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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


S-Rank Survivor Jian Nian was a person who was so well known among Survivors, that if a poll was created [Who is your most impressive Survivor?], 80% of the Survivors would vote for him.

Jian Nian’s appearance was excellent, even among the stars he was considered very good-looking. Since he was born with a heart condition, he was weak and wore a sickly look all the time, so he looked like a delicate, frail beauty, who, if coughed up two mouths of blood, couldn’t even pass the novice game.

When Jian Nian first entered the world of unlimited flow, there were many people with this in mind who provoked him, and then Jian Nian directly beat all of them on the game field.

He was able to break the legs of the Survivors who attacked him while laughing weakly, even coughing while tearing the ghosts in half, obviously looking delicate and weak, but with the terrifying power to directly smash the entire playfield into ruins, leaving countless Survivors with serious psychological shadows.

Even the slightly more delicate newcomer reflexively avoided him, fearing that Jian Nian was pretending to be the one who would be affected when smashing the playfield.

He was a calm madman.

Calm because he never attacked blindly, only after analyzing completely would he go through the playfield as safely as possible, crazy because there was nothing he dared not do. For him, there was more than half the probability of winning, so he chose to gamble. He played all the way through and became the greatest gambler in the world of unlimited flow.

Shen Si stood still and watched Jian Nian slam the ceramic man hard. The ceramic man and ceramic wall collided with a teeth-grinding sound, but the ceramic man remained intact and very sturdy.

“Hey, don’t watch, you two hurry out!” Xia Leyu stood next to the broken ceramic wall and carefully shouted at them.

Jian Nian would not hurt Shen Si, but would care about him, if he was affected even medical expenses would have to be paid by him.

Patting Jiang Yi, who was already looking dumbfounded, Shen Si led her out of the place. Behind Xia Leyu, the medical team was getting ready. Most of them were Survivors with relatively rare healing abilities. Seeing Jiang Yi’s hand, they rushed to meet her, and after examining it they immediately brought Jiang Yi to the car.

“Wait a minute?” Shen Si extended his hand, then was blocked by Xia Leyu.

“Don’t worry, they are taking this young lady to our exclusive hospital, which is located at the Special Crimes Unit headquarters and specializes in treating the injuries left by these monsters.” Xia Leyu looked Shen Si up and down, “Are you okay? Is there any place that was turned into ceramic?”

Shen Si shook his head, “No, you guys came just in time.”

“It was Sorrowful Ghost who came just in time.” Xia Leyu peeked behind Shen Si, the playfield erupted with a terrible impact, even if he couldn’t see inside he could tell how terrifying Jian Nian was.

“Can I check in with my colleague?”

“Please feel free.”

Shen Si walked away two steps, and opened the address book on his phone, which only had a few names, so he didn’t need to scroll down to find Yi Mingzi. Shen Si dialed his phone number and after he reported he was safe, he clearly heard Yi Mingzi and Lin Qi let out a sigh of relief. They instructed Shen Si to take care of his health, then hung up the phone.

Looking at the time on the phone screen, Shen Si went silent.

“What? You’re thinking about what happened today?” Xia Leyu looked at Shen Si curiously.

“No, I was just thinking about… if there is a playfield here and it is classified as a dangerous area, am I out of a job?” Shen Si pondered seriously.

Xia Leyu: … 

What a good question.

Before Xia Leyu could say anything about this, he could only hear a click, then even the ground beneath their feet started shaking. Shen Si and Xia Leyu looked towards the playfield in front of them, only to see it completely collapsed. Jian Nian stepped on the debris, his pitch-black jacket was blown by the wind, carrying a strong and terrible smell.

He turned his head to look their way, and Xia Leyu backed away very well behaved, leaving space to these two men.

Jian Nian walked up to Shen Si, reached out and took Shen Si’s sleeve, with a smile in his eyes, as if he was a child, “Shen Si, look, I can help you out too.”

“Yes, thank you, I will try to repay you for saving my life.” Shen Si tried to pull his sleeve out of his hand.

But Jian Nian didn’t let go, even going a step further and clutching his hand directly. Shen Si did not continue to struggle, but stared at Jian Nian, his face remaining calm.

“Don’t do things like this, there is no relationship between us.”

“[Returning the favor by devoting one’s life], this is one of the stories you read to me when I was a child.” As Jian Nian slowly moved over, Shen Si did not dodge. The distance between them was only a centimeter, Jian Nian could even see Shen Si’s eyelashes, and could feel his breath patting his face.

Three years ago, they were also this close, embracing in the darkness of the night. He could feel Shen Si’s heartbeat and his temperature. Shen Si seemed to always choose to accommodate him; accommodate his possessiveness, accommodate his desire for intimacy, accommodate his illness and love.

When Shen Si concluded that his behavior had crossed the line, those concessions disappeared completely, and only Jian Nian received clean-cut breakup and abandonment.

What a cold and heartless man.

“I’m not a demon, and you’re not a demon either, so there’s obviously no need for you to use your body like that.” Shen Si’s voice remained steady, so steady that it chilled the heart.

Shen Si was indifferent to the point of almost not taking him seriously was more heartbreaking, than flustered avoidance or even simple disgust.

Jian Nian took a step back as he smiled towards Shen Si, like a dazzling and bright summer flower, “You’re right, none of us are demons.”

Seeing that Jian Nian seemed to have no intention to say anything else, Shen Si directly turned around and left, leaving Jian Nian alone where he stood.

He stared at Shen Si’s disappearing figure, Jian Nian smiled bitterly, slightly shaking his head, his hands clasping each other tightly. Placing his interlocked hands under his chin, Jian Nian sighed softly, his black eyes full of fondness.

“…What the hell can I do to get you back?”


Just as Shen Si feared, after returning home, the agency informed them that they would not need to lead any groups for the time being. The route on Zhongjia Mountain was almost completely ruined, it was divided into danger zones. According to the Special Unit team member Xia Leyu, the playfields could not be completely wiped out, they would gradually recover over a long period of time.

In other words, there was no telling when this playfield would open again.

In the meantime, officials were collecting information little by little, telling everyone about the possibly dangerous locations, and those places where the playfields had opened were all classified as key danger areas.

The internet was on edge, the forums were full of worried voices, the doomsday theory that had been suppressed broke out again, countless people declared that the world would end and everyone would die, and in the middle of all this confusion, a weird post appeared.

【Now that the playfield’s appearance had become inevitable, if ordinary people could have a chance to obtain strange abilities, what will they do?】

This novel point of view was different from the doomsday theory and evolution theory, so it attracted a lot of people, soon a lot of comments were under this post, tearing apart the conservative and radical faction standing on opposing sides. It wasn’t enough to just argue in the post, eventually they opened another, different thread to continue their dispute there.

It became a hot topic for a while.

Such posts have actually appeared before, only without the fervent discussion, and everyone was thinking about what they would be able to do and fell into a momentary frenzy.

On the other hand, Ning Yangze finally ended his day and night overtime, he stretched his back, feeling like his bones were falling apart, and only after moving his body a bit was he ready to leave the place. But then he noticed Xia Leyu sitting next to him, snapping melon seeds while reading something.

“Xia Leyu?” Ning Yangze raised his voice, “You were not asked to be the deputy team leader to eat melon seeds in the office!”

Xia Leyu stood up sharply and almost got the melon seeds stuck in his throat. He coughed twice and swallowed before he replied with a sarcastic smile, “It’s mainly because this post is so interesting that I unknowingly read it as a novel.”

“What post?”

“This right here!” Xia Leyu hurriedly handed his phone to Ning Yangze, “A person posted on the forum that if ordinary people could get magical abilities by entering the playfield, how would they choose. And now the conservatives and radicals are fighting. I say, this poster has a very interesting idea.”

Ning Yangze’s eyes widened slightly, the look in them going dark, as the image of countless overtime days flashed by in them, “Xia Leyu.”

“What?” Xia Leyu looked up.

“Go and find out who the person who posted this is.”

The melon seeds fell straight out of his hand, as Xia Leyu looked at Ning Yangze blankly, “I will, but why, Team Leader? It’s just a post.”

“This was the first playfield opened by an ordinary person that we know of. If a person comes out of the playfield alive, there is a chance that he or she will get an ability like the Survivors’.” Ning Yangze wearily pressed his temples, “The only thing is that this matter has not been completely proven, so it has not been announced.”

“Who the hell was it? How could they have known this kind of secret in advance and send it out?!” Xia Leyu also paled at his words. It might be a fact but it was not yet fully confirmed, so how could this secret be released? Although the title of the post was presented as a question, it would be firmly lodged in ordinary people’s minds. The original poster used this question to announce it to the world. 

He hastily closed the post, “I’ll investigate immediately!”

After only a few minutes, Xia Leyu then froze in his tracks as he looked at the address in front of him, then peeked over at Ning Yangze.

“Team… Team Leader, we found him.”

“Where is the person?”

“At the Special Unit headquarters.”

Ning Yangze looked at Xia Leyu in surprise, “What did you say?”

“Specifically, it should be a private hospital set up within the Special Unit headquarters.” Xia Leyu turned the computer screen to Ning Yangze and let him see the content on it. “The poster is Jiang Yi, a Survivor of the ceramic playfield.”

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