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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


The soldiers of the 67th class and Baylor’s class basically shared a common training ground, although there were two classes before and after, but the interval was not long, so the training progress was very close, and even the training tasks were mostly the same. After watching the 68th class training for a few days, they could guess who the last place of each physical training was without looking.

“It’s that omega in last place again.”

“I don’t know why he came to the military. He’s so beautiful, why didn’t he become a star?”

Beautiful people who almost seemed to belong in a scenic view were indeed making the view scenic now. Every time they train with the 68th class, they could always see Baylor trying to persist to the end. Alfonso was prepared to make exceptions to Baylor’s training goals, but he found that no matter how much he told Baylor, Baylor would only follow the same training goals as everyone else.

Gradually, he didn’t bother to do so. But over the past few days, Alfonso had changed his mind a little about Baylor. At first he thought Baylor was just grumpy and clenched his teeth, but now Alfonso found Baylor’s attitude very serious.

Each time the amount of tasks left behind, even after the dismissal, he would certainly make up for it.

Just that his temper was too insubordinate to manage!

Once again, Alfonso, who was angry with Baylor, ended the day’s training with a blue face. He had never seen such a reckless soldier! There was no discipline at all. He was told to do shooting training, but he refused to do it and had to continue with physical training.

Although Baylor’s shooting ability was indeed very strong, and it was true that he should spend more time on his weaknesses, this was insubordination!

It was a special day! If this was his soldier, he would have to teach him a lesson.

The new recruits who had been practicing for a day now dared to let out a wail, the initial few days of training was barely outside their comfort zone a little, but recently the task was getting heavier and heavier, a day down and they almost fell apart.

“Let’s go eat.” Everyone helped each other to the canteen.

“I think I’m going to die if I keep this up.” Kana said as she listened to the contemporaries sitting next to her. She also felt tired, but she still smiled cheerfully, “It’s good to get used to it.”

“How long is this physical training going to last? Every day is basic physical training, shooting, even the sparring is pathetic, I’m bored to death.” That same student said expectantly, “I want to touch a mecha quickly.”

When the test came out, his mental strength was above B level and he could do mecha training, so he had been looking forward to it. He knew that although there was a mecha department at the military academy, most of the training was in the simulator, and only in his final year could he actually touch a mecha, and the opportunities to use it were extremely limited.

But the military department was different, because the mecha training in the military department gave a lot of opportunities for real combat. Fighting with a mecha! This was the dream of many military personnel!

“We should be starting mecha training soon.” Kana said, “I told my family that I could train as a mecha, and they were so happy that they didn’t know if I could take a picture of mecha and send it to them.” She said, smiling sheepishly.

But then a disdainful laugh suddenly came from the side, “It’s just a new recruit, and you want to touch the mecha, what a big deal.”

Kana turned her head with a start. The soldier sitting at the next table was a soldier from the class of ’67, who was one year above them, and Kana remembered him because he always shared the same training ground. He was a male alpha who always finished first in physical training, and his muscles were impressive.

At this time he threw the dining utensils to the plate, “New recruits only do basic training. Do not be overly ambitious, mecha training for such a weak chicken like you are stuck in a delusion.”

Kana looked at the displeasure on his face, and although she didn’t understand what was upsetting him about their conversation, the other man was a senior after all, and she didn’t want to cause trouble, so she quickly said, “Thank you for your guidance, we will try to do our basic training well.”

Kana’s obedience made the “senpai” smile in satisfaction, but he didn’t intend to let Kana off the hook, and instead said, “Go, help me take out the trash.”

Kana and the contemporaries around her looked at each other. They had just sat down to eat.

“What? I thought you said thanks to my guidance, as a junior, you can’t do such a small thing for your seniors? Don’t you know the rules?”

The rules this “senior” was talking about were naturally the rules of that former junior. In a place with a strict hierarchy like the military, there was always a clear division of seniors and juniors between different classes, and as seniors who joined the military first, they naturally have the qualification to call on their juniors.

The soldier was actually in the 67th class, just one class higher than them, and entered the military in the same year, so there was no difference between seniors and juniors in the strict sense. The other side was clearly looking for trouble.

The student sitting next to Kana was from the 1st Imperial Military Academy, and he was a proud son of the world, not used to being condescending when he encountered such things.

Kana gave him a wink, then she stood up, “Okay, senpai, I’ll go help you take out the trash.”

Kana thought this would be the end of the story, but the next thing she knew, the “senpai” seemed to have it in for her. When she was in the dormitory, he would call on her at will…

“Kana, go get a package for me.”

Because the same training ground was used during training, after the training is over, the other party is even more aggressive, to buy lunch, to help him get clothes, to bring him water, and even once let she went back to the dormitory to get his forgotten equipment, so that she almost missed the afternoon training.

“Kana, I’ve heard about it.” The same student who had been with her whispered to Kana, “It turns out that this alpha named Klaus, who has a C mental power level, couldn’t take mecha training, so when he heard us talking about mecha training that day, he took out his anger at us for not being able to take part in mecha training.”

What’s even scarier was that malice could be easily contagious, and some soldiers from that 67th class saw Klaus do this and followed suit and began to make Kana’s life hard. Kana was already very tired from the bullying these days, not physically tired, but mentally tired, and when she heard this she still blamed herself a little.

Why did she talk too much that day in the dining area? If she hadn’t talked too much about those things, she wouldn’t have been haunted by such a demon.

After the afternoon training, Kana wanted to leave to avoid being caught, but before she could, Klaus shouted, “Kana, help me clean the training equipment tonight.”

“Do the same for me! It’s not a lot, I’ll just have ten units.”

“Me too.”

Kana’s contemporaries frowned at the words, very unhappy. The training instruments were precision instruments, very valuable, so they would not usually let the cleaning robots clean them, they would let the assigned soldiers clean them.

And this was clearly the task of Klaus’s class today, they were trying to push Kana to do it. Kana had to do the task of so many people by herself, how long would she have to do it? Kana’s face turned red as she struggled to refuse, “I have something to do tonight, I can’t.”

“What’s the point of pushing it if you have something to do?” Klaus said brazenly.

“But it’s important…”

“Is it important to clean the instruments?”

Of course not, but that wasn’t her task!

Kana clenched her fist and tried to think of a way to refuse, and then she heard Klaus say, “I’ve done so much before, so it won’t hurt to do it again for the seniors, right? Don’t worry, this must be the last time I let you help. After all, I still pity a junior as understanding as you are.”

With these words, Kana hesitated slightly. She had endured so many times… If only she could bear this last time, otherwise, wouldn’t all the things that she had endured before be forfeited? So she mumbled half a sound, under the gaze of everyone, finally reluctantly spoke, “Yes…”

However, at this moment, a clear and lazy voice suddenly came from the side, “She can’t.”

Kana froze, turned her head to see Baylor carrying his jacket. He had just finished making up for the amount of physical training tasks today, slowly walked up to Kana, Baylor said directly to Kana, “Go eat.”

Klaus had been paying attention to Baylor for a long time, mainly because the other was too conspicuous, weak in physical training, but also riding high in shooting training, and had such a pretty face.

Klaus was a man who hated all those who were better than him. But because Baylor was an omega and good-looking, he had a slightly better impression of Baylor, but at this moment he was very dissatisfied with Baylor’s interjection, “She has agreed, who are you to butt in?”

Baylor slowly turned his head, stared at Klaus and said, “First come, first served, don’t you understand?”

Klaus was slightly stunned, and a confused look appeared on his face.

At that moment, the soldiers of the 67th class where Klaus was and Baylor’s contemporaries all noticed the storm here and stopped to watch from near or far. Baylor with a little bandit smile, and then with a more dick tone, “She’s helping me today…” After a pause, Baylor said, “Washing clothes.”

Klaus and the person beside him: …

Baylor, not satisfied, used the same words Klaus had just used to ask, “Who are you to butt in?”

Kana’s mouth twitched. She was in a very complicated mood, a little touched, but not so touched … But looking at Klaus’ terrifying muscles, Kana still pulled Baylor’s coat with some fear, “Baylor, how about…”

Baylor turned his head and gave Kana a cold glare, then said without mercy, “Shut up.”

The tone of voice, more like an evil tyrant than Klaus and the others. Kana shut her mouth at once.

Klaus laughed, this beauty was more interesting than he thought.

“You want this runner, I’ll let you have her.” Klaus narrowed his eyes at Baylor, “In exchange, you go clean up the apparatus for her. I gave you a runner, you have to give me one back don’t you?”

Baylor looked at Klaus for a few seconds and then, to everyone’s surprise, said, “Sure.”

Kana was stunned, she was worried that Baylor would dislike these people, but Baylor agreed to do so, but she was also very surprised. It felt like… It shouldn’t.

“Hahahaha well, remember to clean up well.”

“Then mine too please.”

Klaus was satisfied and left with a few people.

Kana sighed lamentingly and then said apologetically to Baylor, “Baylor, let me come join you tonight.”

“No need.” Baylor refused without hesitation, and after a few steps forward, he stopped and asked with a frown, “When did this start?”

Kana froze, “What?”

“The man.”

“Oh… Four days ago…”

Baylor’s nose wrinkled slightly, then he walked forward without a word. He said how he had seen Kana running around like a little bee these past few days. 

In the evening, Kana couldn’t sit still in her dorm and ran to Baylor’s dorm to look for someone anyway, only to find that Baylor wasn’t in the dorm.

“He just went out.” One of the students who had watched the afternoon drama said, “He must have gone to clean up the equipment.”

Kana opened her mouth slightly, her heart full of self-loathing. It was obvious that she had caused the trouble, but Baylor had to bear the consequences.

“No, I’m going to help!” Kana said. Then she left the dormitory to go to the place where the instruments were kept. But what she didn’t know was that Baylor wasn’t even there to clean up the instruments. The matter of cleaning the instruments did not rise in Baylor’s mind even a thought.

He left the dormitory because it was 10:30.

And not only today, but every day at 10:30, he would go to the old training ground as promised.

And also on time for the appointment was Ewan, Ewan, as he said every night after 10:30 will appear there, and then until 12:00. Not a day goes by without an appointment. It was just that Baylor had been here for so many days, and he hadn’t pushed the door open to get in.

He just stood by the window and watched him training inside.

This was not because Baylor had any ulterior voyeuristic desire, but because he found that Ewan’s combat skills were exactly what he needed to learn, as Ewan said that day, he needed some changes in his combat methods, and did not know if it was Ewan’s intention, these days he fought with that combat robot, basically he would switch up all his extreme combat rhythm.

So many days of watching the battle, he gradually had a sense of switching rhythm, but he did not have any private training, he was far from Ewan on the rhythm and less accurate.

Standing in his usual position, Baylor noticed that there seemed to be something different today. He glanced suspiciously at the bushes next to him. He remembered that there were a lot of weeds here… Did someone come over and fix it?

The weeds were gone, and the bushes were much more organized. This was also good, those weeds always had some small insects, stinging him itching to death. But then again… These days there were fewer bugs. Was it because it was autumn?

Baylor looked at the obvious signs of repair, and then looked at the other side of the grass that remained ‘pristine’, he was slightly silent, and then raised his eyes to look through the window where Ewan as always began to fight.

And today was the same, almost tailor-made for him to fight.

Rehearsed until twelve o’clock at night, Ewan was on time and took a large sip of water to replenish his lost water. Packing up his things, Ewan pushed open the door, ready to leave.

In the moment of opening the door, the cool autumn breeze came, the bright moonlight like silver frost, Ewan looked at the person standing in front of him, slightly stunned, and then said without moving, “You finally came today, but today is too late…”

Baylor looked at Ewan with a complicated look, he looked at Ewan with confusion and disbelief, his mouth said with certainty, “You know I’ve been around for the past few days, right?”

Ewan faintly froze, then smiled a little helplessly. Baylor was always so blunt. Controlling his subconscious concealment, Ewan knew Baylor didn’t like to be lied to, so he said frankly, “Yes, you don’t want to come in, and I don’t want to force you.”

Baylor thought about Ewan’s demonstration of his tricks these past few days, and he was silent for half a second, then he said very honestly, “I really don’t understand what you’re trying to do.” 

He frowned, even his nose was slightly wrinkled, looking at Ewan as if he was looking at a topic that was giving him a headache. He said emphatically, “I don’t understand you.” 

How could someone be so conflicted?

One minute he was so nice to him, and the next, he was so bad to him. It was like a split personality.

Ewan was stunned, and for the first time, those always sharp eyes showed a confused and distressed look in front of others, a look he hadn’t even shown when he was commanding the battlefield for the first time. Ewan frowned and replied in a hesitant tone, “… I’m not really sure at the moment.”

“…” What kind of answer is that?

Baylor looked at him like he was an idiot and asked, “Are you stupid?”

Ewan smiled slightly helplessly at that. Who said he wasn’t?


The next morning, in the middle of training, Klaus and the others were suddenly called out. The military instructor reprimanded them severely, and then punished them with running 50 laps with weights, and they were not allowed to eat until they finished running.

Kana, who was doing a combination of exercises, heard the commotion outside and she looked at Baylor next to her in shock, “Baylor, didn’t you go to clean up yesterday?” 

No wonder she went to look for him yesterday and didn’t see Baylor. She had thought Baylor had finished cleaning up and gone back, but she didn’t expect Baylor to clean up at all.

“Clean up? What cleanup?” Baylor asked a rhetorical question and then continued his training without a care. Although the last few days of training had improved his speed of completion, he still had to finish much later than the others, so he didn’t have time to chat.

At the end of the morning’s training, Alfonso said before dismissing, “The selection for this year’s military competition will begin at the beginning of next month, and originally this matter had nothing to do with new recruits like you who had just joined the military and had not yet entered the legion, but this time the general ordered special permission for all of you to sign up for this military competition. This is a way to sign up to experience mecha or single combat.”

Upon hearing this, everyone surged up inside, except that now they were not new recruits who had just come in and would just cross their fingers and ears without regard to discipline.

The military competition was not a competition within the Ya’an Empire itself, but within the Alix Galaxy, where basically all civilizations with high-tech armaments send people to participate. And this year’s competition was on the planet Orsay.

The competition would be held in half a year, and the Ya’an Empire was now starting the selection of the people they would send to the competition. Of course they had no delusions that they would actually be part of the team for the competition, but it was exciting enough to be part of such a great event.

“Voluntary principle, those who want to give it a try themselves can register on the military intranet. All right, dismissed.” As soon as Alfonso’s words fell, the class of recruits immediately erupted into an excited discussion.

“I want to try it,” someone said.

“Definitely have to try it, it’s an honor to experience it!”

“In the past, only soldiers who had been in the military for more than two years were eligible to sign up, but this year we are lucky to be eligible.”


Alfonso sighed in his heart and left as he subconsciously headed for the Baylor that went to continue to make up the amount of tasks as soon as it was disbanded. Others may not know, he can not know General suddenly changed the rules of the reason. It’s just that they wanted Baylor to be able to participate as well.

But early next month… he didn’t know if Baylor’s training would be in time.

Baylor had no interest in the military competition, he was counting the number of sets left in his combination exercise. When the terminal in his jacket rang, he stopped moving slightly and opened it to see that it was a message from Julius.

Julius had visited Silver Fir today and had sent him a picture of Silver Fir. As Julius said before, the trees there were all silvery white, from the leaves to the trunk, all snowy white, it simply does not look real. So there are such trees in the world. But unfortunately, he missed it.

And it’s all Ewan’s fault.

Baylor felt that this time Ewan was annoying again.

At this time, a strong wind suddenly came in front of him, Baylor quickly put his terminal away, holding it in his hand, and then looked up at the angry Klaus who was reaching for his things. He and his other two companions were panting, dripping with sweat. They seemed to have just completed their punishment.

Baylor gloated with a slight hook of his lips and unhurriedly put the terminal into his jacket pocket, “What, are you done with 50 laps?”

At this point, Klaus understood, and he stared at Baylor with a furious glare, gritting his teeth and saying, “You did that on purpose!”

Baylor sneered, and his voice rose slowly, very unpleasantly, “So what?”


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January 15, 2023 6:56 pm

Klaus is a muscle dummy. Not much sense at all. As far a Baylor’s concerned, he is not worth the trouble. It’s going to be interesting to see how Baylor handles him. Thanks for the update.❤️

January 15, 2023 7:47 pm

Those 3 are just so unfortunate to come to find trouble with baylor when he just feeling upset again with the general.

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I can’t help thinking of Katy Perry’s Hot n Cold with Ewan’s attitude right now.

Although I really like this courtship style of his, very macho! hee .. hee ..

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I hope Baylor isn’t too tired from catching up in PE, as it seems he has some asses to kick.
Will Alfonso, who’s headed to tell him about the competition, now see why Baylor is of such interest, or will he be saving him? (Doubtful 😏)
Thanks for translating and editing.

January 16, 2023 1:47 am

Oh, and Ewan needs to face these new feelings he isn’t used to and doesn’t know what to do with, by himself; not using Baylor like a yoyo in the process.
Baylor is straight forward and he needs to be too. Just be honest.

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Baylor beats them, show what you learned in Ewan’s training! Excited for the next chapter! Thanks for the translation!

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