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Chapter 16: Let Him Be Mine For Good

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

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“Crawfish?” Ye Fei knew that Gu Ang couldn’t eat spicy food, “How much did you eat?”

Gu Ang moved to the bed with a miserable face, “Xiao Bai and I ate more than four pounds.”

Ye Fei thought, No wonder, it’s all because of gluttony. 

He helped him to bed, looking at the usual arrogant face that was no longer in flames, dense heartache crushed him like thunder, “I’ll go buy you medicine.”

Gu Ang shook his head, “No, I’ll be fine after a good night’s sleep.”

Ye Fei let out a sigh and raised his hand to turn off the light, plunging the room into darkness. He turned around and went to the balcony to smoke, thinking that he probably wouldn’t be able to sleep well tonight.

The person next to him was sick, and he couldn’t empathize with him, but could only keep him company in silence.

While smoking, Ye Fei was in a rare daze.

He couldn’t sort out his feelings for Gu Ang at present, there was resentment, and helplessness, but he still couldn’t let go. The time spent together for several years wasn’t a lie, and the person who was constantly on the tip of his heart couldn’t be erased.

But the two entered a very strange game, like in a maze full of smoke, hiding and testing each other. He had never been afraid of anything, but he was afraid that once it was made clear, even this simple life together would become a mirage.

Since Gu Ang had filed for divorce, he must have had something to hide. He couldn’t touch the truth, so he could only find it out little by little.

Gu Ang was wrapped in the blanket, which soaked up his cold sweat layer by layer. The pain in his abdomen didn’t decrease. His internal organs felt like they were being torn apart, like an awl was poking around, grinding through his flesh and blood little by little.

Eating crayfish could also hurt like this, he really believed it now.

He spit in his heart and crossed out that store. He gritted his teeth and closed his eyes, tossing and turning, not able to sleep. So he opened his eyes and looked at Ye Fei’s back.

The pheromone that he mentioned to Liang Xin last night suddenly flashed in his mind, and heat exploded in his.

The familiar smell leapt to the tip of his nose, and he suddenly wanted to… to have Ye Fei’s pheromone.

Just thinking about that smell, it felt like the pain was reduced.

The brandy was an aphrodisiac but also became an analgesic.

But he couldn’t even call out to the man standing in front of him.

Gu Ang struggled the entire night, all the way into the morning, but the pain still didn’t reduce in intensity.

“Don’t go to class today, I’ll ask for leave for you.” Ye Fei got up to change his clothes and felt Gu Ang’s forehead, “If you’re still not feeling well by this afternoon, wait until I come back and I’ll take you to the hospital. Don’t run around blindly.”

Gu Ang licked his lips which were a bit dry and pulled a smile, “Why are you nagging like my mother?”

Ye Fei pinched his brow and poured him a cup of hot water, placing it on the bedside, “Drink more hot water, I’ll order something for you at meal time.”

“Got it, you can leave.” Gu Ang rolled over and buried himself in the pillow again.

After lying drowsily until noon, Gu Ang heard a knock on the door. He braced himself to get up from the bed and slowly walked over to open the door.

“Mom, why are you here?” Gu Ang froze.

The person who had passed away suddenly appeared alive in front of him, and surprisingly brought with her the warmth of ‘home’. He froze for a second before he revealed a smile.

The previous phone call wasn’t a lie, his mother was really alive and well.

Qin LeHe rushed in and touched his forehead and then his cheek, “It’s okay, there’s no fever. I just came back yesterday and heard from Principal Zhong that you were sick and took leave, so I rushed over to take a look.”

Getting sick was a big deal, so it had reached the Principal.

“It’s okay, it’s a minor problem.” Gu Ang closed the door, moved back to the bed, then hesitated for two seconds, “Where’s Dad?”

“Your father went on a business trip with Uncle Lu Yan and let me come back first.” Qin LeHe turned to the kettle and poured a cup of water, before handing it over, “The water’s still warm. Who’s so thoughtful?”

“Roommate.” When Gu Ang heard Lu Yan’s name, he was alert, “Uncle Lu and Dad are close?”

Qin LeHe laughed, “Why do you suddenly care about these things? It’s all small politicians’ games, you shouldn’t care about it.”

Gu Ang pinched the palm of his hand. How could he not care? He also thought the two were working friends until his father’s affair with this Uncle Lu was exposed, forcing his mother from a gentle and virtuous model into a madman.

Qin LeHe came from a famous family, and their business was also prosperous, so he couldn’t afford to let this kind of family scandal out. The mockery and teasing of others was enough to crush her, and the heartless divorce agreement added insult to injury.

The mental and physical stress was so great that before she died, it was as if her soul had been taken away and she was left with an empty shell.

Gu Ang closed his eyes, feeling the pain spread up again. His entire abdomen was covered in a heart throbbing pain.

The two of them surprisingly had even started in the dark so early.

He weighed the words, “Pay attention to Uncle Lu, he’s not a good man.”

“I think he’s not bad, this transfer, he helped your father clear up a lot of connections.” Qin LeHe folded his legs and sat gracefully on the sofa, looking rosy, “But there’s a back and forth, it’s all just a relationship of interest.”

Gu Ang was anxious, but didn’t know how to explain.

How could he say this person was about to become his mother’s husband’s cheating partner? Or say that he came back from eight years in the future and witnessed the whole thing?

It was so ridiculous that no one would believe it.

If he intervened to change the course, would he cause a butterfly effect?

Without trying, he wasn’t sure.

Gu Ang sighed, “In any case, you should keep an eye on him a little more.”

“Okay, stop talking and get some rest.” Qin LeHe went over to help him tuck in the blanket, “They said you ate something bad so I brought you medicine and porridge. Do you want to eat some?”

“I don’t have an appetite, so I’ll eat later.” Gu Ang lowered his eyes.

Qin LeHe nodded, “I was going to gossip about the girl who confessed to you, but seeing your mental state, I’ll talk about it next time.”

Gu Ang laughed, “You’re really well-informed.”

“First place winner with ears that hear from eight directions.” Qin LeHe corrected his delicate broad-brimmed hat, “Then I won’t disturb your sleep, give me a video message if you need something.”

“Okay, I know.”

Ye Fei just got out of class and received a message from Ye HongFeng, telilng him that the other side started to move to grab the first marker. He was ready to go buy medicine for Gu Ang, but it was interrupted. He touched the brass key to go to the thirteenth piano room, and indeed touched the lock port on the piano bench.

The disguise machine was small, the size of a palm.

Once the button was pressed, a virtual screen and command options popped up.

Ye Fei fingertips slid open in the air, the screen scrolled up and down, and the five senses needed to combine themselves. If there was a duplicate face, the system would automatically prompt with a failure.

He glanced down and picked, combining his eyes with the lower face of Gu Ang’s to form a brand new face.

His eyebrows were cold, the thin lips were mercurial, very valiant and handsome. If they had children, would they grow up to look like this?

Ye Fei stared at that face for a while and pressed the confirmation button.

What [XuanBird] made was indeed extraordinary. In just three seconds, his features were finished fine-tuning. It was like wearing a brand new mask, so realistic that no one could tell the difference between real and fake.

Ye Fei buckled his top hat and set off towards the marker, starting to relive the first real bloody battle.

The first battle didn’t take much time, the opponent was from the third ranking family, the Lu family, Lu ChangQing.

Ye Fei had some impression of this person.

His strength was average, but he had weird moves.

Relying on the intelligence brought by the family’s powerful code-breaking ability, he gathered a large number of enemies, causing a lot of trouble for himself in his last life.

He clearly remembers those hidden in the map of the marker, but the reason he didn’t move ahead to all the marker points directly occupied was that he intended to seize this opportunity to kill them.

The duel of life and death that concerned the family, either you die, or I die.

Besides the scandal of the head of the Lu family and Gu Ang’s father, no one knew that it would tear apart a family to pieces.

This revenge was also on his account, with interest that he wanted paid.

When the match was over, it was already twelve o’clock at night when he returned to school.

Ye Fei, while still sweaty, headed to the twenty-hour drugstore to buy medicine, before quickly rushing back. As soon as he pulled open the door, the raging smell of white peach oolong came out and almost directly covered his face.

Ye Fei calmed his mind, opened the door and went in in the dark. Gu Ang looked like he had slept, breathing shallowly. He saw half a bowl of porridge left on the bed and three empty pills, and sighed with relief.

If he could sleep, he should be better.

Ye Fei propped him up at the head of the bed, looking at Gu Ang’s still wrinkled brow, he hesitated for a second, but couldn’t help to reach up and try to smooth it out slowly.

When his fingertips touched Gu Ang’s skin, there was some fondness.

He even wanted to kiss it.

I want to kiss him, little by little so that those folds are ironed flat.

The dark night was indulgent, and the voice called out boundlessly in his heart. He finally let go of the impulse, propped up on either side of Gu Ang’s body, silently, dropping a light kiss on his eyebrow in restraint.

It was a quick one, like snow falling into the ocean, melting instantly, as if it had never happened.

Ye Fei straightened up, while their noses were still close to each other.

He could almost feel the light fragrance coming from Gu Ang’s breath, eroding his nerves little by little. He had been thinking before that Gu Ang’s susceptibility period was coming.

Only this time, it seemed to be not the same as before. The specifics were different, and he couldn’t describe it, but in his heart, the string tensed more and more tightly, unbroken.

Both were Alphas, and once two Alpha pheromones collided, the strong stayed while the other was suppressed. At the beginning they were also incompatible, but perhaps because their love was deep, they surprisingly entwined into a fusion, into an aphrodisiac.

Gu Ang’s pheromone was very flamboyant, with his usual arrogance and desire to fight. But now, the aroma of white peach oolong was a soft, gentle, seductive titillation of his desire.

The scent was like his long, slender legs wrapped around his waist, little by little wearing out one’s sanity.

The wisps were tantalizing, urging, and seducing.

Come on, bite me, kiss me, possess me.

Ye Fei took a deep breath, slowly lowered his eyes, his thin lips moving little by little getting closer to Gu Ang’s neck.

He wanted to deeply bite down and let him belong to him completely.


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