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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


No one expected to see someone like Nord appear. When the Ministry of Military Affairs caught the real culprit who saved Right River, the royal accusation against the Ministry of Military Affairs, especially against Ewan, became a joke. However, the accusations submitted by the Ministry of War against Prince Julius became stronger.

The situation was reversed at once.

In the morning, in the purple palace inside the palace, Julius wore a light blue blouse with a pair of dark pants, the ruffles of the sleeves wrapped in a layer of silver trim like a wave, very elegant. Even though he had been the loser of the game, he still maintains the usual set of nobility. And in front of him sits Ewan, who was wearing a straight military uniform.

At this moment, late autumn morning light shone in through the colorful glass windows of the purple palace, forming splashes of light on the polished jade floor.

The cup in front of Julius smoldered with heat, and he looked at the person sitting across from him through the misty heat, “General doesn’t come to the palace often, so he missed the best views.”

Ewan said indifferently, “It doesn’t matter as long as I don’t miss the main event.”

Julius chuckled softly, “Is General referring to this scene now?”

Ewan elbows on the armrest, two hands in front of the belly loosely clasped, his expression calmly looked at Julius, not as the pride of the winner, but through a kind of indifference. Ewan said, “You colluded with the interstellar pirates, selling them weapons and information, so that they deliberately stirred up trouble in many places, thus creating problems for the military. As long as they succeeded once, you could take advantage of the issue against the military. The ambush I suffered that day was not by Marl Galaxy, but the mercenaries you sent to disguise. “

Tying together the events of those days, Ewan recounted what Julius had done in secret in a matter-of-fact manner. Julius did not make any moves to evade at this time. Since Ewan would sit across from him to say this, it meant that Ewan already had enough evidence, he didn’t need to cover his ears. He said with regret, “The General is still more skillful than the others, and deserves to be called the god of war, that kind of ambush did not do anything to you.”

Two companies of mercenaries did not kill Ewan, and if the ambush had been successful, he would not have had to do so much to make up for it afterwards.

Ewan slightly hooked his lips, revealing a mocking smile, “Crusader’s attack did not work, after I returned to the empire, you fear interstellar pirates people will be related to you clues to confess, and sent people disguised as interstellar pirates to abduct people to threaten the military ministry to hand them over, but you are not trying to save people away. Rather, you were preparing to kill and exterminate people as soon as they left the military headquarters.”

That’s right, all right.

Julius’ expression did not change, he had nothing to be ashamed of, it was something he needed to do when he was on top of his position. The military was so powerful that it had completely overwhelmed the royal family, and even almost hollowed out the power of the royal family. As the crown prince, the future emperor of the Ya’an Empire, he naturally had to fight for the power of his camp. If people don’t do it for themselves, they would be killed.

He asked, “Since you have investigated everything, why don’t you just let the court people come to interrogate me?”

The Ministry of Military Affairs had already submitted an application for his investigation, so long as the conclusive evidence was submitted, would it not be more convenient to let the court directly interrogate him?

Why come to him to confront him in person? Did he really want to see him embarrassed, as he thought at first?

Julius laughed softly in mockery at this thought.

Ewan looked at Julius’s expression at this moment, he said coldly, “I had planned this, as the crown prince but collusion with interstellar pirates, private arms sales, leaking military intelligence, any one of these charges is enough to make you lose the crown prince title, and even have you expelled from the royal family.”

Julius’ handsome brow frowned slightly as he put away the lightly disguised smile on his face and looked at Ewan.

Ewan’s low voice was loose, with an air of diffidence and indifference, and he said easily, “Just as you wanted an obedient General, now I want an obedient Prince.”

Such treacherous words came out of his mouth like a trivial matter of routine.

Julius knew that Ewan was not scaring himself, the Empire’s General, especially in this situation today, Ewan was fully capable of doing these things. Who would have thought that he would have wanted to secure his power and position, but ended up lifting a stone and smashing his own feet.

At this moment, Julius, even how accustomed to disguise himself, could not help but reveal some real resentment and irony. He asked, “I wonder which member of the royal family the General has taken a fancy to?”

Ewan lowered his eyes, his eyelashes gently shielding his emotions from anyone’s prying eyes, his vainly interlocked fingers tapping the back of his other hand as he said, “That depends on how you behave.”

Julius froze.


Late autumn in the imperial capital had already faded most of its colors, and the branches were bare, with the sluggishness of an already wintery day but the people on the streets seemed to make up for those lost colors, wearing more colorful clothes. High in a disc-type building, knocked over the color plate, the scene that the general painted was more colorful than the streets.

The elevator door opened quietly, from which came out a person dressed plainly to the point of being out of place in such a high-class exhibition hall, but when he came out of the shadows, the colors of the entire exhibition hall became dull. No one would want to look at the paintings in the exhibition hall, he was the most beautiful artwork in this hall.

A lilting voice came from the packed gallery, “I thought you wouldn’t come.”

Baylor turned his head to look at Prince of the Empire, who was walking towards him, and he gently raised the end of his eyebrows, “I’m not afraid of you.”

Julius walked up to Baylor and smiled gently, “But the last meal wasn’t to your liking.”

“It was close enough to stop by and see what you wanted to do again.” Baylor said bluntly.

Last time it was to tempt him to betray Ewan, and this time?

Baylor received the invitation this morning. He had probably heard some of the commotion these days and knew that the royal family had fallen on its face this time, and he had expected Julius to stay quiet for that, but he hadn’t expected him to be invited to meet.

Baylor was not interested, but after thinking about it, and suddenly curious about this always deep-hearted prince to this juncture, what else was ready to play tricks, so he came.

“What else can I do nowadays?” Julius smiled a little mockingly, but his tone was light-hearted, “In the battlefield of power, to lose one move is to lose the whole game.”

Julius was not a person who can’t afford to lose, since he dared to gamble and take action against EmpireGeneral in the first place, he had the awareness to bear the consequences of failure. On top of that, even Ewan can’t help but praise Julius’s guts.

“I came to see you today, simply to meet you.” Julius said, “After all, I really admire you.”

Baylor, with his hands in his pockets, looked quietly at the elegant prince in front of him.

Julius’ voice showed a bit of helplessness, “And, after all this, I’m afraid I won’t be able to see you so easily.”

Baylor raised his eyebrows slightly and asked very sharply, “What? Are you going to be invalidated?”

He was not at all considerate in a way that didn’t poke at people’s wounds.

Julius was a bit stunned by Baylor’s direct bluntness, but then, he gave a light smile, “Unfortunately, I’ll have to let you down.”

Baylor showed a few moments of surprise at this. It was surprising that it was not invalidated?

Julius said, “I must say, the General does have the courage to do something bold.”

Baylor walked towards the painting that was hanging on the wall, and since he was here, it wouldn’t hurt to take a look. The paintings depicted the landscape of the universe in bold colors, and Baylor recognized one of them, the pink and purple light of the rising sun, as the planet Andromeda.

“Aren’t you curious why he spared me?” Julius’ questioning voice came from behind Baylor.

Baylor indeed didn’t quite understand Ewan’s reasons for doing so; as far as he knew, Ewan was not someone who would go soft on his enemies. But– “He naturally has his own ideas for doing so, not mine.”

Ewan’s mind had too many things he couldn’t figure out, and the disposition of Julius happened to be the one he cared least about.

Julius looked at Baylor’s back as he stood in front of the paintings, which all had a common author, himself. But these works, which pleased him, suddenly became less attractive at the moment.

Listening to the trust in Baylor’s words, Julius suddenly felt a little jealous of the Empire’s General. He recalled the conversation he had with Ewan the day before. He had expected Ewan to simply abolish him as the Prince, but instead Ewan offered a deal he hadn’t expected.

“You can choose to be the docile and obedient Crown Prince, or choose to let someone else do it.” Ewan did not directly abolish him as the crown prince, and on the contrary, Ewan concealed all the evidence and also withdrew the application for investigation against him, preserving him as the crown prince in the midst of a storm.

Then he became a puppet in Ewan’s hands. If Ewan directly abolished him, indeed it could be a painful breath of anger, but that would cause unrest, but also roll up a new power struggle. So Ewan left him behind. And now, Ewan had him in his hands, could abolish him at any time, who else would be more obedient than him?

Ewan’s move made Julius very impressed. He hadn’t lost unjustly.

Julius looked at Baylor’s back, and he asked, with a rare sincerity, “The General is very thoughtful and deep, I am curious, Baylor, how much do you know about him?”

Baylor turned his back to Julius and replied without looking back, “He won’t betray me, that’s all I need to know.”

Everything in the mental picture was a blur, except for Ewan’s promise, which he remembered very clearly. And several recent events have proven that Ewan would keep that one ‘never betray’ promise. At a time when everyone would have doubted him, Ewan could take any candy he gave him with his eyes closed and eat it. Although he couldn’t guarantee whether Ewan would still keep that promise later, as it stood, he was willing to give the other man a chance to trust.

Leaving the gallery, Baylor took the elevator downstairs, beneath the gallery was an upscale shopping mall. As soon as the elevator doors opened, Baylor took a step, then a man came rushing up to him, straight to collide with him.

Baylor frowned and was quick to dodge to the side, but the elevator door was in the way, so he was hit solidly and then blocked back into the elevator.

Baylor’s eyes half narrowed in displeasure, ready to tell the person to get lost.

But the man spoke first, “Huh? Baylor?”


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February 13, 2023 7:31 am

I do hope Ewan won’t regret leaving Julius where he is.
Who’s this bumping into Baylor, I wonder.
Thanks for translating.

March 14, 2023 7:15 am

The nasty prince reduced to puppet status is not a bad idea.

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