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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


The time left in the test at this point: 54 hours, 30 minutes and 43 seconds.

The morning mist was hazy, the sun was scattered and open into a milky white, Kana leaning against a tree, head like fishing little by little, body shaking, she jerked awake from sleep. She subconsciously went to look next to her, just two meters away from her, black hair and snow skin young man quietly lying on the ground using his backpack as a pillow, glistening skin stained with mud, and a few bright red scratches. The tip of his eyebrows were furrowed, long slender eyelashes quivered slightly, his sleep not stable.

This Baylor looked wretched and fragile, like a piece of jade that has fallen into the mud. In fact, he was only 19 years old, a little younger than she was. Kana thought about last night, after she offered to help, Baylor said to her, “Then when it’s over, help me collect my body.”

She didn’t understand what that meant at the time, and it wasn’t until she went out to look for someone after the dust had settled that she saw Baylor on the ground, gasping for air and struggling to move that she understood.

It turned out that Baylor had been forcing himself, his body simply could not bear that explosive fight. He was like a firework, after the extreme bloom, he would be extinguished. Baylor also knew this, he anticipated that he would suffer physical repercussions after the battle, that’s why he asked her to collect his body.

Fortunately, Kana, as a Beta, had done some physical training, so she picked up Baylor and left the place of right and wrong, and found another place to rest.

After all, if they stayed there, in case someone else came after them, it was over. However, what Kana did not know was that because of Baylor’s amazing battle, which shocked everyone, the three major military schools were discouraged from continuing to surround Baylor and were even prepared to retreat.

In the big classroom, early in the morning, the side of the students who got up to watch the live broadcast drinking nutritional liquid for breakfast, said with hatred, “Crimea really is too wimpy, this time to chase a wave, certainly can eliminate people.” 

Crimea was the leader of the 1st Imperial Military Academy in this examination, and was also a fifth-year student of the command department.

The person next to him gave him a white look, “you open God’s perspective, you don’t think, thirty people surrounded by failure, who would be willing to risk going up, and killing him is only one point, there is that time that energy, to kill a few more people is not good.”

At this point a command student said thoughtfully, “Maybe that’s what he’s after.”

Everyone looked at her in unison.

Her eyes were bright, the more she thought about it, the more she thought it was the same thing, so she suddenly realized and affirmed, “Yes, these are 170’s plans ah!”

The rest of the students were confused and looked at the command student in bewilderment.

What’s that?

What kind of plan?

At that moment, the other command student also seemed to be nudged by this sentence, and he slapped the table and announced reluctantly, “I get it too!”

Then the two of them looked at each other and smiled, showing a look that everyone was drunk and I was awake, the look was incomparable.

The students of other departments were itching for a moment: …. fuck these command department people. All day long, they just love to sell the shuttle! I hate to hear them talk!

Someone anxiously urged, “Can you hurry up and say, don’t be a mother.”

The command student shook his head, “Don’t you even understand this?” She said, “170 is about to take advantage of that counter-encirclement battle yesterday to deter the other side, so that the other side does not dare to act rashly. He expected the other side to give up the pursuit after such a fiasco, that’s why he fought so hard yesterday.” She praised, “What a bold strategy!”

At this time, Eric’s group had already risen again to look for clues, and they were the group closest to completing the final task at the moment.

“Eric, I heard that the people from the three military schools joined forces to surround 170 yesterday and were killed in the end.” One of Eric’s teammates said, “It’s 53 points now.”

Eric’s other teammate was Baylor’s roommate Liam, as a student of Imperial National Military Academy he had also heard about this incident, he couldn’t help but say, “It’s unbelievable, captain, don’t you want to go help?” Those people were really useless, thirty people couldn’t even take one person, but it was just one person in the field.

Eric showed an expression of deep thought. That beauty was really surprising, I thought it was a flower vase that would break once blown, unlike actually possessing such fighting ability. Previously, people also rumored that he had entered the military examination through the back door, now no one should dare to suspect that he relied on nepotism.

He remembered that he seemed to be called Baylor.

Listening to Liam’s words, he shook his head, “What kind of help? My goal is first place, killing him won’t help me get first place, it will only increase the risk.” After a pause, he said somewhat helplessly, “But then, my strategy will need some adjustment.”


“It doesn’t really have much to do with you guys.” Eric said, “I will need to act alone for a while to improve my points.”

As for how to improve, there wasn’t a second way besides killing candidates.

Eric’s teammates were slightly silenced. Although they were not very happy, they also have no right to stop, after all, they also understand. Eric’s purpose was first place, then in order to secure first place, he must have more than 170, and now 170 had 53 points, even if they were the first to complete the final task, only 50 points, and could not get first place.

So they had to go through the battle to get extra points.

In fact, one of Eric’s teammates suddenly thought of something, “So do we have to go and kill other candidates too?” He scratched his head, “Look, Eric thinks so, then others will certainly think so, then everyone’s points will be high, and the top 20% of the scoreboard to pass the test, then now just simply completing the task will certainly not be enough ah.”

“…” At this point all of them fell into silence.

Including some students who were following Eric’s side of the live stream.

This is… It’s… it’s a roll-up.

Realizing this one thing, they not only felt silent for the candidates who took this test. It’s too bad that they met a pervert in the test and were forced to raise the difficulty of the test. After the examination is over, hurry up and go bye-bye.

Eric’s teammates had predicted well, and, in just two hours, the points list immediately began to rise, although the increase was not much, most of them were increased by one or two points, but after all, not anyone could be as perverted as Baylor, chasing four people to fight, and then the points with a rocket upward.

The point increase of one or two points in two hours was already very impressive, and was enough to show that the standings were really starting to roll up now.

At the same time, the number of people eliminated within these two hours had also multiplied, the total number of people eliminated last night was still at a hundred and fifty, but now it had soared to more than three hundred at once.

And this trend was still increasing.

The examiners looked at the candidates who were supposed to be trying to avoid the battle and looking for clues to the task with a chicken blood general, frantically looking for candidates to attack, it was a mixed bag.

The good one focuses on the strategy and teamwork assessment, turned into a single fight of the great escape. Kill. And it’s all the fault of one person.

Baylor sneezed fiercely. Because of this sneeze, his body muscles simply felt like ants were burrowing in, where they were not strong, they were sore. Crossing a small puddle, he cursed unhappily, “This damn body, obviously did the preparation exercise, but still this damn sore.” And then he complained, “No more painkillers, fuck.”

Kana, who was next to him, didn’t know where to start spitting. She could only weakly remind him, “Baylor, painkillers should not be taken too often, you’d better rest more.”

Obviously last night he could not move, this morning he forced himself to get up, and then began to rush. As for where he was rushing to, she didn’t know. But she knew Baylor must be trying to be brave.

“No, I’m in a hurry.”

While walking, Baylor was rubbing his arms, shoulders and waist. Since his exercise was not enough, but also could not be forced, after all, in a couple of months, his body quality was much better than before.

About half an hour after the rush, Baylor finally found his target.

Kana saw the people in front of her and subconsciously exclaimed, “It’s George and Wolcott!”

This cry made George and Wolcott immediately turn their heads, and see Baylor and Kana. Their faces changed, and then got ready to run. However, a chilling word nailed their feet there, so they did not dare to move.

“Don’t you dare move a muscle.”

Wolcott was very abashed, he looked at Baylor’s gaze, filled with weakness and fear, “Baylor, you, you came ah.”

And George  also thought to find a remedy for himself, “We just tried to ensure the safety of the mission box, only strategic retreat, after all, once the glass badge is destroyed, the four of us have to be eliminated.” He also said hypocritically, “It’s great that you’re safe and sound.”

Wolcott nodded his head, “Yeah, yeah, we really didn’t abandon you.”

Kana next to him couldn’t even look at them smile. The shamelessness of glorifying their betrayal as a strategic retreat.

Baylor was now sore and uncomfortable, and he didn’t have much patience to listen to this group of people talking nonsense, so he said straightforwardly, “I know you’ve taken my coordinates to talk about cooperation, so don’t waste my time here.” He narrowed his eyes, “Two things, first, hand over the glass badge, and second, give me the chips you took my coordinates to trade for. Otherwise, this is the end of your examination.”

George sneered, “Killing each other is not allowed within the team, if you eliminate me, you will also be eliminated.” This was also the reason why he dared to boldly betray Baylor’s information, after all, Baylor could not eliminate him no matter what.

Baylor gently raised an eyebrow, he said with contempt, “You think the only way to eliminate you is by my own hand? I could have tied you up here and lure someone over.” His light voice trailed off with a slight uptick, “Do you want to try and see if I can do it?”

George gulped. Baylor’s sharp eyes were like a sharp blade piercing into his eyes and then deep into his soul, making him not dare to resist. Baylor could have the strength for a one on thirty, and certainly could have that strength to tie them both up here.

Baylor would indeed do it too. But he was not willing to concede defeat. If he obeyed Baylor’s words, what was he? And wouldn’t that mean that he was afraid of him? No, he is not afraid, he …

But no matter how he tried to convince himself, George could not open his mouth and refuse directly, could only freeze there like a piece of wood.

Wolcott saw George’s silence, he did not have so much mental baggage, he directly begged, “Yes! We’ll give it to you! We’ll give it all to you! This is the mission box, we exchange it for the final clues.” With a trembling voice, he apologized, “I really didn’t want to betray you in the first place, I’m sorry, I didn’t have a clear head, I was confused, please forgive me, I’m with you all the way. This will never happen again.”

Baylor saw him take out the mission box. Baylor himself did not move, after all, if he made a move, he may reveal the fact that he was in bad shape, so he gestured to Kana to bring the mission box over.

Meanwhile, he snickered at Wolcott’s pleas for mercy, “All the way? Dreaming in broad daylight.” Seeing Kana bring the mission box over, the corners of his mouth coolly hooked, looking at these two people’s gaze coldly without a trace of emotion, “Although I was not much of a teammate, and not considered a good person, but the sight of despicable trash still can not help but turn my stomach. Before I change my mind, get lost.”

George’s face turned red, his feet felt like they were nailed to the ground, and his body wouldn’t listen to him, whether it was talking or moving, it was frozen in place, only the gaze poured out his cowardly rage. Wolcott couldn’t stand it anymore, and pulled George ready to leave.

At that moment, Baylor’s clear and mocking voice suddenly sounded behind them. He didn’t name names, but everyone knew who he was talking about, “But if you could have shouted out forcefully that the fish is dead, I might have had some respect for you. But it turns out that on top of being a dumbass, you’re also a pussy.”


Author’s Note: 

Command student: That’s a brilliant ploy!

Baylor: Sorry, didn’t think about it that much.

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