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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


Shiyel was one of Baylor’s contemporaries, and as a military cadet, he had always grown up in a template. Before he met Baylor, he never knew that someone could be so reckless as to seem to have no regard for the world. Shiyel stood by the mat, looking at the exquisite lush person coldly mocking the tough-bodied ‘senior’, he showed a puzzled and admiring gaze.

Hasn’t Baylor ever been afraid of anything? How could he be so… completely unbound by common sense?

When Klaus heard Baylor’s words, his hands became bruised and he raised his hand and slapped Baylor hard in the face.

At that moment, Kana shouted, “Private brawls are strictly forbidden in the military!” 

With Baylor around, Kana didn’t just back down, but she couldn’t back down at this point. She said sharply, “The most serious punishment for a private brawl is expulsion from the military!”

The hand stopped stiffly in the air. However, it was not only Klaus who stopped, but also Baylor.

Retracting his hand, Baylor looked sideways at Kana, “Expelled?”

Kana was stunned, this was what she was going to use to scare Klaus, how come Baylor seemed more concerned?

Kana stared at Baylor, “You don’t want to get into a fight, do you?”

Baylor silently withdrew his eyes and looked at Klaus and the two people next to him, “No fighting oh, what are you going to do?”

Kana: …He really wanted to fight. Also… She forgot about Baylor’s fussy personality. Luckily, she stopped it in advance.

Klaus did not hear the regret in Baylor’s mouth, only that Baylor was fooling around, he gritted his teeth, narrowed his eyes, “Don’t think you can just get away with it.” He hooked the corners of his mouth fiercely, “We’ll see.”

Watching Klaus and the others leave, Kana said worriedly, “What should we do, they’ll definitely target you now…”

“And then what?” Baylor interrupted and he asked curiously, “What can they do to me?”

Kana looked at Baylor’s attitude of not caring and hanging on for dear life, “That… Then of course…” She choked for a moment, because she also did not know what they would do.

At this time, listening to the side, Shiyel coldly spoke, “This kind of people have a lot of dirty tricks, give you training equipment to do the trick, and they may also pull you to a hidden place when you fall alone, as long as there is no camera, then it is not considered a fight…” Shiyel said, and after finding that Baylor and Kana looked at him, he became strange. He panicked and hurriedly explained, “I haven’t done any of that, but there are often such tyrant-like incidents at school, so I’ve seen them.”

Kana turned her head and she snatched the jacket Baylor was clutching in her hands and hugged it in her arms.

Baylor: ????

Kana said seriously, “Then Baylor you must not be left alone now! I’ll be with you from today onwards!” She said, looking at Shiyel, “Do you want to join?”

Shiyel: … That is not necessary.

Baylor’s mouth twitched, backhandedly snatched back his jacket, and then lifted his feet to leave. What a mess.

Kana immediately ready to follow, Baylor footsteps must turn back to glare at her, “Do not follow me.”


Shiyel looked at Baylor’s back as he left and asked Kana, “He’s all alone every day, what the hell is he doing?”

Kana was also confused, “I don’t know… But Baylor just seems to like to be alone, normally it’s fine, but now… What if he was really attacked by those guys?” Kana suddenly remembered, “Oh, I forgot to ask Baylor if he wanted to participate in the military competition.”

“The military competition?” In Sean’s office drinking nutrient solution Baylor is holding a straw, unsure, “Oh, just heard Alfonso say.” 

Called him here specifically to say that?

Sean looked at Baylor’s lack of interest and he asked, a little surprised, “Don’t you want to participate?”

He had thought Baylor would enjoy this kind of competition.

The bag of nutrient solution made an empty sound, Baylor blew into the straw like an arrow and blew the bag into the trash can, he asked rhetorically, “Why should I participate?”

He had taken the test to join the military, so he could get a job and a new identity. But that military competition didn’t make much sense.

“If you make it through the selection to the field team, you can become a second lieutenant straight away, and if you can place in the competition, you can be promoted to at least major.” Sean said, “That will give you at least a year less to stay up.”

Baylor sniffed, his face showing hesitation. It did sound very appealing. It was just that although he and Ewan had eased up a bit in the last few days, he hadn’t forgotten about the ‘mark gone’ deal. He said at the time that when the mark disappeared, he would tell Ewan to get as far away as possible.

Who knows what the situation would be after the mark disappeared, he might just run away, not caring about the military competition and rank?

“Forget it.” Baylor said, “Who knows if I’ll still be in the military a month from now, I’m not interested in all this nonsense.”

Sean put down his hands and looked at Baylor seriously, frowning, “What do you mean… I don’t know if you’ll still be in the military in a month? You have thoughts of leaving?”

How could that work, he had just about finished his training program! Baylor was the one he snatched from that group of tiger-eyed examiners! Even recently, that Ensley had been asking around about Baylor, and if he hadn’t held people down, Ensley might have rushed to the training ground to find Baylor.

Baylor said in a rare and meaningful way, “They say things change…”

Sean’s mouth twitched, these days he always dragged Baylor over for various tests, in the process of getting along with him has probably figured out the youth’s personality, this seed is pretending to be deep.

“Ewan pissed you off?” He asked very sharply.

Baylor’s voice was a sound, the brow down, let the eyes more deep, and then silent not to speak. He wanted to say something for Ewan, but thinking of Baylor’s character, he said calmly, “It’s too much of a disadvantage to leave the military because of that silly boy, you worked hard to get into the military, why would you throw your hand out because of someone else?” He said, with a few more sharpened tones, “Is that punishing him, or is that punishing you?”

Baylor sat back in her chair and looked at Sean with a few dull looks. That seemed to be the truth. Tugging at his brow, he thought carefully about Sean’s words. Then, the more he thought about it, the more it made sense. Yeah, why would he throw away what he had worked so hard to get for Ewan? He still put a lot of effort into that test.

Sean looked at Baylor clutching his shoulders, conviction gradually appearing in those clear, lingering eyes. He coughed lightly, “Then I’ll sign you up.”

Baylor:? What’s the point of signing up?

Sean took advantage of the fact that Baylor was still caught up in his own words now, and opened his terminal with a quick eye, “Since you won’t leave because of Ewan, you definitely have to enter the military competition for the sake of your future, unless you’re stupid.” Opening the registration page, he held out his hand towards Baylor, “Give me the military ID.”

“… Oh.” Baylor got up and fished his ID out of his own pocket and handed it to Sean, sitting back in his chair, he frowned, something not quite right in his mind, “But I don’t think I need to sign up now either.”

Well at least let him think about it?

“The enrollment process is trivial, and you’re not bad with electronics? Anyway, you’re here, I’ll just finish it for you, so you don’t have to go back and do it yourself.”

“… Okay.”

Sean quickly filled out the form and then clicked into the registration program, he said without looking up, “By the way, I’m going to let you sign up for mecha combat.”

Baylor didn’t quite understand, “I haven’t started mecha combat training yet.” He remembered that Alfonso had made a point of talking about it.

“You’ll start training as of next week.” Sean said, “mecha training needs to be hands-on, and this tryout is a good opportunity to do that.” Sean, who had already signed up for Baylor, raised his eyes, “This tryout will be part of your training.”

If anyone had heard that, they would have thought Sean was crazy. The military competition, which could only be participated in by private soldiers, was actually used by him as a training task for his own students. In fact, Sean thought it was a little crazy, too.

Originally, when discussing Baylor’s training program with Ewan, Sean did not intend to do so. He was going to let Baylor participate in the selection, but with a preference for single combat, after all, Baylor’s single combat ability is very good, if the selection has a high probability of being able to enter the final combat team.

But his student said, “This is a rare opportunity for him to grow in the field and practice his mecha fighting.”

Sean didn’t really agree at the time, “mecha combat isn’t something you can train overnight, it’s too much of a rush.”

“Not for him, it won’t.” Ewan asked quietly, “Have you ever seen another person with the mental strength he has?”

Of course not. Sean understood Ewan’s idea. With Baylor’s potential, following the ordinary steps to train would be a waste of time. So he agreed with Ewan’s opinion.

“Starting next week, you need to free up your time at night.” Sean said in a firm voice.

Baylor understood that this was for him to go for mecha training at night, and Ewan’s 10:30 appointment immediately came to his mind, and he subconsciously frowned, “At night? What time will that be?”

Sean raised an eyebrow, “What, you have something going on at night? We can see how it goes then, and if you’re not, we can finish a little earlier.”

Baylor pursed his lips, “No, no.”

And at that moment, under a tree outside the training ground, Klaus gathered with two other men, full of indignation.

“Klaus, I’ve been asking around.” One said, “That omega turned out to be named Baylor, and guess who he is?”

Klaus leaned against a tree with his arms in his arms, he sneered, “Could it be any nobleman?” But even if he was a nobleman, he was not afraid. Klaus could be so dejected and brash, naturally he had a few points of strength. His family includes a marquess who had a blood relationship with the royal family. Although not a member of the royal family, he is also considered half of a royal relative. And the circle of nobles in the imperial capital was so small, shouting the name of the nobles he knows, but has not heard of such a person.

“Didn’t you say before that there was a very powerful newcomer in the 68th class? He took first place in the scoreboard with a big score, the honorable newcomer of this class.” Klaus’ partner said, “It’s actually this Baylor.”

Klaus was silent for a few seconds, thinking about how he usually saw Baylor, who ran laps for warm-up activities, and was an iron-clad hanger-on in every physical task. He laughed out loud, “Hahaha. What kind of joke are you talking about, will he actually be the honorary newcomer of this class? He is an honorary newcomer, then I can become admiral.”

Klaus’ partner emphasized, “It’s true, I inquired from their side of his contemporaries, and I also had someone visit his dormitory, he lives in the single dormitory of honorable newcomers.”

“…” Klaus raised his eyebrows in disbelief, “It’s really him?”

“Really, it’s more real than pearls.”

After a few more seconds of silence, digesting the news with difficulty, Klaus said with contempt, “This class of newcomers is also too wasted.” He said lamentably, “If I had come in a year later, I would have been an honorary newcomer this year.” That Baylor was lucky.

Klaus’ partner rubbed his head, “But I heard that he is very powerful and eliminated many people in the examination… Didn’t I say before that my sister told me that she was a fan of this class of honorable newcomers, and that quite a few students in her school were, just because they watched the test live, and she asked me to help find someone in the military department before.” He just didn’t take it seriously.

“It’s just looking at faces.” Klaus sneered, “Such a person on the basis of his own looks, let the people around him some pursuit, no wonder the attitude is so uncaring. I’m afraid I’ve forgotten how much I weigh.”

Thinking how today’s military instructor punishment was because of Baylor, Klaus clenched his fist, his erect muscles covered with veins, “such a person, we should let him sober up.”

Klaus’s two partners had only been in a joking mood to join the tyrant ling at the beginning, at the moment more or less retreat.

“Private brawl really will be thrown out of the military, I think we should forget it, as long as the other party does not commit to our head in the future.”

Klaus looked at them and said with contempt, “Cowards.” He stood up straight from the trunk of the tree, “But you don’t have to, I can teach him a lesson all by myself.”

The two men looked at each other, looking at Klaus as if he was going to get real, they advised, “Klaus, don’t go too far.”

Klaus grunted coldly and left without comment. That omega is so proud of his face, isn’t he? He wanted to make him disgusted with his own face from now on. Thinking of this, he showed a lecherous smile.

At 10:30 p.m., Ewan arrived at the old training ground as promised. Standing against a single pole, Ewan looked at the window, his gaze sunken. After yesterday’s meeting, I wonder if Baylor will come again. Thinking about what Sean had told him today, Ewan frowned deeply. I didn’t think Baylor would want to leave the military because of him.

Baylor… Did he hate him that much? Looking at the window, Ewan recalled Baylor’s questioning of himself yesterday. He really didn’t know what he wanted to do now.

If he didn’t want to get himself caught up in his feelings for Baylor, then he should have kept his distance from him. But he didn’t do that, wasn’t willing to do that, and couldn’t do that. After all, the last time he kept his distance for a few days, two people who were in the way popped up.

So what exactly was his purpose now…? Just as Ewan was caught up in this question that was harder to analyze than the battlefield, to his surprise, there was a ‘creak’ and the door was pushed open-


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January 16, 2023 5:04 pm

Sean really knows how to manipulate Baylor (not in a bad way).
Whilst Ewan might struggle with feelings that both scare and confuse him, I like that he believes in Baylor and wants him to realise his ambitions and potential, regardless.
Klaus is repulsive and delusional. A character who blames others for his failings. I hope Baylor’s ready for him.
Thanks for translating and editing.

January 16, 2023 5:22 pm

Night rendezvouz coming to an end…

Ewan, I think it’s time. The 2 month mark is also coming ..

January 16, 2023 5:40 pm

Oh man!? I hate Being left on edge😫 I want Ewan to tell Baylor how he feels and not let his mark disappear. Hopefully it Baylor opening the door. Thanks for the update❤️

Like alot
Like alot
January 16, 2023 6:11 pm

Whats a little bullying between classmates? Klaus is dead. Looking forward to it. Baylor!!! Honey talk to ur bf already. Silly Ewan needs to be straight with him. Thank you for the update!

March 11, 2023 6:22 pm

Klaus believes he’s pretty much a royal with his ‘half of a royal relative’ connection. Uh, no. Dream on.

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