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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


Finally, Alfonso announced to everyone that it was Baylor’s mental power testing pod that had gone wrong, and that the results were in for the rest of them, except for Baylor, who needed to stay for another test. The recruits were relieved to hear this result, and they were filled with joy as they pieced their worldview back together.

“It’s true that there was a problem with the testing pod.”

“I told you how could that happen?”

“But how come it’s only his pod?”

“Just bad luck.”

Alfonso looked at the undisciplined recruits, who were all in the same boat at the beginning, and he cleared his throat as a matter of habit, yelling at the fifty recruits, “Who gave you permission to start talking?!”

The line went silent as chickens.

With his boots on the floor, Alfonso looked at the group in front of him, pacing back and forth, the dull sound of his footsteps passing through his eardrums, directly on the heart of the recruits, “When you enter the military, you are soldiers, tighten your skin! All those lazy and casual habits, leave them outside the walls!” Alfonso reprimanded, “In the future, until I say dismissed, whoever does not follow the rules again, go run fifteen laps!”

The recruits from the major military academies knew the rules, and they immediately responded loudly, “Yes, military instructor!”

Alfonso stood with his hands behind his back, he turned his gaze to Baylor, compared to his teammates beside him, his body shape was small and scrawny, and looked a little thin. The appearance under his hat would make everyone around him freeze.

This kind of person in the military environment was simply out of place.

Alfonso was clear that the other side of the test results were not wrong, this was really a S-class spiritual power soldier, and also this year’s honorary newcomer. I really do not know how far he will grow in the future.

“These five days are mainly for you to familiarize yourselves with the military department and conduct tests. Five days later, the official training will begin, the day before the official training, go to check in the dormitory, the dormitory information is in your acceptance letter, confirm yourself.”

After announcing the arrangements for the next few days, Alfonso said, “That’s it for today, dismissed.”

“Yes, military instructor!”

“Baylor, you stay here.” Alfonso called out to Baylor, then under the concerned eyes of the crowd, he said, “You need to retest your mental power.”

Baylor nodded plaintively, “Oh.”

Since they hadn’t checked into their dorm yet, they would have to go home after they were dismissed, and the military students might still need to go back to school, after all, they hadn’t completely graduated.

Kana walked up to Baylor, “Baylor, go for the mental strength test!”

Although the afternoon’s excellent performance was actually because of the malfunction of the detection module, it made her feel a little pity, but she believed that Baylor would be able to obtain an excellent score. After all, Baylor was very strong.

It’s just a pity that she couldn’t see it with her own eyes.

After thinking about it, she couldn’t help but urge, “Baylor, you mustn’t push yourself! Press the button if you can’t hold on!”

Listen to the words almost the same as Sean said.

“…” Baylor’s mouth twitched, “Got it.”

Is he that worrisome? He was a very mature sentinel.

Following Alfonso into the military building, Baylor realized they weren’t going back to where they had been testing their mental powers this afternoon, but to Sean’s office.

“Military instructor Sean is waiting for you inside.”

Baylor frowned, “I thought they said they were going to retest?”

“Later, military instructor Sean will explain the situation to you.”

Baylor didn’t doubt this claim of a malfunctioning detection pod. Because he himself felt relaxed and thought it was not quite normal.

At that time the data cable connected to himself, he did feel a wave of current from the connection port of the data cable, and then caused a shock to his mental power. But other than that, there was nothing more.

What Baylor felt when he was inside the pod was the same state he was in during his daily battles – mental power to strengthen his five senses, highly sensitive to the information gathered from his surroundings, and his brain running at high speed to process the information.

To say what was different, was that on a regular basis he mobilized his own mental energy, while in the pod, it forced him to mobilize mental energy.

And Baylor inside the pod, always thought that it was just a kind of warm-up, and then waited for the test pod to give himself a ‘proper meal’. But wait and wait, Baylor’s patience exhausted, and simply went out himself. That’s why he said he was bored.

After Baylor entered the office, Sean beckoned him to sit across from him.

Baylor asked, “When’s the retest?” Then he said with contempt, “I can’t believe the testing bay is malfunctioning in your military department.”

“It’s not ‘your military department’, it’s ‘our military department’.” Sean had not long returned from Ewan’s side, looking at the other party – Baylor, originally Sean was full of thoughts on Baylor’s mental power level, but now all turned into anxious and helpless to Ewan.

He was almost 50 years old, how can he still have endless worries? However, Sean also knows that there were some things he was anxious about, but also useless. He had been giving advice for so many years, but he hadn’t seen Ewan waver, and as soon as Baylor appeared, he hadn’t said anything, and Ewan had begun to waver.

The youth in front of him was the key.

“There is no problem with your spirituality test.” Sean said somewhat distractedly, “The final results have also come out, based on your performance, we decided that your mental power level is S,” but does Baylor himself know how important he is to Ewan?

Baylor was surprised, he lowered his eyebrows, “Not that the detection chamber malfunctioned?”

If it didn’t malfunction… So in fact, what they call a high-intensity information energy storm is his usual state of mobilizing mental energy? But saying that, it seemed reasonable.

“That’s just an excuse…” Here, Sean put his thoughts away and said, “There are times when being too special will only make you a target. For your protection, we concealed your results, claiming that it was a malfunction in the detection chamber.”

“To protect me?”

“Yes… If anyone knew that you stayed inside the testing pod for nearly forty minutes and still came out as if nothing happened, believe me, the place you will stay in the future is not the military department, but a prison.” Sean spread his hands and used them as a gesture, “Whether you stay in the institute and get studied, or because you are scorned to □ up, it’s a cage for you.”

Baylor frowned as he clasped his hands together with a puzzled look, “Am I acting special?”

“…” Sean didn’t expect Baylor to be unaware of this, mainly because he hadn’t thought of Baylor as coming from another world and lacking the common sense of this one. He said with a headache, “Very special.” After saying that, he asked curiously, “Do you really feel nothing about the psychic testing?”

Sean just said he was acting special, so shouldn’t he pretend? Baylor raised his eyebrows, then he opened his eyes and said, “No, I think it’s painful.”

Sean said without hesitation, “You don’t pretend when you should, and there’s no use pretending now, honestly.”

“Oh, it’s boring.” Baylor once again told the truth about his feelings.

It was still shocking to hear it again. Sean asked, “So you could have actually stayed in the testing bay? Why did you come out at that point?”

Baylor said honestly, “I was tired of sitting and waiting.” It was tiring and, well, boring to be in there all the time.

“…” That’s so Versailles. And also, too honest. Sean stared speechlessly for half a second before muttering, “No wonder Ewan is so worried about you.”

Baylor’s brow pressed, “He’s worried?”

“You don’t know? He ordered the secrecy of this incident, and I see by his appearance, it shouldn’t be the first time to protect you like this.”

Not the first time…What else did Ewan know?


“General…” Weifield looked at the clock, it was already 10:30 p.m., and Ewan had just finished a meeting with the captain of the seventh squad. Wasn’t the general going back early these days?

Because Mr. Baylor was there.

“General, it’s already 10:30, don’t you want to go back?”

Ewan leaned back and relaxed slightly, but he had no intention of leaving.

“Where’s the report on Wellin’s investigation into the source of the interstellar pirate weapons?” He asked.

There really didn’t seem to be any intention of going back. Weifield pulled the report out of the information vault. Earlier they talked to Baylor about Wellin going out on a mission to investigate the source of the weapons of the group of interstellar pirates that attacked Crusader.

An unusual armed force of that size must have been backed by someone.

Wellin’s investigation has been slightly progress, Ewan while browsing the report, while Weifield said, “You go back.”

Weifield wanted to say something, but finally just said, “Yes, General.”

The silent time took on a substance under the clock, especially when the trajectory became clearer with deliberate attention.

At 11:30 PM. Ewan turned off the lights and drove the hover car out of the military headquarters. He did not go back, but went to a very strange place.

The cloud island in the sky – a cemetery built in the sky. Because of the sleepless lights, the cemetery looks like a star in the sky from afar. After stepping on the cloud island and identity verification, Ewan walked straight to his target place with no expression. Obviously, he had never been here since the funeral, but he still clearly remembered the location of that person.

The expensive cemetery must have excellent service, even if no one visits the tombstone for years they would still be immaculate. The tombstone was like a small imaging screen, which constantly played the owner’s life photos.

There was one owner who always makes people pass by and stop to feel sorry for him.

That was a very distinguished-looking omega, pale face and melancholy and elegant eyebrows unforgettable to see.

Josh Wimble. Twelve years ago, he had jumped to his death and killed himself at the age of 35.

Ewan stood in front of his tombstone, looking at the empty altar, no flowers, no gifts. Even after his death,he was silent.

Ewan was not surprised to see this, the light swept down the remnants of his body, as if to pull him into the night together. He did not say a word, even the expression was very silent, no sadness, no joy, looking at the person on the tombstone, as if looking at a stranger calm.


Baylor had wanted to wait for Ewan to return and ask him something. But until late at night, he did not see Ewan. And, he didn’t see him for the next few days.

Four days later, Weifield came to pick up the man in the afternoon, “Mr. Baylor, I’ve come to pick you up and report to the dormitory.” 

Baylor was looking for a drink of water in the kitchen when he unscrewed the cap hard and asked, “Where’s Ewan?”

“The general is very busy with the recent mission, so I’m afraid he won’t be able to see Mr. Baylor off.” Weifield replied reassuringly, “The general is thinking of Mr. Baylor, and knowing that today is the day you will be moving to your quarters, he asked me to help you.”

Giving himself a sip of ice-cold water, Baylor turned and headed upstairs, “I’ve got my hands and feet, it’s just a move, I don’t need help.” He called out, “Super Wolf, let’s go.”

Super Wolf ‘owled in response.

Downstairs, Weifield faintly stared and looked around. Super Wolf, who was that talking about? 

Since he was an honorary newcomer, Baylor was able to enjoy a room by himself and did not need to share it with others. Compared to Ewan’s place, this room was obviously much more modest, but Baylor didn’t really care.

Super Wolf, on the other hand, found the room a bit cramped, just a small single room, too little space for him to move around. So it circled around, not very satisfied as it let out a ‘whimper’.

It preferred Ewan’s large compound, with the lawn and pool.

Baylor squatted down and gave it a heavy pat on the head as he narrowed his eyes, “Spineless.” His calm tone was thick with sarcasm, “You want to stay there when everyone else is kicking you out?”

Super Wolf was held down and could not lift its head, and could only look upward with two innocent eyes. It wailed a few times. It said it didn’t think Ewan would kick them out. But unfortunately, it did not regain its spiritual connection with Baylor now, and what it said, Baylor could not understand.

“Don’t owl, we’ll buy a big house ourselves when the time comes.”

Super Wolf, who was still in a somewhat low mood, perked up his ears at the words, then took the initiative to rub his head against Baylor’s hand.

This one will do. 

It was true that there was a mission visit, and Ewan had indeed been a bit busy with diplomatic activities recently. But Weifield knew very well that Ewan was deliberately not meeting Baylor. After all, as the Secretary General, he knew very well that although Ewan was busy, but not so busy that he had to stay overnight at the military headquarters for five days in a row.

He just didn’t know what kind of conflict was going on between General and Mr. Baylor.

“General, he has arrived at the dormitory.” Standing outside the dormitory, Weifield reported to Ewan.

Ewan was walking out of the conference room at the moment, and he lowered his eyes, “Okay.” After a pause, he asked, “Did you say anything?”

Weifield reported truthfully, “Not much, he was very quiet the whole time.”

He just didn’t seem to be in a good mood.

Ewan frowned slightly as he stood by the window, looking in the direction of the military quarters, “He hasn’t been anywhere else lately?”

“No, every day after leaving the military headquarters he goes straight back, and hasn’t gone anywhere.”

A slight exhale, it seems Julius was not bothering Baylor anymore. Ewan made a muffled sound from deep in his throat, indicating that he knew.

At night, Baylor sat up in bed after showering and looked at the training schedule that had been sent down. Wake up at six in the morning, training starts at seven, tomorrow morning was basic fitness training, the afternoon was shooting. The day after that was a weekend off.

It was very similar to his old routine in the tower. There was a feeling of training back in the tower.

At that moment, Super Wolf, who was lying under the bed, suddenly stood up and walked out.

Baylor looked up and instructed, “Don’t make any trouble. If you do, you won’t be allowed to go out for three days.”

Super Wolf went through the wall. Baylor’s room was on the fifth floor, but outside there was a big tree with a red bunch of flowers like cherries. Super Wolf jumped up to the window at the end of the corridor, and the person standing next to the window suddenly felt a gust of wind. Then it leapt downward in the air and jumped lightly onto the branches of the tree. He then leapt downward, lightly, through the branches, left and right, and gradually descended.

The leaves sucked, as some of the already wobbly leaves fell in the fall, and Super Wolf landed easily on the ground under the rain of leaves, licking his paws as he darted in one direction. Then it found a familiar car on a corner by the dormitory.

With a tightening of its powerful leg muscles, it leapt, ‘bang’, onto the hood of the car.

Then the dog’s face disliked the windshield and its tongue licked it.

“…” Ewan resigned himself to opening the car door, “Dragon Hunter, get down.” He and Baylor still call it differently nowadays.

Super Wolf got in through the open door, then stepped on the car seat to Ewan’s side, his dog nose sniffing constantly, tracking where Ewan had been recently and who he had seen. Luckily, there were no other dogs out there.

Ewan skillfully touched the dog’s head, the tone was calm, “Do not make trouble in the military department. You can not tear things. If you want to tear something up, go back home.” In the military department, if Super Wolf made a big scene, then it would be difficult to clean up.

After a moment’s hesitation, he asked, “Is your master angry?”

Super Wolf lifted his head and barked. He couldn’t understand.

Ewan spread his hands and said, “Left hand yes, right hand no.”

Super Wolf decisively put his paws on Ewan’s left hand.

After putting it on, he lifted it up again and heavily scratched his left hand with his paw.

Very angry.

Ewan’s lips tightened into a straight line.


“This morning is the basic physical training. I hope you can understand one thing, no matter how gorgeous your combat skills, the body’s explosive power and endurance can not last. In the battlefield, the end result is only death. You must pay attention to the physical foundation!” Inside training field No. 1, Alfonso’s mid-range voice resounded through almost the entire training field. “First 15 laps of the big playground!” 

Those who can pass the test are not ordinary people, so there was no need to start training from the most basic requirements. The 67th recruits who used the same training field, also Baylor their previous class, “I heard that there is a very strong newcomer in this class.” 

As they ran, they talked quietly.

“There are one or two in every class, it’s normal.” The person next to him replied.

“But this term… The number of people who passed the test is also too small, only 50.” They passed 120 in that term, which directly cut more than half.

“So who’s that awesome newcomer…?”

They looked distractedly at the group that was running together, which had already run 10 laps by now, and there was one person who was very prominent.

But it wasn’t because he was powerful, but because he was too weak.

“I didn’t see a powerful newcomer, but I saw a beautiful waste.” Looking at the person who was gradually lagging behind at the very end of the group and gradually pulling away from the large group in front of them, they snickered.

“This is only the 10th lap, and he’s too weak.”

Wearing his training uniform, Baylor’s mouth was half open, panting heavily with an extremely ugly expression.

15 laps, not much. But for him now, it was too much. His chest almost exploded, and seeing that he had already pulled away from the people in front of him by two hundred meters, Baylor gritted his teeth and hardened his pace.

Baylor’s contemporaries had also been silently watching Baylor, after all, Baylor had been the most outstanding performer among them. They had expected Baylor to be in the lead at the beginning, but instead of being in the lead, Baylor was at the end.

And it looked like he was in a lot of pain. This made them look at each other in amazement. It was just a warm-up, wasn’t it? However, the next thing they noticed was that it wasn’t just this one training task that Baylor was doing poorly on.

Push-ups, single bar pull-ups, frog jumps…

Baylor was almost always the worst at these basic physical tasks.

He couldn’t hold up after 10 sets of push-ups, he only completed half of the pull-ups, and he completed two-thirds of the frog-jumps. Finally, others have finished all the physical training and started to rest, Baylor was still gritting his teeth to make up for the tasks he left behind.

And that look, look at it was very forced, his movements gradually deformed.

Kana finished, she was panting standing next to Baylor, her gaze surprised and worried, Baylor is okay… But is his physical ability this bad?

Although today’s task volume was also a little forced for her, she thinks she was already very weak, but did not expect Baylor to actually be weaker than her.

Is he sick and not feeling well? Kana turned her head to look and found Alfonso looking at Baylor with a blue face. He must have been angry at Baylor’s performance…

It was already lunch time and Alfonso said to those who had completed their tasks, “Dismissed, meet at the firing range at 1:30 pm.”

“Yes, military instructor.”

The team next door had also finished their morning training and was dismissed.

The soldiers left in groups of two or three, and the former soldiers looked at Baylor, who had been left alone to complete the task, and laughed, “How could such a loser pass the test this year?”

“Yeah, I thought they eliminated a lot of people this year, how did he pass?”

The soldiers who were at the same time as Baylor heard this and spat in their hearts, This ‘loser’ you are talking about is the culprit for the high elimination rate of this year’s examination.

But they also feel very puzzled about Baylor’s performance. If they had not experienced the test, they could not imagine that the person who was there at the moment like a limp shrimp would be so strong.

Alfonso walked up to Baylor, who was still barely doing pull-ups, and frowned, “Come on, get down.”

Baylor gritted his teeth, his hands were trembling, taking in the words of those people, he ignored the wailing of his body and continued to resist the planet’s gravitational pull upwards.

When Alfonso saw that Baylor was ignoring him, he said angrily, “Your movements are not standard, so it’s a waste of effort to do it.”

The words struck Baylor, his face as dyed black ink, he let go of the hand, almost fell off the bar, and in the moment of landing, because of the weakness of the leg muscles, he almost failed to stand and fell to his knees.

“I don’t know what kind of training program military instructor Sean gave you.” Alfonso watched Baylor barely stabilize his body, he slackened his face, “I also do not know how high your combat talent is, but a person who relies on his talent, absolutely can not survive in the battlefield. Combat ability is a comprehensive quality, don’t think that you can always win simply by virtue of your mental strength and combat skills. No matter how beautiful a fist is without power, it’s all flowery fists and legs. The morning’s training is over, later I will set you physical task goals individually according to your situation, go eat.”

“No need.” Baylor, who had been silent, spoke with an expressionless face, “I don’t need to lighten the task load.” Raising his eyes, he looked straight at Alfonso, and under those peachy eyes was suppressed anger, like a volcano about to erupt, “I’ll do the same task today.”

After saying that, he shook off his hand, jumped upward and gripped the single pole again.

Alfonso’s tone was stern and he snorted, “Do as you wish, but I’m telling you, there’s practice this afternoon, and even if you get hurt, I won’t let you take time off.”

In his opinion, it was just Baylor’s gambling remarks.

Alfonso wasn’t interested in cajoling the kid and just turned around and left.

Kana finished her meal and found that Baylor didn’t even go to the cafeteria to eat. She hesitated and returned to Training Field No. 1 with a bottle of nutrition solution.

Inside Training Ground No. 1, Baylor was lying on the ground, his chest rising and falling violently. With wide eyes, she hurriedly ran over, “Baylor, are you okay?”

Baylor had one arm over his eyes, his body so exhausted that he didn’t even bother to move a finger.

“Have you been training here by yourself?” Kana asked in surprise.

“I’m done…”

Baylor’s voice was too low for Kana to hear, “What did you say?”

Baylor strained to move his hand away, the depths of his exposed eyes were full of obstinacy, “I’m done!”

Kana froze for a moment, then hesitantly cupped and applauded, “Congratulations!” She suddenly remembered the purpose of his return, “Come, here’s a nutrient solution.”

Now there was not enough time to go to the cafeteria to eat.

Baylor sat up with great effort, looking at the nutrient solution, hesitating for a second as he opened the cap. He said, “I’ll pay you back.” 

Baylor did not miss the afternoon shooting class, but he also almost stepped into the shooting range.

And just assembled, Alfonso announced, “Today’s shooting training content is stance shooting, you should already have been trained, I will not emphasize your posture, 25 people in a group, each group for a round of shooting for the next group, a round of 30 rounds, outside of seven rings is considered unqualified, failure rate of more than 40%, additional training for one hour.”

Baylor was assigned to the second group, he watched the group in front of him to shoot, tightly pressed down the frown.

The preference was for stance shooting… As the name implies, stance shooting was to maintain a standing position to shoot, which required a high degree of arm stability and recoil bearing.

However, after the reluctant training in the morning, Baylor even struggled to stand for a long time, not to mention the need to use the arm that shakes like a sieve to stabilize the gun’s aim, and the need to use the body to bear the recoil generated by the shooting.

At the end of the first group, Baylor picked up the firearm and raised his hand, and sure enough, the sights were shaking like a swing.

At the end of the 30 rounds, Baylor’s score was 80% off target, and the remaining 20% were almost all outside the seven-ring range. Only three shots were within seven rings, which was a pass.

The military instructor of the next class, who shared the range with them, stood next to Alfonso, “What’s up with this recruit?”

Alfonso frowned and held his disappointment and dissatisfaction as he walked right up to Baylor and said, “Your training is over for today, you’re just wasting bullets if you shoot again.”

“…” Baylor pursed his lips, the frustration from the morning until now, every shot was not at his command, not that he couldn’t see, but he couldn’t aim now. His heart was like a fire in his heart, and even every nasal breath he exhaled was hot, like a fire-breathing dragon. But he knew very well that his anger at the moment was not directed at Alfonso, nor at the soldiers who were laughing at him at the moment, but at himself.

He was too weak.

Oh no, part of this anger was also directed at Alfonso and the soldiers. Baylor’s temper wasn’t good enough to let himself be belittled like that. So when he heard Alfonso’s words, Baylor glanced at him coldly, then without a word, he turned around, grabbed the bullets from the nearby ammunition basket, and skillfully loaded them.

Alfonso was very unhappy with Baylor’s arbitrary actions, he frowned and said angrily, “I said…”

Immediately after, Baylor was seen suddenly lying on the ground in the prone position, shooting.

In the prone position, he could stabilize his arms, and his body could also take the recoil of the shot with the friction between the ground. The aiming action was fast, with only a fraction of a second between the ten rounds.

The sound of ten consecutive shots rang out, ten rounds all hit ten rings.

This was the same young man just now that could barely hit the target twice.

Those discussions on the shooting range suddenly stopped, including that next class’s military instructor, revealing a shocked expression. This shooting level was very powerful?

Baylor, because of muscle soreness and weakness, shook as he stood up. He put the gun to the side, then replied, “Okay. I will go rest.”

And then, under the dumbfounded looks of a group of people, without looking back, he went away.

It was indeed not suitable to continue training today. He might not be able to resist an outburst. Baylor was eager to go back to physical training, but he also knew he needed a break now.

Tomorrow and the next two days were the weekend, he could continue to train by himself.

But it was still early, and Baylor suddenly didn’t know what he should do if he didn’t continue training. His days had been monotonous, as they had been in the past and as they were now. Baylor frowned as he stood outside the training ground, suddenly feeling a tinge of confusion.

If it was before he might have gone to Ewan, but now he didn’t want to go to Ewan either.

Baylor’s cheeks tightened as he thought about Ewan’s recent distance, even shunning attitude toward him. He did not believe that he could only go to Ewan.

However, at this moment,he really needed the general. The terminal Baylor had just taken out of his jacket rang. It was a message from Julius. He looked at the message. Julius had asked him out for dinner this weekend.

Baylor thought for a second, then simply called.

In the middle of the painting room, Julius casually painted the canvas, the colors on the canvas looked messy, but also could make out the rough outline of a person, it was a fighting figure. And at this moment, his terminal suddenly rang, a slight sideways glance, see the name of the contact, he raised his eyebrows, revealing an unexpected look. Then he put down his brush and connected pleasantly, “Baylor, hello ~ what do you think of the proposal I just made?”

Julius originally thought that Baylor was training and would not receive a reply until at least the evening, but he did not expect Baylor to come to him so soon.

Listening to the content on the other end of the communication, Julius was slightly stunned, “Hmm? Today?”

So anxious? Although it was unexpected, Julius still replied in a gentle voice, “Of course today, since you have time today, let’s meet today.”

It was just a pity that the painting wouldn’t be ready for him in time for this meeting. Then let’s look at it on the way there and pick out a different gift, how can he meet a beauty without a gift?

Half an hour later, at the gates of the military headquarters, Baylor, dressed in civilian clothes, was about to leave when he was stopped by a soldier watching the gate, “Who are you?”

Baylor frowned, “A soldier who recently entered the military headquarters.”

“Soldiers need permission to leave, do you have permission?”

This was the first time he had heard of it. Baylor pushed down his impatience and asked, “What approval?”

“The approval of the military instructor to whom you belong.” The man said without comment, “You can’t leave without permission!”

Shit! Baylor turned around and left. Nothing had gone right today!

Baylor couldn’t go to Alfonso, so he contacted Sean directly, “I’m going out.”

Sean was sitting lazily on the couch and he asked casually, “Oh, sure, where are you going?”

“Sycamore Waterfall Restaurant.”

“Hmm?” Isn’t that a famous fine dining restaurant in the imperial capital?

Sean sat up straighter, “You’re going with Ewan?” How come he still needed to ask him for approval if he was going with Ewan?

At the name, a fire rose in Baylor’s heart, “No.” After retorting, he didn’t think it was enough and added with disgust, “Why should I go out to dinner with him?”

“…” Sean heard something wrong in these words, his eyes turned, “Not in a good mood today? If you want to go out for a break, go ahead. I’ll talk to the guards, just remember to come back early, but…” He paused, “You tell me who you go out with, so I can have a number in mind.”

Sean’s previous words succeeded in smoothing Baylor’s hair, so Baylor answered without much resistance, “The Prince.”

“… The prince.” Sean repeated it meaningfully, then quickly said, “Okay, you go ahead, I’ll talk to the guards now.”

Hanging up the communication with Baylor, Sean quickly informed the guards to release him as promised. While he was still talking, he was already on the terminal preparing to contact Weifield, but halfway through the action, he stopped abruptly and contacted another person instead.

“Alfonso, it’s me, I want to find out what happened to Baylor today.”

It was at this point that Sean started looking for Weifield’s contact information on the terminal. But he seemed to remember that Ewan didn’t seem to be in the empire today. He was in the next city, where there was a research center of the military department, responsible for researching the development and utilization of ancestral stones, and he happened to go there today to inspect.

Just out of the research room, Ewan saw Weifield’s face with a hesitant expression. He frowned slightly and did not want to pay attention to it, but Weifield’s expression was too high, and after ten minutes, Ewan let the accompanying researchers leave and asked impatiently, “If you have something to say, don’t look like you want to say it if you don’t want to.”

“…” Weifield, who had been given permission to speak, said decisively, “General, Mr. Baylor has gone to dinner with His Royal Highness.”

The hand that was flipping through the data gave a jerk.

After finishing the key points in a concise manner, Weifield unfolded and added the whole thing in one breath, “Mr. Baylor was in a bad mood today because his training didn’t go well, so he asked the crown prince to go to the Wutong Mountain Restaurant for a date.”

Having said that, Weifield cautiously asked, “General, are we going back?” He could go and get ready immediately.

Ewan raised his eyes coldly, and his low voice sounded like it was wrapped in a layer of ice slag, “Why should we go back?”

Weifield, “…” Of course it’s to go back and comfort someone, and then snatch them back.

“The data here is not right, go bring in the main researcher.” Ewan, as if completely unconcerned about what Weifield said, his finger fell on a line of data a little, as if the voice of the suppressed, but a touch of anger was just because of this unclear data.

Weifield could only go out and call someone.

When he turned to leave, Ewan looked down at the data, his eyes sunken to a frightening level, the researcher who wrote the data thought he was going to be eaten alive.


Baylor did not have his own transportation, Julius called someone to pick him up from the military. After being delivered to the Restaurant, as soon as he got out of the car, Baylor was led by the attendant who was already there and led him to the private room deep inside the restaurant.

This was a high-class restaurant where celebrities gathered and had a high degree of privacy, and most of the seats were in private rooms. But in fact, it was also because of the celebrities gathered in the high class restaurant, often meeting those from the same circle of acquaintances would increase.

Through the use of virtual imaging technology to simulate the real stone mountain stream corridor, Baylor felt like he was really in the mountains and forests. He was a little curious to look at this fake picture. If this technology was used on the battlefield, would it be able to directly confuse the enemy?

And at that moment, on the opposite side of the path from Baylor, through a shadow of trees, someone suddenly spoke out, “Baylor?”

Baylor footsteps, gaze shifted from those leaves to the person between the shadows of the trees, smelling the A-grade alpha pheromone mixed with the smell of water mist trees, Baylor recognized the other party’s still decent face.

“Military school genius.”

Eric gave a bitter laugh, guessing that Baylor had forgotten his name, and he affirmed again, “My name is Eric.”

Walking through the false woods, Eric walked directly up to Baylor and he asked, “What a surprise, what are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be training at the military this time of year?”

That was a lot to ask.

Baylor narrowed his eyes and asked in an unfriendly tone, “This is a restaurant. If I’m not here to eat, am I here to see the view?”

Eric realized that he had asked a stupid question, he smiled sarcastically, “Yes, I like the food here, but it’s a pity that I’m out with my brother today, otherwise I could invite you to join me…”

Just then, a call came from the side, “Eric, where are you?”

Baylor’s nostrils twitched and the irritation that had been building up all day subsided a little.

It was right to go out for a stroll.


The author has something to say: 

In case anyone doesn’t remember, Eric’s brother is the film emperor.


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So, maybe Ewan was in love but their relationship ended in tragedy? And, because of that, he won’t try again?

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