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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


Standing at the other end of the virtual woods, a man in a suit has one hand in his pants pocket. In his trouser pocket, the face of the elegant and noble could be seen on the screen from time to time.

Even Baylor recognized the other man.

It was the film emperor.

When he was bored at Ewan’s, he also watched a few of his films.

Baylor recalled, Nord said to him, Eric was the film emperor’s younger brother. But what Baylor did not think was that this film emperor actually also had the guide element. This was the so-called inadvertent will to grow. He did not expect to just go out for a walk, and also have an unexpected harvest.

“Eric, why are you over there?” Aynor looked at the younger brother who ran to the other end of the path, lowered his eyebrows, and then he saw Baylor beside Eric. Even though he had seen a lot of beauties in the entertainment industry, he could not help but show a stunned look.

But that was only a brief lapse, Aynor thought of his younger brother’s usual personality that loved to mess with omegas and immediately understood. Glancing towards Eric, Aynor said, “Come here later yourself.”

Eric guessed that his brother misunderstood, and quickly shouted, “Brother, no, this, this is my friend!”

Baylor frowned, “Who’s your friend?” 

Do they know each other that well?

Aynor left with a start, not because he believed Eric’s story, but because he felt his younger brother was not right today. If you hook up with someone, why are you still pretending in front of him today?

Eric explained, “This is number 170, the candidate I told you about before, his name is Baylor.”

Aynor turned around, his eyes fell on Baylor again, looking at the face of the entertainment industry as the face of the ceiling, he made a meaningful sound. Lifting his feet, he crossed the virtual image and came to the pathway where Baylor and Eric were, standing between Baylor and Eric, he raised his eyebrows slightly at Baylor, “So it was you who eliminated Eric.”

Aynor’s sudden approach caused Baylor to catch more clearly the smell of mahogany pheromone on the other side, and Baylor could feel his mental energy becoming calm and stable under this pheromone.

Previously, he would subconsciously think that this was the guide element, but at the moment, perhaps because he had realized that this may not be related to the guide, Baylor immediately identified this as an alpha pheromone. It was an alpha pheromone of very high purity.

Baylor understood, and he said with certainty, “You’re an S-class alpha.”

His guess was not wrong, the S-class alpha pheromone in this world had a calming effect on his mental power. That was not a guide element at all, and they were not guides.

Eric heard these words and suddenly his face changed, he subconsciously looked at his brother.

Aynor’s mercurial eyes lowered, but he didn’t retort, his voice sinking down, “How do you know?”

What was wrong with this man?

Baylor felt the sudden hostility coming from Aynor, and after a moment of confusion, his wan pupils tinged with a hint of displeasure, “Heh, is this some kind of unspeakable secret?” 

One sniff and you smell it.

“Yes, it’s a secret.” Aynor’s voice was low to slightly hoarse as he stared intently at Baylor, “Not many people know that, how do you know?” He asked again, with the air of a man who had broken the casserole.

What Baylor did not know was that Aynor had always claimed to be a B-class alpha, even the interstellar encyclopedia was also registered as B-class, and because no one could accurately determine the pheromone level without the use of instruments, so far not many people know that the film emperor was an S-class alpha.

But he accidentally broke this ‘secret’.

Baylor subconsciously wanted to say he smelled it, but he suddenly remembered what Sean said to himself, he could do a lot of things that people in this world couldn’t do.

With a shallow, light voice, Baylor replied casually, “I guessed.”

Now that he had learned that the pheromone of the S-class alpha was helpful to his spiritual power, Baylor would not dwell on this one alpha that was hostile to him. He swept past Aynor and prepared to leave.

However, just a moment after brushing his shoulder, his wrist was grabbed vigorously and his sore muscles were tugged. Baylor’s eyes crossed as a cold sword was sheathed, and he looked obliquely at Aynor who grabbed him.

“You…” He was about to ‘persuade’ the other party to hurry up and let go, however the lights in the corridor suddenly went out. The holographic projections on either side also flickered twice before reluctantly disappearing.

Baylor’s nerves immediately alerted and attached his mental energy to his ears and eyes, and in this dark corridor, he saw the panicked look of the attendant leading him and heard the sound of commotion coming from not far away.

“What’s going on here?”

“Where’s the manager!”

“Is the power supply system out of order?”

The attendant who was leading the way turned around and said to Baylor, “Don’t worry, sir, I’ll contact the restaurant staff right away.”

Baylor listened to the commotion mixed with a voice, he pulled back his wrist from the dazed Aynor’s hand, “No need to contact.”

The attendant was unsure. Next to him, Eric and Aynor did not understand Baylor’s words.

Baylor said, “The power outage is artificial, the restaurant is being held hostage.”

From those sparse customers complaining, a few solemn whispers stood out.

“The police officers have been notified and the doors have been sealed. The target has been located and is now beginning to gather hostages in the restaurant in preparation for negotiating with the military ministry.”


Sycamore Waterfall Restaurant was a famous high-class restaurant in the imperial capital. The people who could enter and exit here were rich or noble. It was the preferred place to entertain VIPs. However, what no one expected was that such a place would be taken hostage one day.

When Jayden, the police chief in charge of security in the imperial capital, heard the news, he was attending a party and was furious when he got the news and asked, “Are you kidding? Being held hostage? How can that place be so easy to be held hostage? Where is the restaurant’s security force? And what about the interstellar pirates? How do you screen people? Why are there interstellar pirates infiltrating the imperial capital? And with weapons!”

The person on the other end of the communication stammered, they could not figure out how these thugs escaped the screening and entered the imperial capital, and also silently hijacked the restaurant, but this was not the most important thing at the moment.

The most important thing was –

“Director, now the problem is big, when it happened, the crystal swallow federation diplomat and TL7’s diplomat was dining inside the restaurant, and now they were both held hostage! And the interstellar pirates inside demanded to exchange the hostages in the restaurant for the interstellar pirate members captured by the military department before!”

“This, how to do this ah.”

Diplomats were involved, and if this was not handled properly, this would turn into a diplomatic incident.

Planet TL7 was a small civilization, but the Crystal Swallow Federation was the largest civilization in the Alix Galaxy, except for the Ya’an Empire.

Jayden’s head exploded, he knew he could not keep his uniform, he closed his eyes soberly, and then walked out quickly while saying clearly, “First, control the surrounding areas, try to avoid public panic, let the negotiators continue to negotiate with the criminals. On the other hand, find out the list of hostages in the restaurant as soon as possible. Contact the military immediately and ask them to send support, I am going to the scene immediately.”

The person on the other end of the line lowered his voice a bit, as if he was afraid of the person next to him. He said, “Someone from the military department is already here.”

Jayden was stunned, “So soon? Which unit is it?” In theory, the security problem in the imperial capital should be first sent by the police first, and then handed over to the military department if it can’t be handled.

Then Jayden heard his subordinate say, “It’s…. the general.”

Jayden felt his heart sinking to the bottom. The general had been alerted, the seriousness of this matter was only more than he imagined.

“I’ll be right there!”

Hanging up the communication, the police officer looked at the alpha with a cold and depressed face next to him, and the appalling aura around him almost made people afraid to breathe.

“General, the chief said he’ll be right there…”

In the heart of the frightened at the same time, the police officers are also very confused. They received the alarm information and immediately went out, it took only ten minutes, but they arrived almost simultaneously with the general.

It was as if…

It was as if the general was meant to be in this place.

Ewan’s goose-gray eyes were fixed on the closed door of the restaurant, because of the suppression of emotions, the cold voice was as thick as ice, “Confirmed?”

The officer froze, confirming what?

Next to Weifield at this time just finished contact with the Ministry of Transportation, he turned his head, the tone of voice is heavy, “confirmed the surveillance video, people have indeed gone in.”

The long eyelash feathers fell and lifted, and there seemed to be a sword in his eyes, “How is the special attack team preparing?”

“Already in position to stand by.”

“Okay.” The corners of Ewan’s mouth were slightly hooked, the smile carried a cold and ruthless killing aura, “Don’t they want to negotiate with the military? Let me talk to them.”

“General…” Weifield opened his mouth slightly, but thinking of the reason why Ewan rushed back, he swallowed back the words he wanted to stop, “Yes.”

If you agree to the interstellar pirates’ request to release their partners, the military ministry’s prestige will be undermined, and the prestige in the hearts of the people will be greatly reduced, if not, the lives of the people inside will be in danger… If not, the lives of the men inside would be in danger… as would the public outrage and diplomatic disputes, and there was Baylor among them.

Weifield’s heart was gloomy.


The Sycamore Waterfall Restaurant was originally a reservation system, and the number of people eating at one time was not too many. At this time almost thirty customers were uniformly driven into the lobby, the restaurant staff was let out. After all, the crowd was not conducive to watch, and these interstellar pirates were also very clear goals.

Their target was this group of diplomats.

Toynbee felt that he should have had a blood feud with the interstellar pirates in a previous life, only to be attacked once by interstellar pirates on the way here, after inviting out the diplomatic staff of the Crystal Swallow Federation to eat a meal, he was again attacked by interstellar pirates.

With a wound on his face, crouching on the ground, next to the three diplomat of the Crystal Swallow Federation, Toynbee pressed the interstellar pirates to clasp his hands on his head, he looked up quietly and boldly, and then saw two gun-wielding interstellar pirates approach.

He saw one of them, the familiar lush appearance, the pair of cold, cold eyes, because he was too shocked, Toynbee’s pupils jerked.

If it wasn’t Baylor, who hadn’t been seen for a while, who was it? For a moment, he had mixed emotions, and he didn’t know whether to be sad or happy.

The joy that Baylor was here, because the general would certainly try to rescue him.

Sad that Baylor is here, in case he made these interstellar pirates suddenly angry, according to Baylor’s nature, things would certainly be directly hard. And at this time, Baylor also saw Toynbee, his beautiful eyebrows gently raised, seeming a little surprised.

Baylor thought Toynbee went back to TL7 and did not expect him to actually stay here, and surprisingly so coincidentally, the two were actually held hostage at the same time.

“Here, hold your head and crouch down!” The interstellar pirates who were guarding the hostages pointed to a place near Toynbee and told Baylor to crouch down.

“We are not interested in your lives, but to ask a favor, you cooperate well, when the Ministry of the military agrees to our demands, you can naturally leave unharmed at that time.” An interstellar pirate sitting on a chair, the machine gun in his hand pinned to the ground, like a cane, he propped on that gun, his body slightly forward, “but if you do not cooperate, thinking of making things happen, then our hands will not grow eyes. 1 I know that you are all upper class people in the empire. I know that you are all high class people in the imperial capital. The high class, the golden branch, the delicate body, when you get shot, the voice must cry very well, right?”

His hand gently shakes, the pestle gun and the ground collision friction, emitting a subtle sound. The crowd all couldn’t help but shiver, and some of the young men who were timid and well protected by their families since childhood even couldn’t help but close their eyes, tears spilling out of the corners of their eyes.

“Keep an eye on them.” The man stood up, instructed the four, and then turned towards the other side of the hall to communicate with the remaining three about the bargaining later.

Crouching next to Baylor, Eric said in a very low voice, almost under his breath, “Baylor, let’s find a way to get these people out.” 

They wouldn’t let these people get away with this. With him alone, it may be a little difficult, but Baylor was there! With Baylor, there should be a certain degree of certainty to subdue the four people here in one breath.

Eric leapt forward and cast a glance at Baylor. Then he saw Baylor yawn lazily, sleepy tears glittering at the corners of his eyes, Baylor’s voice was low and lazy, “My arms and legs are sore, I don’t want to move.”

What was there to move? He was only kidnapped and was an embarrassment outside to the military, what does it have to do with him?

Just let them have a good time.

Eric: …!

Baylor thought about it and suggested, “Your brother is an S-class alpha, you guys go.”

An S-class alpha and Ewan were the same level, and going up to clean up this gang would be a breeze.

Baylor looked at Aynor, who had been silent, and found that Aynor, who had just been arrogant, was pale and staring blankly at one spot. Baylor slightly froze, puzzled to follow his gaze, it was Toynbee.

Baylor’s head was filled with question marks. Then at this moment Eric noticed his brother’s abnormality, and hurriedly moved slightly to block Aynor’s view, while Aynor had already shifted his body and leaned up against the wall behind him.

“Hey! What are you doing?! Who told you to move?!” interstellar pirates attracted by the movement of this side, immediately raised their guns at them warning.

Toynbee tried to look back, but was heckled again, and his movements stuck stiffly there, not daring to move.

Eric, in order to avoid them shooting in the heat of the moment, could only explain out loud, “My brother is hemophobic, he is not feeling well right now.”

The description ‘not feeling well’ is apparently really an understatement, that face was blue and can only sit against the wall, basically ready to pass out. This answer from Eric also indirectly answered Baylor’s previous suggestion.

Baylor looked at Toynbee’s face that was flooded with a blood wound, the corners of the mouth twitching. No wonder the S-class alpha went to be a film emperor. Almost fainting after seeing this much blood, he’d be useless on the battlefield.

The interstellar pirates suspiciously looked over, found that it was really a hemophobic person, then mockingly laughed, “What coward! He’s actually still an alpha, hahahahahaha. Compared to the delicate little beauty, he is worse.”

Aynor sniffed, that already pale face more iron blue, face like dark clouds pressing down. He hated this weakness more than anyone else, and despised himself more than anyone else. Especially since he was an S-class alpha, the most useless S-class alpha.

And at this time, the sound of communication came from the other side of the hall, the interstellar pirates of that leader to connect communication, “We said the terms, how do you consider them?”

Immediately after, the interstellar pirates, as if responding to one of the conditions over there, put the voice out, so in the hall resounded Ewan’s lonely cold low ghostly voice, “Yes, I will end this matter as soon as possible. Do not move.”

Baylor’s ears twitched slightly, and his long raven-colored eyelashes lifted lazily as he looked toward the closed door. He had a feeling that Ewan’s words were not for the interstellar pirates, but for him. Ewan’s inexplicable coldness and avoidance of Baylor in the past few days kept a fire in Baylor’s heart.

Adding to the fact that the training at the military headquarters was not going well today, Baylor was now looking at Ewan as if he was adding fuel to the fire.

His body’s aches and pains were still dancing wildly in his nerve endings, but Baylor’s wan, lazy eyes lit up with a sharp, almost brimming light. Ewan told him not to move? It was not a coincidence that he suddenly wanted to move.

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Translator Notes:

  1. this means something like ‘we will have no choice but to use force’ but in a meaner way, a threat


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