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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCai


On his lips was the touch of an alpha’s somewhat coarse fingertips, Baylor’s clear eyes were like two clear pools, on which rested two thick black butterflies, which were frozen, as if petrified. The pair of goose gray eyes that looked straight at him were Baylor’s familiar and unfamiliar desire. Familiar because he had seen many people with such naked lust in their eyes. Strange because he had never seen it in Ewan.

Of course, it was not completely absent, Baylor once inadvertently glimpsed Ewan that pair of iceberg-like eyes under the hidden flames, but that was fleeting, almost making people suspect that it was an illusion. The usual cold pheromone was now also like a dormant beast suddenly awakened, a flat earth tsunami, swelled like a mountain to fill the small compartment.

Baylor tried to digest what Ewan said, but he still retreated, unconsciously leaned a bit to the back of the chair, the tip of his ear hidden in the black hair betrayed the owner as it was dyed a little red, revealing Baylor’s panic at the moment, but his surface was a calm and collected look.

He found his voice, reached out and pulled Ewan’s hand down, letting his thumb pressed against his lips go, and he asked, somewhat bewildered, “Don’t you have, like, no worldly desires? Don’t you?”

“…” Ewan felt that Baylor’s misunderstanding of himself was a bit deep, he slightly raised an eyebrow, his voice raspy, “not for others, for you, I especially have them.” He added emphasis to the last few words.

Baylor felt his heart was in turmoil at the moment, and he frowned unsatisfactorily, “You’re betraying your own beliefs.”

It’s better to be desperate and . . the General was good. Otherwise things wouldn’t have suddenly become complicated.

Ewan had no intention of weaseling out of it, he readily admitted, “Well, I am betraying.”

Baylor looked at Ewan with dismay, a good man, hitting himself in the face without a trace of ambiguity. He hesitated for a moment and said, “So you…” Baylor felt that things seemed to be going a bit beyond his imagination, he thought that Ewan would refuse or just say yes, but never thought that Ewan would make such a request to him. He furrowed his brow and concluded, “… Want to have sex with me. In bed?”

“…” Ewan sometimes wanted to just pry Baylor’s head open and see what was inside.

Baylor always managed to miss the right answer. He had been so straightforward, but Baylor could still misinterpret it as something else.

The voice was tinged with a helpless headache, but the raging emotions were softened at the moment, and Ewan stared at Baylor for a moment, no longer hiding, as if he had caught the ghost playing hide-and-seek with him, and then said, without leaving any room for doubt, “I like you.”

The hover car flew smoothly in the air track, outside the window a line of birds swept against the autumn wind, and then the quiet floating sky cemetery like a cloud, and like the sun, fixed there, close and far could be seen its figure.

The words shattered all other possibilities, forcing the two men to be naked face to face.

The petrified butterfly woke up, Baylor blinked, his eyes Ewan demeanor, but he found himself holding Ewan’s hand that was wet and cool at the moment, as if it was sweating. Aynor had said the same thing to him. But his feeling at this moment was a little different from when he faced Aynor. Not only was it different, it’s not even like his usual self.

Baylor didn’t know what it meant, and he didn’t have time to think about it. He even reprimanded it in his mind with some annoyance to make it quiet. The noise made his head scrambled.

Ewan actually liked him? Is that so? But like, why does he feel as if his chair was on fire, and as if his body was on fire, always feeling unable to sit, wanting to stand up to vent.

Ewan looked at Baylor silently, he felt his lips a little dry, this was the first time in his life to confess his love to someone, before this, he had never even liked anyone. But some words, once spoken, the next would be much easier, like a dam opening a gap, inside the long-imprisoned mind would no longer be confined, rolling out, no possibility of stopping. He didn’t allow Baylor to have a moment’s hesitation and asked with a strong sense of oppression, “Do you understand now what it means to let me be your mate?”

It’s not simply a contract to make sure that you won’t betray each other.

It was a more complex and strong emotion than ‘mutual trust’. Ewan dissected his feelings for Baylor little by little, frankly almost cutting his chest open, using himself as a teaching example to show Baylor what lust was.

“I like you, my feelings for you are not as pure as you think. I have lust for you. I don’t want anyone to get close to you, and I want to possess you completely from the inside out.” He reversed his grip on Baylor’s hand and stared at Baylor intently, as if he didn’t want to miss a single change on Baylor’s face. Ewan asked, “Think it through, Baylor, are you sure you want to have this relationship with me?”

Ewan could certainly choose to make a thinly veiled mate relationship with Baylor, but he wanted more than an identity. He was a greedy man who would only want to get an inch at a time like this. “I’m willing to be your mate and I’ll give you that answer no matter when you ask. I said that if I ever betray you, I will hand you that knife myself. So, the decision is now yours.”

Baylor opened his mouth slightly, he looked at Ewan who suddenly seemed to have changed, his mind was like a huge wave inside, it was panic. It was clear that Ewan had agreed to be his mate and everything was happy, but at this moment he was a bit overwhelmed. This overwhelming feeling annoyed him.

He even glared at Ewan with some irritation. Baylor hadn’t liked anyone. He didn’t know exactly what kind of feelings Ewan was talking about when he said ‘like’. The bond between the sentinel and the guide was a contract, and they were supposed to like each other, but he hadn’t gotten around to matching his own guide.

As for between others… He had seen men and women doing things, both of the opposite sex and of the same sex, and they often shouted at each other when they tied the knot. When they were together, they often shouted ‘like, love’, but they did not know whether they were sincere or not, and even if they were sincere, they may just like the body that fits, they do not even need to look at each other’s faces.

Thanks to those almost-blind images from his childhood, and some people’s mischievous thoughts about Baylor’s face, Baylor had always been disgusted by flesh. The desire had always been disgusting. Sometimes getting up early in the morning to find an uncontrollable body, Baylor was impatient to solve it on his own, never like other sentinels who went to find someone else to solve it.

Baylor lowered his eyebrows and looked at Ewan fixedly, even some bitterness and hatred. At this time his mind unconsciously their two faces into those matching each other’s sentinel and guide, and those who do things.

Well, Ewan was better looking than all those people. Baylor’s frown slightly relaxed. He did not seem to be very repulsive, at least not the disgust he used to feel when he thought of such things.

On the contrary, there was a different kind of, it was difficult to understand, but in any case not bad feeling. But since it’s not disgusting, it’s a simple matter.

Baylor raised his eyebrows, and the bewilderment in his eyes turned into a starburst, cutting those complicated thoughts to the quick, because he wanted to quickly detach himself from those new and uncontrollable feelings, he gritted his teeth and said decisively, “I think we can completely mark…”

This unexpected statement made Ewan’s breath stop.

Yet Baylor stopped abruptly.

Baylor was going to say, could not, a little sleep would not help him know, letting him think so much about what to do. But as soon as the words ‘completely mark’ were uttered, an impressive piece of physical knowledge suddenly came to Baylor’s mind.

“…” Baylor’s brow furrowed anew. He confirmed, “completely mark?”

All Ewan could think about was what Baylor had just said ‘could’, and he unconsciously tightened his hand, “What did you just say we could what?”

Baylor, however, ignored him and suddenly did a gender confirmation, “I’m omega, you’re alpha.”


After alpha completely marks omega, omega could conceive and have children. And he was an omega.

Baylor’s face darkened at the thought of carrying a child in his belly, and the inexplicable emotions that stirred in his brain because of the other party’s words froze and froze abruptly. Originally Baylor thought he might be able to, but now Baylor doesn’t think he’s very able. Baylor immediately turned the tables and said, “No.”

Ewan: …

Ewan felt like he had fallen from the sky to the ground all of a sudden when his expectations were suddenly dashed.

But even so, he confirmed again with anticipation, “Why not?”

Baylor clasped his hands together and said without argument, “I don’t want you to mark me completely.”

He didn’t want to get pregnant and have a baby, it would shatter his worldview. And he didn’t like kids. And he didn’t want to be a father.

The rejection was actually more in line with Ewan’s expectations. Because in his mind, Baylor’s mate was more like a partner. Although Baylor asked him if he would be his mate, it did not mean that Baylor had the same feelings for himself as he did.

After all, Baylor had asked Aynor the same question.

So Ewan accepted Baylor’s answer without any other guesses or struggles. And take that answer as a rejection of himself.

The flames in those goose-gray eyes condensed, falling into a fire and smoke like a gray loss, he retreated back to his seat, the corners of his mouth curved slightly, the loose smile with a little mockery and the expected relief.

“It’s true.”

How could he have thought for that moment just now that Baylor would just accept his feelings like that?

But now that Baylor had learned of his feelings, it was progress of sorts. Baylor looked at Ewan’s look that could not hide the loss, he was slightly sullen in his heart. Is it possible that Ewan likes to be completely marked that much? Do you have to be completely marked to become a mate?

But the union of sentinel and guide includes the flesh. It seems that it was not difficult to understand.

“You…” / “I…”

Ewan and Baylor spoke at the same time in silence, and then stopped at the same time, waiting for the other to speak.

Finally Baylor prodded, “What are you going to say?”

Ewan said, “I’m not going to force you to accept this right now, just remember what I told you.”

Baylor was a little confused, “Which one?” 

He had just said a whole list.

Ewan took a deep breath and gritted his teeth, “All of it.”

And finally, it was engraved in his head, word for word, and then he thought about it every day.

Baylor, “…”

And at this time, the hover car finally reached their initial pre-determined destination, the military headquarters.

The hover car stopped at Ewan’s special spot, and once the car stopped, Baylor looked out the window and suddenly sighed in relief.

… Finally, we’re here.

Although it feels like time was passing quickly again, this ride was really a bit overwhelming to him. But as soon as the thought crossed his mind, Baylor thought reluctantly, Why does it feel as if he’s afraid?

So the hand that was going to take the lead in opening the door suddenly stopped again. Baylor sat down on the chair and waited for Ewan to go down first. He looked at Baylor with raised eyebrows, thinking Baylor had something more to say, “What’s wrong?”

Actually, I was waiting for you to get off first. Baylor, of course, could not say that, he asked without words, “What are we doing here in the military?”

He went to Baylor, partly to see what Baylor and the two men were doing, and partly because he did have business. But that business would not have been urgent, but it’s a good thing he went over. Otherwise Baylor might have become someone else’s mate by now.

When Baylor asked, Ewan said, “Nord wants to see you.”

Baylor was stunned and frowned, “Why does he want to see me?”

Ewan said nonchalantly as he opened the car door, “He said he would only answer your questions.”

Baylor, “…”

Although the tone of voice was not very clear, intuition tells Baylor that Ewan was angry again, oh no, was not happy. He followed Ewan out of the car in confusion, “Why are you unhappy again?”

Ewan stopped in his tracks, raised his eyebrows and looked sideways at Baylor, now that he had spoken out, he no longer needed to hide it. So he said lightly, “Can’t you see? I’m jealous.”

One Julius was stirring up trouble, one Aynor was there, and there’s another Nord who had to have Baylor. I don’t know how Baylor could be so provocative.

Baylor looked at Ewan’s back, Ewan’s straightforwardness caught him off guard, but also admired. The promise to be clear-headed? The promise not to be interested in omega?

How did what this person said change just like that? It’s also amazing how unburdened he had become.

Baylor followed Ewan’s footsteps, scratching his head.

In fact, just now in the car, he wanted to say that Ewan wait for a moment, wait for him to think about the matter of complete marking, because he suddenly remembered that complete marking does not necessarily have to be pregnant. But then he thought, he could think about it himself, and there was no need to tell Ewan specifically.

Otherwise it would seem as if he cared about it.


Author’s comment: 

Baylor: complete marking is not possible (subliminal, the other can)

Ewan: Hey, he really did reject me

Kissing is coming soon, soon.

Baylor and Ewan were double arrows, so Baylor’s reaction to Ewan’s confession would not be the same as usual, more cautious, only he himself does not know that it is like feelings. Ewan actually just wants Baylor to think clearly, but the window paper is poked, Baylor would soon be enlightened.


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February 16, 2023 3:36 pm

OI!!! SO CLOSE🤯 OK, I’ll be good… patient, yeah sure patient…I DONT WANT TO BE PATIENT 😫 ok I’m done my rant, thank you so much for this update. The promise of kissing helps me wait❤️❤️❤️

February 16, 2023 5:21 pm

I like the detail and analysis of emotions here. Draws and hypnotises the reader and scream for more!!

longer chapters 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

February 16, 2023 9:55 pm

Dear God; these 2.
Please think out loud for a change, Baylor. This yo-yo effect is driving me nuts.
Thanks for translating.

March 14, 2023 11:25 am

Ewan has been rejected so many times by Baylor. Of course, it’s not Baylor’s fault. He’s afraid because he hasn’t ever seen a real loving relationship. He doesn’t understand what they could have together.

March 29, 2023 1:20 am

Ha ha ha atlast Ewan Confess now and he admit that he is jealous😅..

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The roller coaster of emotions that Baylor lead Ewan through 😂 i have no words 😂

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