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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


When Austin entered the waiting room, he saw the General he had seen on TV sitting on the dark blue couch, like a cheetah at rest. The strong aura made Austin suddenly nervous, he looked at the Secretary General standing next to him, without any intention to introduce himself, he pursed his lips and took the initiative to say, “General, I am the son of TL7’s president, Austin…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by Ewan’s lazy voice, “I know who you are, tell me what you want to say.”

The impatience in that voice was embarrassing to Austin, if anyone else had dared to talk to him like that, he would have thrown up in his face, but now, he didn’t dare. He looked at Ewan and saw with his own eyes the more amazing body and appearance was as bright as a jade tree, the best alpha around him was no match for each other.

Yet such a man had fallen in love with Baylor, and what could Baylor possibly be… Austin tried to suppress his resignation and put on a good face by saying, “General, can we talk alone?”

He looked at Weifield.

Ewan glanced towards Weifield, who immediately said, “General, I’ll go and make sure how ready the takeoff is.”

Watching the cold-faced secretary-general leave, Austin relaxed a little, after all, this kind of thing, one less person in could also slightly reduce his embarrassment. Meeting Ewan’s cold, goose gray eyes, Austin said with difficulty, “General, I came to apologize to you for what happened on the Internet earlier, it was all my fault…”

The word seemed like a stone crack squeezed out of the general difficulty, if not that there was no way back, even if it kills him he would not come here to apologize, he never thought he was wrong, and still does not.

But what about not apologizing? His father tried to contact the General and was refused. His father told him that if he didn’t get General’s forgiveness and let General drop the charges voluntarily, no one could save him, he would be taken to court, and whether he was really guilty or not, his future was over.

After offending the General, no one would want to go near him. Even his president father, also desperately told him that if he could not get the General’s forgiveness, then TL7 could only hand him over to calm the General’s anger. Yes, what was the difficulty of sending several tons of ancestral stones to please the Ya’an Empire’s people, to please the highest power of the Empire, to send their own children?

A pair of eyes because of the aggression covered with moisture clouds, looked very charming and pitiful.

Austin’s voice trembled slightly as he said urgently, “I won’t do it again. Please, please ask the General to forgive me this time…” His trembling tone was tinged with sobs, “I’ll do anything you want, General, I really won’t dare to do it again.”

He even took a few cautious steps forward to get closer to the person in front of him. Before coming here today, he had dressed up properly, he thought he was not bad looking. The General was an alpha, the Empire’s supreme power, such a person would not belong to just one omega, maybe…

He bent his knees slightly, wanting to kneel down to show his subservience, yet the second he bent his knees, a cold, clear voice stopped his movement. Ewan commanded, “Don’t move.” 

Austin looked at the alpha who had suddenly spoken in confusion and dismay.

Ewan sat on the sofa, his long leg resting on the other one, his stretched posture looking casual, a straightforward military uniform yet majestic, his profound eyebrows revealing an indifference, “I don’t like to see people kneeling in front of me.”

Austin listened to the words like pity and a glimmer of hope rose in his heart. However, the next second, his hope was mercilessly crushed.

“And your kneeling is meaningless.” The black leather gloved hand tapped the arm of the couch as Ewan asked, “What’s this about Baylor?”

There was a note of impatience in that low voice, clearly uninterested in anything other than that.

Austin’s body froze, Ewan’s carelessness was more humiliating than any taunt, his bloodied face was like paper, he looked at Ewan incredulously, but did not see the slightest mercy in the man’s face. Not even a hint, not even anger, calm eyes as if looking at an ant, a teacup. The coldness began to spread from the heart, the body began to tremble uncontrollably, Austin slowly stood straight.

“Why?” The suppressed emotions came out uncontrollably, Austin’s hand clenched into a fist, his voice gradually rose in tone, “What’s so great about him?” He hissed, “He’s the one who’s all over the place! I’m not lying! I’m just telling the truth! Why should I be punished? I even apologized, even if it wasn’t my fault, I was willing to take a step back and choose to apologize, yet you still won’t leave me alone!”

Tears fell from his eyes, Austin vented all the fears and resentments of these days, he was like a child who couldn’t ask for candy, crying out for injustice. “What about me is not as good as him? Just that face? Yes, I’m not as good looking as him, but with a face, it’s so unfair. He’s just a liar, I just want to expose his scam, is that wrong too?”

Faced with Austin’s hysterics, Ewan looked pale and had no intention of arguing with Austin, he just said, “Are you done? Then you can leave.”

This was not a counseling room, nor was it a school, and he had no obligation or interest in counseling people. Ewan was about to call Weifield in when he heard Austin yell out, “You were fooled by him! You don’t even know that he was in an alpha relationship long before he was sent here!”

Ewan moved with a start.

Austin saw the situation, painful, he sneered, said, “In the ten days on the ship, I’m afraid he has long slept with that alpha, and was marked, Baylor has been wearing a blocker, maybe to block the smell left on him by that person…”

To Ewan that cold line of sight, Austin felt not the slightest fear, because he knew Ewan had this reaction, and was concerned about this matter. That’s enough. He continued, “If you don’t believe me, you can check it out, everyone on the ship knows that there is an alpha soldier who is very close to him. Yes, that person is also a Sky Wolf Legion, they have met only a few times, and then they hooked up.”

He wasn’t afraid that Ewan would really look into it, because yes there was indeed that one person, the alpha soldier with the mask.


Austin looked at Ewan, the corners of his mouth hooked and laughed lightly, only that gaze was not the slightest bit smiling, “You reminded me of that.”

Austin’s eyes lit up.

Yet Ewan spoke of something else, “Baylor was once attacked by three soldiers on the ship.”

Austin’s breath caught and his feet took an involuntary step backwards.

“At first, according to the investigation, the three soldiers were instigated.” Ewan said, “someone told them the location of Baylor’s ward, as well as to promise them not to pursue, they would dare to do, and that person in order to create opportunities for them, but also deliberately lured Toynbee who was standing by.”

Austin’s face went white, his pupils shook violently, and his legs and feet even went weak, making him barely able to hold him up. He slyly argued, holding on to the last shred of hope, “You… This, what does this have to do with me…” 

Ewan snorted as he got up from the couch, “You’ve served your purpose, I’ll have the original charges dropped.” He looked down at Austin and said mercilessly, “I’ll have my lawyer reopen the case and add the charges of solicitation to commit murder and accessory to a crime.”

Austin fell to the ground, the light in his eyes completely disappeared, “You, you have no evidence…”

“Of course I do.” Ewan said, “Do you really think those three people didn’t say anything?”

“Then why…” Why hadn’t he been approached before?

“TL7 had just entered into an alliance with the Ya’an Empire, so we gave the President face.”

In fact, at that time, after the three soldiers were arrested, they confessed that Austin had instigated them to kill, but at that time, for the sake of the overall situation, they did not pursue the matter to the end, plus after arriving at the empire, Baylor and Austin no longer contact, so he did not care about Austin. But now Austin had been targeting Baylor again and again, if not completely solved would only be endless problems.

Those goose gray eyes were tinged with ruthlessness, “There’s only one chance, and you’ve already used it up.”

“In addition…” Ewan raised his eyebrows, “I know about the alpha, because that person is me.”

Austin’s eyes were thoroughly colored with despair.

At this time the window outside the gloomy sky finally fell that late arrival of the first snow. Baylor looked out the window with a feeling of snowflakes, Super Wolf’s drooping head, a listless and lost look. Iron Egg was gone, it was very sad.

And Baylor was thinking, I wonder if Ewan has departed.


The snow fell for several days, the snow removal vehicle day after day, the snow on the road was still piled up knee-high, this one snow was like no end in general. This also made Super Wolf, who was separated from his buddies, finally happy, and now that Ewan was away, he followed Baylor all the time, but Baylor still lived in Ewan’s house, and went back and forth every day.

He could, of course, go to the military quarters, where his honorary rookie quarters were still located, but his keen hearing makes it difficult for him to ignore the sounds outside, making his sleep quality very poor. And since that day of the competition, his contemporaries, while not suspecting that he had come in through the back door, were gossiping.

Every day, they seize the opportunity to inquire about the history of Ewan’s relationship with him. In addition to the contemporaries, many people from other classes came to see him, just like a monkey.

There were also reporters…

All in all, it was a lot of work.

Baylor had to go to school, but he just gave up, at least there was still discipline in the military department, to school, was it still necessary? He thought these people were too idle, always watching him all day long.

One weekend he went out to buy something, and a group of inexplicable people surrounded him for autographs. These fucking people were crazy. It was the first time Baylor felt like he didn’t fit in because he wasn’t crazy enough.

It was on the twelfth day of Ewan’s departure that Baylor and the others received an assignment – to follow the regular army on a star patrol.

This was the second official mission they received after joining the military, and it wasn’t too difficult, simply understood it was actually following the cruiser for two weeks in a designated area of space. And the two weeks would not delay Baylor’s second game.

So Baylor boarded the cruiser again for the first time in a long time, and once again saw the dreamy fairy star in front of the window.


The author has something to say: 

Austin is completely offline, Baylor is going to the General~


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Ha!! Austin is reaping what he has sown👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

He should be stripped naked and flogged merrily😆😆😆

March 10, 2023 6:51 pm

I loved Ewan, he ended up with Austin, no pity, no mercy, no salvation, he deserved it. Thanks for the translation!!!

March 11, 2023 3:42 am

Austin was all over the place, like a spoilt child and it all stemmed from waaaay back, when Baylor first transmigrated and turned his new body from a stepped on and bullied figure, to a force to be reckoned with. Austin is a lost cause who just can’t see how his behaviour is wrong; even attempted murder! He should be sectioned.
Baylor’s on his way to the General? Yay!
Thanks for the chapter.

March 23, 2023 2:00 pm

Austin, trying to save himself any way he can. But it backfired more than anyone ever dreamed.

March 30, 2023 11:05 pm

you waste the one chance , Austin.

April 13, 2023 11:03 am

Austin’s finally done! I didn’t realize that the reason why the ship incident wasn’t chased was because of new relations

Thank you for the chapter!

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