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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


Time left for the examination: 47 hours, 20 minutes and 13 seconds.

The number of people eliminated from the examination had surged to more than 1400, which meant that there were less than 600 people left in the examination. This was the largest number of people eliminated compared to the previous military examinations, and it hadn’t even been 24 hours.

Originally a military examination did not attract the attention of the officers in the military, after all, although for the students this was an extremely important examination, but for the people in the military, this was just a small fight. Until now the unusual number of eliminations appeared.

Many people were very confused. Are all the candidates this year so brutal? At this rate of elimination, all of them can’t be eliminated in 72 hours, could they? However, what they didn’t know was that it wasn’t this year’s candidates who were so cruel, but one candidate who was so cruel that everyone had to fight so hard.

But it was at this point that the students who had been following the live broadcast suddenly noticed something – that although the number of eliminations had increased dramatically, the points at the top of the standings had not changed very much.

In first place is still #170 Baylor, currently at 62 points.

In second place is #301 Eric, who had risen, with 20 points.

Especially with the passage of time, the points growth in the front row dropped significantly, maybe two or three hours before there was a change.

“This is because the points gained from being killed have been spread out among the individual candidates.” The command student analyzed keenly, “Now all the candidates are trying to kill other candidates, which causes the points to be all spread out. There are even many candidates who have gained some points who have been killed and eliminated… So the increase in points is not very obvious when it comes to individuals. And, along with the increase in the number of eliminations, the candidates who remained were relatively strong, which made it more difficult for the candidates to pick the right person to kill.”

He put his statistical data table in the air, “You see, the number of eliminations are concentrated before twelve o’clock today, by the afternoon the number of eliminations began to plummet, which indicates that the current candidates have tended to saturate the points, it is difficult to have explosive growth.”

The other students saw the data sheet and could not help but feel convinced and lamented: worthy of the command department, often out of the data analysis big brother of the major, look at others this form clear and beautiful.

“In that case…” One student frowned, “Wouldn’t Eric have no chance of winning first place?” Although 170 was the beauty and was always on their radar, Eric was, after all, in the same school as them and was still a popular figure in the school. They still privately hoped that Eric could take the first place in this year’s examination and become an honorary newcomer.

But if the points have tended to be saturated, now there was still a difference of 42 points between Eric and that 170. Even if Eric was the first to pass the final task to get the maximum score of 50 points, 170, even if he is the last to complete the task, as long as he could get the guaranteed score of 20 points for completing the task, then he was still sitting firmly in the first place of the points list.

“No, it’s possible.” A student pointed out sharply, “As long as we can eliminate the first place.”

On camera, Eric apparently came to the same conclusion.

Eric’s teammate Liam advised, “Eric, since you’re determined to get to 170, you’ll have a better chance of winning if we’re with you.” 

But Eric just shook his head, he did not hesitate to say, “The reason why I was not willing to help them go to the siege before, besides the fact that it is not cost-effective, I do not approve.” He loaded his weapon on his body, “A group of people bullying a person in the field, or a crazy beauty, is really shameful. Since I can’t avoid a battle with him nowadays, I should fight one on one openly and honestly. If I end up losing, it only means that I’m not as skilled as others, and I have no complaints about being eliminated.”

The smile on Liam’s face was a bit stagnant.

It really didn’t make sense with this kind of people, at this critical moment would still talk about what was a fair fight. The 1st Imperial Military Academy people were really all thick headed.

“So how are you going to get to him?”

Eric replied, “Everyone is avoiding him, and his location is no secret.”

Indeed, they were avoiding Baylor. Baylor himself had found out. Even if he could occasionally intercept one or two people, the surrounding teams would soon get word to flee quickly. That’s why it took so long for his points to increase by nine.

His speed had become slower, not to mention that it had also become more strenuous.

Baylor missed the scene last night when thirty people came to the door by themselves. It was so effortless at that time, but now he had to find them one by one, and they were still hiding from him, just like playing hide-and-seek.

At the moment Baylor and Kana were resting in a cave, Baylor was rubbing his sore muscles, while watching Kana organize the clues they grabbed. Suddenly he said, “You stay here for the rest of the day.”

Kana looked up, a little surprised, “Huh? Why?”

Baylor turned around and used his dagger to pluck away the vines that were hanging down, the cave was hidden, under a hill. After confirming that no one was nearby, he sat back and raised his chin at the pile of clues, “You stay here and unravel these clues.”

Didn’t he care at all about solving the mission puzzle?

Kana asked confused, “Baylor you’re not going to keep saving points?” To solve the clues meant that he wanted to pass the level, didn’t he?

Baylor clasped his hands and said expressionlessly, “It’s too much trouble to save points now, and those people are too timid to hide. Let’s get it over with.”

Kana opened the scoreboard and saw the second place, she cautiously asked, “This 301 is a bit more than you, but if you finish the test early, he will not catch up? For example, a person eliminating all the remaining candidates, or something like that.”

But after thinking about it, she felt that such an idea was a bit ridiculous, how could anyone do such a thing?

“It’s a possibility.” Baylor said.

Kana was stunned, “Huh?”

Baylor said gently, “So we have to eliminate this person before it’s over.”

By eliminating this second-place finisher, basically no one could overtake him in points.

No one expected Baylor and Eric to think of the same thing, and the students in the large classroom were surprised, but filled with the excitement of watching.

“Oh hell! It’s a fight! There’s going to be a fight!”

“Holy shit! I can’t be the only one watching a good show like this, hurry up and call my roommate over.” So immediately began to spread the news in the major groups.

“I will not leave this classroom today!” One student decided loudly, “I have to see them finish the fight today!”

And this was not only found in the 1st Imperial Military Academy, but also in all the military schools.

“Austin, they say there’s a good show, so come with us and watch.” Inside Imperial National Military Academy, a student of noble origin said this to a new acquaintance, an exchange student from planet TL7.

Austin had been trying to fit into the upper class social circles since he came here, so when he heard the invitation, he didn’t ask what the play was and nodded, “Sure.”

“Then let’s hurry, my friend has reserved a seat for us.”

Austin was slightly stunned, still needed to save a seat? So popular?

As it turned out, it was indeed very hot.

The large classroom that could accommodate four hundred people surprisingly had few empty seats, even the stairway between the seats had people sitting on them, the door was even crowded to go inside.

“People in front of you don’t block the aisle, just move forward a bit.” The person who was blocking the doorway said impatiently.

And Austin and the others kept pushing forward, “Excuse me, excuse me.”

Austin was confused by the hustle and bustle, “What’s going on here? Why are there so many people?”

They finally found the few seats their friend had reserved, “It’s the military test.” The student who invited Austin replied, “I heard that a very powerful newcomer has come to this examination, and now it’s going to be a duel with film emperor’s younger brother Eric, who is also a famous combat genius in all three military schools, and everyone wants to join the fun.” They said with a wink, “Now there are people on the forum who have opened bets on who will win.”

Austin had heard of Eric, a Class A Alpha who had received excellent scores on all exams, and was also a Class A in mental ability testing, so he had already started training in mecha sensing in third year. This made Austin curious about the identity of the other person.

“A very powerful newcomer? And what school is he from?” He asked, looking at the live screen that was broadcasting Eric’s side of the situation.

“I don’t know.” The student replied, “It doesn’t seem to be in any of the military schools, and I don’t know where he came from, which is why everyone is so surprised, and he’s very pretty…” At that moment the screen cut to the other person involved, and she quickly patted Austin, “That’s him!”

Then she found Austin staring at the screen with a dumbfounded look on his face, and even the school bag in his hand fell to the ground. She thought Austin was just stunned by the beauty of the man on the screen, and she asked, “Well, isn’t he pretty? Look at his face and you wouldn’t think he’d be that tough.”

Turning back, she herself looked at the big screen, and at the moment the live Baylor had left the place where he was originally hiding and was walking towards the central swampy plain area.

Looking at that mini-map, the two were surprisingly approaching each other gradually. She was looking forward to the summit duel later, but also very hateful, “How come no one has found information about this 170 yet? This year’s netizens are really too bad!”

However, what she didn’t know was that she was sitting next to someone who knew Baylor’s identity. Austin’s eyes were straight, he couldn’t believe his eyes, he looked and looked carefully to make sure he really wasn’t mistaken, but it was impossible to be mistaken, that kind of a face that was disgusting to look at, there couldn’t be a second one besides Baylor. But why did Baylor appear in the military examination? And actually attracted the attention of so many people?

He looked around, these students were all noblemen and officers’ sons of the Ya’an Empire, and their status was either rich or noble, and they were the people he wanted to make friends with. But at the moment these people’s eyes were all on the same person, and they were all praising the amazed gaze. They were even inquiring about Baylor’s identity and wanting to make his acquaintance.


What he craved, Baylor had without effort again! The general’s acceptance, the appreciation of these aristocratic sons. On what basis? Baylor was just an F-class omega, an outcast of their country! How can he get such a chance to be in the limelight?!

Austin’s lips were pursed, and his face was suddenly dark. Clenching his fist, he once again turned his gaze to the person on the screen, his cantharized eyes filled with jealousy and resentment and doubt. There must be a mistake somewhere…

The student who was with Austin noticed that Austin looked a little off and she asked with concern, “Austin, are you okay? Are you not feeling well?”

Austin tried to hide his emotions, even tried to squeeze out a smile, but in the end could only settle on an extremely distorted expression, “No, I’m fine…”

His companion looked at the very stiff smile and couldn’t help but move a little to the side with hair on his back, “Okay… Okay, well, let’s watch it live.”

After about half an hour or so, the impatient students had begun to do their homework, or were chatting about the amazing battle earlier, and some were brushing up on the forum. It was like a food market with all the noise.

Suddenly, however, a student shouted, “Look! They’re going to meet!”

The classroom suddenly went silent, and then boiled over again.

“It’s true! They’re going to meet just through the woods to the plain!”

“It’s only 3,000 meters away!”

“Hurry up if you want to vote, the bets on the forum will be closed soon!”

“I’ll press a wave of Eric, although this 170 is very strong, but Eric is after all A-class Alpha, and those candidates before were not at his level.”

And there were obviously more than just one or two who hold such thoughts, currently 80% of the forum’s bets believed that Eric would win.

Just at this moment they suddenly noticed that Baylor, who was walking slowly, suddenly stopped and began to do warm-up movements.

The students who had not seen Baylor fight before were confused, “What’s he doing?”

Someone laughed, “It’s cute to be doing warm-up exercises so seriously, just like a child.”

“No… Ah, is he going to do all the moves?”

On the big screen, Baylor listened to the footsteps that did not dodge away but were gradually approaching him as he stretched the muscles of his legs and back and started moving his joints again, from his shoulders to his ankles, with meticulous movements.

This made the audience, who had been waiting for Baylor to collide with Eric, very anxious and angry, and they were almost scratching their ears, urging, “Is he done yet? It’s getting late and he’s still doing his prep work.”

But Baylor, as if deliberately against them, took his time to finish the whole set of preparatory movements and dawdled for ten minutes. And these ten minutes for these anxious people were like years. They want to go straight into the screen and push people forward!

Finally, Baylor finished his toe wraps and stopped moving. He opened his medical bag and took the last of the painkillers.

As soon as he took off his backpack, he threw it at the base of a tree. The next second, he grabbed his dagger and pistol, with a speed that was as fast as the previous two, rushed forward, like a stray arrow.

Eric, who had already walked to the perimeter of the swamp, suddenly felt a storm-like murderous aura, and that murderous aura was closing in on him at an alarming rate. He immediately took out his weapon, a long knife and gun, ready, a few gunshots tore through the air, Eric immediately quickly dived a roll to dodge.

The wet mud wrapped around his combat suit, he just suffered a crouching body, a look up, a dagger reflecting the sunlight has reached their own front, he immediately reversed the grip on his knife.

‘Clang’ sounded as the two weapons hit with a flash of sparks.

After the dagger, Baylor unsurprisingly hooked the corners of his mouth, “Yo, it’s really you, military school genius.” 

The only one who can come to himself at this juncture was the genius of the military academy who wanted the first place, and there was no one else.

Eric narrowed his eyes, looking at the flower-like face close at hand, he laughed self-deprecatingly, “I wouldn’t dare to call myself a genius in front of you, what are you?”

Baylor raised his eyebrows slightly, taking advantage of the gravity of his falling weight, he increased the power on his dagger, then he replied, “Me? I’m just a canary.”

A canary kept in a cage, pretty and fragile, with no ability to do anything but please people. This was what they said about Baylor before the test even started. It seemed that the other knew what he was talking about.

Eric’s gaze once again fell on the black blocker on his opponent’s neck, and he raised his leg and kicked it upward without mercy, forcing Baylor to step back.

If Baylor was a canary, then even if he took a mountain down to make a cage, it may not be able to hold him. And that had to be the level of the suppression of the beast.

Baylor a backflip jump away to avoid the other’s attack. Although he was just relaxed chatting with people, he did not take it lightly. He did not know Eric was an A-class Alpha, but he could feel the strong aura that was different from the next person. This military school genius was not a fancy man.

Baylor slightly hooked the corner of his mouth and forced himself forward again.

The handle of the gun hammered, finger hooked on the trigger, the muzzle of the gun aimed at Eric as he shot, and then immediately dagger followed forward.

Even after taking painkillers, his muscles in various parts of the body still kept wailing as if they were going to fall apart in the next second, but Baylor didn’t show any difference, and even at this moment he didn’t put those pains in his eyes at all. His brain was like a brutal and unreasonable boss, allowing only one-sided communication, it gave orders, the body was responsible for the implementation, as for the feedback from the body is forced by the brain to isolate out.

This was Baylor in battle.

His five senses were strengthened to a critical point, Baylor’s eyes tightly captured his opponent’s subtle muscle movements, and then predicted the opponent’s attack. His ears heard every weapon’s creaking sound, and even the opponent’s every breath and heartbeat.

Eric’s dynamic vision was also very strong, coupled with his excellent physical qualities, his movements were faster and more powerful than Baylor.

Only he couldn’t hit Baylor.

The two of them shot at each other, the sound of gunshots was tight and rhythmic, the long knives and short daggers danced like shooting stars, and the attacks and dodging movements were dazzling.

There was silence in the large classroom watching the live broadcast. Even the sound of breathing was inaudible. They did not dare to speak, but their hearts were full of shock.

Was this a battle between people their own age? Even one of them was actually an omega. He actually fought with an A-rank alpha, and fought to a standstill?


Author’s Note: 

Student: I have to see them finish the fight today!

Author: No, you can’t, because the author hasn’t finished writing.


I’m not sure if the medicine is too strong or if this fall is too good for sleeping, it’s just impossible to stay awake! The next chapter is definitely going to get this test over!!!


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December 29, 2022 1:22 am

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December 29, 2022 8:31 pm

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Every time I read ‘Ya’an Empire’ I can’t help thinking of it as the phonetic equivalent of ‘Yawn Empire’. And then I want to yawn.

May 22, 2023 11:43 pm

it would be even better if baylor is fully healed, he’d definitely defeat all. but this is great too, showcasing skills despite injury

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