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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


The Marl Galaxy did not have a large civilization that ruled the system. When human expeditions arrived in the system, they found that the planets in the system were not large enough to be inhabitable, so they sequestered the small planets according to the forces of the time. However, due to energy and geographical constraints, these forces eventually developed into the city-state civilization structure of ancient Earth.

The organization that led these small civilizations was the Sycamore Church, which was run by the head pope. Right River’s family was the family of the church, generations of the church hierarchy, the source of its power could even be traced back to the ancient Earth period.

Therefore, the spiritual power of the members of the Right River’s family was very powerful, and the existence of spiritual power and the use of the method of research was very deep, a difficult to reach height for ordinary people. However, in such a special family, Right River was a person with low mental power until he was sixteen years old.

He couldn’t have extraordinary hearing, couldn’t strengthen his dynamic vision, and was just like an ordinary person. Until after the age of sixteen, he suddenly awakened, not only with a strong mental power, but also different from others, able to strengthen his two abilities, one was perception, which gives him the ability to briefly foresee the future, and one was expression, which allowed him to use the spiritual fluctuations in the air to convey messages to distant places. From there, he logically took the archbishop’s seat, and his sister ascended to the papacy.

“Since he became the archbishop, Right River has been developing methods to develop people’s spiritual power, and the prophecy about you was two years ago, since the prophecy, the Church of Sycamore has sent more people around the world to find the person in the prophecy, and finally found you.”

In that empty cell, Nord, wearing the plain prison clothes, elegant face was illuminated by the light white, he said with some doubts, “To be honest, that the Church of Sycamore would start a war surprised me.”

“Why?” Baylor asked.

Nord frowned, “As I said before, the current Pope is Right River’ sister, and this Pope does not seem like someone who would take such radical measures. The relationship between the siblings is also general. Otherwise, when Right River was captured, although there is a deliberate element of Right River in it, the church side will not remain so calm. I thought before that Right River would get you at all costs, but I didn’t think they would choose to go to war with such fanfare.”

And to move so quickly. Would the others in the church really agree?

“What is their battle power?”

Nord had no need to conceal this information nowadays, he said, “The Church Army may not be as good as Alix Galaxy in terms of equipment, but the special ability brought by their spiritual power is enough to make up for these equipment gaps, and on this, you should know better than anyone.”

In the battlefield, having extraordinary five senses could bring how much combat power improvement, Baylor as sentinel naturally know very well.

“I know.” Baylor nodded slightly, looked at the time, they had been talking for a long time, Baylor put his hands in his pockets, ready to lift a step to leave. Before, there was a slight hesitation in his steps for two seconds, he looked at Nord and said, “I asked Ewan, when the fight is won, you should be able to restore your freedom.”

Nord was stunned and surprised, “You interceded for me?”

Baylor looked pale, “I just asked, it was Ewan who made the decision, not me.”

“…” The incandescent light in the ceiling attracted a small moth that was lost inside the circle, that cast a shadow fell right on Nord’s face, he sighed slightly, his face not too much loss, just some silence. He looked at Baylor’s back as he left and suddenly asked, “Will you go to war?”

“Who knows.”


This sudden meeting lasted four hours, and by the time it broke up it was already 1:00 a.m. Wellin, as the captain, went back to pack up his things even before the meeting broke up, and then prepared to take a flight to the garrison.

Opening the door to the office, Ewan looked at that in the room, seeing Baylor he was slightly stunned, “Why are you still here?”

He used to always want Baylor to come to his office when he was in the military, but Baylor never came, but did not expect the first time was this kind of time.

Admiral Von, who was standing next to Ewan, said, “General, I’m going to go find Sean and go back.”


After Admiral Von left, Ewan entered the room and closed the door behind him.

Baylor watched him come over and propped himself up, “I’ve been to see Nord.”

Ewan himself informed the guards to let the man in, so Ewan nodded, “Did he say anything?”

He walked over to Baylor, who was currently sitting on a long couch in the office meeting, with a half-drunk bottle of mineral water in front of him and the air slightly chilly because of the open window. The weather outside was gloomy, and the wind was blowing, as if it was going to snow. Ewan looked at Baylor’s clothes, which were still a bit thin despite his military uniform, and he turned on his toes and went to the window to close the window that had been opened to a hint of wind.

In the meantime, Baylor simply and clearly relayed what Nord had said. Although Baylor didn’t like to use his head much when he fought before, it didn’t mean he was really clueless when it came to strategy, and in fact he had proven his ability in battlefield strategy in tonight’s mecha match.

So Baylor analyzed, “From what Nord said, there’s something fishy about this attack, not like the way their pope used to do.” He looked up and watched Ewan close the window and walk back to his face, and his face showed his approval, “Well, [Hua] has been on the throne for ten years, she’s always done things in a more moderate style, so aggressive is indeed not like her style.”

“Today at the meeting I had scouts infiltrate to check the news to see what is going on.”

Speaking of ‘scouts’, Baylor remembered a question that had been on his mind for a long time, and he asked, “How come the Marl Galaxy send Nord and these people to lurk in the Alix Galaxy for so long, and you don’t send anyone?”

Ewan did not sit down in the seat next to Baylor, in order to face Baylor, he sat directly on the coffee table in front of Baylor. Looking at Baylor from a high position, long legs almost against the sofa, looking a little aggrieved, but Ewan had always been casual, this action he did not contradict. He replied, “We have always sent people, but our people have a special pheromone, which is very difficult to conceal their identity, even if they use glandular stickers. It is also very easy to be found, especially the Marl Galaxy people can use mental power to strengthen the five senses, so going undercover is not easy.”

All their people were found.

“That too.” Baylor nodded approvingly, their pheromone couldn’t have been more obvious before his nose, simply a natural signal to use for tracking.

“Besides…” Ewan propped one hand on the edge of the coffee table, several hours of meetings and late nights had him looking a little tired colored at the moment, a slight frown between his brows, helpless and unfortunate, “… I’ll be away from the empire for a while, I need to go to a meeting with the alliance and then go to the garrison to see what’s going on, so I won’t be able to be there to watch your game.”

Baylor’s heart skipped a beat, and a not-so-comfortable boredom rose up, not because Ewan couldn’t be there to see him play. He asked, “Are you going away for a long time? When are you leaving?”

The next game was next month, would Ewan be gone by then?

“It’ll be busy for a while, and I’ll leave tomorrow.” Ewan’s body leaned forward, closing the distance between them, his hand grabbed Baylor’s wrist, “Don’t worry, you play well, I’ll bring you a gift when I come back.”

As the words fell, he pulled Baylor over and dropped a kiss on Baylor’s forehead, then rubbed his hair, “Stay out of trouble these days and wait for me to come back, okay?”

Ewan frowned, thinking of Baylor’s bright performance tonight, he narrowed his eyes, very uneasy admonition, “Stay away from Aynor and so on, also don’t crave other alpha pheromones, and don’t be fooled by others after a few words…”

The more Ewan thought about it, the more uneasy he felt, always feeling that there were people everywhere who were watching, although they were now mates, but Baylor was too easily fooled. Before the restaurant met a small fan slightly complimented him a few words, he would be a thousand obedience.

“…” Baylor’s heart was not very happy, and now listening to Ewan chanting here, he was even more annoyed.

I’ve never seen such an insipid person.

Looking up at Ewan’s tiresome babbling, Baylor ‘tsked’ and impatiently responded, “Okay, okay.”

Then he reached out and took Ewan by the collar of his uniform, pulled him down, and took the initiative to kiss him. The kiss was as aggressive as ever, with the intention of forcing a virtuous woman.

Ewan had a smile in his eyes, his hand on the back of Baylor’s head, and quickly took the initiative, forcing Baylor to lean against the back of the sofa and kissing him back hard.

“It’s getting late tonight, so don’t go back and rest at the military headquarters.” In the space between gasps, Ewan said in a muffled voice, “There’s a bed here.”

The rest room was behind the dark door of the office, and in the early morning Baylor opened his eyes to see Ewan, freshly washed and dressed in front of the dressing mirror. The ironed shirt fit over that lean body, hiding that dark skin, and bony fingers buttoned those buttons to the top. A belt tied around the outside of the dark gray military jacket showed off the broad-shouldered, narrow-waisted body perfectly, and Ewan was well suited to wear military uniforms.

Baylor was still lying on his back, yawning like a lazy sunbathing cat, and he looked at Ewan with a sideways half-squint, “What time is it?”

“It’s early, you go back to sleep.” The black leather gloves went up along the long, thin, strong fingers and then wrapped around those hands tightly, Ewan went to the edge of the bed and sat down. The mattress was slightly pressed down because of his weight, “If you need anything, go see Sean, okay? Get in touch with me when you have nothing to do, and don’t go all day without looking at the terminal.”

Baylor impatiently put out his hand and waved it, so the quilt slid down a bit, the smooth, gelatinous skin with the scars left by previous injuries and very ambiguous marks, “Bye bye, don’t disturb my sleep.”

Ewan grunted and laughed in a good-natured way, really a guy who turns his back on people.

He felt like he was in the middle of a fight with his wife. The skin was exposed to avoid getting cold, and in the process, Ewan printed a kiss on the butterfly wing-like shoulder blade.

“What we didn’t finish last night, we’ll continue when I get back.”

Baylor grunted and ignored him.


After going back to take Lightning with him and saying goodbye to Super Wolf, Ewan went to the empty port reserved for the military department. He had to go to the Alliance’s military meeting first this time, which happened to be on planet TL7. Originally Ewan wanted to talk to Baylor, but thinking that the soul inside Baylor was not that empty Count of TL7 either, and that the planet TL7 had no special meaning for Baylor, he did not make the extra effort.

“Here is the charter for tomorrow’s meeting, and…” Weifield followed and was informing Ewan of the arrangements for the days, then his voice suddenly trailed off.

Ewan, who was sitting on the sofa with his eyes closed, opened his eyes, and on his shoulder was Lightning. These days Lightning had grown in size, and Ewan finally recognized Lightning’s species as the Snow Peregrine Falcon, an aerial tyrant king of the snowy plains, who could live with Super Wolf.

And Lightning also opened his eyes, a pair of eyes became much narrower in the cold light of the fear of the heart. But unfortunately, Weifield could not see, he just felt a chill.

“General, there is a visitor outside the air port who wants to see you.” Weifield listened to the words coming through the headset and relayed them.

Ewan frowned slightly, “Who is it?”

“It’s TL7president’s kid, Mr. Austin.”

It was the same one that General had sued the other day.

“General, want to see?” Weifield hesitated a little and said, “Mr. Austin said he had something to say about Mr. Baylor.” That’s why he told Ewan, if it were in the past, Weifield would have refused, but after all, it was about Baylor, and he didn’t dare to do it on his own.

“… Let him in.”


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Is Austin really still trying to make trouble? 🙄

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Baylor was supposed to hit Austin one more time. He has not learned the lesson. Thanks for the chapter!

March 10, 2023 4:27 am

Is Austin there to beg forgiveness and for the charges against him to be dropped? Or to try and tell Ewan things in support of his jealous rants, which he’s unaware Ewan already knows. Either way, he’s got nothing.
They will miss each other, for sure.
Perhaps there is more going on in the Marl Galaxy ~ like Hua being suppressed so Right River can go to war.
Thanks for the chapter.

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Lightning’s all grown up!

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