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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


In the moonlit pool, the water sparkled. Baylor looked at the man standing in the water, obviously he was looking down on the other side, but inexplicably there was a sense of being cramped. That is, the other man gave off a cold sense of cumulative power. Even Ewan’s body’s fresh and light pheromone smell had become more aggressive.

At this moment, he understood that the ribbon around Super Wolf’s neck was used by Ewan to test him. Ewan had been watching his movements from the shadows, to see if he would show a surprised look when he saw the ribbon. After all, if he already knew that Ewan was the general, he would not be too surprised to see the general’s ribbon.

Realizing that he was being set up again, Baylor’s hands stopped wiping the water from his face, his eyes glistening with displeasure as he asked, word for word, “You’re testing me with the ribbon?”

Ewan froze slightly, Baylor’s beautiful jewel-like eyes made his alarm bells ring, so he explained without changing his face, “No, I just brought it to Dragon Hunter as a toy.”

Only when angry would Baylor’s eyes be unusually bright, usually they were lazy and sickly. He was a completely different person who used anger as a spiritual food.

So Ewan didn’t hesitate to pull Toynbee out, “I met with Toynbee today, and he reminded me.” He added, “I wasn’t sure, but I didn’t want to keep it from you either, so I was lucky to ask you directly.”

Baylor’s lips pursed, then scolded irritably, “Tsk, Toynbee the meddler.”

Ewan sniffed and stifled his laughter, but still didn’t quite stop it from spreading to his eyes, and at the same time, he had a few moments of frustration in his eyes.

Sure enough… He and Toynbee talked later today, and Toynbee told him that Baylor hated it when people lied to him. Ewan later speculated that the reason why Baylor hated people lying to him was probably because he was always easily fooled.

He had previously found that Baylor’s thought process… was very linear. Not only would his solutions to a problem be simple and brutal, he would easily trust others to be truthful. So on the ship, even though Wellin so poorly lied that Baylor did not have the slightest doubt.

Ewan thought, and then frowned slightly, eyes filled with a bit of worry. How can you be so easily fooled? What about the future losses?

Baylor did not know what Ewan was thinking, but he felt that Ewan’s eyes were a little creepy and bright, and he was not quite comfortable with being so close to him, so he instinctively pulled his feet up out of the water and got up off the ground.

It was so uncomfortable to be soaked to the bone. Then without looking back, he said, “Yeah, I just figured it out early, you think I’m stupid?” He left a water trail to the door before he pulled open the living room window. He listened to the movement in the pool behind him, and the sound of footsteps coming up, one foot into the living room. He looked back, smiled sarcastically at the person just a few steps back, and said in a sinister way, “I think you’re a better actor than that movie star, are you in the wrong business?”

Then he pulled the floor-to-ceiling window shut with his crossed arms.

Ewan pulled the window open himself and followed Baylor. Looking at Baylor’s still dripping hair, he frowned and casually grabbed the towel folded on the sofa and threw it precisely on Baylor’s head.

Baylor was confused for a moment when a towel was suddenly placed over his head, and the corners of his mouth twitched as he reached out and grabbed it, turning his head to glare at the culprit. But Ewan came forward and took the towel from Baylor’s hand, then boldly placed it on the ink-colored hair and rubbed it hard.

Baylor: ????!

Because the man’s action was too bold, Baylor actually forgot to react. This man actually put his hands on him! And was rubbing his head!

He was still fuming now!

“Dry it, don’t catch a cold.”

Baylor was not short in height, definitely tall among omegas, but in front of an alpha like Ewan, he was still half a head difference from Ewan. The difference in size allowed Ewan’s wide palm to almost directly cover the top of Baylor’s head. Feeling Baylor’s rare meekness because of his confusion, Ewan sighed in his heart.

There was no mirror at the moment, so he couldn’t see how strange his vision was, and through the towel, Baylor didn’t see the light of the eyes that looked like a deep stream of sunlight.

“I have no intention of deceiving you.” The general, who has always been decisive and never bothered to explain himself, explained in a somewhat rusty manner, “I was betrayed by a military spy in an ambush, and thanks to Super Wolf I was able to escape and wait for help, and returned to the ship in order to lure out the military spy so I concealed my identity. ” His voice was not gentle, or even the usual indifference, but low and deep, there was a kind of unfolding comfort.

At the end, Ewan was very concerned to add a sentence, “I really do not play around with omegas.” 

It was due to all those rumors that he did not dare to reveal his identity.

What do you mean by “omega”? Baylor did not quite understand Ewan’s last sentence, but he realized one thing. Ewan did not call him Dragon Hunter, but used the name ‘Super Wolf’.

Baylor noticed the man’s submission, and then he thought carefully, indeed, when he first saw Ewan in his previous dream, Ewan was indeed badly injured, and at first glance, he was attacked.

Baylor pondered for a moment and asked, “So you’re not trying to draw a line in the sand with me?”

In fact, Baylor was angry, in addition to Ewan lying to him, there was another reason that he felt that Ewan, this guide, disliked him. This could strongly hurt Baylor’s self-esteem.

Ewan smiled and frowned, “What kind of statement is that?” How does that draw the line?

Baylor opened Ewan’s hand and took a step back to distance himself from Ewan, then took the towel and wiped his hair while he said indifferently, “Oh… I thought you were afraid I’d have something against you, that I’d stick to you and refuse to say you were the general,” he recalled the long speech Ewan had made on the ship earlier, “After all, you said something about not being interested in omega.”

Ewan only noticed Baylor’s wording, his eyes darkened slightly, but he subconsciously asked a question he didn’t know what to expect in response, “… So, do you have any desire for me?”

But he also had a vague sense of expectation. Then he saw Baylor hesitate slightly, and the movement of his hand to rub his hair stopped, and then his clear voice was like jade, “Not… Can’t exactly say no.”

Ewan felt as if his heart had missed a beat, and as if it had gone a beat faster, his voice tightened slightly, “… What’s no?”

Baylor didn’t hear the abnormality in Ewan’s voice, he just had a flash of insight and keenly realized that this seemed like a good time for him to go and discuss something with Ewan. So he suddenly said something that seemed oxymoronic to Ewan, “Is that temporary mark going to be gone in two months?”

Although not really understanding where the conversation was going, Ewan nodded, “Hmm.”

Baylor’s eyes lit up – in addition to being bright when he was angry, they were also bright as stars when he had an idea. He lifted his chin slightly, raised his eyebrows, and said his proposal, “How about as compensation for your lying to me, you give me another mark every two months from now on?”

Ewan: …?

This event unfolding was something he really did not anticipate. It was also too tempting to think about.

Feeling the man looking at him with a strange gaze, Baylor said graciously, “Don’t worry, I won’t think too much about it.”


The other man’s gaze became even more bizarre.

Baylor thought this was a good offer, the alpha just had to bite him, and it didn’t take much effort, he could get a stable guide element. As an apology, such a reparation was so easy, and it was basically nothing to do, just bite him regularly.

Baylor frowned, there was a stable guide element to provide was too attractive, so he thought about it, reluctantly added a sentence, “If you really can not, I can also give you half of the money I earn in the future.” 

Money was an external thing, to buy spiritual tranquility, was also quite good.

However, Ewan’s face was darker. Baylor wanted to pay him, what did he take him for? Ewan felt his brain throbbing with pain as he pored over Baylor’s words in his head, then he asked, incredulously, “…Is this what you want?”

The temporary mark was a very ambiguous thing, but the omega said it was like being bitten by a dog. And to bite at regular intervals, did he get addicted to being bitten that day? Realizing that his mind was also being led astray, Ewan threw all that nonsense out of his head and asked, with a frown, “Can I ask why?”

What’s not to ask, except that Baylor certainly couldn’t just say guide element, so he deliberated a little and said, “I’m not going to lie, I really like your pheromone.”

Ewan felt that people with bad hearts should not talk to Baylor, this up and down, one second just stirred the charming atmosphere clean, the next second said such ambiguous and full of hints. But he learned a good lesson, forcing his heart to suppress that little thought, and then his tone of voice slightly lengthened, “…. You like my pheromone, do you know what that means?”

You can’t talk about liking a person’s pheromone.

Baylor realized with hindsight that there was some ambiguity in this statement, and declared, “… Whatever it means, don’t take it the wrong way. I don’t mean anything else to you, you just have to bite me every two months.”

And so it was this.

Ewan used to think that Baylor’s thoughts were a little out of the ordinary, and now he thought he might have underestimated the extent of it. Ewan sighed slightly in his mind.

Baylor was a little impatient. It wasn’t that hard, so why did the other man hesitate to give a proper answer, without any sincerity of apology? He threw the towel on the chair next to him and urged, “Do you say yes or no?”

“What if I don’t?”

Baylor licked his lips, “If you do not want to say yes or no, do you think I’ll force you? I’ll think of other ways if you don’t say yes. But think about it, you lied to me first, you still owe me.” He half-squinted his eyes.

How was that?

Ewan was a little concerned about Baylor’s words and he asked, “Other ways? Like what?” 

Why did that sound wrong to him?

Baylor raised an eyebrow, “That’s my business, not yours.”

Ewan had a bit of a headache, he didn’t say no or yes, he just said, “… You let me think about it.”

Oh? That means there’s a chance! Baylor said in a relaxed tone, “Anyway, there is still a lot of time in two months, you take your time to think about it, if you say yes, your previous deception will be written off.”

Ewan’s mouth was slightly hooked, “Okay.”


In the morning, Nord came to pick up Baylor as planned. Ewan originally wanted to send him himself, but thought that it would be too conspicuous, and gave up the idea.

Super Wolf was also left with Ewan. Although after being temporarily marked, Super Wolf stayed by Baylor’s side without too much problem, but after all, if Ewan, the guide, was not around, if he encountered a situation that required the use of mental power, Super Wolf, an enhancer, was still a certain threat to Baylor’s mental stability. What’s more, Baylor didn’t feel the need to bring his spiritual body to this test.

It would be too much.

Carrying his shoulder bag in the car, Baylor turned his head to look toward the house and saw Ewan at the window, watching him. He was silent for a moment. Although not experienced, he had the illusion of being a small child being sent off to school by a kind parent.

Nord’s voice sounded in the car, “There are still three days until the examination, you should be informed of the grouping this afternoon.” He looked to Baylor from the side of his eyes, touching the blocker on Baylor’s neck, he frowned slightly, his voice restrained, “General won’t let you take off the blocker?” 

With the blocker, he must have been despised by the other candidates.

Baylor thought it was odd, he didn’t seem to know this man very well either. Plus that time on the ship in the corridor when he caught himself wandering in the middle of the night, he had only met him twice in full, so how come he was so fond of asking about him?

“I wanted to wear it myself.” Baylor replied briefly.

Nord opened his mouth slightly, wanting to ask him why, but considering his status, it seemed inappropriate to get too familiar with him, so he held his words back. Then he said in a businesslike manner, “With these days of examination, I will pick you up in six days. The test site has not yet been determined, so you will temporarily stay in the preparation dormitory area, and this afternoon you will be notified of the test site and grouping together. Then the military department will send you to the test site one hour before the test, and after the test is over, you will be sent back to the preparation dormitory. I will pick you up there. The test will be live on the internet and no cheating was allowed.” 

The internet included the networks of the military department and the major military schools.

Baylor’s movement of getting out of the car paused slightly, he turned his head and stared at Nord’s svelte face, “What do you mean?”

Nord averted his eyes a little uncomfortably as he was stared at by Baylor, and he said meticulously, “I just wanted to remind you – don’t take any chances.”

Baylor sneered and slammed the door shut fiercely. Who would cheat? They underestimated him.

“Candidate 170, your combat uniform and paraphernalia have been delivered to your dormitory, your dormitory is in omega zone 202.”

Led by the guide robot, Baylor walked through the rest area to the omega dormitory. He arrived not too early, and quite a few people were already settled in and chatting up in the lounge area as well as the corridor. It was a crowded scene, but as soon as Baylor walked in, it was strangely quiet.

Although Baylor enjoyed the silence, he still frowned slightly. Front his peripheral vision, he looked at the people next to him, but those people immediately averted their eyes. It was only when he left that the chatter behind him resumed with renewed enthusiasm, as if from the dead.

“That’s him, right?”

“The omega who came in through the back door, and probably will rely on his ‘connections’ to directly seize a spot in the military afterwards.”

“This kind of person is really too disgusting.”

“But internet live, is it really possible to cheat to get in?”

“Oh, what’s not possible if you have a lot of power? I just don’t know who his golden master is.”

They were recklessly talking because Baylor had already left, but they didn’t want these words to fall on Baylor’s ears word by word. But Baylor did not get too angry. He had heard a lot of gossip when he was a sentinel, especially the jealous slander. Over time, those words became more like a spice of life for him, and when he needed to vent, he used them as an excuse to fight with someone, and when he was too lazy to fight, he ignored them.

Now was the time to be too lazy to fight.

After all, three days later, he would put up a painful fight.

The omega numbers were small, the dormitory was different from the other genders which was four to a room, but the omegas were two to a room. When Baylor pushed open the dormitory door, he found a young man wearing glasses sitting inside. He was still wearing the school’s uniform, and Baylor took a closer look at the school’s emblem, which was written below the ‘Imperial National Military Academy’.

Baylor remembered the conversation Ewan had with him last night.

“Most of the people who take the test are students of the major military schools, except for a small number of people who are in the field.”

“On-field personnel, what do you mean?”

Wearing a comfortable T-shirt, Ewan sat on the sofa, stretching out his long legs in a lazy posture, he raised his chin at Baylor, “Like you, those who do not belong to the military school registration and enter the examination from other social channels are called on-the-field personnel.”

A row of school emblems was projected on his terminal, “These are currently the main military schools of the Ya’an Empire, and although you will be randomly grouped during the examination, alliances will be established between students of the same military school to cooperate during the examination, even between different military schools at the beginning, and often, infield personnel like you will be the their first target for joint elimination. Among these military schools, you need to pay most attention to the three major military schools, the rest of the military schools are weak, often dependent on these three major military schools – Imperial National Military Academy, although not ranked first, but many children of the Ministry of the military as well as the children of the nobility to attend. The interests of the students are more closely linked to each other.

“United Military Academy, the second in overall strength, but the mechanical and reconnaissance departments are very good, and the ability to set traps should not be underestimated. Then there is the 1st Imperial Military Academy. They are the first in comprehensive strength, especially the combat department and command department. The military department has many excellent mecha combatants and marines, like Wellin graduated from this school.”

Baylor remembered that Jon had told him that he and Ewan had graduated from the same military school, and that Ewan had been the school’s number one ranking at the time. So he asked, “What about you?”

Ewan smiled diffidently and with a wiggle of his finger, the projected image zoomed in on the emblem of a school and he replied, “This is my alma mater.”

The enlarged emblem belonged to the 1st Imperial Military Academy.

In that combat department and command department of the entire Empire, even the first military school in the galaxy,  from the beginning of the entrance Ewan had been crushing first, and even graduated with the best grades ever. Others were honors students because they could only get honors, but for Ewan, he was the best of the honors students.

When he thought about this from last night and how Ewan again pretended to be best, Baylor pursed his lips.

And at this time, the omega in the room stood up straight, did not continue to unpack his things, and extended his hand to Baylor. He gave a polite smile, “Hello, my name is Liam, Imperial National Military Academy medical department fifth year student.”

Although very secretive, Baylor still caught Liam’s gaze sweeping the collar on his neck, and the flash of contempt in his eyes. He was obviously looking down on him, yet he had to pretend to be friendly.

Insensitive child Austin became cute when compared with such a person. Baylor did not even give an expression, much less shake on those hands, but walked directly to his place. Throwing his shoulder bag on the bed, Baylor watched the other omega quickly withdraw his hand after a moment of embarrassment, and then asked, as if nothing had happened, “I wonder what your name is?”

“Baylor,” Baylor finally replied, and then the moment the other ‘s smile increased, he continued, “Stop smiling, it makes me want to make you cry.”

Liam’s smile froze, even as his brain did not turn for a moment, “What?”

Baylor was kind enough to say it again, “I want to make you cry with a punch, understand?”

To stay here for three days yet, to such a face for three days, he was going to shrivel up.

Liam probably hadn’t seen such a rude person, and his tutor made him unable to scold out readily, so he could only hold it there, and his smile was even stiffer, which was worse than crying.

And Baylor, the originator of this was looking at this face lamenting, let him cry directly, certainly better than now. Now it was like a machine that had been invaded by a virus and died. Luckily, Liam’s classmate came over and knocked on the door and called him away, so Liam got rid of this awkward situation.

Before leaving, he took a deep look at Baylor, a look that completely tore away the pretense and was full of contempt.

Luckily omegas were generally separated as much as possible, otherwise it would be disgusting to be in a group with such rude and impolite people.

In the afternoon, the grouping information reached each candidate’s permit card.

There were four people in the group, one alpha and two betas in the same group as Baylor. When he received the notice, Baylor was holding a bag of nutrient solution and drinking it, at the same time, he received the type of assessment area and the rules of the assessment.

The assessment terrain was swampy mountainous terrain.

Mission rules – a team of four, knock down an opponent to get one point, the first team to complete the task would get fifty points, the second team surviving got forty points, the third team gets thirty points, after that all teams got twenty-five points, regardless of ranking.

Another shocking news also came at this time, that is, this time the examiner was known as the devil coach Sean. He was also Teacher who was in charge of the training of the current General Ewan.

This made everyone even more vigorously want to perform, after all, it was Sean, if they showed a good performance, then Sean may accept them as students, and then would they need to worry in the future?

This news did not only cause a stir among the candidates, but also caused a lot of discussion within the major military schools and military departments. After all, it had been a long time since Sean was an examiner for the military examination.

Ewan learned of this news, because he knew his teacher’s nature too well, he immediately guessed Sean’s purpose. He walked to Admiral Von’s office on the same floor, knocked on the door. He leaned against the door frame and looked at Admiral Von who looked up from inside, half narrowed his eyes, “What did you say to Teacher Sean?”

The general could be really hard to ignore when he approached like this. Admiral Von thought carefully, although he did not want to betray his mate, but the general was the general after all. They had the relationship between the top and bottom of the affiliation, the military position was limited, he could not lie to the General, and the General could not do anything to Sean.

After thinking clearly, he said quickly, “I told Sean that you might have someone in your heart, Sean found out that your omega was going to participate in this military examination, so he wanted to see him.”

Sure enough. Ewan took a deep breath. Then the usual loose tone of voice, some helplessness and gnashing of teeth, “Who told you that he was my omega?” 

And actually also led Teacher Sean to come over.

Admiral Von replied, “I saw it.” After a pause, he said, “Don’t worry, I didn’t tell anyone.”

“…” Oh, thank you.


Author’s Note: 

Baylor: I’ll give you a chance to be my toolman.

Ewan: …


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