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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


Kana found Nord and told him everything about Baylor’s capture. After parting with Kana, Nord thought for a while and then went to the investigation room, where, as a a, Colonel, a superior officer, had some authority.

After understanding the situation, Nord reported Baylor’s situation to his superior – Wellin.

Others did not know, but he was well aware of the special relationship between Baylor and the General, whether Baylor was suspected or not, everything certainly needed to go through the General’s consent.

But Nord did not have a direct way to contact Ewan, so instead, he found Wellin.

Wellin was in Black City, had just arrested the suspects they have been tracking, after receiving the news, although Wellin was not very interested in the matter, he still dutifully informed his brother Weifield. The news went round and round before reaching Ewan’s ears.

Unlike on planet D7, D1 was like the Gobi, the distant fireworks, that was the latest flamethrower was testing the effect, standing on the observation deck, Ewan heard Weifield’s report. The pair of goose gray eyes reflecting the fire showed some complex emotions, which had helplessness and doubts, but also some concern.

Weifield said, “When I received the news, I went to understand the situation in detail. At present, Mr. Baylor is temporarily detained for interrogation, for sneaking into the ancestral stone pit. Mr. Baylor only said that it was because of curiosity.” Weifield hesitated for a few seconds and said his opinion, “This is indeed a bit strange.” 

What kind of person would sneak into a mine, avoiding everyone, simply out of curiosity?

If he was interested in ancestral stones, why wouldn’t he have the General take him to see it?

Ewan put one hand on the railing of the observation deck, he did not hesitate, said in a decisive tone, “D7 is Kiki’s station. Contact her.”

Weifield slightly froze, wanted to say but finally dialed Kiki’s communication.

At that time Kiki suddenly received Ewan’s contact, and was very frightened, “General, what are your instructions?”

Ewan did not have too many pleasantries, and directly opened the door and said, “You captured a new recruit who sneaked into the mine yesterday?”

Kiki did not expect such a small matter would actually reach Ewan, because of doubt she frowned slightly, she hesitated, “Yes… This person is an honorary recruit of the class of 68, called Baylor, this person… Is there something wrong with him?”

Thinking about it, she felt that this was the only possibility. Maybe the military department had long found this person suspicious, so they had been monitoring his every move, and this had just been caught, and the news had reached the General. Indeed, looking at that omega’s performance, at first glance, he was not an ordinary recruit, his identity was extremely suspicious!

However, the next second, she heard General’s scattered voice say, “Release him immediately.”

“Yes, we will definitely…” Kiki froze and reacted with hindsight, “Release him?”


Kiki opened her mouth, “But, this person’s whereabouts are strange, and the investigation is not yet complete…”

Ewan’s voice was so flat that it was almost careless, but his tone was unquestionably resolute, “He is not someone you can control, let him go immediately.”

“… Yes, General,” Kiki responded, although she did not understand.

After instructing a few more words and hanging up the communication, Ewan looked askance and saw Weifield’s look of wanting to say something next to him, “Just say something.”

Weifield was given permission to speak, “General… It’s not really my place, but aren’t we a little too comfortable with Mr. Baylor?”

He said ‘we’, but anyone with ears could hear that Weifield meant that Ewan trusted Baylor too much.

Weifield said boldly, “Mr. Baylor is a person sent by TL7, although we have investigated his background many times, but Mr. Baylor’s performance is indeed very suspicious, and his background is very inconsistent with his life.”

Other than that, how could that fighting skill that stunned everyone be mastered by a son of a sinful king who was left out of the picture as a child? Weifield also read the investigation report, which contained a lot of previous contact of Baylor’s with descriptions of Baylor – cowardly, codependent, reticent, depressed …

Is there a word in any of those descriptions that matched the Baylor they knew? Now Baylor was sneaking into the ancestral stone pit… The ancestral stones were a strategic resource of the highest importance. To be honest, he felt that Kiki and the others should hold Baylor for investigation.

However, Ewan did not say anything and let him go…

Ewan put his sight into the distance and looked at the flames that looked like a celebration, his voice almost diffused in the sound of the cannon fire.

“I know what you mean.” Ewan said, “It’s just that no one is qualified to dispose of him but me.”

That included interrogating Baylor. He wouldn’t allow anyone else to cross the line. “If he’s a real threat to the Empire, I’ll send him to prison myself.”


The handcuffs were uncuffed, and Baylor moved his wrists while standing up.

At that moment, Kiki brought over a bottle of water. Baylor did not push back, but took it and drank it down freely. He was indeed thirsty, by that kind of headlights for several hours, even if Baylor behaved calmly, his physiological reaction could not be changed.

The manna-like water nourished the almost dry throat, a bottle of water down, after the dry swallowing feeling was alleviated, Baylor wiped the corner of his mouth, he raised his eyebrows to look at Kiki.

“No more trials for me?” This group was finally not deaf and listened to his words? If he was really planning to do something wrong and had infiltrated the military headquarters from the beginning, how could he be caught so easily? How could he have been caught so easily and not even done anything?

There was no such stupid spy in the world.

Kiki said, “We won’t anymore.”

Baylor held out his hand to Kiki Wu, “My uniform jacket, and personal belongings.”

They had taken his jacket when he was taken into custody last night, and Baylor guessed that the personal items in his quarters must have been confiscated for investigation as well. Baylor guessed correctly that his luggage was indeed on Kiki’s side.


“You can have your stuff back.” Kiki said, “but you will not be able to continue to participate in the mission.”

Baylor frowned slightly. Not that there would be no investigation?

“When you eat, you need to leave planet D7.”

Baylor asked subconsciously, “I’m going back to the Ya’an Empire?”

Kiki shook her head, “No, you’re going to planet D1.”

The name sounded familiar, but before Baylor could recall, Kiki had already revealed the mystery directly, she said, “The General is waiting for you there.”

“…” Baylor’s clear eyes blinked slightly, he understood at this point.

When the group of idiots found out the truth, it was Ewan who knew and asked them to let him go. Just as he had expected at the beginning, Ewan really came to pick him up. Obviously it was expected, but at this moment, Baylor’s heart still jumped, some swelling, some discomfort.

But he was still a little surprised that Ewan would know the news so quickly.

His lips, which were clearly veined from thirst, were pursed into a straight line, and the tip of his tongue unconsciously rested against his upper jaw. Baylor hesitated for a second and asked, “What am I going to do there?”

In fact, what he wanted to ask was what Ewan’s attitude was, because he seemed to have accidentally caused trouble for the other again.

Thinking about this, Baylor’s heart was a bit annoyed. He had really only planned to take a look and then leave.

Kiki gently shook her head, “I just carry out the General’s orders, the rest of all do not know.” She gave a slight beating and said, “But in this case, your case here is closed, we will not inform your military instructor or the head of this mission of this matter.”

This was another thing that Ewan instructed at that time – do a good job of secrecy, do not let others know about this fiasco. According to Ewan’s order, although Baylor no longer had to be interrogated or locked up in a cell, he was not considered to have regained his freedom completely.

Therefore, Kiki did not let Baylor go directly to the cafeteria to eat, but had lunch delivered directly to him. Anyway, Baylor would leave by airplane later and would not stay long, so she simply let lunch be delivered to the office outside the interrogation room, leaving two soldiers to watch Baylor eat.

Because he was leaving later, but Super Wolf hadn’t returned yet, Baylor asked after he finished eating, “Can I just walk around here?”

“Walk?” The two soldiers looked at each other and one of them said, “Where to?”

“To relax and walk around.” Baylor said, “If I can’t go anywhere, just don’t let me go.”


Baylor now had a special status, and the two soldiers were not sure if Baylor could move freely now or not, so they simply asked Kiki.

Kiki hesitated slightly. The prison area was very large, except for the inner area where several important criminals were held, the outside area was nothing that could not be seen. So she said, “He wants to walk, let him go, just keep an eye on him, don’t let him go where he shouldn’t go.” After that, she added, “And tell him that he’ll be leaving in about half an hour.”

Baylor actually did not really want to wander, he just wanted to go find Super Wolf. So that when he changed to go, his spiritual body was not still left in this prison.

If his spiritual power was normal and he had a spiritual connection with Super Wolf, he wouldn’t have to go to such trouble at all. But now he was still disconnected from Super Wolf, so he could only rely on his own legs to find the dog. Fortunately, he could still sense Super Wolf’s general direction, so he wasn’t just wandering around like a headless fly.

He could sense that Super Wolf was in the prison, but he didn’t know what Super Wolf was doing, and it seemed to be in a deep part of the prison. Following his own sense of walking in a direction, however, Baylor did not notice the two soldiers next to the face became a little strange expression.

Feeling closer and closer to Super Wolf, Baylor’s eyebrows also slightly wrinkled, how he felt that there seemed to be something strange next to Super Wolf, as if there was also a spiritual power fluctuation… However, just as he was about to continue to go forward, the two soldiers stepped forward in unison and stopped in front of Baylor.

“You can’t go ahead.”

“It ends here.”

Baylor stopped in his tracks, he looked at the two soldiers, and then at the deep corridor behind them, frowning slightly, he asked with concern, “What’s in there?”

He always felt that something was not right.

“It’s not for you to know.” One of the soldiers said, “Please go back.”

“Yes, it will soon be time to leave.”

Inside was the cell, and the only people there could be prisoners.

Baylor didn’t want to go any further, but Super Wolf was in there right now… and it gave him a strange feeling. With a little hesitation, he said, “Don’t worry, I won’t go any further.”

But he had no intention of leaving either. Baylor stood at the mouth of the corridor, and instead of staring deep into the corridor, he turned around and leaned directly against the wall and closed his eyes.

The two soldiers looked at each other with some difficulty, except that this was not a forbidden area, and if Baylor just stood there, they had no right to stop it. But… What was this beautiful omega trying to do?

Looking at Baylor’s closed eyes and silent appearance, the two soldiers were full of doubts. They could only stand next to Baylor in their duties, and then pay attention to the time, ready to take Baylor to the flying machine at the time Kiki said.

As time passed, the two soldiers could not hold back and urged, “We need to leave now.”

What the hell was this omega doing after waiting here for ten minutes?

Baylor responded softly, “Yeah.” But he didn’t have the heart to move, and just as the two soldiers were about to prod again, Baylor suddenly opened his eyes and stood up straight from his position against the wall, and then he turned around and walked in the direction they had come from. And he said, “Come on, let’s go to the flying machine.”

Soldiers: ?????

What the hell was this?

What they didn’t see was that Baylor had a grey and white wolfdog with him at the moment. Super Wolf sensed Baylor’s presence and left from deep inside the prison to find Baylor.

Hearing Baylor’s words to himself, he turned his head in confusion and looked at his master. To take a flying machine? They’re not going to stay here anymore?

Hiya, that’s not going to work.

Baylor’s footsteps, he lowered his head, looking at the Super Wolf suddenly biting his pants leg. And while he was biting, he was also backing up, looking like he was trying to bring him inside.

Baylor frowned, then looked deeper into the cell with a slight feeling.

Super Wolf was telling him to go inside. Why?

Baylor dropped his head again to look at Super Wolf.

Super Wolf knew that Baylor was clear about his intentions and released his mouth, looking at Baylor eagerly with those ice blue eyes. Super Wolf must have found something in there.

At this moment, Baylor was even more annoyed about the broken connection between himself and Super Wolf, otherwise Super Wolf would be able to talk to his mind.

When the two soldiers saw Baylor suddenly stop and look deeper into the corridor, they were afraid that there would be a side issue, so they immediately urged, “We’re taking off.”

The figure of Ewan came to mind.

Baylor hesitated a little, but said, “Let’s go.”

This was not said to the two soldiers, but to Super Wolf. Super Wolf looked back with fondness, but could only follow Baylor and leave. Baylor stared down at the location of the prison, which was actually invisible. He had a sense of foreboding in his heart.

It was kind of like a piece of weight on the heart, his chest tightening in irritation.

Even Super Wolf was affected by his mood and began to walk around the cabin, and began to grind the hard steel floor.

–It usually likes to do this, though.

But it just seems like… Something seems to be going on.

Sentinels and guides, in certain emergency moments, did have the ability to predict crisis, but now Baylor’s mental power was not complete, so he himself could not understand whether this was his paranoia, or a prediction. Forget it, even if something happened, it did not have much to do with him.

There were two regular troops there, and support troops. Even if something did happen, they could always handle it.

Baylor exhaled a foul breath, simply closed his eyes, leaned back in his chair and began to rest his eyes. It didn’t take as long to get from Planet D7 to Planet D1 as it did from the Ya’an Empire to Planet D7. In less than a day, the craft landed firmly on the tarmac of the military base on Planet D1.

As soon as the door was opened, a wave of heat rushed in, a fierce heat wave that almost made Baylor feel a little suffocated. He took off his jacket and unbuttoned a few collars. When Baylor stepped on the ground, he could feel the burning heat through his military boots.

The blinding sunlight made Baylor half squint his eyes, and he could see the air distorted by the heat before his eyes, and through the distorted air, Baylor saw Weifield, who was walking towards him, “Mr. Baylor, please follow me.”

Although Super Wolf was a spiritual body, by definition it was not affected by the environment. But because its prototype was the Siberian sled dog, from Baylor’s knowledge of this dog, its habits also carry the qualities of the real Siberian sled dog.

Simply put, Super Wolf was not too affected by the heat, but it just didn’t like the heat. So as soon as he entered the centrally air-conditioned military base, Super Wolf immediately rolled around on the floor to show his love for the cool, cold floor.

Weifield led Baylor to a room on the fifth floor, “Please wait here for a moment, the General will come when he is done.”

Baylor stared at Weifield’s face, not sure if it was just him, he always felt that Weifield’s expression was not quite right.

“I got it.”

After Weifield closed the door and exited, Baylor walked to the window and looked out at the endless desert, on top of which armored vehicles were being listed for combat training on one side and demolition training on the other.

When he was in the military department, he wondered how the military department’s training area rarely saw this kind of high-damage equipment training, now I think it should be because the military headquarters in the imperial capital, so it was not convenient to conduct these experimental training, will be such a large training ground to those uninhabitable satellite.

Looking through the window at the hot training scene, Baylor did not feel bored, and even unconsciously he watched for half an hour. Then, while he was still immersed in it, there was a knock on the door, pulling Baylor’s mind back.

Baylor looked at the Super Wolf that had come to the door and knew who was knocking, “Come in.”

Ewan was sometimes very concerned about the smallest details. The door was pushed open, and unlike Baylor, who had taken off his military jacket and had a half-open collar, Ewan was still dressed neatly in this heat. Ewan’s personality was casual, but the identity of the General had changed him too much.

He bent down and rubbed Super Wolf, who was asking for pets, as a matter of routine.

Baylor looked at Ewan’s forehead hair that was pulled back, revealing a full forehead covered with a thin layer of sweat. It seemed he had just come back from the outdoors.

Baylor was the first to ask, “What did you bring me here for?”

Baylor was not a person who was patient, so once they met, he didn’t care what to change, and would directly ask the question he cared about.

Ewan stopped petting the dog to stand up, smoothly taking off that plate jacket, he stared at Baylor, collecting his expression, so as to present a kind of hidden raging calm.

Baylor felt something was wrong, just as Weifield had earlier. His brow lowered and his voice tightened slightly, “You have something to say.”

Ewan frowned at Baylor and asked, “Baylor, what is your relationship with Right River?”


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