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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


“The day of the medal ceremony wasn’t very convenient, so I didn’t get a chance to have a proper chat with you.” Julius stood with Baylor outside the crowd, his aristocratic accent became more and more windy like snow in his lowered voice, “You fit the uniform very well, I am very happy to see you again in the military department today.”

In the face of Julius’ complimentary words, Baylor raised an eyebrow slightly and asked suspiciously, “Are you a fan of mine too?”

Julius, “…”

Baylor asked because he felt that Julius’ attitude was a bit strange, with a sudden enthusiasm. Just like the little fan from yesterday. Although the other party’s tone was not as enthusiastic as that little fan, but obviously a prince, why did he say so much to him? But it didn’t offend Baylor either.

After all, Baylor liked the smell of pheromones on Julius. He stood next to him since it was better than all the various pheromones around him.

Julius nodded with a smile after a moment of confusion, “Yes, I’m a fan of yours too.” He recalled the young man he saw fighting that day, and the seeds of lust broke out unstoppably, and he said without showing his face, “You look very beautiful when you fight.”

“Beautiful?” Baylor looked askance at Julius, he felt that this guide should not have been in the battle. Baylor said, “Then you may be wrong, fighting is not a beautiful thing.” 

Julius didn’t expect this comment to be offensive to the young man, nor did he expect him to sneer back, this man really didn’t seem to have his crown prince in mind. Was Ewan only worthy of his attention?

Julius apologized decisively, “I’m sorry if my words offended you.”

“It’s nothing.”

“But I’m a little surprised.” Julius said.

Baylor looked over at him, “What?”

“I didn’t expect Planet TL7 to send someone like you as a gift.”

Baylor raised his eyebrows gently. He actually knew who he was. But then again, he was the Prince of Empire after all, so it was normal for him to know such things, “Can’t I?”

Julius smiled softly, “Of course you can.” He toggled the watch on his hand to loosen up his wrist a bit. “It just feels like we’re getting a big advantage.” He said, “I was wondering, is there a lot of talent on that planet to be able to send someone like you as a gift, or are they just blind? But all in all, it’s because they’re too arrogant.”

His turquoise eyes were like crystal-clear gems, and his long ciliary feathers fell a shadow over the surface of that gem, like the shadow of a tree at the bottom of a pool, “If it were me, I would not be so arrogant. Count Baylor is in a foreign country, if you don’t mind, I would like to be friends with you.” Julius extended his hand like Baylor, “After all, we have exchanged names too, haven’t we?”

Baylor had little interest in being friends with the Prince, but with a guide… Baylor raised his eyebrows slightly as the scent of orchids lingered in his nose, then extended his hand, “Hello, friend.” Friends between the two, if one day he needed a guide element, a friend would be a good help.


Baylor narrowed his eyes. There’s no discussion about friendship. Baylor felt the pride and satisfaction of his current bottom line. It was great to have the right to choose. If he could make sure that the remaining nineteen S-class alpha’s all carried the guide element, then he would be a complete farmer!

Even if Ewan suddenly changed his mind and didn’t give himself a guide element, he wasn’t afraid anymore! No, when was he ever afraid?

“Then can I ask you to dinner in a few days?”

“I…” Baylor was about to say yes when a sudden, manly gaze came from next to him, and he turned his head to see Ewan’s gaze fall straight on his hand held with Julius.

The man’s gaze did not reveal any emotion, it was so extremely closed that it instead conveyed a sense of oppression.

“Your Highness is not going to see the R&D department? There should be no time to make friends here now.” Ewan’s hand that was in his trouser pocket tightly squeezed into a fist, but his tone was the same as usual, scattered with a little laziness, that was a kind of hidden arrogance. “And since Your Highness has an honorable status, you still need to pay attention to your words and actions.” He slightly hooked up his lips, but there was not much of a smile, “so as not to bring trouble to yourself and to the next person.”

The tone was clearly lazy, but it carried a threatening meaning, like a taut string.

Julius let go of Baylor’s hand, but he looked at Baylor and suddenly asked thoughtfully, “I’m sorry, did I cause you any trouble?”

Baylor froze slightly and replied subconsciously and honestly, “No.” 

They hadn’t done anything yet, so what was the trouble?

Julius curled his eyes and said with a smile, “That’s good.” With a slight pause, he conceded, “But the general is right, there are a lot of people here.” After docking his terminal with Baylor’s and getting Baylor’s contact information, Julius decided to call it a day, “Baylor, I’ll see you in a few days.” He then walked over to Ewan, “General, aren’t we going to see the R&D department? Let’s go.”

Ewan took a deep look at Baylor who was a few meters away, he didn’t say anything more, he just said to Julius coldly, “Let’s go.”

Baylor looked at Ewan’s back as he left and frowned slightly. Sure enough… Ewan was a bit strange.

After leaving the training ground, Julius’ attendant took a few steps behind, leaving space for these two pivotal figures in the Empire.

“The general is not in a good mood.” Julius said first, “I wonder what could have upset the general.”

The question was knowingly asked. The expression on Ewan’s face was light, his features were stern, and he had an aura of unruffled authority, “His Highness would suddenly visit the military headquarters today, it seems that it was not a temporary intention.”

“Hm?” Julius seemed to be surprised by Ewan’s opinion, he showed a few moments of surprise, but soon that expression faded away, leaving only the usual spring-like smile. It was like a mask tightly attached to his face, “No, it was indeed a temporary intention.”

Although there was an idea to see that maverick omega who could be treated differently by Ewan once more, it also happened to be this morning that it was the day of the new recruits’ report, and then had a temporary plan to meet.

“That Count Baylor…” Julius watched Ewan’s expression with his afterglow, only the man never easily showed a hint of a break, much less easily let his mood peek through. “… is very much to my liking.” He asked lightly, “I wonder if the General is willing to give him up?”

“The R&D department is here.” Ewan stood still and turned, he looked at Julius, those goose-gray eyes glowed with an almost cold-iron hue, giving tangible form to that sharp chill, an extremely sharp blade, sheathed in blood, a chilling sight. “He is not an object that belongs to me, so what is the point of giving him away? A word of caution to Your Highness, some things are not suitable as an item of entertainment, beware of setting yourself on fire.”


“The final result of the technician’s exclusion-” Alfonso said to Sean, “there is nothing wrong with the testing chamber.”

He printed off a series of data from the youth’s mental power test, the results of the mental power test, although able to make a rough judgment by virtue of looking at the length of time spent inside, but ultimately need to be weighted by the system based on time, as well as the level of information energy storm endured. And at this moment, the result that the system came up with was printed on the last page of that data report.


Although Baylor had spent a few minutes less time in the detection chamber than Ewan, he had also crossed into the S-rank category.

Alfonso looked at Sean with a stony face, “Instructor Sean, you know the problem is this S level.”

S rank was excellent. It was the excellence that did not necessarily appear one out of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people. A genius among geniuses. But what was shocking wasn’t this S rank. Rather, it was the reaction of the young man at that time.

“Everything was normal with the mental power testing program, he endured the same high intensity information energy storm as everyone else, an S-rank storm, that was never a situation where he could walk out unharmed at the end of it.” Alfonso felt that this was all beyond common sense, his brow was almost tied in a dead knot as he wondered what kind of a monster this new recruit was. He asked, “Instructor Sean, it is said that you were there when the General did his mental strength test, and he was like that then…” He racked his brain for a word of his own, “So, painless?”

Of course not. Sean remembered it all too well. Ewan came out then and lost consciousness quickly, although he barely managed to hold on hard enough not to vomit and lose consciousness like the others. And that was the normal sign.

Sean pursed his lips, he put those reports away, lowered his eyes, he said concealed, “Almost, maybe this is the performance of people with high mental strength. But don’t tell anyone about this, the test results need to be kept secret, and for the rest of the recruits just say that there was an instrument error.” He stood up, “I will report this to the general.”


Sean found Ewan inside his office, Admiral Von was also there. But Sean was not in the mood to be polite to his mate, he said to Admiral Von, “You go out first.”

Admiral Von, “… Oh.” He was going to remind Sean that the general didn’t seem to be in the right state.

When Admiral Von closed the door and went out, Ewan, who was in a low pressure, looked at the pile of paper Sean put in front of him, which was full of dense data. He frowned and put his worries behind him as he asked with great sensitivity, “What happened to the mental power test?”

Sean took the seat where Admiral Von had just sat, “Good news, Baylor’s mental power level is S-rank.”

Ewan’s hand, which was flipping through the data, tightened slightly, the bad news that could be compared to this news was not small. Sean wasn’t in the mood to play games with Ewan at this time, so he got right to the point and said, “The bad news is that Baylor’s performance is not normal… at all.”

Ewan’s heart tightened, “He’s hurt?” But when he saw Baylor that afternoon, there didn’t seem to be anything unusual?

“No injuries.” Sean said in a complicated tone, “It just so happens that there’s no injury at all.” He put more emphasis on the words ‘at all’. “After thirty-eight minutes in the testing chamber, he came out as if nothing had happened, and he said he was too bored in there.”

Sean felt it was absurd when he thought about it, he had been in the military for decades and had seen countless soldiers, he had never seen such a situation, “Ewan, who the hell is this little mate of yours?”

Thinking about Baylor’s qualification test that was rapidly changing, Ewan’s jawline tightened up, and his whole person presented a silent cold solemnity.

“This matter, you don’t need to care about.” He put the data directly under the lid and raised his eyes, he decisively ordered, “The data backup, eliminate it, including the video. Who else knows about this?”

“Alfonso, but he doesn’t know if this is considered an anomaly, I told him you did the same thing back then, and I’ve asked him to keep it a secret on his side, as for the recruits, I told Alfonso to tell them it was an anomaly in the instrument.” Sean looked at Ewan’s expression, his voice slightly, “You don’t seem to be very surprised?”

“Baylor is not like any other person.” Ewan simply replied, “There is something special about him.”

Sean saw Ewan did not want to say more, nodded, “Okay, I know what I need to know.”

After the business was finished, Sean’s tone slowed down a bit and he lamented, “It doesn’t matter if his identity is not the same as ordinary people, in fact, as long as you like him.” The implication was that as long as Ewan liked the person, he would help.

However, Ewan was slightly silent, last night’s dream and the afternoon’s sourness in his throat, his lips tightly pursed, half a sound, he said indifferently, “No, I do not have those kind of feelings for him.”

But deep in his tone was a shake that even he suspected.

Sean didn’t expect Ewan to say this, he looked at Ewan’s silent eyes. Sean was angry, anxious and helpless. He saw Ewan’s situation these days and thought he had already untied his knot, but he didn’t expect him to be in the same place! This person could think about everything else, but how could he twist himself into a bigger knot on this matter? But in the end, he could only sigh softly.

“If you like him, you like him. If you don’t like him, you don’t like him.” He said, “But it’s not up to you to say. Some people, once you miss them, you can never get them back. Don’t make yourself regret it.” Sean stood up, “Even if you do like someone, you won’t be like that person, don’t underestimate yourself.”

At the end of the sentence, he almost took on a fierce tone. This stubborn tempered boy!


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January 7, 2023 5:18 pm

Srsly, What’s with the author’s note? 😂
Hahaha, Baylor’s gonna farm S-rank alphas? Hopefully, he’ll fascinate them with his talents. This I have to witness 😂. I’m still in Team Ewan though. And yes, General remember your mentor’s wise words very carefully.

Thank you so much for the update!

January 7, 2023 6:00 pm

Aw come on Ewan, just admit it already. Nothing worse than a man afraid to admit he’s in love, or even like. How sad. Thanks for updating ❤️❤️

January 7, 2023 10:19 pm

Why do i think baylor may develop more? U know in some omegaverse there are even ss or sss level? And i hv been wondering sometime ewan does make reference to someone in the past?. I dont think it is an ex lover, maybe one of his parents?

January 8, 2023 3:40 am

Julius has made his desires crystal. It’s like a challenge though, because he senses Ewan has deeper feelings for Baylor, yet is interfering any way.
Wise words from Sean.
Baylor, in the meantime, is oblivious and only thinks about spiritual power 🙈
S-class though!!!! Not surprising that info needs protecting.
Thanks for translating and editing.

March 10, 2023 6:39 pm

Ewan can continue to say he doesn’t care until Baylor finally walks away. Then what? He should have learned his lesson from the first lie he let go on too long.

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