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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


Baylor did not suffer any injuries. The fight just now Nord was more defensive, there was only some minor friction. His clothes were a little worn and stained, but Baylor didn’t care. He sat on the bench facing the flower bed, with Super Wolf sitting next to him, his hand on Super Wolf’s solid hair, and watched as Nord was handcuffed and taken away by the military.

Nord was held by soldiers left and right, two in front and two in back, with a collar around his neck to regulate his freedom, so that if he did anything untoward, the military could immediately explode his collar and blow his head off, like a watermelon shattered by a punch.

Baylor watched the cold, stubborn man walk past him. Baylor never had much interest in his defeated men, but for this man, he had something he wanted to ask, but now was not the right time. And just as he lowered his eyelashes in interest, his expression returned to its usual uninterested indifferent look, his glance saw the shadow cast on the ground suddenly stop.

Immediately after, Baylor heard Nord’s flat, almost stereotypical voice, “If there’s anything you want to know, feel free to ask me. And, indeed, I don’t want to be your enemy.”

Then, before Baylor could raise his eyes, the figure was escorted away.

When Baylor raised his eyes to look, he only saw the back of the other party.

It was only then that Baylor noticed that, probably because the military had removed his disguise, the B-grade alpha pheromone had disappeared and was replaced by a different smell, a smell that did not carry any gender information, a smell that belonged exclusively to that person’s soul.

Baylor was slightly stunned, and then he felt a strong line of sight, and if he turned his head, he met eyes with the alpha who was staring at him unapologetically. He was clearly surrounded by subordinates reporting to him, but Ewan was staring at him without a second glance.

Baylor had the illusion that he was the meat in his mouth. But the illusion was short-lived, and soon Ewan averted his eyes. Baylor thought about it, and took the initiative to walk over.

Super Wolf beside him also leapt down from the bench and followed Baylor, with a brisk gait, very active in approaching Ewan. This time it was even before Baylor arrived in front of Ewan’s heels, and began to sniff around the corner.

Ewan sent away the person reporting next to him, and then waited for Baylor to come to him. He asked, “What is it?”

“What are you going to do with him?” Baylor stood in front of Ewan. The alpha was tall, and even though Baylor was already tall among the omega’s, he couldn’t help but tilt his head slightly to look at Ewan as he approached him.

“Something about the Marl Galaxy lineage needs some serious investigation.” Ewan was still holding Nord’s cigarette case in his hand at the moment, which has an embossed raised pattern on its surface, “but catching Nord will clear your suspicions and save us some work.”

Baylor noticed the cigarette case in Ewan’s hand and asked with concern, “What are you still doing with it?”

“It’s the controller for the bomb.” Ewan explained simply.

Baylor’s eyes were slightly glazed, a little surprised by this, but on second thought it didn’t seem very surprising, after all, Nord didn’t have a lot of stuff on him.

“But this cigarette case was knocked out of his hand at the beginning, and he didn’t have a chance to touch it when the explosion started.”

Ewan said, “Because the condition to start the bomb is not to touch it, but just the opposite.” Under Baylor’s puzzled eyes, Ewan speculatively analyzed, “The cigarette box should be installed with a body temperature detector inside, and when the program is activated, the cigarette box will automatically start the bomb when it leaves the person’s body temperature for a period of time.”

Baylor recalled that when the explosion stopped, Ewan picked up the cigarette case from the ground.

Ewan said calmly, “I guess the time to activate the program would be when he hacked into the school broadcasting system.”

Baylor didn’t know how Ewan had analyzed all this, but as far as he could remember, Ewan always seemed to know everything. He stared at Ewan, pondering what this man’s mind was made of, when he suddenly heard Ewan ask, somewhat blankly, “What is Dragon Hunter doing?”

Hearing this name, Super Wolf, who had been sniffing around Ewan, was somewhat reluctant to pick at Ewan’s trouser legs. He had such a powerful name as Tyrant, how come no one called him that?

“Looking for its little buddy.” Baylor ignored Super Wolf’s protests and explained.

“Little buddy?”

Baylor at the moment was distracted thinking about what Nord said to him before, although the words seemed a bit funny to him, but Nord was very serious. Baylor does not like to think too much about these overly complicated things, like let him do battlefield data analysis, the thought was headache, so he slightly tilted his head, looking at Ewan, showing a tangled gaze.

Ewan, who could never stand Baylor looking at him like that, asked self-consciously, “What’s wrong again?”

Baylor pondered a little, but decided to confess, “Just now Nord said something strange to me, he…”

Ewan interrupted him, “Wait a minute.”

Baylor then watched as Ewan took a brief look around, reached out with his hand, grabbed his own, and pulled it towards the pathway between the two school buildings. Baylor watched Ewan grab his hand and raised an eyebrow slightly, this person had really become more and more skilled at getting his hands on him lately.

Bringing the man to a secluded area, Ewan noticed Baylor’s gaze, but he simply let go of his hand without moving and asked, “What did you say Nord told you?” It was a serious look, as if the hand-holding between them was perfectly normal.

Baylor was successfully distracted as he leaned against the red brick wall of the path, clasped his hands, and then said in a serious tone, “I seem to be some kind of savior.”

Ewan: …

Super Wolf next to him was still smelling Ewan’s body, but because of the cramped position here, there was no room for him to circle around, so he simply sniffed Ewan’s pant leg.

Strange, where was the spirit body, where was its little friend?

Ewan did not have time to care about Super Wolf’s actions with the mate at home to check if his partner was having an affair, he stared at Baylor’s serious expression, goose gray eyes tinged with a bit of confusion and tangled. Obviously, he didn’t know how he should react for a while.

From finding out that the real identity of the person he likes was actually an otherworldly soul with a dog as a spiritual body, to now that this identity had evolved to be a savior? The universe was vast, and this world was full of wonders, so it’s not completely impossible…

Ewan coughed lightly, just now he was a little choked by his own saliva, fixed his mind, and then asked, “So, this world is going to be destroyed? There’s a meteorite swarm? The new sun is going to collapse?”

Ewan’s tone was a little bit, then as serious as possible to think about these possibilities, he said, “but the military department has not received similar celestial disaster forecasts, according to the current development of Alix Galaxy technology, there are meteor swarms, we can also be close to the planet when they first destroy them, even if the new sun collapse caused a new black hole, we can also use the spacecraft for universal migration. “

He said seriously, “You don’t have to worry too much.”

No need to take on a duty as big as saving the world.

Of course Ewan didn’t say the next sentence, he was afraid to say it would poke Baylor’s pride.

After all, what about the savior, if the savior finds out that the world doesn’t need him to save, wouldn’t that make him feel like he doesn’t have a point of existence? The corners of Baylor’s mouth twitched, and although Ewan had done his best to look serious, Baylor still felt a sense of playfulness with children beneath Ewan’s words.

But it’s no wonder Ewan reacted this way, after all, he heard it and thought it was ridiculous.

Baylor said, “It’s what Nord said, and I think it’s very puzzling too.”

Is it necessary to have Nord’s mental state checked?

Ewan asked, “Why did he say that?” while distracted by the thought.

Baylor’s brow furrowed slightly at the thought, and then tried to repeat back to Ewan what Nord had said at the time. With Baylor’s words, the scattered look on Ewan’s face gradually closed up, and then became serious.

This time, the seriousness was no longer him pretending to appease Baylor.

Especially when Baylor mentioned the church.

Baylor does not remember the name of the church, he only vaguely remembered a general, “What Saird Church?”

Ewan, however, added the name in full, “The Church of Sycamore.”

Baylor nodded, then raised an eyebrow slightly, “You know this church?” After asking, Baylor again felt that he was being redundant, after all, Ewan as the Empire’s General, the enemy forces would be clear to him.

“Then you also know that Right River is in the church?”

Ewan nodded, “Marl Galaxy is not quite the same as our side, their armies were under the control of the Church, generally at the border encountered in the Marl Galaxy of the Church army.”

Because of the narrow aisle, the sunlight does not fully penetrate in, Ewan did not stand against the wall like Baylor, unlike the carefree casual attitude he always shows, his backbone was like a nail straight as a steel plate, even when he usually sits on the sofa in a relaxed posture, his posture was also much more upright than others. Because he was looking at Baylor, he hung his head slightly and said with some meaningfulness, “When you say so, there are some doubts that can be solved.”


“I have fought a few times with the Church of Sycamore army at the border, the people over there are not high in mental power level, but they have the fighting ability that is not inferior to our high mental power mecha pilots.” Ewan recalled those few engagements, his voice as obscure as the light at the moment, “I used to think it was different training methods, but now it seems that it should have something to do with their ability to use their spiritual power. So Nord said that you are the one who can bring about the spiritual power reform as predicted by Right River?”

Baylor nodded, and even now, he still felt that this matter made him feel speechless. “These people are so godly all day long, and what prophecy? I thought that by now in this era, everyone should break free from superstition.”

However, Ewan was silent at the moment, and did not casually echo Baylor’s words as before. Because this matter was obviously not a joke.

Baylor looked at Ewan’s face after the expression showed serious, he slightly frowned, and then asked inquisitively, “You really believe it, right?”

He did feel that some of the things Nord said needed to be thought through, such as the information from the Marl Galaxy, but Baylor scoffed at the prophecy of spiritual reform. He was no longer a child, much less an egomaniac who thought he was the center of the world. Spiritual reform?

He was not interested in doing such a great thing.

Ewan’s attitude, however, was very different from Baylor’s. His lashes cast a heavy shadow under his eyes, and Baylor realized that Ewan was looking at Super Wolf. Ewan said, “I don’t think it’s just a rumor.”

Baylor blinked incredulously.

Ewan suddenly raised his eyelash feathers and looked at Baylor, and he said, “You told me before that the sentinels and guides were able to predict crises at certain times, and you had a feeling that something was going to happen when you left D7, didn’t you?”

“Well…” He did say this thing. He did have a foreboding feeling while he was on the ship before Right River escaped from prison.

“Then Nord also said that he can use his mental power to strengthen one of the five senses like you, and Right River is more special, so he can strengthen both abilities.”

Baylor nodded.

Ewan tone sinks down, “Don’t you think, they are like a sentinel and a guide with half of their abilities?”

Baylor was stunned.

“They don’t have a mental body, but can feel mental fluctuations like you do, and can use mental power to enhance a perceptual ability, but you are not limited by that.” Ewan combined all the details together quickly in the middle of his brain, “At that time, Right also said that ‘divine revelation coming’ after he met Super Wolf, because he knew that someone with a spiritual body had appeared. His prophetic ability is actually sentinel and guide’s ability to foresee crises, and he predicted the future appearance of someone who is beyond their present-day limitations and has full sentinel and guide abilities. Or rather, the emergence of someone who has full control over spiritual power.”

Ewan’s words made Baylor’s brow deepen, he heard Ewan’s meaning, but he was even more confused. Even if his spiritual power was different from the people over here, but- “But what spiritual reform can I bring?”

His spiritual power also belonged only to him, and he couldn’t teach them to manipulate it like he did. However, just at this time, Ewan’s terminal suddenly sounded a beep, temporarily interrupting their conversation. Ewan turned on the terminal on his wrist, and a virtual screen unfolded in front of him, revealing blue fluorescent light.

Ewan quickly scanned the information on it, his expression moved slightly, and then, with a slight click, he put the screen away. His eyes fell back on Baylor, Ewan’s voice was tinged with a bit of incredulity, “Perhaps, you have brought reform.”

Baylor’s eyes showed a few moments of bewilderment. He thought it was all getting more and more mysterious, and he hadn’t done anything yet.

Ewan said, “Before you said that there are spiritual power fluctuations in the ancestral stones, the research laboratory has made some progress.”

Baylor had also been very concerned about the matter of ancestral stones, he asked, “What progress?”

“The research lab has found that the energy spectrum in the ancestral stones contains a special interval, and the waves in it are highly compatible with the brain waves that appear in humans when driving a mecha.”

Baylor sounded a little dizzy, he didn’t hide his confusion in any way and frowned, “Say something human.”

Ewan pondered a little and said in a way Baylor could understand, “Simply put, the energy in the ancestral stones is the same as the energy you generate when you use your mental energy, the ancestral stones have mental energy in them.”

The ‘you’ naturally refers to the sentinel and the guide. No wonder he could feel the spiritual energy fluctuation from the ancestral stones. But then, Baylor had some doubts, “But, aren’t ancestral stones a stone? How can it have spiritual power?”

Ewan looked deeply at Baylor, “This is a direction that no one has thought about before, but now it seems that ancestral stones may be more than just stones.”

Breakthrough advances in scientific research often possess a certain degree of serendipity, because only serendipity could break people’s inherent thinking and open up a new path.

And Baylor’s perception of the psychic fluctuations within the ancestral stones at the time just happened to replace this serendipity, bringing a new direction to scientific research.

After all, no one had previously associated ancestral stones with human spirituality. It had never occurred to him that such a rock-like being would have the same mental power as a human being.

Remembering something else, Ewan looked at Super Wolf again and asked, “Baylor, did you say earlier that Dragon Hunter was looking for its partner?” Without waiting for Baylor’s answer, he went on to ask, “Is it true that I also have a spiritual body inside me?”

The question was clearly a question, but there was a certainty in his chest.

Baylor’s eyelash feather trembled gently, he and Ewan looked at each other, a piece of complicated emotions emerged in his heart. This man really does know everything, he thought.

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Ewan has a very broad knowledge of everything, very smart! Thanks for the chapter!!!

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This novel just keeps going deeper and deeper. I am kind of baffled as to where it will lead us, but I am so looking forward to seeing where it leads❤️ Thank you😇

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It always works out best when Baylor and Ewan are open with each other.
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