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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


The purpose of this group of interstellar pirates was actually to rescue the captain Wanrich, who was captured alive in the attack mission, and the military division’s Shane, who was captured alive in the encirclement and suppression operation launched by Ewan. These two were interstellar pirates from the top of the organization, mastering many of the organization’s secrets, so they would do anything to rescue the two. And these two people were now being held in the military prison.

Jayden arrived at the scene. The military side had Ewan’s order to escort the two people over. When he was about to go to plead guilty, he found that another big shot had also arrived. Prince Julius was guided by his escort to the temporary war room – a military bus.

The seats inside had all been removed and replaced by signal collectors, listening devices and so on. One of the micro-robots flew into the restaurant, relaying the situation in the hall to the wall screen. Julius looked at the screen in the corner of the hall, looking at the crouching Baylor, his brow knitted because of concern. Walking over to Ewan, Julius said, “General is willing to sacrifice the interests of the military for the safety of the hostages, and does not hesitate to do so.”

Releasing the two interstellar pirates would not only undermine the prestige of the military, but also make the military investigation of the interstellar pirates halfway. Instead of giving up the great benefit of the military.

Ewan looked askance at Julius, his shallow voice filled with a little mockery, “Your highness is safe and sound, I can really rest assured. If your highness is also inside, I’m afraid that will lead to a greater crisis.”

Julius knew that Ewan was blaming him, he smiled bitterly and said, “I was delayed by something on the road, but I had asked Baylor to meet me at this place, and I have done him a disservice. I only hope that the general can get him out safely.”

Ewan’s eyes narrowed slightly, without revealing a trace of a sneer, he looked back at the screen, “I do not need you to ask me, I will do it myself.”

Although the police were deliberately controlling the news from spreading, but the Sycamore Waterfall Restaurant is controlled such a big thing was ultimately a paper couldn’t cover the fire, the media had set up outside the cordon, the cannon aimed at the closed doors of the restaurant, reporters had been in front of the cordon broadcast the scene.

The news that film emperor Aynor was among the hostages had spread and the internet was now buzzing with excitement. If not for the danger at the scene, fans would probably not be able to hold back their eagerness to come to the scene.

[Aynor must be rescued safely and unharmed!]

[The empire was invaded by interstellar pirates, the police are useless, the military department is useless! Must be severely punished!]

[Pray for film emperor Aynor, pray for the hostages in the Sycamore Waterfall Restaurant.]

In a flash, the star network was full of hot searches related to the incident.

Theodore III symbolically sent a circular letter to the military ministry, asking them to finish the matter perfectly and rescue the hostages at all costs, and not to let the criminals off lightly!

Weifield was now back in the war room, he stood next to Ewan and replied in a low voice, “General, the two prisoners have now been taken out of their cells, and miniature bombs have been planted on them, and they are being escorted here.”

“Hmm.” Ewan’s eyes were fixed on another display on the table, on which was a map of the restaurant as well as the locator of the special attack team, which was currently able to see that the special attack team was infiltrating the restaurant along the pipeline. Although Ewan had promised the opposite side a hostage exchange, he never intended to let the other side leave the place unharmed.

Even if the two hostages were handed over to them, Ewan could guarantee that they would not be able to successfully leave the empire with the men.

In fact, that was a very simple thing to do. It was a much harder thing to successfully escape unharmed. His brow knitting slightly, Ewan’s eyes took on a point of doubt. If he was with the group of interstellar pirates, how would he guarantee that he could rescue people and still get out of here safely?

This was the imperial capital, the military headquarters was just a stone’s throw away, the air force was enough to make their aircraft in the moment of boarding the air to beat them to death. To ensure safety, he would choose to take a hostage with him, flee together, and release the hostage once they had escaped to a safe enough place. But in plain sight, it was hard to find a place that was completely safe as well as secret, and as long as they could be found, they would still be in danger of total annihilation.

Ewan’s eyes emerged with a dark color. No, this was simply an impossible rescue. He could think of a thousand and ten thousand ways to stop this rescue, while the opposite side could hardly come up with a foolproof plan to ensure that they could leave safely. The group didn’t even think about leaving safely, at least not the ones inside who were shouting ‘to save’.

“Is Wellin back yet?” Ewan suddenly asked.

Weifield faintly froze and replied, “Should be here soon, what are the general’s instructions?”

“I’ll contact him myself.” Ewan turned around and walked straight out of the car, then as soon as he got out, he whispered to Weifield behind him, “Contact the escort team immediately and send the men back.”

Weifield was slightly stunned, “So… No more hostage exchange?”

Isn’t Mr. Baylor still inside? No more rescue?

“Find two random people and escort them in disguise.” Ewan’s long, narrow eyes were half-hidden, like a sword that had not been sheathed.

Weifield looked at Ewan’s appearance, although he did not quite understand, but he still did not ask any more questions, and immediately went to carry out Ewan’s orders. He knew the general must have found something they did not see and had his own plans in mind, and he just had to listen.

Just as Weifield went to contact, Ewan opened his terminal and contacted Wellin, “Wellin, go to Baylor’s quarters and bring Dragon Hunter here.”

Wellin’s eyes snapped open, his pupils vibrating violently as his confidence wavered, his voice hesitant and distressed, “General… How can I bring that thing…” He knew there was such an invisible dog as Dragon Hunter, but he couldn’t see it!

Ewan was slightly silent, if he wasn’t here and couldn’t walk away, he wouldn’t have let Wellin go, he said briefly, “You tell him you are bringing him to me and he will naturally follow you.” After a pause, he admonished, “Remember to wait until it gets to the car before you close the door.” Don’t leave the dog outside and then Wellin brings an air over.

Wellin, “… Yes.”

After saying that, Wellin regretted that he answered ‘yes’ to anything! He didn’t even know how to do this, right! Wellin hung up the communication and resigned himself to go to Baylor’s dormitory. Then inwardly kept thinking about how to communicate with a ghost dog later. He was the worst with ghostly spooks.


In the dining room, Baylor looked at the three people over here, at the five people who were discussing. There were eight people in the hall, not too many in fact, the problem was that they had high lethality weapons, while there were quite a few hostages on this side.

Baylor moved his arms and legs and neck in small increments to prepare, his body was sore, but it was better than that time at noon, and he should be able to move when he gets into shape for the battle later. If it was just him, it would actually be a lot easier.

Eric had already given up trying to break through from the inside, after all, Baylor would not help, and doing it alone was really difficult to break out safely. However, just as he was accompanying his brother, ready to wait at ease for the military department to take the initiative to rescue him, Baylor’s body suddenly leaned towards them, “Hey.”


Then he heard the clear, crisp voice that had been lowered to a whisper, “What’s your plan?”

Eric was slightly silent, and he also replied in a low voice, “You don’t want to move?”

Baylor took advantage of the shield of his clasped hands to look coldly at Eric, “… Now I want to move.”

How capricious. But since Baylor wanted to move, the chances of winning were much better.

“First, there has to be someone to draw fire.”

Baylor nodded in his mind, this was easy.

Right after that, Eric added, “The acting has to be good.”

Baylor: … You need acting skills for a fight now?

“Too good, they will immediately threaten the hostages.” Eric explained simply.

If the group of interstellar pirates realize that the person who draws fire can not fight, they will naturally turn to take hostages to threaten. However, if they think this person can be easily killed, they will only think about killing this person, rather than threatening him.

Baylor glanced at Eric in amazement and admiration, and sighed silently in his heart that the hearts of those who play tactics were dirty.

He was different, he had always been open and honest (?) He never played with hearts as he only talked with his fists. 🙂

But… Baylor said, “I’m going to draw fire, you guys don’t rush towards the door later, rush inside.”

Eric was slightly stunned, “Why?”

Isn’t the doorway much closer? If you go inside, will you still be caught in a trap?

“There’s someone back there.” Baylor replied simply. Then he quietly moved next to Toynbee, “Get ready to run.”


The next second, Baylor suddenly swayed to the side and fell over. This movement immediately attracted the attention of the interstellar pirates in the hall.

“Hey! What are you doing?!” One man approached.

Baylor lifted his face and said in a stick-reading tone, “My legs are numb.”

Eric & Toynbee: …

The one next to him had just recovered from hemophobia, and Aynor was silent, what acting skills? This plan was going to be unsuccessful.

However, the interstellar pirate just frowned, “Even if your legs are numb, you are not allowed to move! The next time you move, I’ll shoot!”

Aynor sniffed, shocked at the interstellar pirate, even the discomfort of hemophobia was forgotten. Are you kidding? He actually believed these acting skills. Frowning, he moved his eyes to Baylor again, and then saw the warm yellow light, as if it was turned on the beauty of the face, beautiful and out of place. Okay, that face was too deceptive.

Baylor doesn’t care much about his looks, but he’s not without self-awareness. From his last life to now, he knows he’s good looking. While he wasn’t proud of it, he was also well aware that it was an advantage. Especially on the battlefield.

So Baylor rubbed his legs and stood up, and walked slowly towards the couch in the opposite direction from Eric and the others.

“What are you doing?! Can’t you hear me when I tell you to not move?!”

Baylor’s eyebrows pressed, eyes showing strong dissatisfaction, “I said my legs are numb! Sitting for a while makes me feel like I’m going to die!”

Aynor was slightly surprised that he raised an eyebrow. This acting skill compared to earlier was a world of difference, the taste of the delicate beauty.

Toynbee’s mouth twitched. This was not acting, this was definitely what was in his heart.

“Shit! You fucker, don’t toast the wine and eat the punishment!”

The one leading the other side of the hall frowned, “Don’t bullshit, can’t you even control a person?!”

After all, they were going to negotiate, and they were facing such an omega beauty, no one felt the need to move their guns. Only one person was even ready to reach out to stop Baylor, the other two were just watching and not ready to make a move. But all three of them did have their eyes on Baylor’s body.

As the interstellar pirate’s hand was about to touch Baylor, Baylor ducked slightly, avoiding the hand by the smallest margin. The man raised his eyebrows, thinking he had been mistaken, and went to grab Baylor again, only to be dodged again.

“Hey, what are you playing at? Hurry up.” The two men next to him urged impatiently.

“No…” This time he moved for real, the force fierce. Baylor simply moved to the side, smoothly yanked his hand, and used his foot to directly trip the man.

With a ‘bang’, the man fell to the ground.

Baylor thought about how to pretend that he didn’t mean it, combined with the bridge he saw on TV where he apologized after hitting someone, he wrinkled his eyebrows and touched the person with his toe, “Hey, why aren’t you standing still? Do you want me to help you up?”

Eric, Aynor & Toynbee: … What the hell are you acting like?


Author’s Note: 

Wellin was in the Baylor dorm at the time, and looked into the air: Hello, Dragon Hunter, are you there? If you’re there, answer me back. General told me to come find you–

The soldier passing by: ….Insane.


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Ha ha ha Baylor is going to start playing with the pirates😂 love it❤️ thank you for the update ❤️

January 10, 2023 10:52 pm

Poor Wellin

January 11, 2023 4:47 am

Baylor not underestimating one of his most lethal weapons 😉
Exciting stuff!
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Thanks for translating and editing.

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Wellin’s job is perfect. Bring the dog you can’t hear, see, touch, taste or smell.

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Poor Weilin,, maybe this is the most difficult order from General 😅..

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