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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


Baylor looked at the alpha in front of him, wearing a hat and sunglasses, and a mask. Good guy, it was not visible at all. But Baylor still recognized this person’s identity from the alpha pheromone on his body.

The rare S-grade alpha pheromone, the familiar floral scent, if not Aynor, who could it be?

Aynor did not care about Baylor, once he turned around, he greeted Baylor lightly while saying, “What a coincidence to meet you here.” And then, as quickly as he could, he pressed the elevator door, ruthlessly shutting out the fans who were coming after him.

The space between the elevators became limited by the addition of a tall alpha.

Baylor said expressionlessly, “I want to get out.”

Aynor coughed lightly, then said, “It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other, we can go…” He looked to the floor of the elevator, which was on the side of a special elevator that went to the top floor gallery and didn’t stop at any other floor, and added, “… to see the paintings.”

He didn’t wait for Baylor’s reply, and pressed the top floor directly. Hopefully, all the fans outside would disperse later. Feeling the elevator start to move up, Aynor breathed a little easier at this point, taking off his mask and hat to loosen himself up a bit. He turned his head sideways, looked carefully at Baylor’s appearance, looked up and down a few times, he showed a reassuring look.

“I’m glad you’re okay. I heard that something happened at the 1st Imperial Military Academy when I had been on another planet for the awards ceremony, and I asked Eric about it later, and he said you were fine, but I still wanted to see you in person, and I was going to look for you in the next few days, but I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

After meeting at the school that day, Aynor had not been seen again.

On the one hand, his schedule was busy because of the various award ceremonies, and on the other hand, he wanted to seriously think about the proposal Baylor had made. The suggestion about tying the knot as a mate. He felt that he could not go to see Baylor so rashly again before thinking about it as a result.

Baylor was so serious, he should also pay reciprocal seriousness before respecting Baylor. As a result, he didn’t expect that he would actually bump into it today while he was avoiding the fans.

“Is this perhaps fate?” Aynor murmured in a low voice.

Everything whispered to himself here in Baylor as if it was said in his ears, he watched the floor numbers rise a little, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

“You can just go up by yourself, why do you need to bring me along?” Baylor breathlessly said.

Aynor gave a slight pause as he folded the mask into his pocket and he said rightfully, “You’ll be mobbed at that hour, and it’s not like I want to invite you to see the show.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the elevator doors opened, and then the young blond in civilian clothes stood at the door surrounded by several bodyguards.

Julius looked at Baylor, who had returned with a few moments of surprise, and then noticed the alpha beside Baylor.

The sunglasses look really suspicious, so that Julius’s bodyguards around him immediately showed a wary look, having blocked in front of Julius, one hand was also ready to pull out the gun action.

Aynor was looking at the face that often appears on TV, but also some surprise.

I can’t believe I met the Prince in this place.

In the midst of this silence, Baylor asked, “You’re not going to the exhibition?”

Aynor looked sideways at Baylor and found that Baylor’s face did not show any look of surprise at the appearance of Prince Empire. He thought of Baylor coming down from upstairs just before, and he raised his eyebrows slightly, could it be that Baylor was here with the Prince before?

Aynor looked thoughtfully at the handsome young man with blond hair. What was the relationship between the prince and Baylor?

And at that moment Julius was also sizing up Aynor, “And this is?”

Baylor did not intend to waste more time with these two, he directly pushed the still confused Aynor out, “He came to see the exhibition.” Then he pressed the button to close the elevator door, ready to leave Aynor in the exhibition that he was ‘dying’ to see.

However, the elevator door was not as quick as Baylor’s, and Aynor easily reached out his hand to block the door that was about to close, and then sounded incredulous, “You’re just going to leave?” Leaving him behind? Didn’t you ask to mate with him before?

Baylor looked at Aynor in silence, he was ready to go, okay? It was this person who came out of nowhere.

The next thing Baylor heard was Aynor asking, “When did you get so desperate for me?”

Baylor: …?

Julius raised his eyebrows, he showed some playful expression of watching a good game. This person, he remembered, was a film emperor, before in the hotel with Baylor, it seems that these two people’s relationship was not quite ordinary.

At this time, the bodyguards beside Julius had been informed of the situation downstairs, and one of them attached himself to Julius’ ear to tell him the situation one by one. After Julius figured out the situation, he said in a friendly tone, “I’ve asked someone to disperse the fans and paparazzi downstairs.

Julius said to Baylor, “You’re going to be stopped by the fans now.”

Those fanatic fans must have seen Baylor and Aynor riding in the same elevator, and no matter if Baylor was related to Aynor or not, they would be caught asking questions as soon as they appeared in front of them.

Baylor didn’t have much patience for these people, but he didn’t have the desire to fight with them either, so after glaring at Aynor, Baylor lifted his feet and walked out of the elevator.

Although Baylor decided to stay, Aynor looked warily at Julius who left Baylor at the exit, “Why is His Royal Highness here? Are you familiar with Baylor?”

There was an Empire’s General next door, how could there be another Prince of the Empire?

The gallery, which had been locked, was opened again, and Julius returned to it with them. The young blond nobleman pondered for a moment, and then said with a smile on his face, “Here, of course, for a date with Baylor.”

Aynor took off his sunglasses at this point, his sword brows furrowed, and he looked at Baylor with displeasure and resentment and a bit of aggravation in his eyes as he said, “What happened to waiting for my reply? You’ve moved on so quickly?”

When Aynor mentioned the ‘reply’ thing, Baylor remembered that he seemed to have asked the other man if he wanted to be his mate. He froze slightly and asked heartlessly, “So you’re still thinking about that, huh?”

He had almost forgotten.

Aynor’s handsome face darkened with a swish, and his smile, the most charming of Empire’s, became a bit distorted, and he gritted his teeth and said, “I’m thinking seriously and seriously every day, and I’m clean, and I’ve never been near an omega.”

He especially emphasized the last sentence.

Julius, who had been watching the show from the sidelines, heard some of the meaning and asked, “What’s the reply?”

Aynor was the top stream of the entertainment industry, not only the Ya’an Empire’s film emperor, but also Alix Galaxy’s big star, since he had the guts to be a love rival with the Empire’s General, he was not at all vain in front of the Prince of the Empire.

“A proposal reply.” Aynor’s eyes were fixed on Baylor when he said this, and there was a slight flair in his voice, “Right, Baylor?”


“General, are you really going to work with the Prince?” Wellin, who was called by Ewan in the office, said to Ewan after listening to the task Ewan had arranged, “I feel that the prince is restless.”

Wellin used to be glad that the Empire had such a prince, who was much more powerful than his father, but now he feels that it was not a good thing to have such a powerful prince, who was too much of a demon.

Who would have thought that the spy they had been looking for all these days was their own Crown Prince?

And there was a Nord within the military department…

“Now that it has been confirmed that Nord is the mysterious person who delivered the message to the Crown Prince, and Nord is a member of the Marl Galaxy, who knows if the Crown Prince could have already colluded with the Marl Galaxy?”

“That’s not true.” Ewan replied indifferently, “Julius’ purpose has always been only the military, he has not yet gone so far as to sell out the country.” The country would eventually belong to Julius, he may act for the sake of his own ruling power against a general’s hands, but would not risk his own country.

Julius had always and only used those stragglers within Alix Galaxy, a group of people he could control, but there was no way he would go and sell out his country to the Marl Galaxy, it would be too risky.

“But it’s always a little safer to have someone else.” Wellin, a straightforward man who could never rub a little sand in his eyes, was firmly on the side of abolishing the prince Julius.

However, Ewan was not moved, he had already thought about this matter, he was not a moment of kindness to keep Julius, but because at this time to keep Julius was the best choice. Now Julius could not turn the waves, a new prince, but also may not be as peaceful as Julius.


At this time, the Marl Galaxy was a sensitive time, and if the crown prince was replaced, it would definitely cause those nobles to covet the crown prince’s seat, and would definitely use this matter to play, to shuffle the Ya’an Empire within the division of noble power.

If the Marl Galaxy makes a move, the Ya’an Empire would be in internal and external trouble. So at this moment, the situation in the country must be stabilized. What’s more, if Julius had any mischievous intention, he could dispose of the other party at any time.

“This matter has been decided, there is no need to say more.” Ewan said.

Wellin had no choice but to stand up and prepare to leave, “General, then I will go out first.”


However, just as Wellin was about to leave, there was a sudden knock on the door, and it was his brother Weifield.

Weifield came in without even glancing in Wellin’s direction, and Wellin was not surprised, his brother was this impersonal when he was at work.

Ewan had just changed his desktop screen to a galactic map of the Alix Galaxy, with the Ya’an Empire’s current military distribution dotted all over it, when he asked, without looking up, “What’s up?”

Weifield said, “It’s the Prince’s whereabouts.”

Ewan looked at the border between the Alix Galaxy and the Marl Galaxy, and he remembered that in order to keep an eye on Julius, he had sent a group of people to monitor Julius’ movements and instructed them to report Julius’ every move.

It was assumed that they were still carrying out that order.

“What’s wrong with him?” Ewan picked up a pen and flicked it at the galaxy’s screen, saying casually, “If there’s nothing special on his end, you don’t have to report to me in the future.”

He was not free enough to listen to the other side of those trivial matters every day. And Wellin heard the prince, out of the footsteps of the moment to stop. Weifield’s face did not change, he said expressionlessly, “Yes, General.” Then he asked, “So something like his meeting with Mr. Baylor needs to be reported later?”

Ewan: … Ewan looked up with a slight frown, but then quickly released it. “What did he want with Baylor?”

Weifield said in one piece, “It’s not clear exactly what it was, but the two went to the gallery, which displayed paintings by His Royal Highness the Prince.” He asked, “Do you need to have someone listen in?”

“…” Ewan was silent for a moment, then said with restraint, “No, it’s just to look at the paintings, it’s nothing.” Moreover, Baylor didn’t hide his meeting with Julius last time, so he wasn’t very close to Julius either.

Because Baylor chose himself between himself and Julius without hesitation, Ewan had confidence in Baylor at this point. Just look at the painting. Look at the stars Baylor would not necessarily pay attention to Julius.

Ewan hung his head and took the pen again and fiddled with the galaxy chart on the table.

However, just as Weifield nodded, ready to turn and leave with his younger brother, he suddenly heard General ask, “How long have they been looking at the painting?”

Weifield turned his head and then looked at Ewan’s face as he stared intently at the galaxy chart and said, “It wasn’t very long actually, Mr. Baylor left soon after.”

Then he watched his General’s frown loosen, and although his expression remained unchanged, his eyes were clearly tinged with a bit of relaxed pleasure. However Weifield continued, “But Mr. Baylor went back later, with Mr. Aynor.”

With a ‘click’, Weifield watched as Ewan’s head remained hanging, yet the electronic pen in his hand had broken pitifully in two. And that stared at the galaxy map as if staring at an enemy unpleasantly.

Weifield asked again knowingly, “General, do you need to have someone listen in?”

Ewan: …

And Wellin, who had been listening at that moment, looked at his own General’s reaction and felt that he had caught the key to the matter at once, and he said indignantly, “What’s going on? Is he trying to turn us green?” After that, he also said emphatically, “And green twice!”

Weifield: …

Ewan finally looked up at this moment, he looked at Wellin and said in a calm tone, “Before you go on the mission, go to D1 planet and train for ten days, so that you won’t be too energetic.”

The corners of Wellin’s mouth twitched, admitting his mistake in a very good manner, “General, I was wrong…”

He was not holding hope for the General, if General does not go to catch adultery, how can he punish him? Weifield sighed silently in his heart, his own younger brother was really hopeless. Never mind, so it is, he also does not want to save him.


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