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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Shen Si was a realist, he was very down-to-earth, but also very rational,  so he could accommodate Jian Nian. He would spend time to accompany him because of his insecurities, however, because Jian Nian also touched his bottom line, he directly and neatly broke up with him and would not give Jian Nian any chance.

This almost ruthless rationality was precisely what was charming about Shen Si’s person, which was also what Jian Nian both loved and hated.


There was a coughing sound and Shen Si and Jian Nian both turned their heads to the side to look. Xi Luo stood in the doorway of the guest room, with a little weary face, as if he had been woken up from a long sleep.

He rubbed his eyes, “I came out to drink some water…”

How could he have expected to see Sorrowful Ghost here talking to Shen Si about something that almost scared him awake? Sorrowful Ghost and his cousin were ex-boyfriends? And after the breakup Sorrowful Ghost entered the world of unlimited flow? Did he come here for revenge? After all, it was his cheap 1 cousin who initiated the breakup.

Shen Si stood up, looked at Jian Nian and bluntly commented, “Have you finished sitting around? If you’ve had enough, please leave.”

After this completely unemotional eviction order, Jian Nian helplessly stood up, driven out of the room. “Wait a minute, Shen Si, I still have something to say to you.”

“Sorry, I have the right not to listen.”

“I’ve been trying to change, three years have passed and we’re all different now, can’t we even do that?” Jian Nian jammed the door to keep him from slamming it shut, “Give me one more chance, I’m not the same I swear.”

Shen Si frowned slightly, “After what you did?”

Jian Nian was a selfish idealist, he was the opposite of Shen Si, he wasn’t realistic nor has he even rejected reality, chasing the impossible was his norm, but this often resulted in hard-to-get-rid-of consequences, and his overly aggressive ways made him difficult to be accepted.

He wanted to be with Shen Si forever, so he kept using various methods to accomplish this, completely ignoring Shen Si’s wishes.

“I just love you and want to be with you.”

“Love can ignore all problems? Aren’t you overthinking it?” Shen Si looked at him expressionlessly, “In my case, the word ‘love’ doesn’t solve everything.”


The elevator door dinged, Bai JunYi walked out of the elevator holding a pot of flowers, but his footsteps stopped abruptly when he looked up, as if he didn’t quite understand the current situation.

“Xiao Si, and Mr. Jian?” Bai JunYi looked at them strangely as he held the flower, “What are you doing? I remember that Mr. Jian and Xiao Si are childhood friends, and I think I heard Xiao Si mention it before. Are you here to see Xiao Si? You’re going to have a fun time.” Bai JunYi showed a perfect smile, “This area is actually very nice in both its scenery and the food, so it’s good for visiting, and Xiao Si is also a tour guide, he knows all the interesting places very well.”

Jian Nian narrowed his eyes slightly; he inexplicably felt that this friendly God of Light’s words were full of thorns, “I will.”

In the room, Xi Luo leaned against the wall with a glass of water watching the drama, three S-Rank Survivors gathered together, perhaps an image that could only be seen here with his cheap cousin.

Ignoring Bai JunYi who started to pull out his key to open the door, Jian Nian took the opportunity to grab Shen Si’s hand, his face was pale, his fingers so thin as if they were bones, Jian Nian’s appearance was very deceptive. Anyone who saw him wouldn’t think he was some big shot, only that he was just a very sick patient.

“Shen Si, perhaps we…”

Jian Nian’s words came to an abrupt halt as he jerked his head to look to the side, while the key in Bai JunYi’s hand fell to the ground, and in the next second, the entire earth shook, and four walls sprang up from the ground in the distance, completely enclosing a large area in an instant.

“A playfield?” Bai JunYi turned his head to look outside, “Such a large area.”

Xi Luo came out of the room, he closed his eyes to sense for a moment, “It’s not a ghost type playfield, and no movable life exists.”

They entered the state of dealing with the playfield in an instant and looked unusually calm.

A single crimson flower emerged from the ground, and then as if competing for attention, in just a few seconds they bloomed all over the playfield, like a large red carpet. Bai JunYi squatted down and placed his hand on the petals, the next moment frowning slightly, “This is not a natural flower either, my powers don’t work.”

“Mr. Jian?” Bai JunYi looked at Jian Nian, “Do you have a countermeasure?”

Jian Nian didn’t reply, just lowered his head and didn’t move, and the three could not see his expression, nor did they know what he intended to do, but just then, Jian Nian suddenly raised his head, his dark eyes filled with bone-deep longing, as if he wanted to tear Shen Si apart, and pushed him against the wall.

“What?” Bai JunYi looked blankly at the two people who were about to get even closer, and looked at Xi Luo peculiarly, “What’s wrong with those two?”

Xi Luo looked at what was happening in front of him with his plain water, “I don’t know.”

Meanwhile, Jian Nian’s eyes widened as he stared almost fondly at Shen Si’s face, his voice tinged with morbid clinginess.

“You’re mine after all.”

Shen Si, still against the wall, was slightly dazed by him, when Jian Nian was about to kiss him, he simply raised one of his legs and kicked hard. Caught off guard and getting hit in the most vulnerable place, Jian Nian almost fell to the ground, covering his vitals.

“Wow.” Bai JunYi put down the flowers in his arms and walked over carefully, “Mr. Jian, are you okay?”

“Can’t be killed.” Shen Si answered for him, then he went to the window sill and looked out at the endless sea of flowers, “Why is there a playfield here? This wasn’t designated as a danger zone.”

Bai JunYi nodded, “It’s true that this is not an officially classified danger zone, but Survivors are people too, and it’s no surprise that there’s one who thinks he’s lucky and won’t bring the playfield back, and even though the Special Unit is strong, they’re not superhuman, and the situation in the unlimited flow world or how many people are playing the game can’t possibly be fully accounted for.”

“Now that this happened, instead of dwelling on why this place isn’t classified as a danger zone, think about what kind of playfield it really is.” Xi Luo placed the glass of water next to Bai JunYi’s flower, “There are too many people.”

Once he finished the sentence some concern appeared in Bai JunYi’s and Shen Si’s eyes.

Indeed, this was a residential area, not even a suburban residential area, not far from the busy shopping malls, and farther away there were schools. This playfield encompassed no less than tens of thousands of people, and such an exaggerated number of people, even one percent of deaths were a hundred lives. No one was willing to face this terrible number.

“Mental type playfield, flowers.” A weary voice rang out.

The three turned their heads back, Jian Nian straightened up with some difficulty, “It hurts… Shen Si can you use less force next time?”


“Why?” Jian Nian muttered with some aggravation, “Haven’t you two experienced this playfield?”

“There are so many playfields, of course we can’t have experienced every one of them, you are also an S-Rank Survivor, you should know this.”

Leaning against the wall, Jian Nian closed his eyes, only the sweat on the tip of his nose and his miserable white face proved that he was indeed in pain, “These flowers make this a fifth level playfield, not quite the same as other ghostly type playfields, this is a mental type playfield, see these flowers? The smell of these flowers can inspire human obsessions to do things that they normally wouldn’t dare to do.”

“Then just now, Mr. Jian, were you affected?” Bai JunYi asked in realization.

Jian Nian coldly glanced at Bai JunYi before continuing to speak, “Generally Survivors above A-Rank will not be affected too much, unless they are not strong-minded and their obsession is too strong.”

Jian Nian glanced at Shen Si and saw that he didn’t even blink before continuing to speak with some frustration. “Humans who are motivated by obsession will do what they want to do the most at the moment and will regain their sanity when they succeed. Just now I only lost control briefly and was able to be beaten back by Shen Si, but these ordinary people will not be able to get rid of control so easily.” Jian Nian glanced towards the outside, “Soon it will be chaos outside.”

“Is that the playfield?” Xi Luo didn’t quite understand, “It’s not quite the same as the playfield I remember, it’s too simple and harmless.”

“Of course it’s not that simple.” Jian Nian looked at the flowers on the ground, “These flowers will turn black after three hours. These red flowers can stimulate the obsession of humans, while the black flowers carry a strong toxin, and those who do not complete the action of obsession during the red flowers phase will all die from the poison of the black flowers.”

Shen Si squatted down, examining the flowers, “Such amazing flowers, can I keep them?”

“Better not.” Bai JunYi helplessly replied, “Although I know you like plants, it’s better not to keep everything, just having normal plants.”

Meanwhile, the Special Unit was almost flipped over, Ning Yangze didn’t even have time to drink water, “What’s going on?! Why did such a wide-ranged playfield open in the Yijiang District? Xia Leyu, how did you compare the information?”

“I’ve confirmed many times that there are no Survivors in the Yijiang area who claimed they returned while in a game, unless there are Survivors in there who lied.” Xia Leyu replied in a hurry.

“Lied?” Ning Yangze clenched his teeth, “If the guy who lied is lucky enough to survive, I will make him taste the consequences of lying!”

“One more thing!” Xia Leyu kept tapping on the keyboard until he pulled up an image from one of the security cameras, “Team Leader, this Yijiang District…”

Ning Yangze’s throat was sore with anxiety when he saw that nearly 10,000 people were trapped. He could not stand it anymore and poured a glass of cool water, “What happened to Yijiang District?”

“Yijiang District is the area where Shen Si and the God of Light are located.”

Ning Yangze sprayed out all the water in his mouth with a pfffft.

“What do you mean, Shen Si and the God of Light? Doesn’t that mean Dark Night Manipulator Xi Luo is in there too?”

“Not only them.” Xia Luo Yu turned the computer screen towards Ning Yangze, “The surveillance shows that an hour ago, Sorrowful Ghost entered this area, presumably to find Shen Si.”

Ning Yangze twitched his mouth as he slumped back in his chair with a thump, “Three S-Rank Survivors?”

“Yes, that’s right, three S-Rank Survivors.”

“Should I be worried or just glad?” Ning Yangze tapped his forehead, “No, I should immediately send someone to stand watch on the sidelines, I’ll go myself this time, this must be arranged properly!”

That was three S-Rank Survivors, no less deadly than three advanced playfield demons!


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Translator Notes:

  1. 便宜= CHEAP Some of the translations are good, but I think some fail to capture the meaning of “CHEAP” in English.

    Some of the suggestions are good translations of PROMISCUOUS (贱人,贱货 or 贱 in general), but CHEAP in English (as opposed to the re-appropriated “CHEAP” in colloquial Cantonese) also has a slightly humorous shade to it.

    For example, “He/She’s EASY” is closer to a derogative meaning in English, even though the word EASY itself has no negative connotation compared with CHEAP. (euphemistic English)

    贱 has a particularly derogative meaning, but amongst close friends it can be quite funny as well. When spoken to strangers, it’s highly dramatic and formal to use (you might hear it in TV dialogue), and might bring some laughs, albeit from incorrect usage. When written, it’s completely derogatory. (I feel I must cover my eyes when I read it in this forum :))

    But I think 淫贱 (like “you disgusting perverted lowlife”) is probably closest if you want to use amongst your friend and maintain the humour, but might not work well with strangers.



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