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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


The moment the door was pushed open, the cold moonlight surged in like a tidal wave, and Ewan watched as Baylor’s shadow was stretched out by the moonlight, almost connecting with his. It was only the touch of an illusory shadow, but it made his soul tremble.

Baylor stood at the gate, in the moonlight, long and clear, like a shadow.

“If you’ve fixed the grass, why don’t you just fix the gate?” Baylor listened to the ear-splitting sound of the door opening, and frowned in disgust.

Ewan found his voice after a moment of speechlessness, he stood up, his expression was flat, but his eyes were extremely hot looking at people. His voice was hoarse, “Because I didn’t think you’d push the door open.”

A strange feeling rose in Baylor’s heart, but he simply said, “… I’m not that much of a wimp.” He didn’t even dare to come to the appointment.

“Where’s Dragon Hunter? Didn’t he come along?” Ewan turned around and put the pre-prepared sparring droid cover on, not needing it today.

“It’s watching Animal Crossing.” Baylor replied.

Speaking of Super Wolf, Ewan suddenly remembered something. Although not really wanting to bring up others, Ewan could not hide his concern and asked, “Do you know why Aynor can see Dragon Hunter?” With a slight frown, he spoke in a sour tone and asked casually, “Are you treating Aynor so well because he can see Dragon Hunter?”

Treat him differently? Baylor thought about it, and that’s true. So he nodded, “Sort of.”

Ewan was slightly silent, and then subconsciously said, “… There are probably many people in the world who can see Dragon Hunter.”

Baylor did not understand what he meant, “So?”

So Aynor is not so special that it’s not worth Baylor caring too much about him. But Ewan immediately realized that if that meant he wasn’t that special himself? This idea just swept through his mind, Ewan lips pursed, like a dream, the cloud dissipated, he suddenly found a blind spot. Maybe…. Maybe Baylor was so special to him at the beginning because he could see Dragon Hunter?

The heart seized, and with it, the brow. He was very confused at that time, he had just met Baylor for a short time, but Baylor cared for and defended him. He thought at the time that Baylor had fallen in love with him at first sight, but now it doesn’t seem like it. And there were times when he talked about it with the young man, who had an inexplicable unhappy expression.

At that moment he thought the other party was annoyed, it was hard not to…

Baylor then watched Ewan suddenly fall into silence by himself, and the expression is like nightfall, getting darker and darker, and accompanied by cloudy lightning, the expression is extremely difficult to see. He said Ewan is a too complicated person, for good reason, and changed his face.

And at that moment, Ewan’s low voice was far away and hollow, “Baylor, does being able to see Dragon Hunter have any special meaning for you?” Is it true that he was treated special by Baylor because he could see Dragon Hunter?

Baylor never felt anything for him from the beginning to the end? It turned out that he somehow, himself first moved his feelings? A one-man show?

I don’t know if it was an illusion, but Baylor caught a hint of aggravation in that complicated tone of voice. He didn’t know how Ewan had concluded the matter from that twisted tale, but it had to be said that Ewan was perceptive. To cover up, Baylor impatiently urged, “Are you done, still training or not training, or I’m going back.”

In an instant, Baylor felt Ewan emitting a strong sense of grief and anger and a general sense of helplessness as the world fell apart.

… This person is really complicated.

Baylor asked curiously and incomprehensibly, “What are you thinking again?” His tone was sincere, and he had wanted to ask for a long time.

“… No, nothing.” Ewan pressed his temple, which was aching, and he mumbled, “Nothing…” He activated the cloth-covered battle droid again, then gathered his emotions and maintained his sanity and said, “You… Yeah, you fight it first, I’ll see what kind of fighting style you’ve adjusted to now…”

Originally Ewan wanted to go on his own, but his mind was now in turmoil and his emotions were tumbling in his heart, making it difficult to focus on fighting Baylor.

How could… Was that it? He didn’t understand. Then what was that admonition he had said to Baylor earlier? Had he been making a fool of himself?

In the midst of this moving heart, he had thought that after Baylor pulled him down, Baylor himself came ashore again. But now it only seems that Baylor was on the shore all along, and it was he who looked at Baylor’s phantom in the water and jumped in himself. Is there something more absurd than this?

And at this time, Baylor had already tangled with that combat robot.

The combat program in the battle robot was designed by Ewan specifically for Baylor to hone his fighting style, and many of the moves in it were luring Baylor to slow down his attacks.

Ewan originally watched Baylor’s fighting stance while thinking about Baylor’s relationship with him, but gradually, his attention was drawn to Baylor’s fighting. And that focused gaze reveals a vague sense of amazement and pride and joy.

Ewan knew Baylor had talent in combat, but at this moment he couldn’t help but re-examine his perception of Baylor’s combat talent. Ewan hadn’t thought Baylor would be able to make such great progress just by watching him fight.

Just a few days ago, Baylor’s fighting style was still the pursuit of only speed, and his attack rhythm was extremely singular. But now he was able to catch the rhythm of his opponent’s attacks, slowing down when they were fast, and learning to hunker down and wait for the next opportunity to attack.

Although his grasp of timing is not perfect and some lag in movement can be clearly seen, it is extremely difficult for someone who has developed a distinct fighting style to be able to do so.

“Now I’ll be your opponent.” Ewan spoke up, a bit of excitement hidden under his calm voice.

Nearly twelve o’clock at night, the old training ground is still lit, and in a hidden path outside the training ground, Klaus, who had followed Baylor, tossed the sprayer in his hand with some impatience.

Why isn’t he out yet? He inquired and learned that Baylor would leave the dormitory after ten o’clock at night, so he hid in the dormitory hall early today.

In order to be careful of the cameras, he kept a very long distance to follow, and after watching Baylor enter the old training ground, he did not come closer, but only guarded the path that Baylor would pass back, without cameras, and waited for Baylor to come out. And he has also looked at the location, there is a bush by the side of the path, later Baylor passed by, he can stun people and drag them to the bush.

Thinking of the ‘good’ later, Klaus’ impatient heart calmed down a bit.

Wait a little longer, he’ll be back later with double the fun.

The knot in Klaus’ throat rolled as Baylor’s superb face came to mind, as well as the waist that he usually glimpsed during training.

And at that moment in the open field came a few exhausted gasps, Baylor lying on the ground, his chest heaving violently, his black forehead hair messy against that cold white skin, his eyes reflecting the light, looking reluctantly at Ewan standing there, “Hey, come again.”

After four matches, he hadn’t beaten his opponent once. And he could feel that Ewan was still pressing his strength, how strong was this person?

Ewan looked at Baylor and shook his head, “You should go back to rest.” Afraid that Baylor would be frustrated after losing so many games in a row, he said, “You are now in the process of changing your fighting style, it is normal to find it more difficult to fight than before, you have made a lot of progress.”

Baylor, who could not hear Ewan’s reassurance, snorted, “I’m not that vulnerable.”

What he didn’t know, however, was that what Ewan was saying came from the heart. Ewan reached out his hand to Baylor, probably because he really didn’t have much strength left, and this time Baylor didn’t open his hand.

Ewan grabbed Baylor’s hand somewhat unexpectedly, and then before his mind could react, his body had already pulled himself up from the ground. Because of the intense exercise sweat, the skin in the palm of the hand is cold, and a little sticky.

Ewan lowered his eyes to look at the hand that held, Baylor skin cold white, and his wheat skin to form a sharp contrast. It’s a very evocative experience. But at the same time, like a self-torturing tug, another sentence like a pot of cold water poured on.

–Baylor had no feelings at all.

Ewan took a deep breath, because of patience, the tone of voice tinged with a few gritted teeth, “… Go back.”

Baylor raised an eyebrow and looked at Ewan’s hand that was still clutching his own, “Then let go of it.”

Ewan can only reluctantly let go of his hand.

Pushing the door open, Baylor suddenly stopped in his tracks.

“What’s wrong?” Ewan walked up and asked as he closed the door behind him.

Baylor narrowed his eyes, eyes looking to the far corner, “Hm, there are rats.”

Ewan followed Baylor’s gaze, he knew Baylor was very sensitive to the scent of people, he frowned, “Someone?”

Baylor used the sentinel’s keen sense of smell to sniff carefully, catching the unpleasant smell of pheromone in the air, he slightly raised an eyebrow, “I guess it’s very fun to follow me, good, today I’ll just solve this.”

Ewan looked at Baylor’s face and knew he was probably in trouble again.

At that moment, a cool autumn breeze blew by, Ewan frowned slightly, “I’ll take you back today.”

Baylor is dissatisfied to look at Ewan, which means that they are not allowed to do it.

Ewan only said lightly, “It’s cool at night, you’re sweating, don’t stay outside.”

Baylor said reluctantly, “It won’t take long.”

Ewan didn’t budge, “Let’s go.”

“… Tsk.”

Klaus heard the door open and thought he could finally make his move, but didn’t expect to find Baylor with someone else. Shit! Did he wait so long today for nothing? He had no choice but to hide and wait for Baylor to leave before he slipped out again and quietly followed them.

He was not willing to let his plan fail, he had been waiting outside for more than an hour, as long as he waited for Baylor to separate from the man, he would still have a chance to strike. But Klaus didn’t want to follow him all the way to the dormitory, but the man hadn’t separated from Baylor. Klaus cursed angrily, not expecting that someone would send Baylor back to the dormitory.

Didn’t he say that this omega was a loner?

“Tch, what bad luck!” Klaus reluctantly retrieved the meth. He turned around angrily and prepared to go back to his dormitory.

But it doesn’t matter, he will always find a chance.

In order not to be discovered by the soldiers on duty, Klaus deliberately chose a small path to go back to his quarters. However, he didn’t get very far, and as soon as he turned the corner into the path, his shoulder was suddenly grabbed from behind. Klaus’ eyes glared, and he quickly turned around and prepared to turn around and punch someone in the face.

Someone was approaching him and he didn’t know it!

However, this full fist was easily blocked by someone.

There were no street lights on the path, and with a wink, Klaus could not see the person’s face, but he could see the person’s clothes.

It was a training suit… The man who had just sent Baylor back to the dormitory!

“So you found me a long time ago.” In amazement, Klaus instantly understood. This person could come to intercept himself, so he must have found out about his existence.

The man’s voice was cold and low, “What do you want to do by following him?”

Klaus pulled his hand back from his opponent’s palm and did not answer, but punched the man with force, he was always confident in his fighting ability, after all, the muscles were not for nothing.

Ewan originally wanted to ‘talk’ with the other side first, but did not expect the other side would refuse to communicate, then there was no other way. The tail of the eyebrow is gently raised, easily blocking the other party’s attack, and then a backhanded elbow strike, pulling the arm an over-the-shoulder slam, the person fell hard to the ground.

At that moment ‘snap’, a canister fell out of the opponent’s pocket, then rolled to Ewan’s military boots. Ewan bent down and picked the can up, then looked at the label on it by moonlight.

Klaus lay on the ground falling head over heels, he wailed, not expecting this man to be so powerful. Realizing that he had hit a hard rock, he hurriedly said, “Do you know who my family is?” 

Then while saying that, he was ready to support his body to get up from the ground.

But the body was just propped up by a heavy step, the foot like a thousand pounds, the upper body fell back to the ground, Klaus felt his sternum was about to be crushed, he struggled to hold the military boots with both hands, trying to relieve the pressure, but found that his proud muscles at the moment but can not shake the other party a point.

It’s going to break…

Klaus looked at the man against the moonlight and begged for mercy with difficulty, “Let… Let me go…”

“Aphrodisiac.” Ewan lowered his eyes and held the jar of ecstasy in his palm. Ewan lowered his eyes and looked at the struggling man at his feet, and unlike the force he was using at the moment, his voice was very diffuse and flat, and Ewan asked without haste, “What do you want to do to him?”

Klaus felt the increased force, he suffered pain to the twisted features, his voice almost wailing, “I, I do not want to do anything…”

Ewan’s face was expressionless, but his gaze was fierce, filled with cold killing intent. Hearing a crunching sound from the sternum, he asked again, “What do you want to do to him?”

The voice was slow, but it was like a dull knife pulling at one’s nerves, making one suffer. Klaus had no doubt that he would die here, and in his fear, he pleaded in his own defense, “It was… He provoked me first… I just wanted to teach him a lesson… I won’t dare to do it again…” Remembering something, he said, “Well, this is military headquarters… You can’t do that…”

“The military?” Ewan gave a cold laugh.

The next second, there was a scream after scream in the middle of the pathway. The commotion was so loud that it caught the attention of the patrolling soldier leader, “Hey! What’s going on?!”

The chief soldier with the soldiers on duty ran to the entrance of the trail where the sound was coming from, and at that moment he watched a man walking slowly out of the trail, completely unaware of being caught. He was about to question, the man walked outside in the light, the soldier chief to see each other’s looks, immediately stood up with a straight military salute, “General!”

At this moment an object came towards himself head-on, the chief soldier scrambled to catch it and found it was a small spray. He raised his eyes to look at the general’s stormy gaze, and only then did he realize that the general’s body was permeated with a fearful cold pressure of power.

He didn’t dare let out a breath.

“If I find this dirty thing in the military department again,” Ewan’s voice was cold, “all the people in the military discipline department are out of here.”

The chief soldier clenched the spray in his hand, a cold sweat seeping down his back as he hung his head in shame and fear and responded loudly, “Yes, General!”

Then he listened to the sound of the footsteps of the boots, one after another, as if they were striking his tense nerves. Just as he was about to look up, he heard the footsteps suddenly stop and he immediately stopped himself again.

“Oh, throw the people inside out, don’t dirty the ground of my military department.”

“Yes, General.”

Ewan suddenly remembered that before the man said something about his family it was very powerful, just now too angry to forget to ask which family. He raised an eyebrow slightly, “Send his information to Weifield later.”

He would like to see how good they were.


“Baylor!” shouted Kana excitedly towards Baylor in the morning.

“…” Baylor looked at Kana and Shiyel next to her, and continued his training without expression.

Kana didn’t care about Baylor’s coldness, in fact she had long been used to it.

“Baylor! Baylor!” she shouted a few more times.

“I’ve grown ears.” Baylor said indifferently.

“You know what! That evil tyrant, Klaus, actually got thrown out of the military!”

Baylor stopped his own movement to look at Kana.

Kana happily shared this good news with Baylor, “This morning I saw that the next class Klaus did not come to training some concern, and then went to inquire about it, I heard that last night into the Ministry with prohibited items, the results were found by the chief soldier, directly that night was thrown out.” The smile on her face was wider than a blossom, “That’s great, we no longer have to be afraid of what he might do.”

Baylor snapped out of his thoughts and he frowned, “I wasn’t afraid either.”

Listening to Kana yammering on about how happy she was, Baylor’s eyes dropped in interest and he stared at the water bottle in front of him as he fell into deep thought. There was no such thing as a coincidence. The scum followed him last night, only to be thrown out when contraband was found.

This looks like Ewan’s handiwork.

Yesterday, he drove himself back to bed, only to have him go and take care of the man. Baylor frowned slightly. This is not… He let Ewan handle the trouble for him again? Ewan… It’s not like he’s going to get into trouble again, is it?

So at night during training, Ewan felt Baylor’s clearly wrong gaze. Ewan, who was not in the best of spirits today because of last night’s insomnia, stopped training with a headache and asked, “Just tell me what you have to say.”

What’s wrong with looking at yourself with that attention-grabbing gaze? What else is he afraid to hear now?

Since Ewan had asked, Baylor put his hands together and said, “You kicked that piece of shit out last night.”

Ewan frowned, “Since it’s garbage…” So should he.

Baylor cut him off, “I didn’t ask you to help me with my troubles.”

Ewan was slightly stunned, he thought Baylor was trying to draw a line in the sand with himself, the frown that had just been loosened had not been flattened again.

However, immediately after, he heard Baylor say, “You have to deal with it yourself, you don’t want me to cause you trouble again.” After saying that, he also heard Baylor coldly hum.

He could see that he was very dissatisfied.

Ewan, however, looked at Baylor in disbelief, chewed over the words a few times, carefully searched his memory for memories related to this, but to no avail. He still couldn’t quite understand it and could only ask in confusion, “When did I ever think you were causing me any trouble?”

Where did he find this hat to put on him?


The author has something to say: 

The general will be able to confess and chase his wife openly (not), and then his career and relationship lines will rise together! Although I know some little angels do not like to see the emotional drama, but essentially this is a love article ah orz development of feelings we develop career … The next author must try to combine the career line with the love line better (lie flat), congratulations you found a very room for growth author kkkkkk


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Dear Author you have very good humor!

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January 17, 2023 5:56 pm

Confess soon, it’s aggravating watching them spit at each other🥺 can’t wait for the love 💕😁 thank you for another great chapter. Love throwing out the trash😉❤️❤️

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It really is the blind leading the blind.
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Baylor can’t seem able to distinguish between needing a guide and liking Ewan for him. It’s one big mess.
I love that regardless, Ewan supports and wants Baylor’s success.
Thanks for translating and editing.

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