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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Shen Si and his co-workers were put on a long vacation by the company. In fact, not only him, but because of the division of the playfield and dangerous areas, many people were inexplicably put on furlough, and most of them returned home to wait for alternative arrangements. The official compensation was a certain amount of money, but this would only shorten the anxiety of workers who lost their jobs.

In the meantime, Xi Luo began to study high school courses at home. His grades were not bad before he entered the world of unlimited flow, and it was not all luck that he survived in it until now. He found an online course, and while studying on his own and watching videos, he learned quite well.

The next door neighbor Bai JunYi’s flower shop opened, and as the God of Light, no matter what flowers, they would bloom in his hands. The flowers in his flower shop were delicate and beautiful, all blooming at the best time, so people couldn’t help but want to take a few bouquets home. Plus, he had a gentle and sunny temperament, he became glowing and dazzling as he was standing among the flowers.

It was really worthy of the God of Light.

His store was in a residential area with good traffic with people coming and going, so of course people certainly knew about Bai JunYi’s disappearance, and he also had the same name as the announced an S-Rank Survivor. Many people recognized him as the God of Light and spread the news about him opening a flower shop, causing countless people to buy flowers just to see him, there were even some religious people who came in the name of pilgrimage.

This was the God of Light that could be seen and even touched!

Shen Si could occasionally see those people visit over and over to buy flowers. When receiving flowers, they couldn’t wait to rub the skin of Bai JunYi’s hands, the devotion in their eyes obvious. Even the couples next to them who came to shop were overwhelmed by the love in these people’s eyes.

Perhaps because he had long been used to it, Bai JunYi smiled and handed them the flowers again and again, without a change in expression.

Turning his head and yawning, Shen Si exhaled a breath of white cloud as he walked past Bai JunYi’s flower shop with the ingredients he had purchased today in his hands.

“Xiao Si.”

Shen Si stopped and turned to look at the flower shop. Bai JunYi was standing in front of the flower shop, wearing a warm apron, surrounded by fanatical believers. If Bai JunYi was selling houses instead of flowers, those believers would have long ago bought all the houses to settle here in the hopes of living as close to Bai JunYi as possible.

“Mr. Bai?”

“Today there are leftover flowers for sale, you can take them home.”

Shen Si was stunned, “No, that’s not very appropriate.”

“Haven’t you always loved plants?” Bai JunYi brought out a decorative  pot of sunflowers from the shop, “Look, it’s growing roots and it’s not really sellable, and I’m not very good at taking care of flowers.”

Shen Si cocked his head, “But doesn’t Mr. Bai have the power to make it keep blooming?”

“I will be found out by the Plant Protection Society, since I won’t keep taking care of it and will let it keep blooming.” Bai JunYi stuffed the flower into Shen Si’s arms, “It’s yours!”

“Then I’ll give you money for it.”

“I said it’s for you, neighbors don’t need such courtesy between them.” Bai JunYi replied with a smile.

Shen Si put the ingredients he bought in the kitchen and then placed the pot of sunflowers on the balcony. The golden sunflowers were swaying in the wind, and Shen Si reached out to poke the petals of the sunflowers, which felt a little cold.

Not very good at taking care of flowers so it was given to him?

Shen Si did like plants, his balcony was always in bloom, since there were green plants everywhere, and he liked to collect strange looking leaves and plants when he went on tours in the mountains.

But Bai JunYi, as the God of Light, actually couldn’t take care of these flowers at all. As long as he was around, the plants would grow very lush, he was like a mobile nourishment, plus even if he was not good at taking care of flowers, he was surrounded by so many devotees who would buy the flowers in batches every day. Wouldn’t it be better to give it to them to look after?

“That one’s good.” Xi Luo’s voice rang behind him.

Shen Si turned his head. Xi Luo was clutching a book standing in the doorway, his hair a little tousled, looking like he had just awakened from an unintended doze, “I feel a very pure light energy.”

“This pot of flowers?”

“Mhm.” Xi Luo leaned on the door frame and yawned, his voice was a bit lazy, “Because it’s the opposite of my attribute it feels very obvious. The God of Light, knowing that you were accidentally locked into the playfield, probably specially made for you. Ghosts are especially afraid of light, especially this pure light aura from the God of Light. When we were in the unlimited flow world, as long as he was involved in any ghost class playfields, everything basically became null and void.”

Shen Si looked at him, “Have you slept for a long time?”

“Well, no.” Xi Luo rubbed his eyes, “Actually it’s related to my power, I will go into a deep sleep after studying for a period of time, and in my dreams I will consolidate the knowledge I studied earlier. I usually need to sleep after reading a book.” 1

Shen Si was silent for a moment, “Really?”

This was the first time he heard that sleeping could also help someone learn in their dreams.

Was it because he was a Survivor?

Xi Luo went back to sleep, leaving Shen Si sitting alone in the living room watching TV. The current news program on TV was still the same as before, except that not only Survivors were being discussed but playfields too. The Special Unit collated some matters related to the playfields and printed them into a booklet available for free for everyone. The news had also been repeatedly and seriously educating about the critical nature of this matter.

Everything was still under control.

The conflict between ordinary people and Survivors was still present, but no matter how fierce the resistance on the internet was, in real life most of them wouldn’t clash. After all, no one was stupid. In ordinary people’s eyes Survivors were like wolf dogs without a leash that knew how to bite.

Of course, one had to avoid them!

The lunchtime news continued. The return of the Survivors occurred more than two weeks ago and a variety of playfield science occupied the news page, after all, it was a matter of life and death.

The Survivors were generally the ones who provided the information about the playfields, and each newscast was followed by a host thanking the Survivors who contributed, which did ease the conflict between the two a little.

After the midday news ended, Shen Si took a look at the sunflowers on the balcony, then he got up to go to the bathroom to fill the watering can; something he did every day.

Shen Si walked over to the balcony with the watering can. There were a lot of flowers out there, and also an empty pot with only soil, which looked quite out-of-place. Shen Si looked at the empty pot for a minute before watering it.

Just as he finished watering the flowers, there was a knock on the door. The knock was not intense, rather, it sounded a little light, so Shen Si put the watering can on the table and went over to open the door.

The moment he opened the door, Shen Si slightly frowned, as he looked at the person at the entrance with some displeasure, “Jian Nian.”

“Of course it’s me!” Jian Nian smiled as he stood in the doorway, “Did you miss me? No need to answer, I know you wouldn’t miss me at all, but I can’t help but really miss you ah. I am still considered your lifesaver, won’t you invite me in to sit down?”

Shen Si stared at him, and after about five seconds, pushed the door open and let him in.

Perhaps because of his childhood experience, or it was his family’s influence, Jian Nian had never been ashamed, he said what he wanted to, whether it was about hating or loving, he was stark-naked in his words. He could laugh while telling people to go to hell, but also laugh while saying: I love you so much.

Finding a can of black tea that he didn’t know whether it had expired or not, Shen Si put the brewed tea on the table in front of Jian Nian, “Sit down and leave when you’ve had enough.”

Jian Nian smiled as he picked up his cup of tea and took a sip, “Do we have to be like this with each other? Can you not be so heartless?”

“I’m just doing what normal people are supposed to do.” Shen Si’s voice was calm, “Two people who broke up should not keep in contact, not to mention that you were ‘dead’ for three years.”

“I’m still the only one who’s head over heels, it feels like you’re always so composed.” Jian Nian hands clutched the teacup. His pale fingertips on the porcelain looked extra fragile, as if they would break. “From three years ago to this day, I think you and I got together because you felt sorry for me. Once you got tired of me pestering you too much, you threw me away.”

Shen Si sat in his chair and didn’t say a word.

“Do you agree?”

“What’s the point of dwelling on something that happened three years ago?” Shen Si raised his head, his black eyes filled with coldness, “Jian Nian, whether I broke up with you because you were too stalker-like or not, you should know better than I do.”

Jian Nian’s finger twitched, and the whole room fell into an inexplicable silence.

Yes, Shen Si was right, Jian Nian actually knew better than Shen Si why he would break up so easily, as if none of the previous feelings existed.

There was nothing else that touched Shen Si’s bottom line.

To be honest, Jian Nian never thought that he would be able to face Shen Si so calmly after he really came back from that place. During the three years in that unlimited flow world, he was thinking about Shen Si all the time, missing him and obsessing over him like a demon.

During these three years, he kept thinking about what he would do if he got out of that hellish place. He thought about pinning Shen Si against the wall, telling him that he could not escape anymore. He also thought about chaining Shen Si firmly to his side and not letting him go no matter what Shen Si said, so that he was always by his side. These unspeakably sick thoughts were what kept him alive.

He thought he would definitely settle these debts… until the day came, and Jian Nian realized that there was no way he could do it.

The first time he saw Shen Si, he watched him organize his backpack in his guide’s uniform, and in that moment, his overwhelming love briefly overpowered those morbid thoughts. He wanted nothing more than to see Shen Si alive in the world instead of holding him in some dark corner.

He thought he could control it, until just a moment ago, when he saw Bai JunYi smiling and handing him the pot of flowers. In that instant, endless jealousy consumed his heart, and those dark thoughts he had forced to suppress had resurfaced.

Take him away, tie him up, lock him up, he is an ordinary person, he cannot resist… That way we can be together.

Those things clawed and bit their way to the surface, eating away at him little by little.

Jian Nian let out a bitter laugh, he put the tea in his hand on the table, his fingers still pale, except for his fingertips which were slightly red from the excess force.

These thoughts of his were precisely the reason why Shen Si broke up with him.


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Translator Notes:

  1. MonkeyNote: I’m jealous of this ability… I don’t even want the ghost part… just this.


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