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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The Special Unit private hospital was set up to deal with a variety of people who got injured in playfields. They could come here for help since this hospital was equipped with several healing ability Survivors and also regular doctors to treat external injuries. It was currently the only hospital in the country that focused on this.

Jiang Yi has already stayed here for three days. Her ceramic arm had returned to its original state, but there was still some weakness, and the doctor advised her to stay for a week for observation before she was discharged. As soon as her fingers could move, she made the post online using her phone.

Jiang Yi felt that Shen Si’s words made sense, in fact, many people have had such conjectures, Jiang Yi had also fantasized about getting an ability, but always thought it would remain as her imagination. Until Shen Si’s words made her think that maybe it was more than just a fantasy.

Maybe it was real!

As a result, Jiang Yi was soon confronted in the ward.

The leader of the Special Unit, plus a middle-aged man who was obviously from a prominent background came over in the name of visiting Survivors, followed by two doctors. Jiang Yi was a little scared and pulled the sleeve of the nurse behind her, who smiled at her reassuringly.

“Miss Jiang you are the only Survivor who was injured in the playfield.”

…She would rather not have this unique treatment.

“Don’t be afraid, we just came to see you, how is Miss Jiang’s recovery?” Ning Yangze placed the fruit basket on her table, “The doctor told us you recovered well and made a particularly eye-catching post?”

Jiang Yi looked at Ning Yangze cautiously, “The doctor said I’ll be discharged soon.And the post? That post about an ordinary person getting an ability? That was indeed posted by me, but, I was just making assumptions.”

“In other words, Miss Jiang is also perplexed about the popularity of it?” Ning Yangze smiled and reassured Jiang Yi, “We are also very happy about the forum being as popular as it is, as long as Miss Jiang can recover, our task as the Special Unit is to ensure everyone’s safety.”

“Thank you very much!” Jiang Yi hurriedly thanked him, “I was scared to death when I was in the playfield, if it wasn’t for Mr. Shen encouraging me all the time, I might not have really been able to get out.”

“It’s all in the past, no need to be afraid anymore, we will do our best to help everyone.”

After comforting Jiang Yi, they left as if it was an ordinary visit, but Ning Yangze and Xia Leyu stared at each other with a complex look in their eyes.

Jiang Yi obviously did not know the situation, or rather she was not sure of it, this matter should only be her theory and, out of curiosity, posted it on the Survivor post to confirm it.

Leaving the ward, the middle-aged man standing next to her looked to Ning Yangze, “Yangze, what do you think is going on here?”

“That guide who was rescued with her, his name is Shen Si, right? Xia Leyu, did you find anything out when you gave him a physical examination?”

“No.” Xia Leyu shook his head as he flipped through the information to check it again, “I’ve gone over it several times before, he also didn’t gain any abilities after coming out of the playfield, he’s a completely ordinary person.”

Ning Yangze nodded, “Then it could also be that some Survivor told him, after all, all three S-Rank Survivors are affiliated with him. Whether it’s the God of Light or Sorrowful Ghost, their power is enough to let them anticipate some things in advance. If they told Shen Si about this in order to alert him, and he then told Miss Jiang…”

The middle-aged man pondered for a moment, “In other words it’s all a coincidence?”

“I suppose so, but there’s something strange about this popularity.” Ning Yangze looked to Xia Leyu, “Xia Leyu, go and investigate, I feel that there is something wrong with this explosive rise in interest.”

“Okay.” Xia Leyu nodded, “The results will probably be out tomorrow.”

Ning Yangze raised his hand and rubbed his chin, “No one should really believe that this is true right now, at least not the general public.”

Since the unlimited flow world collapsed, the playfields appeared in reality, causing panic. There weren’t many people gullible enough to believe this, or rather, they had no time now to determine whether this matter was true or false. They could only take it as a rumor, and would not easily believe it.

“Let’s not assume the worst yet, now we must curb the popularity of this post.” The middle-aged man’s voice was smooth as he stood in the corridor with his hands behind his back, “Yangze, that post cannot stay. We need to think of a way to divert the attention of the masses.”

“It’s not that easy to do, unless a bigger discussion topic than this one appears so that the current fervor can be suppressed.” Ning Yangze frowned slightly, “But at this stage, anything released could easily cause panic and the gains aren’t worth the losses.”

“It must be done.” The middle-aged man sighed, “Give that side a little more time, I know you’re under a lot of pressure Yangze, but the Inspection Unit over there is under even more pressure. They not only have to analyze the possible locations of the playfields, but also determine if it’s true that an ordinary person can gain powers, and if it turns out to be true, what the scope and conditions of it are. They have been working overtime for days because of this. “

Ning Yangze snorted a little frustrated, “It’s only been more than a week and everything is such a mess…”

“Hang in there a little longer. It should be fine once all the urgent issues are taken care of and the new rules are finalized.” The middle-aged man patted Ning Yangze’s shoulder, “You’re the one I recommended to the Special Unit because I think you’ll be able to shake them up, Yangze, be sure to hang in there!”

“Yes!” Ning Yangze hurriedly answered.

Xia Leyu stood next to him, and a moment later he raised his hand, “About that, I do have an idea.”

Ning Yangze and the middle-aged man looked at Xia Leyu with some surprise, “What idea?”

“At this point we have only told everyone that playfields are appearing, and so far five playfields have opened. Everyone is just panicking about this new unknown element, so why don’t we send out an announcement to release the properties of these five game fields?” Xia Leyu explained.

Ning Yangze and the middle-aged man looked at each other, then Ning Yangze gestured for Xia Leyu to continue.

“That’s about it, let’s post the playfields and then put up some escape methods that we think could be used, to kind of give everyone an insurance plan, and finally, encourage them to use it as a means to think about how to escape.” Xia Leyu’s eyes lit up, “So they can move on from what they were just talking about to a discussion about the playfields! Eventually, we can also collect the most useful suggestions from Survivors and ordinary people, print it in a booklet and distribute it to everyone!”

The middle-aged man smiled out, “Yangze, ah, I kind of know why you want this kid to be the Deputy Team Leader.”

“Then do as Xia Leyu says.” Ning Yangze smiled with him, “Although this guy’s strength is not very good, his brain works better than anyone else’s in some areas.”

Xia Leyu embarrassedly scratched his head, then immediately after he said goodbye to the two and trotted away. He was currently in charge of most of the work on the forum, and he had to immediately release the new announcement to quickly divert the attention from the previous post!

Just like Xia Leyu said, after the basic news of the five playfields were announced, almost everyone turned their attention towards that. They read those playfield properties, each expressing their own escape theories, and occasionally some whimsical ones would be warned by experienced Survivors.

For a while the whole forum was very harmonious, new posts about the playfields would pop up everywhere, and the attention was successfully diverted.

As for the widespread popularity of the previous post, Xia Leyu found some unusual accounts, but couldn’t tell where they came from, so he could only conclude that the previous heat was someone working quietly behind the scenes. The matter was written into the records by the Special Unit, and would be thoroughly investigated after the crisis was resolved.

There was indeed strength in numbers, and although there were melon seed eating people, there were ones who discussed it seriously. Many suggestions seemed to be very valuable in Ning Yangze’s opinion. He also called a few Survivors to talk about some of the proposed ideas.

However, the conflict between the ordinary person and the Survivor was gradually intensifying.

A missing person reappearing simply couldn’t be concealed, so the Survivors suffered from all kinds of looks wherever they went. Although it didn’t affect their everyday life, some Survivors were psychologically vulnerable. The news announced that some Survivors who had already left the psychotherapy department had come back for treatment again.

Because the outside world was full of hostility towards them.

“Xiao Si, what do you think should be done about the situation now?” Bai JunYi was standing on the balcony, with helplessness in his voice, “Sometimes I can feel a lot of people watching me when I go out. Although nothing happened, it’s still quite scary to be stared at for no reason.”

Shen Si silently glanced at him. He was a Survivor who had gone through more than thirty games in the world of unlimited flow, so why would he be afraid of being watched by humans?

“The solution presented by the higher-ups don’t seem to be very useful, at the moment it’s just pacifying both sides, hoping they won’t start a conflict.” Bai JunYi’s voice was gentle, his balcony was filled with flowers of all sizes, his preparations for opening a flower shop, and he stood in the middle of the flowers, looking very… sacred.

No word could describe him other than sacred, since Bai JunYi came back with a very otherworldly image.

Shen Si turned back, “Unless they come up with something that can only be done by Survivors, the conflict will not disappear.”

“Impossible, Survivors are not gods.” Bai JunYi quickly denied, “Moreover, there is a difference between a high and low ability Survivors.”

Shen Si thought for a moment, “So, what if an ordinary person can become a Survivor?”

“Uh?” Bai JunYi was stunned, “What do you mean?”

“That is, what if there was some way to make an ordinary person become a Survivor as well, in which case the conflict between ordinary people and Survivors could disappear.” Shen Si leaned on the railing, “After all, power is absolute, there’s no one who doesn’t want to have power, now the Survivors are scorned, mainly because they experienced the death playfield plus have special abilities.”

“If the special ceases to be special, or the special becomes obtainable, there will be no problem.”

Bai JunYi nodded and smiled, “Xiao Si your ideas are really interesting.”

“There’s no use worrying about that, the higher-ups will do a good job. I’m more worried about never having a job after that than I am about any situation.”

“Speaking of which!” Bai JunYi’s eyes lit up, “My flower shop is ready, and I got the opening permit! It will open tomorrow, so you must come!”

Shen Si nodded, “Yes, I’ll be there, but how did you get the documents ready so quickly?”

“Because I’m an S-Rank Survivor, and the top is appeasing me.” Bai JunYi smiled and shook his head.

“That’s good, it’s quite convenient.”


The author has something to say:

Jiang Yi is officially offline.


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