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Chapter 23: Smell of Refusal and Acceptance

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey (last chapter was toooo long)


Gu Ang thought that the person who appeared was Ye Fei, because of those eyes, he could recognize them at a glance. However, the face in front of him, without the mask, was just too inconceivable.

How could someone look like the combination of the two of them? One half looked indifferent, while the other half looked sentimental, but together they were strangely harmonious. A mysterious person, with such a face, who happened to come and mark him during his rut?

His body’s heat subsided a bit, but the questions in his mind grew.

Gu Ang repeated again in a cold voice, “Who are you? Why are you here?”

Ye Fei didn’t say anything, he didn’t know how to answer.

Concern was chaos, and when it came to Gu Ang, his reasoning was all messed up.

Should he admit it?

In Gu Ang’s opinion, he was temporarily marked on the ground by someone he didn’t know.

His self-esteem was really strong, he probably felt wronged.

He should admit it… 

The phone call made it clear that Gu Ang didn’t want him to know about being an Omega.

Saying that he was Ye Fei was a straightforward way to embarrass him. In addition, to explain the change of face, it was bound to involve his family mission of life and death. In the last life, when the two weren’t together, Gu Ang didn’t know.

And now once he opened his mouth, according to Gu Ang’s character he would ask to participate at once, and he dared not guarantee the outcome.

Ye Fei pursed his lips. He couldn’t let Gu Ang have any more accidents. Determined, he finally spoke, “My friend seems to have dropped something on the rooftop and I came up to help him get it. I smelled your pheromone and guessed you weren’t feeling well, so I wanted to help you.”

It was rare for him to say such a long sentence in one breath, and his lame reasoning made him feel a little vain. Ye Fei raised his eyes to look elsewhere on the rooftop, avoiding Gu Ang’s probing gaze.

“Then I’d like to thank you for your kindness.” Gu Ang pulled the corner of his mouth, half mockingly, “We don’t know each other, what reason did you help me?”

“Because you seemed…” Ye Fei paused and spoke the truth, “that it was hard for you to bear. An Omega in heat has a hard time getting through it alone, and it’s better to make a temporary mark. I’m sorry if I just offended you.”

Obviously he just wanted to make a simple mark, but later Ye Fei was also moved, and couldn’t help but be a little more ruthless. He himself wasn’t doing so good, the fire that was aroused hadn’t been suppressed, and it was unbearable to hold it in.

Gu Ang touched his neck, the burning sensation that was about to burst out of his body did go down a lot. But, being bitten by someone he didn’t know was… too fucked up.

“Don’t tell anyone about this.” Gu Ang raised his eyes and his tone was coldly threatening. “No matter who you are, if I find out that this is leaked, I will break your neck.”

Ye Fei found his fierce look kind of amusing; it looked strange and cute. The fact that he could threaten him with harsh words meant that the situation was much better.

“I won’t tell anyone, and I won’t do anything else to you.”

“Mn, leave.” Gu Ang frowned and dismissed the man, not wanting to dwell on the matter.

He’d consider it a dog bite.

Ye Fei put on the mask, indicating that he wouldn’t do anything else, and squatted back down in front of Gu Ang. The teenager in front of him still had an abnormally pink face, with redness in his upturned eyes, and the strong smell of pheromone lingering in the air.

If not for his desperate restraint, Ye Fei was afraid he would have done him right here.

An Omega in heat, especially the person he loved most, was lying here in silent seduction.

This was torture; a journey to the 18th level of Hell.

Ye Fei eyes filled with dominant lust, while his mouth said gentlemanly words, “Don’t just let anyone touch you. I’ll help you.”

He saw that the place he just marked was slightly flushed with a little red and looked extra attractive.

Gu Ang had a tough mouth and pulled Ye Fei out as a shield, “No need, I have a boyfriend.”

“Oh, then how come your boyfriend wasn’t with you at such an important time?” Ye Fei teased.

Speaking of which, there was a bit of jealousy of this boyfriend who was created out of nothing. He was more miserable, since he could only wear another face to have a good chat with Gu Ang here.

Gu Ang’s face turned from blue to white, “Why do you care? Hurry up and leave.”

Ye Fei got up, patted the dirt off his body, took off his jacket and handed it over, “It’s cold at night, be careful of catching a cold. I’m leaving.”

“Mn, I won’t send you off.” Gu Ang didn’t take it, and let the clothes fall on his lap.

Ye Fei pretended to look around the rooftop, before closing the door and leaving.

When the rooftop was silent again, Gu Ang was still staring at the back of the kind man.

Was this person really just simply helping out?

After all, after the temporary mark was completed, he indeed did nothing else.

It was just that he really was too much like Ye Fei, whether it was his speech, his movements, his eyes, or his pheromone. He had been with Ye Fei for so many years that these details couldn’t be mistaken.

But that face… and how could it not be him?

Could there really be such a similar person in the world?

Gu Ang was in a daze.

It wasn’t good to go back to the dormitory in this state so he decided to spend the night here. He hadn’t figured out how to face Ye Fei yet, and he had thought that this person would come and admit that he wanted to forget about it.

But now, he was caught in a twist again.

What if the test results were wrong?

The rooftop fell into darkness, the wind blew over in bursts, some gravel was raised, and it was indeed not a good place to sleep. The jacket on his body brought some warmth, and Gu Ang leaned against the wall, drifting off to sleep again.

Ye Fei didn’t leave, he guessed that Gu Ang wouldn’t go back tonight, so he sat quietly on the other side of the iron door of the rooftop to keep him company. The two of them were separated by a door, one on each side of the world, and stayed on the rooftop all night.

Gu Ang was woken up by the vibration of his communicator. He struggled for a few seconds before opening his eyes, a little sleepy.

Touching his forehead, he realized that the temporary mark did work, and the fever had completely receded. It felt like a long sleep, but the sky was still dark and dreary.

Gu Ang looked at the time and he was shocked that he actually slept through the whole day.

He froze for a moment before picking up the phone, “Hello, good afternoon.”

“Gu Ang, this is Doctor Zhang. Come to the hospital when you have time. Your situation may have a chance to turn around.”

Gu Ang’s chaotic mind snapped awake, “Okay, wait for me.”

He stood up and patted off the dust on his body, carrying his jacket and heading out from the rooftop.

As the door was pulled open, Ye Fei leaning on the door didn’t jump away and fell back. The open door swept out a rooftop wind, making Ye Fei involuntarily sneeze. The jacket was given to the person, but it was still a bit cold.

“You…” Gu Ang froze, “You still haven’t left?”

It had been a day and a night, and this person was sitting there to cleanse his body and soul? As the two of them looked at each other, Ye Fei felt somewhat embarrassed.

Fortunately, his face didn’t change back last night, otherwise his lie would have broken.

“Mn, I was afraid that you’d have some kind of accident after, but now you seem better.”

Gu Ang felt that this person was really inexplicable. Was there a need for a passing stranger to guard nearby for ten or so hours? He scratched his head and handed him back the jacket, “I have to go, you should leave.”

“Okay, bye.” Ye Fei could only go downstairs before him and turned into the next alley. He didn’t know where Gu Ang was going, but it wouldn’t be appropriate to follow him any further.

Gu Ang saw that he had left before he returned to Doctor Zhang’s office with a puzzled face.

Doctor Zhang was making tea, and after seeing Gu Ang, he subconsciously moved the teapot to the side, afraid that this person would break his limited tea cup. And this water was boiling hot so it was really dangerous.

“What’s the new result?” Gu Ang opened the door.

“The new report was sent to the First Military Hospital yesterday afternoon, and the feedback was that you were indeed differentiated into an Omega.”

Gu Ang speechless, “This isn’t the same as yesterday’s results?”

“Don’t worry, I’m not finished.” The doctor pushed his glasses and explained, “You’re not quite the same as a normal Omega. Your reproductive cavity isn’t fully mature, and a lot of your Alpha hormones still remain, so the possibility of changing back cannot be ruled out.”

Gu Ang blinked, digesting the meaning of this sentence, as his chest heaved violently, “You mean, there is still a possibility that I can turn back into an Alpha?”

“The chances are slim, but medically speaking, it’s possible.” The doctor handed over the lab slip, “Look, we judge Alphas and Omegas by their spike in hormones. As long as the Alpha hormone in your body can suppress the Omega hormone again, you can change back.”

Gu Ang was bewildered, “So, does it work if I fight every day?”

“Not quite.” The doctor almost burst out laughing, and then held back a smile and patted his shoulder, “Let nature take its course and follow the will of nature.”

Gu Ang was tempted to retort with ‘it’s the same as if you didn’t say anything’..

After repeatedly tasting it, he suddenly felt that this sentence was quite reasonable.

Perhaps, he should really listen to the will of nature.

When he was an Alpha, he did enjoy the sense of conquest and desire to win as a strong man, but he fell in love with a person of the same gender, and the series of disasters started from here. At that time, he also thought, if only he were Omega…

And Ye Fei would become a good match with him and they would be recognized by the world as a pair, be the envy of others, and wouldn’t have to reach that breaking point. And now he really had differentiated and he began self-loathing, equivalent to abandoning more than twenty years of life instincts, and needed to start from scratch.

It was a paradoxical proposition that he couldn’t solve.

“I shouldn’t have told you about this slim hope, but I was afraid you would be disappointed, so I informed you anyway.” The doctor sighed, “But I hope you can understand that actually being an Alpha or an Omega isn’t that important. What’s important is how you, as a person, exist in this world.”

This sudden philosophy was quite refreshing.

“I see, thank you, doctor.” Gu Ang nodded and twirled his fingertips, “I’ll leave first then.”

The doctor nodded, “Be careful on your way, and take care of the injuries on your hand.”

Gu Ang had just walked out of the hospital when he ran into a familiar face. Liang Xin was standing at the door helping Wei YangZe with his bandages.

“What are you two doing? Hooking up?” Gu Ang put one hand in his pocket and asked curiously, “So fast.”

“No.” Liang Xin immediately popped away, as Wei YangZe howled when the bandage was pulled, “He said he was hurt and had to ask me to help him get here.”

Gu Ang let out an “Oh”, looked at the senior who was once beaten to the ground by him and fell into deep thought. Back then, he was arrogant and fearless, with a super confident desire to fight. But now, it was still uncertain whether he could beat him.

“Gu Ang, we’ll have another fight sometime. One day I’ll beat you.” Wei YangZe cradled his tightly wrapped arm, not forgetting to provoke him first.

The words just fell, when he was hammered by Liang Xin with a punch, “Still think the other hand isn’t ruined? You’re looking for death if you fight with Gu Ang.”

Hearing this, Gu Ang curved the corners of his mouth, revealing the first smile in two days. He had forgotten that his title of interstellar fierce Alpha had become more and more solid under the exaggeration of the Starnet and the forum.

Fuck it, Gu Ang exhaled, enlightened.

The best way was to change back, but even if he had to spend a lifetime as an Omega, he would become the strongest Omega in the interstellar.

Thinking about trampling this group of Alphas underfoot, that sounded quite fun. After thinking about this, he felt a lot of relief.

“Get well soon, and I wish you, too, to get together with Liang Xin sooner.” Gu Ang patted Wei YangZe, “I’m leaving.”

It was late at night when he walked back to the dormitory. Gu Ang thought that his rutting period hadn’t completely passed, and that it was inappropriate for an Alpha and Omega to share a dormitory, so he might as well move out for a few days.

He slid through his contacts and gave Bai SiNing a call. The person on the other side picked up and was wailing, “Brother Ang, are you okay? You don’t have a terminal illness, do you?”

Gu Ang heard the familiar racket and his mood turned better, thinking for the first time that Bai SiNing’s personality was really great, “What do you have in your head all day long?”

Bai SiNing continued to howl, “No, it’s only been a while since school started, but you’ve taken sick days twice in three days, and you didn’t come today! What’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing really, I’m fine.” Gu Ang remembered his purpose, “Are you the only one living in your dormroom?”

Bai SiNing: “Yes. You’ve known since the first day that I have my own room on campus alone, right?”

Gu Ang stammered, “I want to borrow your place, I’ll move in for a few days.”

Bai SiNing was puzzled, “Why? Did you have a disagreement with God Ye?”

Gu Ang walked down to the dormitory and whispered vaguely, “Mn, sort of.”

“I knew something would happen sooner or later if you two lived together.” Bai SiNing replied boldly, “You can stay for a few days if you want, I’ll go back and make your bed now.”

Gu Ang grinned, “Okay.”

After hanging up the phone, he went back to the dormitory and dragged out his suitcase to start packing. Passing by Ye Fei’s closet, he couldn’t resist slipping a shirt in, which was tainted with the smell of his pheromone to calm his restlessness.

While Ye Fei wasn’t back, he had to hurry to pack up his things and leave. It was a bit embarrassing to not be able to find any reason to bump into each other. Gu Ang speeded up and just snapped the suitcase shut when he heard the door open.

Ye Fei walked in leisurely and saw the panicky person, “What are you doing?”

Gu Ang pursed his lips and pulled up the suitcase, his heart a little weak, “Packing up to move out for a few days.”

Ye Fei leaned over and sat down close to his bed. At night, the aroma of white peach oolong on Gu Ang’s body was particularly obvious.

The two were close together, and the distance was a bit ambiguous. He instantly understood that this person still had gender common sense and wasn’t as nervous as before. The two living together during his rutting period, indeed they would be prone to accidents.

Gu Ang couldn’t stand the teasing, and he couldn’t hold fire. The two of them would be better off if they slept separately.

Ye Fei helped him make up his mind, “Have I been coming home late and making noise lately? I’m a little busy these days, how about I go live somewhere else?”

“It’s okay, you can leave.” Gu Ang immediately went down the steps, grabbed the pillow and stuffed it into Ye Fei’s arms, pushing him toward the door, “Starting tonight. Goodbye.”

Putting the door behind him, Gu Ang took a big breath and felt his cheeks start to burn again.

He sort of understood how terrible the attraction between an Alpha and an Omegas was, and simply couldn’t withstand close flirtation and testing. This person was so close that it almost aroused his heat again.

Gu Ang smoothed his breath and thought, I’m glad I acted fast.

Ye Fei, who was standing in the doorway holding a pillow, had a rare complex expression on his face.

After Gu Ang became an Omega, he had a little bit of reluctance to taste him, but also found it quite cute.

I just said it casually, and you took it seriously?

He thought about it for a while, before lowering his eyes and sending a message to Bai SiNing, [I’ll sleep at your place in the next two days].

Bai SiNing just made his bed and got up, so scared that he almost threw his communicator to the ground. What are these two people doing? Why do they all run to him after an argument?

He resisted with all the pores in his body at the thought of sharing a bed with the iceberg-like Ye Fei.

Little White Bai Bai: [????? Can I refuse?]

Ye Fei hugged his pillow and walked downstairs: [No.]

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