sets of couple’s clothes – already paid, wrapped – and hurried to catch up with his wife.

However, those outside the store were in an uproar.

“Crap! Beauty!”

In the long line in front of the 6D game experience store, a voice suddenly roared out. There was an agreement with those who shared his line of sight to look at Ping Mo. This was followed by a few familiar voices who joined the amazement of the beauty.

“Eh? Why do I think that beauty looks a bit like our Instructor Ping?”

Ping Mo’s eyelids jumped hard, but he had no chance to slip away quietly. The chain reaction was completed within half a minute, so the team and even half the mall was looking at him.

Ping Mo, “…”

Pei Yutu looked with the unconcealed gaze, a little upset, so at the same time he also felt “my wife is really good-looking” pride, his mood was particularly sour.

“Instructor Ping is good-looking, but not so sweet. This beauty looks especially gentle.”

“Wait a minute. Isn’t that Lieutenant Colonel Pei?”

Ping Mo, “…”

Several GIs also stopped lining up and walked out of the long line to salute Pei Yutu in unison, but their eyes glanced at Ping Mo in unconcealed interest.

When he saw that he couldn’t avoid it, Lieutenant Colonel Pei coughed lightly and introduced him stiffly, “This is your Instructor Ping’s sister.”

“Hello sister!”

“Hello sister!”

Ping Mo, “…”

Pei Yutu peered at Ping Mo’s face, and said to his subordinates with a tiger face, “Sister?”

“Lieutenant Colonel.” One soldier scratched his head, blushed, and gathered the courage to ask, “Does sister-in-law’s sister have a boyfriend?”


Ping Mo was afraid that he would hear too much of their conversation and hit someone. He couldn’t tell if he wanted to hit those kids or Pei Yutu, the one who came up with the bad idea, or if he simply wanted to kill someone. So he walked alone to the elevator first.

A young man dressed up in a fashionable way blocked his path. The first thing that caught his eye was a gold watch, and then the latest cell phone.

“Beauty, is it convenient to leave my contact information?”

“…” Ping Mo succinctly spit out a word, “Move.”

The power of this one word was not small, and the man inexplicably felt himself sweat. She was obviously a delicate and beautiful girl, but her momentum was too strong. He hadn’t yet recovered from the blow, before he was hit hard again. The man wanted to swear, but saw that the person who hit him was tall and big, a very bad look. He was only able to silently swallow the words back, as he watched him catch up with the little beauty.

Pei Yutu followed Ping Mo around until he entered the underground parking lot, as he was still explaining, “I really didn’t expect to cause such a big stir. It’s mainly because your face is too good for my wife, but the purpose was achieved, right? No one noticed your cat ears and tail!”

The reasoning was indeed the same, and Ping Mo could not find a point for anger, so he could only give up and lean back in the passenger seat, as he told him, “Tired. Go home.”

“Okay!” Pei Yutu started the car, but the nasty thoughts in his heart still sprouted up like weeds. He took off Ping Mo’s hat with one hand, only to see that the two cat ears had emerged from his long curly hair, and shook unconsciously because they were free again.

“Wife, it’s not easy to wear a dress once, let’s not waste it. Or let’s go back and do it once. Eh, eh, eh! I’m driving! Wait until we go home, and then we can fight!”

After Pei Yutu took Ping Mo back to the sixth station, the station had already spread the seventh version of what happened that day they met female Instructor Ping.

“Instructor Ping has a twin sister. Her features are similar to his, but her temperament is very different!”

“The character is particularly soft, and she likes to wear a small dress with lace trim! That waist is so thin, a hand can hold it. The only shortcoming is a little flat in the chest.”

“If I had Instructor Ping’s looks, not to mention flat chest, even baldness I could accept!”

“Roll, roll, roll! The good mood has been ruined by you. I really regret not going for that task. Oops. Should have been my turn to travel.”

“I want to ask his sister what type she likes.”

“When can I beg Instructor Ping to let his sister come to visit his family at the station?”


However, for Instructor Ping, of course, it was impossible to bring out the non-existent sister. After that incident, the surnamed Pei also didn’t know what new addiction he had, but was online shopping for two small skirts, and pestering Ping Mo to wear at night. The point was that the goods controllers learned about online shopping.

The starting point was the small skirt, which led to men’s thongs, collars, leather cords and a series of things that make people blush and want to call the police.

The surnamed Pei had figured out Ping Mo’s character of eating soft but not hard. With the hallmark of a lieutenant colonel, a person in front of the iron bones, said he was a tough man, but actually he practiced petulant and cheeky, so he could love Instructor Ping.

Ping Mo thought that time in the fitting room and wearing women’s clothing was almost the equivalent to opening a new door to a new world.

He’d rather not mention it.

However, among the sixth residents, there were those who didn’t understand the color of people’s eyes, but also which pot wasn’t open to mention which pot, from time to time they were bold enough to go and ask Instructor Ping’s sister’s whereabouts.

The response Ping Mo invariably gave was, “Training to increase the size!”

He said this much, that among the sixth residents years later had a popular legend. For their devil military instructor Colonel Ping, the standard of prospective brother-in-law must be extremely high, and you must pass his training test to be able to enter the eyes of this brother.

There were even a lot of people who crowded to the sixth station to submit an application for transfer, of course, this was all an afterthought.


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