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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


Ewan would ask this, naturally, as he already had some guesses inside. That day, Baylor had been asking him if he had any special feelings after his spiritual breakthrough, and although he didn’t answer clearly at the time, Ewan actually knew what Baylor was probably asking about.

Ewan was not the same as Baylor, he remembered everything in the mental picture that day very clearly. Whether it was the street full of monsters, or the real face of Baylor in the mental image, and the way he sat in front of the ruined wall, waiting for death day after day, even the ramblings of the monster tied to the cross in front of him…. . Ewan remembered it all.

Even at some later time, Ewan would always unconsciously recall the contents of his previous dreams. He did not know that the child and the young man in the dream was Baylor, but now that he knows, the contents of those dreams were very precious to him.

Those were the past of Baylor that he had not been involved in.

Ewan did not mention this to Baylor, even the matter of the mental picture did not appear in their conversation. It’s as if both people have an extremely tacit agreement to avoid this topic.

Baylor does not want to mention it. Ewan was aware that Baylor does not want to mention. But at this moment it had to be mentioned.

“That day in your mental picture, in addition to Dragon Hunter, there was a spiritual body, right?”

At this time, the captain of the ninth team came to look for Ewan, looked around, but did not find the General. In the next soldier’s reminder, he walked towards the two school buildings, and then far, this captain saw the picture in the narrow alley.

At this moment in the narrow alley, the tall handsome alpha had a pair of eyebrows, originally very aggressive looking, that were soft. .


But this was such a person, but at the moment he looked easygoing.

In order to look at the person in front of him, the head had been slightly lowered in the direction of Baylor, the body of the armor-like sparse cold breath was carefully collected, the voice was also calm and slow, was unconscious or deliberate or, but others had never seen this look.

The captain of the ninth team froze, then coughed lightly and turned directly away.

The General’s mecha was the General’s treasure, never letting anyone move it around, so he also wanted to ask how to dispose of this the General’s mecha that was the General’s treasure.

But now it seems that it was obviously not a good time to ask these questions. As a subordinate, one had the self-consciousness of not disturbing one’s leader’s love affair. At the same time, he also thoughtfully asked people not to come over and disturb this side.

Anyone could see the special treatment, but Baylor had no such self-awareness, he was accustomed to such a General. He heard Ewan talking about ‘mental picture’, slightly uncomfortably averting his own eyes, pursed his lips, suppressing the twisted feeling in his heart, Baylor tried to act as sparingly as possible, “It should be, Super Wolf is sure about that. “

The word “mental picture” was what Baylor told Ewan, but Baylor did not tell Ewan how special it was for a sentinel and guide to enter another person’s mental picture. To reveal one’s most secret world to others, which Baylor had never experienced, was an extremely prudent thing for any sentinel to do.

Normally, a sentinel would only let the guide with whom he was bonded into his mental picture.

Baylor also did not know what that day was a situation, after all, not to mention the bond, Ewan was not even a guide … But if there was a spiritual body, then it should be a guide?

When Baylor was lost in thought, Ewan said, “Actually, I’ve been feeling something lately.”

Baylor came back to his senses and looked at Ewan, only to see Ewan’s brow slightly frowned at the moment, showing a thoughtful expression.

Baylor asked, “What do you feel?”

“Recently, I’ve been dreaming about a tree a lot.” Ewan recalled, “There was a bird’s nest in the tree, and there was an egg in the nest.”

“…” What was this thing? Baylor looked down at Super Wolf, who also looked confused. He was a mammal, not familiar with eggs, but he did like to play with round things.

No way.

Baylor looked up and suggested seriously, “Why don’t you try hatching an egg in your dream?”

The image was so beautiful that it was unimaginable, and Ewan’s mouth twitched in helpless amusement before she said, “What do you take me for?”

Hatching eggs. How dare he say that.

Ewan noticed that the captain of the ninth team had come to a screeching halt, “I’m going to take care of some follow-up matters, now that Nord has been captured, the D7 Star side should also send your class back, in the next few days you can return to the military training if you want, or stay in school if you want.” Ewan said deliberately, “But to be on the safe side, you should not go back to your dormitory yet.”

Baylor subconsciously nodded, and then only after Ewan left did he realize it as an afterthought.

To be on the safe side? Safe side of what? Was it about his mental powers? There was nothing to do at the school, so Baylor took Super Wolf and prepared to go back.

The bombs Nord had prepared were not just for scaremongering, some of the school buildings were blown out of a big hole, and the place where the explosion occurred intensively could barely be seen.

Baylor frowned slightly and stopped in his tracks as he watched the students in alloy skeleton armor clearing the blocked road in front of him. The students noticed him and turned their heads, the faces underneath the armor looked unclear.

Baylor’s face was expressionless, and those eyes did not avert the students’ gaze. He had nothing to avoid, and if he had to do it again, he would still make the same move. Baylor didn’t regret it, but he also knew full well that these students were entitled to resent him.

So if these students were to scold him or even beat him up, he wouldn’t resist. So he stuck his hands in his own pockets, not a bit defensive. Yet things didn’t go quite as Baylor thought they would.

The student’s voice carried clearly outside among the alloy skeleton armor, “You want to go outside?”

Instead of the anger Baylor expected, the voice had a very normal tone. This unexpected reaction left Baylor a little confused, but he nodded subconsciously.

“This road is blocked, and it will take us a little while to clear it, so you can go through the path.”

“… Oh.” Baylor followed the direction the student pointed and saw a trail. Baylor walked down the pathway with his head in the sand. As he walked out of the pathway, he saw another group of students, but the group of students didn’t care about Baylor at all, and instead, they were enthusiastically engaged in their assigned tasks.

They looked like warriors who were about to slay a dragon.

“…” He felt that there was something wrong with the picture.

After walking for a while, after passing by a group of students who were completely indifferent to Baylor, someone finally reacted to Baylor.

One student glared at Baylor and then angrily said, “You’re a scourge!”

Although Baylor wasn’t a masochist, he felt a little more solid when he heard the scolding.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s normal for him.

However, before the student could say anything else, the person next to the student immediately scolded, “Get your head out of your ass! This is his fault? This is clearly the problem of the thugs, as a student of 1st Imperial Military Academy, do you even have this sense of right and wrong?”

“…” The student and Baylor fell into a state of speechlessness.

“And we at 1st Imperial Military Academy don’t care about this kind of storm, that thug is really underestimating us if he wants to intimidate us like that!”

Baylor’s eyes wandered around the half-blown wall and the rows of broken tree trunks on the school road. This was not a little ‘storm’ by any means. But Baylor, after all, was not a masochist, not likely to force people to scold him, he was not that fetish. Seeing that these people no longer cared for him, he could only move forward, still confused.

Then he saw a familiar face, it was Eric. In fact, it was Eric who saw him first. From a distance, Eric greeted Baylor and jogged over. After Eric ran up to Baylor and looked Baylor up and down, he said, “Looks like you’re okay.”

Baylor saw that Eric had just run from the temporary medical area over there, and his eyes went to the medical area and said, “You guys are weird.”

Eric was stunned and a little confused, “What’s weird?”

Baylor finally stopped hiding his lack of understanding at this point and asked, “Isn’t someone hurt? But you guys look like you’re fine.”

Not only did he not blame him, but he also looked combative.

Eric understood the meaning of Baylor’s words, looking at Baylor’s confused face, at this moment Eric had the feeling that Baylor was his own age. He scratched his head and organized his words in his head before he said, “There were injuries, but nothing major, and there were no fatalities, which is probably one reason why everyone’s mindset wasn’t so heavy.” After a pause, he continued, “But there’s another reason.”

Baylor raised his eyebrows, “What?”

Eric said, “Baylor, you’re absolutely right.” Between the teenager and the young man at the moment, his face was both full of ambition and a kind of calm maturity, these two temperaments mingling together to form an extremely dazzling glow. “We are warriors. A warrior should be unafraid of the storm.”

Anyone could panic, could be afraid, but not them. When everyone else was in despair, they would break through the desperate situation even at the expense of themselves, and spell out a light. That’s what a warrior is.

Baylor looked at the determination in Eric’s gaze and was silent for half a second, then he swept past Eric and walked toward the school entrance. Eric looked at Baylor’s back in confusion, and then he heard Baylor say, “Let me know in advance when you want to fight.”

Eric froze for a moment, then his eyebrows widened and he shouted, “It’s not too late, next Wednesday!” After that, he shouted, “No, no, no, Just this week, the school is almost ready, so I’ll make an appointment with the training ground! “

Baylor’s head did not return, but only reached up his hand as an ‘ok’ gesture. A kick away from the small stones in front of him, then Baylor touched the back of his neck, accidentally touched that blocker, Baylor suddenly thought, this should make Ewan very happy.


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February 11, 2023 3:00 pm

Understanding each other is the key to cooperation between Baylor, Ewan and the rest of them. Thank you ❤️❤️

February 13, 2023 7:15 am

Baylor’s like a square peg that’s starting to fit the round hole.
Egg?! Perhaps it’s Ewan’s spiritual body growing… maybe an Eagle? But another canine would be better for Super Wolf. Perhaps the egg is just metaphorical.
Can’t wait for it to hatch!
Thanks for translating.

March 14, 2023 6:59 am

Ewan is a master at taking in random information and making sense of it.

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