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 Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


Baylor was about to say that Ewan was thinking too much at once, but the moment his lips slightly opened, he suddenly changed his expression. He turned his head to the direction of the second floor, and then he immediately ignored Ewan and went towards that room.

What Baylor sensed, Ewan also felt. He felt it even more strongly than Baylor, like a sudden opening of perception in a flash, from the depths of his soul came a great shock.

Such a strong feeling made his following actions become very difficult, Ewan’s body swayed. If he had not had his hands on the table, he would not have been able to stabilize his body.

Sensing what had happened, Baylor’s carefree footsteps suddenly stopped. He held the railing to look back, and saw Ewan’s pale look. This was the first time he saw the other side with such a weak look.

The hand squeezed the railing for a moment, Baylor’s beautiful eyebrows immediately wrinkled, and then he subconsciously wanted to see Ewan’s condition, but he just took a step down, he gently shook his head, turned around and continued to walk towards the second floor of the room. His eyes were fixed on the room where Ewan was staying.

Since he knew that Ewan would be alright, he wanted to look at the spiritual body in the bedroom. For a moment, he felt Super Wolf let out a loud howl, a mix of excitement and unease, and a little confusion.

And at the same time, from this room came strong spiritual power fluctuations. If he was right, it should be Ewan’s egg, there was movement.

The door of the room was always closed, because since Super Wolf occupied this room to hatch the egg, Ewan could also no longer live here, but moved to the next door.

Baylor turned on the light and saw that Super Wolf was no longer on the egg, but had jumped under the bed and started pacing back and forth restlessly. The egg on the bed seemed to be no different from the previous days, but if he looked closely, he could see that there were already some cracks.

The moment Baylor came in, Super Wolf immediately cast a look at Baylor for help.

It was a spiritual body, the moment another spiritual body was about to be born, the fluctuation of that spiritual power would also strongly affect it. It was now unable to approach the egg at will, could only look at the bedside anxiously and restlessly. And that spiritual force was extremely tyrant, but also filled with a strong exclusivity.

It even began to suspect that the egg appeared cracked, whether it was about to break the shell, or it was crushed by it.

Baylor watched Super Wolf lying there anxiously ‘ow ow ow’ low growl, although not dare to approach, but the paws were constantly plowing the carpet, the body also leapt to get up close, but every time just get up, and still will be down, put the chest close to the ground.

This was a kind of gesture of friendship. It wants to use this way to tell the guy in the eggshell that it was not hurtful.

I’m afraid it doesn’t really think of the other guy as its own cub.

Baylor was unkind enough to find Super Wolf’s look a bit comical, but when his eyes turned and fell on the egg that was placed on a soft pillow, his expression was instantly grave and serious again. But compared to Super Wolf’s panicked ruminations, Baylor clearly knew that the odds were that this was a rhythm that would break the shell.

These days he was not exactly doing nothing to keep Ewan company, he also looked up the characteristics of some oviparous creatures on the Internet, because the biological development of this world was far from what he was familiar with. From leaving Earth to take root in this galaxy, the creatures have changed too much. There were the emergence of completely new species, there were also some species extinct… …the sentinel and guide’s spiritual bodies were animals. The composition of this animal image was based on sentinel and guide’s own perception, never fabricated out of thin air. And the spirit body would be an animal they had seen, but also with their personality, and the spiritual power characteristics would be like them.

So Ewan’s spiritual body would be the same, should be one of the animals he had seen, and according to Super Wolf’s memory in the mental image and the tree Ewan saw in the dream, should be a bird of prey. So Baylor recently looked at the information on birds of prey, birds of prey in the breaking of the shell, all depending on the desire to live, there were many young who did not succeed in breaking the shell, resulting in death inside the shell.

Shell breaking was even the first risk they face after birth.

Baylor looked at the cracked egg and frowned, the essence of the composition of the spiritual body was the reality of existence. Their habits would also be inherited from the real animals, so it was reasonable to say that Ewan’s spiritual body also needed to go through the difficult barrier of breaking the shell.

There was even the possibility of failure.

If it fails, what would happen to Ewan?

And, if it succeeds, what would happen to Ewan?

Ewan was an alpha, he was not really a guide, but now he may really become a guide, and then worse, he may also fail. At that moment, the sound of footsteps, which were much heavier than before, came, and Baylor immediately turned around and walked towards the owner of the footsteps that made them.

Ewan’s strong self-control came into play again at this moment, and he forced himself to carry the spinning and the feeling of being crushed by a huge mountain, and reluctantly walked up the stairs. He couldn’t help but sway a little when Baylor came over to help him, but he held on to the wall and didn’t let Baylor stress too much.

“Your body is so hot.” The moment he touched Ewan’s body, Baylor frowned deeply. Ewan’s body temperature was already high, and now it was as hot as if he had come out of the fire.

Baylor unconsciously remembered the first time he saw Super Wolf, and tried to compare Ewan’s condition with his own, but he couldn’t find anything to compare it with. He was so confused when his spiritual body appeared that there was no reference at all.

“I’m fine.” Ewan had a severe headache, his head was buzzing, and a very sharp new sound was circling in his head. The sound was clear and high-pitched, as if it was trying to break through something. However, even so, he could also hear many things clearly, the normal people simply could not hear the sounds were flooding into his mind, where Baylor’s voice was so clear –

In the midst of such pain, he unconsciously thought, Does Baylor usually put up with such sounds? No wonder he has a bad temper–

“I’ll go in and see.” Ewan said.

Baylor nodded, then frowned, “Are you okay? Shall I help you?”

Ewan gave a low chuckle, the way he looked at Baylor like he was a watercolor, no matter what kind of emotion as well as color, but there was a layer of soft tones in it.


Baylor felt that Ewan was immodest, and at times like this, but he walked over to Ewan and took his hand anyway.

Only Ewan didn’t shift his weight to the side Baylor was holding, but more to brace himself with his other hand on the wall. He was just trying to lean on Baylor. As soon as Ewan entered that room, Baylor could feel the egg’s mental energy jerk up a level and become more – agitated.

Apparently, the spirit body also sensed the presence of the body.

Baylor subconsciously felt some concern. He looked to Ewan, and Ewan was looking at the bed of that egg, cloudy face and some confusion. But he could clearly feel Ewan’s body temperature had risen a little more, with some red on his face, as if he was drunk. If the body temperature continued to rise like this, it would not burn his head, right?

“It looks like it’s coming out of its shell.” Baylor said.

“It…” Ewan listened to the voice in his head, the loud swooshing sound suddenly made sense, he suddenly understood what was underneath it, and he said, “It’s talking.”

“What’s it saying?”

“It’s hot and squishy.”

Then it did seem to be about to break out of its shell.

Baylor was a little confused, “So what can you do?”

Ewan thought for a moment as he followed that feeling inside him and gradually walked in the direction of the egg. Super Wolf was a little irritated by Ewan’s approach and even gave a threatening low growl, apparently having all but forgotten who the egg’s owner really was, but he still steered slightly out of the way as Ewan approached and then grunted in aggravation next to him.

Ewan sat on the edge of the bed, looked at the cracked egg, then picked up the egg and placed it on his lap. Hesitating for a moment, he stretched out his hand and gave it a gentle tap.

The egg cracked more.

Baylor and Super Wolf instantly became alert.

Hey hey hey, the egg was very fragile, what are you doing knocking like this? And how could anyone be so simple and brutal? However, with such a light knock, a crisp ‘crack’ sound rang out in the room, and the crack in the egg shell gradually expanded and began to fall to pieces.

Baylor and Super Wolf: !!!

Look! It really cracked!

Super Wolf immediately stood up, anxiously ready to rush over, however, this instant with Ewan and the egg as the center of the sudden burst of spiritual power and pheromone and it involuntarily moved back two steps. Baylor also felt a jolt as if someone knocked him on the back of his head.

The next second, the white eggshell cracked a large hole, and then a sharp and childish cry sounded, the sound was weak, but extremely penetrating, as a cold wind was blowing through.

Baylor stabilized his mind and looked over, only to see a head poking out of the hole. He frowned, “Why is it a small bald bird?”

Ewan: …

The head of the ‘little bald bird’ bird, whose fur was a bit pale, tilted, that pair of black eyes turned, then stared straight at Baylor. Its feathers were sparse, but the bird’s power was still quite large. That gaze was simply the same as the fan figure, thirty percent cool, thirty percent sneering, forty percent ‘you stupid human dare to call me bald’.

In general, that gaze was cold and flat, a look that said he despised Baylor.

Baylor: … Is he being despised by a little bald bird that hasn’t even grown its feathers yet?

“You let me hit it.” Baylor said expressionlessly, “Just once.” He kept from crushing the little head of the other.

The young bird, now pale gray and white, ignored Baylor and used its beak like a crook to peck the eggshell around itself, then half-hopped, half-walked out of the eggshell, and when it came out, its feet tripped over the eggshell, breaking its already unsteady pace, and it flopped down on Ewan’s hand.

Baylor laughed out loud unkindly.

This unknown species of avian was currently only the size of one of Ewan’s palms, and was now clearly a juvenile, with a short neck and a round body, almost like a small round ball. But the moment it struggled to open its wings could already vaguely see that it had a wide wingspan, and it was covered in light grayish-white feathers, with only the tail feathers being dark gray-blue.

Ewan did not care about the small ‘interaction’ between his mental body and Baylor.

The heat in his body had by now subsided somewhat, and the sounds around him were gradually beginning to adapt. Although still uncomfortable, Ewan looked much better, and he stared at the curved hook-like beak, as well as the distance of the wingspan, which was much wider than his body, with a thoughtful expression.

“So you’re a falcon.”

Baylor nodded, “It’s pretty damaged.”

Ewan glanced at Baylor with some amusement, “No, he’s a falcon.”1

A falcon?

Baylor was a little curious to go over, but faster than him was Super Wolf, the furry dog head came up at once, Super Wolf paws on Ewan’s leg, dog nose carefully over to sniff the little guy.

The result –

The little falcon didn’t hesitate to give Super Wolf a peck on the dog’s nose.

The damage was minor and the insult was extreme.

Super Wolf gave an aggrieved ‘ow’, it took care of it for so many days, it was hatched, how come it did not get close to it?

Ewan was a little helpless, looking at this little guy, his heart had a natural affinity, and then he reached out his fingers to it, wanting to pet it. His spirit body shrank his head slightly, but still did not peck him.

But it didn’t look very happy.

Baylor lamented, “A small one with a big temper.”

“The falcon is a raptor, so it’s normal to not like people.” Ewan’s voice dropped to a low level, and when it came to the back, his voice was like a floating silk, and then the next second, Ewan suddenly fell backwards and collapsed on the bed.

Ewan’s mental body shook and rolled onto the bed, then craned its neck, its green bean-sized eyes staring sullenly at Baylor.

And only after it found that Baylor’s eyes were not on it did it twist its head, its claws not very steady on the soft bedding and it walked a little wobbly, but it still walked and jumped back to its master, then jumped up and sat down in Ewan’s chest, its wings being tightly tucked in and looking even rounder.

“Ah! Ewan!”

Super Wolf peeled up on the edge of the bed, his ice blue eyes locked on his cub. He even had a name for it, which went well with it, Iron Egg. 2

Iron Egg, why won’t you look at it?

Maybe Super Wolf’s voice reached the young falcon, but its neck turned nimbly and its black eyes stared coldly at Super Wolf.

Stupid dog, if you call me Iron Egg again, I will peck you to death.


The author has something to say: a little late again! The major category is the falcon, there are specific species names, now the iron egg is still small, will grow into a very powerful and beautiful falcon!

Iron egg: I’ll peck you to death.


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Translator Notes:

  1. Falcon = 隼 sun while damaged = 损 sun. So it’s kind of lost in translation.
  2. 铁蛋 tiědàn = iron egg, a Taiwanese snack made by stewing eggs in soy sauce and air-drying them each day for a week


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March 1, 2023 7:40 pm

Called it!

March 2, 2023 6:29 am

I never considered a falcon; of all birds, the Peregrine Falcon is the fastest in the sky 😊
Poor Super Wolf; looks like he’s going to be bullied for all his troubles.
Thanks for translating and editing.

March 18, 2023 12:32 pm

Iron egg… Great name! Reminds me of the Qiu team names in LMW.

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