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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat is 1000% here for theory “Sentinel Powers are Autism” brought to you by the electricity is too loud to sleep


People were such odd creatures. The more you want to sleep, the more you can’t sleep.

The room was too quiet, so quiet that Baylor could hear the electric frequency sound inside the electronic clock. At the same time, the room was also too noisy, the sound of various machines operating in the room and the sound of footsteps and conversations coming from the corridor outside the door, was simply banging in his ears.

Baylor snapped open his eyes, which had been sorely closed, and sat up expressionlessly. Probably because his spiritual body was nearby, his five senses ability had improved again.

Although it was only that one degree of improvement, it was enough to make these ubiquitous ambient sounds have a disturbing effect.

”Grumble.” A grunt came from his stomach.

Lying for almost four hours,not sleeping, he made himself hungry.

There was no way to continue to lie here was useless, Baylor lifted the quilt, then habitually folded the quilt into sentinel training required tofu block, he wore a soft and loose white pullover top with black pants, stepped on his slippers according to memory in the direction of the dining area.

If he hadn’t been concentrating on tracking, he would have just been able to sense Super Wolf’s general direction. So he could sense that Super Wolf was still on this ship. After returning to his room yesterday, until just now, he lay in bed and did not sleep at all for the reason that in addition to the sounds around him, another thing was that he never understood why Super Wolf did not come to him.

Although Super Wolf was a husky, the legendary scatter-brained dog, from time to time, he would run out to play by himself to see the hustle and bustle, but there had never been a situation like this.

What was this? The rebellious period making a runaway? My son’s rebellion has broken my heart?

The idea that Super Wolf was accompanied by a man who looked like a guide, the corners of Baylor’s mouth turned down, and his heart was upset and sour.

The son was too big for his father. Damn, was that man that good? Even does not recognize his father?!

Clenching his fist, Baylor gritted his teeth while taking his previous order from the automatic cooking machine – an unsalted pork chop.

Finding a corner and sitting down, Baylor did not use the knife and fork to cut the meat into small pieces as others did, but directly forked up the meat and stuffed it into his mouth. As if to give vent to his nameless anger, he bit into the steak and tore off a piece of meat.

“That omega is so good looking, better than a star, I heard he is a count from TL7?”

Since it was not a mealtime, the dining area only had a few tables and the Ya’an Empire soldiers sat sparsely. At this time there was a low conversation in the distance, Baylor bit into the meat while his ears twitched subconsciously.

“What’s the use of looking good? Haven’t you heard that Planet TL7 is ready to give him to the general?”

“Will the general take him? I heard that there is the duke’s daughter who has been pursuing him.”

“So what? He’s just a pet, you think he’s really mate material?”

“Yes, the general really has good fortune. This omega looks superb, that waist, that face, look at him, but unfortunately, he has a collar on his neck. When he’s pressed beneath the general with nothin but that collar on, his expression should be soul-shaking.”

“I think that the blocker is not to inhibit his pheromones. In some places, a blocker is like a chastity belt. If you wear that without clothes…” Thinking about it, the three soldiers on the table looked at each other and then started laughing meaningfully.

“Wearing that without clothes… What’s next?” A clear, cold voice suddenly came from next to them, they stopped their voices, froze and turned their heads sideways, and saw the person with delicate, picturesque features and a cold, wan look.

Only then did they realize that somehow the person who had been sitting at the other corner of the dining area was already standing next to them, holding a tray with empty plates.

“You… You…” One of the soldiers panicked a little heartily, and at the same time, he couldn’t believe it.

There was a distance of three to four hundred meters between their positions, when did he come? And the position they were sitting at was not at the exit, how could he have passed by here? After all, he couldn’t have come all the way over here when he heard them talking.

One of the soldiers was sure that Baylor only heard the end of the place, after all, he should only have just walked to the vicinity. They had been immersed in the conversation and hadn’t noticed a large living person standing next to them for half a day.

So one person smiled and played sloppy, “You know where to recycle your cutlery? How about I take you there?”

“Go help him with his trays, don’t let him get tired.”

All but ignored Baylor’s earlier question, and even brought a point of flirtatious tone. After all, the three of them were alphas, and they were all soldiers of the Ya’an Empire, so what could a small omega from a vassal state do to them?

Baylor, who was already in an irritable mood because of various things, was now looking at these people with a kind of sight that looked at inorganic things – people who were lewd and disgusting to the bone, and were now sizing him up with their dead fish eyes open.

The gaze was lewd. Evil and clinging, Baylor sneered a little, “Where to? To the Yellow Springs? Then no need for you to lead the way, I know the place well, I’ll take you there.”

Gave up patience, the words fell without waiting for the person’s reaction, he directly ruthlessly knocked the tray with a plate on the person’s head.

In that instant, the loud knocking sound rang out, the sound of the plate falling to the ground and breaking into shards and the alpha’s wailing voice intertwined, as if the fairy was singing.

Baylor, whose heart was bursting with anger, was blessed with a heart of gold. His family’s Super Wolf liked to have fun. Instead of thinking about how to find this silly dog who was not at home, why not just attract the silly dog to him?

Gee, he’s so smart.

So under the unbelievable eyes of everyone in the dining area, before the person who had been slapped had time to react, Baylor’s eyes, with a vague excitement and pleasure, lifted his foot and kicked violently, directly overturning that table – ‘Crash!’

“Are you fucking crazy?!” An alpha left the table in time to avoid being affected, he was angry and still not back to his senses. There was such a crazy omega under the sky? How could he be so mad at an omega that smashed people and kicked tables at the drop of a hat?

Baylor said in a deep voice, “I don’t have any preferences, but I like to be crazy.” He arrogantly looked at the person who was knocked on the board and covered his head, and his tone was sinister, “You were talking quite happily just now? Keep talking, I especially like to hear those.” He snickered, “Want to sleep with me? You guys are such wimps, can you get hard in bed?”

“Shit.” The man who had been beaten couldn’t take it anymore and came up with his fists clenched.

Baylor looked at the reckless and direct fist, dodged it very easily, and used the force to throw the person backwards, the alpha was unable to brake for a moment, and hit the table behind him.


Baylor nodded in his mind with satisfaction, there was the usual Super Wolf like gesture.

The rest of the people in the dining area looked dumbfounded, they were far away and didn’t know exactly what was going on, and by the time they noticed, all they saw was this dainty looking omega fighting with their soldiers.

What was this?

Someone frowned and quickly said, “Hurry up, go find the people of TL7 planet!”

Someone couldn’t help but feel sorry for the omega, “Damn, they really moved their hands, shame on them, really not afraid of beating the omega up.”

Some people were watching the show with great interest, “What’s going on? They actually can not land a punch? Stupid, like a brute, how did they even get through training? They can’t even beat an omega, and they dare to be called part of our Sky Wolf Legion?”

Some people couldn’t help but worry, “If this is known by the officers, then it’s a big deal, hurry up and persuade them to stop!”

They thought that was the case, so a few people tried to go up there to persuade the fight to stop, but just as they reached the battlefield, they ran head-on into a man who tried to attack Baylor but was thrown off and one of Baylor’s flip-flops.

They caught this person, “Okay, you guys are a little watered down.”

The man said through gritted teeth, “Fuck, this omega is a bit evil.”

He seemed to be able to see through their attacks in advance, and he was able to dodge away before they hit him, just like a machine with a pre-determination function.

Then after dodging, he would punch out and drop them.

Since last night’s inability to keep up with his brain led to his own capture, Baylor had thought to give himself some practice. These three people were weaker than the Colonel yesterday, so they were suitable to be used for real-life practice.

Baylor, who had killed three birds with one stone, looked at the tables that had been overturned within a 10-meter radius and, not satisfied, said mockingly to the three panting alphas, “What’s going on? It seems that you really do not have eyes.” He moved his neck, “You have no more strength? Then it’s my turn.”

The slippers were dropped to the side, and with his bare feet, he stepped on the tray that he had used as a weapon at first and stood up, bending over to pick up the tray again.

The hand designated the tray a turn, he looked at the one who said he was wearing a blocker to tease alphas and he coldly smiled. He needed to teach him a good lesson about what teasing really was.

With his palm closed, he grabbed the tray in his hand and rushed towards the alpha–

Just then, however, there was a strong wind coming from behind.

Baylor frowned, his foot stomped, and his body immediately changed direction, using the tray in his hand as a defense against this sudden attack.

With a ‘pop’ sound, the tray was directly knocked away by the man’s palm.

Baylor’s eyes glared up, he raised his leg ready to attack the other’s belly, then the man, as if he had anticipated his attack, directly blocked his flying kick, and, using the momentum, grabbed his ankle and forcefully gave a tug.

At this point, the tray fell heavily to the ground with a crisp sound. At the same time, Baylor was grabbed by the collar and pinned directly to the ground.

Baylor widened his eyes, looking at the man who pressed down on top of himself – he was wearing the clothes of an ordinary soldier, but his face was wearing a black mask that covered most of his face, only the left eye exposed like a deep pool of cold stars, looking coldly at him.

Because of his posture from the leather buckle of the mask his black forehead hair fell out, through the mask, his dull voice came, “Like to fight? Want to go to the front line and fight more?”

At the same time, a dog barked, “Woof, woof, woof,” from next to him.

Baylor, lying on the ground because he was being held by the collar, turned his head with some difficulty to look, and the gray and white figure was standing next to them, and the black nose was moving, as if it was sniffing.


His plan to lure the dog out of the hole had worked.

This silly dog just loved the sound of demolishing a home.

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Black Lotus On The Halfmoon
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