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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


Ewan was silent for a few seconds. He thought the door should be opened and locked automatically. But it was good, in fact, he was not prepared to hide his identity in front of Baylor – always, before just did not find the right opportunity to confess.

Now this was the perfect opportunity to confess.

So, Ewan opened his thin lips, ready to speak –

However, at that moment, Wellin’s urgent voice rang out, interrupting his words.

“Ewan, the general has an order for you to take your own punishment – for a month!”


Ewan: …?

Super Wolf lifted his head, his eyes staring straight at Wellin. Wellin was under a lot of pressure with the two men/dog staring at him, but he couldn’t panic, he thought to himself that he couldn’t spoil General’s good deed. He can’t let General reveal his identity in front of this omega because of himself, so he has to be steady and has to get the scene back.

So, he coughed lightly, and said in a strong voice, “Hear that?! From today onwards!”

Then he saw the beautiful omega in front of him frowning, with a clear look of displeasure in his eyes, and then asked in a protective tone, “What punishment did he receive?”

Wellin, who was asked, was frozen. How could he know? Just now he – in the heat of the moment, he chose a sentence the general often said to him.

The phrase had become a subconscious reaction to the trouble he often got into. He searched his mind for General’s usual punishments, and chose one from the list, “Twenty rounds a day in a mecha?”

Baylor didn’t quite understand, “What’s that?”

Wellin was very confident when it came to this, after all, he was always punished for this. He explained, “It’s putting on the armor and launching an attack on the mecha to work on the mecha pilot’s agility.”

“Twenty rounds?”

“It’s not long, just ten hours.” Wellin thought about it, but thanks to the way General used to punish him, his mecha combat prowess had skyrocketed. Was that punishment? No, it was all love!

Wellin couldn’t help but look at General with admiration when he thought about it, but then he saw General’s expressionless face and complicated eyes.

Hmm? Did he not do well enough? He thought he was acting pretty well.

“That general of yours, he seems to be very idle.” The youth’s clear voice was sarcastic, drawing Wellin’s gaze over, the young man’s lips were slightly hooked, but there was no trace of laughter in his eyes, “Such a small soldier, does he even have to care?”

Did he sense that something was wrong? Wellin hurriedly said, “That’s right, our general’s heart is for every soldier!”

“Oh? Then why is the general punishing him?”

“… That.” Wellin – then he suddenly realized that he did not seem to have to explain to Baylor, so he said in a strong tone, “General’s orders, naturally he has his reasons, you are not in the Sky Wolf Legion, so do not interfere in legion internal affairs. “

Baylor coldly laughed, “With such an inexplicable general, I think your Sky Wolf Legion is not far from extinction, you’d better pack up your bag and hurry to find the next family.”

Wellin would not allow people to say this about the general and Sky Wolf Legion, he looked up and said angrily, “How dare you slander the general and his legion! Even if it’s your TL7 president, you have to weigh your own weight!”

“Slander?” Baylor had never been afraid in his life, and when he heard Wellin say this, he gently raised his eyebrows, “Then why don’t you give a reasonable reason for punishment? I’d like to know how the general sat in his office and came up with such a brain-dead order in his head? He is not here, but his hands are quite long.”

If it were anyone else, forget it. Ewan was his protected guide, how can he tolerate such bullying in front of him?

Wellin was furious, but at this moment Ewan spoke up, “I failed to do my duty, the punishment is due.”

Baylor turned back, frowned, his tone of voice was not polite, “You do not speak!” 

He was helping him to fight, not pull his leg.

Ewan – who was not expecting to be asked to shut up after he had just said – was a bit confused.

Because Ewan opened his mouth, Wellin’s head calmed down a little at this point, he looked at Baylor inexplicably, “No, we Sky Wolf Legion punish their own people, why do you care so much?” And also like a hedgehog – the punishment was not for him!

Baylor half narrowed his eyes, the beautiful delicate face filled with a cold mockery, he said, “I am not happy. He just fought to the death for your legion, and your inexplicable general wants to punish him. Oh, that’s quite a game. As a mecha trainer? He’s still wounded, is this punishment? This is simply to kill people. To punish him? You let the general come over, I’ll see how much he has the face to punish my people.”

These words were like a heavy hammer on Ewan’s heart. He was stunned, goose gray eyes filled with the young man’s thin back, and finally heard the young man where this anger came from.

It was for him, he wanted to protect him.

Wellin also heard the meaning, he blinked blankly, just now – when nervous he casually found an excuse, anyway, will not really punish, he also did not think of these. Now that he heard the young man, he realized that his words seemed really inappropriate.

So he was a bit at a loss for words and cast a glance towards his general. Then he saw General was now looking deeply at this omega, although the face was not expression, but his eyes were filled with a gentle light.

This was the first time Wellin saw the general show such an expression. The general often smiled, but rarely did he make a gentle face.

At this moment, he finally realized one thing, that he may be a light bulb. He thought about it – and said tentatively, “Well, I think what you say makes sense… How about no more punishment?”

Baylor was caught off guard by this sudden development, and the fire was immediately poured over his head: … was this Sky Wolf Legion so childish?

Wellin looked at the back of the general still staring at the omega, and did not even blink. He said at once, “Then it’s decided! You guys keep talking, I’ll go talk to the general now!”

So Baylor watched Wellin fly out and close the door. He tilted his head in confusion. What the hell was this? After pondering for a few seconds and turning his head, he said seriously to Ewan, “I don’t think this Sky Wolf Legion is going to work, so why don’t you come hang out with me?”

He originally thought Sky Wolf Legion benefits were good, and could mix in, but the Sky Wolf Legion was not so smart. As a result, when he raised his eyes, he ran into the pair of narrow and harsh goose gray eyes, he could not read the emotions, but inexplicably felt palpitations in his heart.

“Why not?” Ewan asked with a slight pause in his voice.

Looking back from those eyes, Baylor said seriously, “How can a general punish you for being a small soldier and not having a personal vendetta? Did you offend him by having the same name?” He ‘tsk’-ed and scolded, “What a petty general.”

“…” Ewan was enjoying the young man’s defense of himself, but as he listened, he felt that things were going a bit wrong. He slightly frowned, “Actually, the general is not so bad.”

Baylor grunted, not taking Ewan’s words seriously, he slightly raised his chin and said, “I’ve heard about him before.”

Ewan’s heart rose a sense of foreboding, “Heard what?”

“That General Ewan is pretentious, despises people, is rough and will beat omegas,” Baylor searched his mind for information about the general from Toynbee and Jon’s discussion with him, and then picked out from Jon’s side -a summary word– He said in a dismissive tone, “A pervert.”

Ewan suddenly felt how gentle the young man had been in describing himself as the ‘high school head teacher’. He took a deep breath, his temples throbbed and he smiled instead of being angry, “Who told you that?”

Baylor rubbed his chin, “Everyone.”

The only people he had talked to about the Empire’s general were Toynbee and Jon, and that wasn’t everyone. Oh, Austin had talked about him too, but he wasn’t quite a person.

Ewan suddenly felt he needed to reflect on his usual image outside. He decided to speak up for himself, so he solemnly declared, “The general doesn’t hit omegas.” After a pause, he felt that it was not enough and emphasized – “He is not that kind of person.”

Baylor didn’t think so, he patted Super Wolf on the head, “I can see he’s been very successful in brainwashing you. He’s been brainwashing you guys pretty well.” Wellin or Ewan, they both defended him.

Ewan: … He thought it was good not to confess his identity for the time being.


Two days later, the Crusader arrived in the imperial capital of the Ya’an Empire after a long ordeal. Baylor and Toynbee were sent to the embassy by Jon and the others.

Ewan was immediately returned to the military, although not deliberately announcing his whereabouts, but because there was no deliberate concealment, so many people in the empire were in the first – time to learn the “General back to the empire” news.

Among them was Weifield, Wellin’s twin brother and Ewan’s second-in-command. Weifield looked at the safe return of the general, finally relieved, but he did not express his feelings and immediately went to work, reporting to Ewan who had left the Empire for a time, – some of the accumulated official business.

Among them was the gift that the TL7 was going to send to Ewan.

“TL7 sent – an omega, identity documents and other relevant important documents have all been delivered.” These identity documents were actually citizenship documents, without these things was – a black account, send these documents, in fact, the person’s right to belong to the hands of Ewan.

Weifield said, “According to the usual practice, we were going to return them at the beginning, but His Majesty said that in view of the alliance with TL7, returning them immediately would hurt the friendship between the two countries, and asked us to return them in a more moderate way. What do you think, General?”

Weifield was already quite skilled in handling such matters. This time, if it were not for His Majesty’s word, he would have returned the person directly, without taking up his time to report and wasting General’s efforts.

Ewan folded his hands under his jaw, he said in a deep voice, “No need to return, keep the man.”

Weifield nodded and jotted down in his notebook, “Yes, then I will return the identity documents immediately…” As an afterthought, he reacted to what Ewan had just said and looked up with some confusion, “Huh?” 

Did he just hear wrong?

And Ewan’s next words confirmed that Weifield hadn’t misheard, “Bring me his identity papers, I want to see them.”

“… Yes.” Weifield pulled out the permission information of the identity file from his terminal and dropped the identity information of the omega named ‘Baylor’ in front of Ewan.

After doing this string of things, his brain was still a bit unresponsive. General left the person behind? 

And at this time, Ewan quickly Baylor’s information browsed through – and then his eyes rested on the teenage pheromone column. The young man’s pheromone registered above was the flavor of ‘orange blossom’. His brow furrowed, “Are you sure there’s no mistake about this identity document?”

Weifield nodded affirmatively, “It has been kept here since it was delivered.

That was a lot.

First of all-

He marked the person, he still could not know his pheromone was?

It wasn’t the smell of orange blossom at all, but – a light and bitter grassy smell.

And…Ewan looked at the level of the – column written ‘E’, he was full of interest – raised his eyebrows. How can a pheromone of that purity be an E class omega?


Weifield left the office with a foggy head, he was familiar with the matter of ‘rejecting’, but this was the first time he had ‘retained’, where should this person stay? He pondered a little and went to find his brother to understand the situation accurately.

See what the general meant by leaving people behind. How come he couldn’t read General’s meaning after a trip to the imperial capital?

“Wellin, what the hell is going on here?”

Wellin, who was training, looked at his brother’s confused look, he took a towel and wiped the sweat off his face, “What else is going on, General told you to leave people behind, so he will stay.”

The corners of Weifield’s mouth twitched, “Of course I know to stay, but what does General mean by that? Staying is… Is that what it means?”

“What does it mean?”

“It means… That Baylor will be the general’s omega from now on?”

Wellin dropped a bomb straight away, “Isn’t he already the general’s omega?”

Weifield’s eyes immediately widened, and the baby-face face, which was just like Wellin’s, showed an expression of disbelief.

Wellin looked at his brother’s shocked look with great satisfaction, thinking that finally he was not the only one who was frightened. He happily shared with his brother, “He’s already been marked.”

Weifield covered his mouth and sucked in a cold breath. Gen-, General was crossed! The general who said he didn’t need a mate actually had an omega! Weifield finally digested the shocking news, and although his mind was still confused by the shock, he quickly picked himself up and took on the usual general’s competent deputy’s stance, decisively deciding to go to the embassy to pick up the person himself.

The general’s omega could not be neglected, must be personally picked up by him! He wanted to see what kind of omega could actually conquer the general.

As for the problem he was struggling with before, where to leave people, now it couldn’t be clearer. The general’s omega should live in the general’s house, where else?


The author has something to say: 

Ewan is ready to take off his disguise.

Wellin: Put the disguise back on!

Weifield: I need oxygen.

They’ll start living together soon.


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December 15, 2022 1:47 am

Ha, ha, very funny. Not time to be unmasked yet.
Poor Ewan, hearing some very negative opinions about his character… yes, he should learn to be less heartless with ‘useless’ omegas, although a bit late now that he’s met his match 😏
I think Baylor will only go willingly if ‘his’ Ewan accompanies him. Interesting times ahead.
Ewan is picking up on differences between Sentinel and original Baylor.
Thanks for translating and editing.

December 15, 2022 2:20 am

So 2 secrets, not a good way to start a relationship, but hey, this is going to be an exciting adventure with these 2 perfectly matched macho men😉 thank you for all your hard work translating ❤️

December 15, 2022 4:40 am

Very funny everyone’s reaction, wonderful misunderstanding!!! Thanks for the chapter!!!

January 14, 2023 12:04 pm

“What can I do to make you mine? falling so hard, so fast this time.
What can I say? What did you do? How did I fall in love with you?”

March 6, 2023 11:23 pm

Entertaining misunderstanding. Ewan has dug a hole. Will be interesting to see how he gets out of it. Funny chapter.

March 16, 2023 12:11 am

The confused underlings are priceless!
Thanks for translating.

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