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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


Although the focus of what was said was a bit skewed, it also spoke for itself. Ewan’s face cleared up a little. But he had no intention of letting others watch the show, nor was he prepared to explain to Aynor that his promise would not be just a simple phrase.

Ewan simply said, “Baylor knows better than you do if he can trust me.” He sounded thin and diffident, as if he didn’t put Aynor in his eyes, “What’s between us, it’s not for you to worry about as an outsider.”

The alpha skeleton was much larger than the omega, a large palm, Ewan would hold Baylor’s hand tightly, the touch in the heart of the hand slightly appeased the sourness and displeasure of Ewan’s heart.

Baylor was uncomfortable to pull out his hand, Ewan did not move to wrap his palm more tightly, while using his thumb against the pulse, rubbing the slender wrist, indicating to him not to move.

Aynor, on the other hand, was staring at the hand they were holding, thinking it was an eyesore.

Deliberately tugging his hand to make their clasped hands more visible, Ewan said indifferently, “Come on, Baylor.”

The fans downstairs were dispersed by the security guards called by the Prince, and Ewan led Baylor all the way to the parking lot unhindered. The hover car with military plates was on autopilot, and Ewan simply sat with Baylor in the back seat facing each other.

Hover cars generally have autopilot, but Ewan had never been a fan of automatic driving, even counting it as a hobby, as much as driving a mecha. So Ewan would always sit in the driver’s seat himself, and then let Baylor sit in the passenger seat.

But today was an anomaly.

Super Wolf inside Baylor sensed Ewan’s presence and tried to run out, but was held down by Baylor. He felt that this might not be the time to be able to let Super Wolf play.

Looking at the person sitting across from him with his elbows on the car window, propping up his chin, and then looking out the window with a sideways expressionless face, Baylor hesitated and asked, “You came from the military?”

After asking the question, Baylor thought he was asking a nonsense question. Ewan was wearing a military uniform, even wearing a military cap, if he hadn’t come from the military, was Ewan so boring to be outside dressed in such a way just to attract attention?

“Hmm.” Ewan replied in a light voice without looking at Baylor.

“…” Baylor thought for a moment and said in a good manner, “I didn’t hit on their pheromone.”

After all, Ewan was angry because of the pheromone, and he had also made an agreement with Ewan not to hit other S-class alpha during the agreement period.

To add credence to his words, Baylor seriously explained for himself, “You just temporarily tagged me, and I’m not that horny yet.”

He didn’t need a ‘guide element’ right now either, no need to hit on anyone else. Feeling that he was making sense, Baylor even nodded to himself. Yet the words were like throwing a lit match onto a haystack, setting that dry atmosphere right on fire.

Ewan finally pulled his eyes back from outside, his hand still propped up on the car window, gently raising the end of one eyebrow, his voice still low and deep, but there seemed to be something more in it.

“Not hitting on pheromones, so you’re just hitting on people?”

Thinking this way, he was surprisingly unsure if he had taken the lead or if he had knocked himself out of the game.

Ewan’s tone was relaxed, but Baylor felt the unhappiness behind that relaxed tone all at once, like a small animal in crisis.

Baylor knew that Ewan had heard what they had said earlier, but he wasn’t quite sure how much Ewan had heard.

“You heard?” Baylor looked at Ewan’s collected expression and asked bluntly, “Are you angry again?”

He asked him if he had heard.

Ewan took a deep breath, rubbed his forehead with the hand that was on the window, “No, I’m not angry.”

Baylor raised an eyebrow slightly. Lying. Ewan looked like he was about to kill someone, and he wasn’t angry.

However, the next second, Ewan said, “I am not happy.”

Baylor was stunned, he frowned, “What’s the difference?”

“There is a big difference.” Ewan’s deep, handsome eyebrows, perhaps because of the shadow of the brim of the hat, surprisingly with a few melancholy, “Dragon Hunter angry, will want to bite, but Dragon Hunter when unhappy…”

He left the rest of the words unspoken, but Baylor had his own brain, Super Wolf would shrink into a ball when he was unhappy, grunting, and then waiting for Baylor to comfort him.

“…” Baylor stared at Ewan’s handsome appearance in his military uniform, and it was a little difficult to associate such a big man with a shrunken husky, but there was a weird sense of overlap.

Baylor twitched a little, leaning back in his chair and coughing lightly at his association, he asked tentatively, “Why are you unhappy?”

“What do you think?”

“Because I met Julius and Aynor?” and Ewan just didn’t like those two very much.

Not wanting to beat around the bush with Baylor any further, Ewan gets right to the point and asks, “What’s with Aynor’s promise of a lifetime? Since when did you let him be your mate?”

Realizing that his tone was becoming more and more urgent, Ewan stopped his question in time and then narrowed his eyes to stare at Baylor. Before, didn’t Baylor say that he was not interested in Aynor? And rejected the other man’s confession. Since when had their relationship skyrocketed to the point where they were going private?



Baylor looked at Ewan’s face like a stormy sky rolled up with thunder clouds, then Ewan closed those eyes that contained the storm clouds and took another deep breath.

It was as if he was trying his best to suppress something.

Baylor clasped his hands together to add a few moments of strength, and then told Ewan the ins and outs of that day.

In fact, the first half of the story, Ewan was aware of, he just would be the day after the events to complete.

After saying that, Baylor added, “… I actually just said it off the top of my head.”

Baylor watched the expression on Ewan’s face change, obviously usually a deep, profound person, but at this moment was unable to hide their complex emotions.

Baylor could not understand Ewan’s jealous and grateful mentality at this moment, he just suddenly remembered a thought that flew through his mind at that time when he was asking Aynor.

Would Ewan want to be his mate?

Ewan was the only person who had ever entered his mental picture.

Thinking of this, Baylor looked at Ewan, his gaze becoming complicated, and his lips were tightly pursed, that one taut line revealing a few struggles and hesitations.

When he asked Aynor, he had no hesitation. But to ask Ewan, he could not easily speak. Was it because Ewan did not confess to him?

Ewan opened his mouth at this point, finally pulling himself out of his mixed emotions and ready to ask, “You…”

Then Baylor opened his mouth at the same time and asked, “What about you? Are you willing to be my mate?”

His question was asked in a hurry, almost like an arrow that grazed the person’s ear. Maybe even because he spoke too fast as one breath, Baylor was slightly out of breath.

“…” Ewan’s voice came to an abrupt end, and the chaotic thoughts in his head also came to an abrupt end at the same time, just like a computer that was suddenly unplugged, suddenly shutting down, all the sounds and images disappeared without a trace.

In an instant, the whole world seemed to be left with only the person in front of him. The elbow resting on the car window slipped, and Ewan’s sword-browed starry eyes, which held the cold moon of wind and snow, looked somewhat harmless at this moment because of the bewilderment and helplessness in his eyes. He asked, “You… What did you just say?” 

Baylor frowned slightly, well not very happy to repeat it again, but looking at Ewan’s rare appearance, he said, “I asked if you want to be my mate.”

“…” Ewan felt his heartbeat a little out of control, this was probably the first time he felt his heart beat so violently that his whole body was about to jump with it.

Baylor watched Ewan remain silent, and he suddenly felt a surge of remorse in his heart. He said in an irritated tone, “Forget it, you never heard it.” 

“No…” Ewan finally spoke at this moment, he fixedly looked at Baylor, at this time because back to the mind, those eyes faded blank, as if the morning light penetrated the fog, and became aggressive. “You asked me if I wanted to be your mate, I heard you.”

How was it possible to pretend that you never heard it?

Baylor pursed his lips, “So what? Are you going to think about it for a while, like Aynor did?” He said casually, “Whatever you want, I’m not asking.”

These words were like a basin of cold water that suddenly cooled Ewan’s fevered brain and brought him back to some calm sanity. Ewan suddenly asked, “Baylor, let me ask you, do you like Aynor?”

Baylor frowned in confusion, he didn’t know why Ewan was asking about this topic, but answered, “kinda, kinda.” His pheromone smelled good, but not as much as Ewan’s.

As for Aynor, Baylor didn’t really know much about him. The light in Ewan’s eyes darkened slightly. Ewan actually heard Baylor’s meaning. Baylor wants a mate, well and would only allow the existence of a mate relationship, what dating object was not in the scope of consideration. Just like Baylor’s obsession with ‘lying’, Baylor also had an almost harsh obsession with relationship building.

Once a relationship was established, the person would not be allowed to leave. Baylor had this idea, and frankly, it’s right up Ewan’s alley. He, too, would never let Baylor leave if he established a relationship with him. However, there was a very critical problem.

Baylor just needs someone to be his mate, and any person would be fine as long as they were an S-class alpha and didn’t betray him. Baylor asked Aynor if he wanted to be his mate, but Baylor was not too moved by Aynor.

Asking him now was the same.

“Baylor,” Ewan suddenly spoke. Baylor watched as Ewan reached up and took that military cap off his head and ruffled his hair, some of his forehead hair thus falling loose and resting on top of his brewing dark eyes, “I guess we don’t have the same understanding of mate.”

Baylor raised an eyebrow in confusion.

“Everything you said, I can do.” Ewan stared at Baylor, unbuckling his seatbelt without looking, then his body moved forward slightly, moving closer to the man who looked like he had gathered the colors of an entire summer, and unlike Aynor, he was able to determine his intentions almost immediately, giving his answer, “Never leave each other for the rest of my life, never betray.”

His tone was deliberate, almost word for word. At the same time, he kept approaching Baylor, and his eyes were like blazing fire, staring aggressively into Baylor’s eyes, as if he was looking through those eyes, staring at the real Baylor that existed in the mental picture.

Baylor watched as Ewan’s one hand had braced itself against his side, his body close to the descending shadows more like an iron cage, imprisoning him.

“But what I say, can you do it?”

Baylor wanted to step back, but felt he’d lose if he did, and mostly, he was leaning against the back of the chair, and there was no going back.

Defiantly, he said, “Tell me.”

“If I’m your mate, that means I can kiss you…” The fingers that had touched countless guns and weapons touched Baylor’s lips, and Baylor’s lips, which had never been forgiving, remained soft. Ewan’s eyes grew darker, the space between the two rows of seats was not much, when sitting face to face, a slight movement could be knee to knee, now with Ewan’s approach, their thighs were more intimate close together, body heat was also clearly transmitted through the fabric. Ewan’s fingers did not leave Baylor’s lips, but his words did more than that, his voice was dark, “… Touching you, even marking you completely.”

It was like those countless dreams.

The knot in his throat rolled gently, his breath rolling, “Baylor, can you do that?”


Author’s Note: Guess what, Baylor can do it? Look! Fall in love!

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February 15, 2023 3:15 pm

Ahhhhh🥰🥰🥰 I live to open each chapter daily and I am never disappointed ☺️

Life lesson here for building serious relationships. We don’t talk through our feelings properly and assume the other feels the same….

February 15, 2023 4:50 pm

Why did that feel like such a short chapter?
Baylor’s sense of love is like kinda an animals. You smell good, are strong, have put on a nice mating display, and the rest of my pack (super wolf) likes you. Ok, now we are mates for life.

February 15, 2023 4:56 pm

Each person has different thoughts and interpretation, if we don’t explain each word in their own way of seeing it, we are subject to misunderstandings. Ewan you are great, at least you got your point across. I love these two, I hope they get along. Thanks for the chapter!

February 15, 2023 8:23 pm

Aggghhh…Baylor say yes please!! I’m dying over here 😰 can’t take the pressure…be together already..ok? Awesome update, thank you❤️❤️

February 16, 2023 5:01 am

Ewan really should have learned some time ago, that Baylor is nothing like other people from this world. He knows nothing about relationships, doesn’t understand love and is blunt and objective about his needs, which focus purely on survival.
Ewan needs to spell out and explain what the differences are and, as importantly, why they make a difference. This would also help Baylor understand some of the unique feelings he has towards only Ewan.
Thanks for translating.

March 14, 2023 9:50 am

Impressed that Ewan didn’t just blindly agree without making sure Baylor understood what he would be signing up for. Ewan wants it all. Not just signatures on paper.

April 27, 2023 3:00 pm

I really want Baylor to completely turn him down purely on the basis of omegas being able to get pregnant. Or insist on topping, for the same reason. Because I have to say that the thought of being able to get pregnant is incredibly repulsive.

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