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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


Before the examination, the recruitment hall of the military department was crowded with people, all completing the registration process for next week’s military examination.

“Your pupils and fingerprints have been entered. Your number is 520. Here are the instructions for the military examination. Please report to the military tomorrow morning at 9am for preparation.” The robot in the military uniform closed the entry screen and smiled as it handed the candidate the registration document with the chip inside and the pass.

“Okay, good.” The Beta female candidate took the items discreetly and then she asked carefully, “Excuse me, when will the grouping for the test be informed?”

After the robot searched in its own internal system, smiling unchanged, it replied, “The grouping of the examination will be done immediately after the personnel check is all completed, and the announcement will be made tomorrow afternoon.”

The candidate hastily thanked, “Yes, thank you!”

The robot smiled gently, “Good luck.” Then it pressed the button beside its hand and let the next candidate come forward.

The Beta candidate took a deep breath, and then gave herself a secret cheer, “Kana, you can do it!

Kana came from that remote village all the way to here. She has beaten so many competitors and finally got the qualification of the military department. She could definitely succeed in joining the military department, if… If she was in the top 20%, she could also get the chance to enter the Sky Wolf Legion.

Thinking about this, her healthy-complexioned face couldn’t help but be tinged with two blushes of excitement. As long as she could get into the Sky Wolf Legion, she could…

“Ouch.” Because she was thinking too much, she accidentally bumped into a wall of flesh, and as soon as she stood up, she apologized desperately while looking at the person coming. The moment she looked at the other person, she stopped the ‘sorry’ in her throat.

She had never seen such a beautiful person, even the stars on TV did not have the same light posture as this person. And the black blocker on the slender neck of the person made her realize that the man was an omega. She apologized, “I’m sorry, I didn’t look at the walkway.  I didn’t hurt you, right?” The omega was so beautiful and should be very delicate with his noble aura. Was he a nobleman in the empire?

“Hurt?” She heard the omega open his mouth, a clear and fresh voice like a breeze sweeping by, “I’m not that easily bruised.”


“Mr. Baylor, what are you doing?” At this moment, an officer stopped in front and turned around, looking at this sudden stop with some confusion.


Kana then looked at this person who was like a model stepping from a billboard into reality as he walked towards that officer. So his name was Baylor, he was really beautiful. And at that moment, she realized that it was not only herself who was paying attention to this candidate named Baylor, but almost everyone around her was either boldly or surreptitiously looking at that candidate, and with awe in their eyes.

She put down her heart, she should not fuss. She just walked a few steps and heard a low murmur from the side.

“That omega is wearing a blocker…”

“Accompanied by an officer next to him, it can’t be a senior officer’s omega that came in through the back door, right?”

“It must be, look at that face… And how can a normal omega wear a blocker?”

Kana stopped in her tracks and turned her head to look at the man’s back again. Was it actually like that?

At this point Baylor looked at Colonel Nord next to him and frowned, he tried to stay as far away from him as possible and said, “I’m not a kid, why do I have to have someone next to me for everything?”

This was the first time Baylor had seen Colonel Nord since he got off the ship. It was supposed to be Wellin, but Wellin was busy and gave the job to his subordinate Nord.

Nord said meticulously, “You have a special status. You need to be accompanied when you go out.” As for who said this, it was the general, of course. After all, Baylor was still a foreign guest, a member of TL7, and it was only right that he be accompanied when he was in the Ya’an Empire.

Baylor’s eyes were a little annoyed at the moment, because there were too many people here…

Without the guide around, the noise buzzing in his ears was a mental pollution. Luckily he left Super Wolf at Ewan’s today and didn’t bring him here, otherwise it would have been harder to withstand the noise once his body’s mental load increased. “Why are there so many people here?”

Nord looked around, his face was cold and solemn. Since Baylor’s hearing was too sharp, the sounds within the entire hall were heard in his ears. He did not have the energy to distinguish the specific content, and did not notice the people talking to him. But Nord was not the same, he heard all those obscenities in his ears.

When he heard Baylor’s question, he came back to his senses, “Nowadays, the military department is in the ascendant, so naturally everyone wants to join the military department, even the sons of nobles want to get an official position in the military department.” That’s why the three soldiers who lost their military positions because of Baylor hated Baylor to the bone, and even moved to kill him.

“The front is the information entry, mainly fingerprints and pupils and other information entry, you follow the instructions.” Nord thought of the gossip, his voice was cold and hard but thoughtful, “I’ll be right here waiting for you.”

Baylor asked, “Can we leave when I’m done?”

Nord nodded, “Yes.”

Baylor’s eyebrows were slightly relieved, he didn’t want to be in this torturous place a second longer.

After about ten minutes in line, it was soon Baylor’s turn, and the robot held his palms out, “Please place your hands on my hands and stare into my eyes, hold them for four seconds without blinking. One, two, three, four.” The robot took his hands back, “Mr. Baylor, your information has been entered, your number is 170, here are the instructions related to the military department examination, please report to the military department at nine o’clock tomorrow morning for preparation.”

After taking the things, at this time, there was suddenly another commotion from the hall, just like the general commotion when Baylor entered the hall just now. Baylor turned his head to see that it was a tall, handsome, curly-haired alpha. Looking at the man’s teardrop mole under his eye, Baylor frowned slightly, the face looked familiar… But he couldn’t remember who it was.

Walking back to Nord, he said, “I’m done.”

Nord nodded, “Good, then we can go.”

The alpha also saw Baylor for the first time in the crowd, and he stared at Baylor with a burning gaze, and Baylor locked eyes with him and asked Nord with concern, “Who is that guy?”

Nord noticed the man’s gaze and frowned, “His name is Eric, and he’s the most visible of the candidates in this class.” Even he knew that.

Baylor raised an eyebrow slightly, his eyes tinged with a bit of belligerence, “Is he strong?”

Nord nodded, “He’s an A-class alpha, a genius at the military academy, just entered the academy not long after he qualified for the military department test, and besides that, his identity is also of great interest.” He said, “He is the real brother of Aynor.”

The movie star Aynor, the first person in the Ya’an Empire entertainment industry, whose brother was taking the military test, had attracted a lot of attention, and there were even fans who had formed a support group.

As he led Baylor outside, Nord deliberated for a moment, and out of selfishness, he introspectively reminded, “You’d better avoid him if you’re not on the same team as him during the examination.”

The military examination would be a team of five people to complete the task, different teams were rivals. Baylor did not say anything about Nord’s reminder, he just quickened his pace and left this place quickly.

As for avoiding him? Who was avoiding whom?

Nord sent Baylor back to Ewan’s house and he said, “I’ll pick you up tomorrow and take you to the military department, there will be a uniform during the military department examination, you can bring less clothes.” He probably thought Baylor would be like other omega’s who love to look pretty and bring boxes of clothes, after all, he would be staying there for more than a week.

“Hmm.” With a lazy response, Baylor walked towards the house, wondering what Super Wolf was doing at home by himself.

Nord took a deep look at Baylor’s back and drove away.

Super Wolf did not go with Ewan to the military headquarters today; he was an independent dog and occasionally wanted to be by himself. So Baylor came back and searched around, and finally found Super Wolf in the pool. The moon was approaching in the evening, and he was floating on the water by himself, doggy swimming, with an object around his neck, submerged but glowing with a luminous light.

Baylor: ?????

“Super Wolf, come here.” He called Super Wolf over to him.

Super Wolf doggy paddled and swam over, then clawed his way to shore, but there was no water on him either; after all, he was only a spirit.

Baylor squatted down and picked up something hanging around Super Wolf’s neck, a ribbon with golden spikes and an officer’s medal dangling from it, a string of characters under an intricate floral design that Baylor read with narrowed eyes, “the First Leader of the Ya’an Empire Military District. “

First leader, wasn’t that the general of the military? Was this thing Ewan’s? How did Ewan’s general ribbon end up on Super Wolf’s neck?

Baylor took the thing off Super Wolf’s neck, “Where did you get this thing?”

And at that moment, there was a familiar cold pheromone closing in behind Baylor, and then a voice sounded behind Baylor, “It seemed to like it, so I gave it to it to play with.”

Baylor did not expect Ewan to actually be home. After all, just now he looked around and did not see him. He was shocked, quickly turned around and ready to stand up, but did not expect his slippers to be very slippery, plus he moved quickly, and had a moment of instability because of the water.

The surface of the water made a ‘thump’ sound when he fell into the pool. With the ribbon still in his hand, Baylor’s first reaction was – damn, shame on him.

Second thought was – fuck, I can’t swim!

‘Bulb, bulb, bulb’, he breathed in the water and sank down. The next second, there was another loud thud into the water, and then his hand was yanked and a hand was wrapped around him. A pair of strong hands hooked him over, then pinched his waist and held him upward, and he was suddenly free of the water’s pull and pushed up to sit on the edge of the pool.

“Cough.” Baylor was sitting on the shore, his feet still soaking in the water, he turned his face sideways to cough out the water that had just filled his lungs. He moved without gently wiping the water from his face, fixed his eyes forward and saw Ewan still standing in the water, standing right in front of him, even his knees were almost touching the alpha’s chest. In the shallow water near the shore, and the water was just under his chest.

The water dripped down his hair and rolled down the side of his face, and the military shirt he was wearing was soaked with water, revealing his strong hair and smooth, well-proportioned upper body profile.

Baylor realized that the water in the pool didn’t seem very deep, and, a little annoyed, he took the lead and said, “I’ll be up on my own in a second.”

The moon was rising, the lights around the pool are on, the man in the pool was tilting his head, looking at the person sitting on the shore in front of him, and the person on the shore was also dripping with water, and he was the same, black hair like seaweed on the cold white skin, a pair of eyes than the water light was clear.

Ewan’s eyebrows lowered, he was holding the shore with one hand at this time, right next to Baylor’s hand, and Baylor’s hand was still holding the ribbon. He hooked the ribbon, the golden ribbon was rather like a tie that connected them together.

“You’ve known for a long time that I’m the general.” He said openly. It wasn’t even a questioning tone, but a declarative sentence. His low voice grew deeper and deeper in the moonlight, “When? As soon as you get here?” His narrow, sharp eyes were like another pool of water, reflecting Baylor’s figure as he continued, “Are you angry because of this lately?”


Author’s Note: 

The incredibly precious, one and only General’s Ribbon of the Military Department in the world –

Ewan: Take it and play with it.

Super Wolf: Awooo!

Weifield: daily oxygen intake -100


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December 21, 2022 6:29 pm

Hope this Eric (or his fans) doesn’t cause Baylor trouble.
Some clearing of the air needed now that Ewan’s ID is in the open, I think.
Author’s note made me giggle.
Thanks for translating and editing.

December 22, 2022 1:47 am

Um…duh Ewan! So scared of love you have lied for a long time😐 well now it’s time for Baylor to fess up. No more secrets boys😁

December 22, 2022 5:13 am

Honesty is still the best policy! Ewan wants some brownie points before the grand reveal 🙂

March 9, 2023 4:40 pm

Spit out the truth and get back on track. Nothing will develop well without honesty.

November 1, 2023 1:13 am

I hope that Baylor will also reveal his real identity and not only Ewan…. Did i remembered it wrong? That Ewan asks Baylor about the owner of SW/DH? And Baylor said that the owner died but the truth is he ‘is’ the owner… Ugghhh you know what whatever..

November 20, 2023 3:20 pm

honestly other people be like: I hope this Eric is not trouble…

Me: MAKE TROUBLE! MAKE TROUBLE! Is he the love rival?

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