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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Parasite would not easily return to his own body, it was the safest to remain in the host body, as long as his own had no problems, he was an immortal existence. Bai JunYi tried to detect the location of Parasite again. Just as he thought, Parasite would only look for a new host body, and not go back to his own.

Since he had probably found new victims, he was using those people’s bodies to move around.

“What is Mr. Bai going to do next?” Shen Si stood in the rain, “Before Team Leader He was ready to talk to me about this playfield, he ended up disappearing before he could finish, and so far I still don’t quite understand what this playfield is about.”

Bai JunYi reached out and patted Shen Si’s shoulder, “It’s okay, this playfield is not difficult, and is a very ordinary playfield. If it is Xiao Si, you will be able to pass it easily. I still need to find Parasite, I can’t let him leave.”

Although he didn’t know what Bai JunYi’s words meant, Shen Si also didn’t bother to ask. In his opinion, this was Bai JunYi’s own decision, and Shen Si didn’t have the right to ask or even interfere. Just like how he would hate if people interfered when he was making decisions, Shen Si never let himself become the people he hated.

Bai JunYi could speak for himself if he wanted to, about the playfield and his feud with Parasite.

Of course, Shen Si didn’t really want to know about what’s going on between the Survivors, because he felt like it would be a pain in the ass.

“Does Mr. Bai know how to get through?”

“Yes.” Bai JunYi drew a diagram on the ground, “In this playfield, it will be based on our memories to shape dummies, these dummies will usually be similar to our memories. The number is varying, but we just need to take out all these dummies and we can leave from the playfield and enter another world. “

“Another world?”

Bai JunYi nodded, he drew a horizontal line in the middle of the circle and nodded a few times on the other side, “In the other world, there are the dummies who are defeated by themselves, people who feel sorry inside, or people who have given up to psychological pressure, which is commonly known as phantom psychological attacks, but I think you are perfectly fine, Xiao Si. After all, Xiao Si has always been a person who sees things very well.”

Shen Si nodded, “Understood, thank you. Mr. Bai, there is one more thing.”


Shen Si was silent for a second before sighing as if there was nothing to be done, “Do you know where Jian Nian is?”

“…Jian Nian?”

Bai JunYi was slightly stunned, and a moment later he smiled. His pair of golden eyes seemed a little softer because of this smile, and even in the rain, it was like the sun in the clear sky, giving a warm and gentle feeling. This Bai JunYi and the usual him, there was no difference.

To be honest, Bai JunYi has always felt that Shen Si was a very clear person, his rationality and determination was admirable, he was never indecisive, and was able to identify problems in time and cut off the possible deterioration of the relationship. He has always done things that couldn’t be criticized, and could even say a word of admiration.

So he didn’t say anything when he noticed the possible problem between Shen Si and Jian Nian, after all, it was Shen Si’s business, and he was closer to Shen Si, always more inclined towards him.

But now it seemed that although they broke up, their relationship was a bit twisted, but Shen Si was not completely ignoring Jian Nian’s existence, at least in the playfield, he still remembered to ask where Jian Nian was.

“Don’t know?”

“He’s probably over there.” Bai JunYi pointed to the right, “He’s farther away, you can probably feel a little scent from the beginning, but he hasn’t moved from its position, so you can see for yourself.”

Shen Si nodded as he politely thanked Bai JunYi and then left, his figure quickly disappearing into the rain.

“…It’s still like this.” Bai JunYi shook his head slightly.

Shen Si seemed to be like this to everyone, very polite and very distant, he controlled everyone’s relationship with him, never too distant, not to make people feel annoyed, and not to become someone’s soulmate, even Bai JunYi thought that him having such entanglement with Jian Nian was a miracle.

It was true that Shen Si’s character was still too cold.


The playfield was very big with very few people, Shen Si hardly saw any people when he was walking forward, not to mention He Xin, Ning Yangze and other familiar people. After about half an hour of walking, Shen Si stopped in the rain, looked to the side, where under the awning of a stop sign, Jian Nian was sitting quietly.

His jacket was taken off to block his head, as he shrunk in the center of the awning, as if this could block the rain, his bare wrist was pale and thin, seemingly able to be broken by a touch.

Jian Nian didn’t move, seemingly unable to hear the sound of footsteps around him.

“I hate the rain.” In the silence, Jian Nian suddenly spoke, he raised his head slightly, his jacket blocked his hair and eyes. Shen Si stood there and could only see his slightly pale lips. With this appearance, no one would believe that this was the most terrible S-Rank Survivor.

“So you’ve been hiding here?”

“After all, this is the only place to hide from the rain.” Jian Nian laughed as he took his jacket off his head and smiled like a little kid who had gotten candy, “Besides, there’s no problem at all, those dummies will come to me one by one, it doesn’t matter where I am, because taking me out is their mission.”

Shen Si came over, Jian Nian moved to the side, leaving a spot for Shen Si without water, but unfortunately Shen Si had long been wet, and the moment he sat down, that dry spot also became wet.

“Been here since it started raining?”

“Mn, about three dummies have come so far, two of them were you,” Jian Nian narrowed his eyes slightly, “But they spoke so well that I didn’t bother to kill them.”

Shen Si gave him a look and didn’t make any comment on his remark, “Mr. Bai told me that I must kill all the dummies before I can leave, you will stay here forever if you don’t kill the dummies, is that alright with you?”

“Of course it won’t stay here forever, I’ll take care of it, only to put it at the end. After all, I’m happy to be happy for a while longer.” Jian Nian restored his jacket to his hair, “Hey Shen Si, was I among the dummies you met?”

Shen Si didn’t answer, and just looked at the sky, “Wouldn’t you think I’m a fake?”

“How is that possible? Do I look like I can’t tell the difference between you and the dummy?” Jian Nian laughed as he gazed ahead, his eyes held joy and a bit of helplessness, “The dummy is coalesced according to one’s memory, which means it cannot be separated from my own thoughts. That’s why I understand how different those dummies really are from you.”

Jian Nian’s voice had a smile in it, but it was hollow, as if it was eroded away by the rain.

“So, the fake people will be gentle with me, will say we’ll leave here together, will see that I’m afraid of the rain and let me hold their hands, but the real Shen Si would never do that. I know and understand very well.”

Shen Si nodded calmly, “That’s why Mr. Bai said this playfield is simple, because even if it’s real again, all dummies and real people will have a certain gap, just quietly find the difference and calmly leave.”

“Yeah.” Jian Nian smiled and gazed at Shen Si.

Jian Nian was not curious about what kind of image he appeared as to Shen Si, after all, according to Shen Si’s standard of judgment, the dummies on the opposite side weren’t a big deal. It was estimated that they would be shattered when they appear, and those dummies would at most say a couple of words and would have no personality at all.

After all, now, in Shen Si’s eyes, he was nothing special at all.

Shen Si stood up from his seat and walked back into the rain, he looked at Jian Nian, “Then, I’m leaving.”

“Won’t you take me with you?” Jian Nian didn’t move, he just showed his eyes under the wrapping of his jacket, looking like a weirdo who doesn’t show his face, “If it’s Shen Si, it doesn’t matter if I walk in the rain, as long as Shen Si doesn’t leave me behind.”

“You’ll stay here waiting for the rain to stop.” Shen Si didn’t agree, “You can come back to me after the rain stops.”

As he saw Shen Si’s figure disappear, Jian Nian slowly lowered his head. Just then, the figure of ‘Shen Si’ appeared again from the end of the alley, he shouted Jian Nian’s name and came over. Although there was no expression on his face, his voice was much gentler, this was the Shen Si who hadn’t broken up with him yet.

A black flame coalesced in Jian Nian’s hand, the knife that Jian Nian once used. The monster detached itself from within Jian Nian’s body, it ate the knife in one bite and spat out a black wooden disc in the next instant.

Throwing the wooden disc at ‘Shen Si’, with a bang, the glass shattered into pieces in the middle of the alley.

Jian Nian sighed.

“After seeing the real Shen Si, I’m not as happy to see the fake one again. Or rather, it’s not a thing to be happy about at all…”

In a different place, Shen Si had his hands in his pockets as he walked slowly through the rain, his mind constantly repeating what Jian Nian had said to him earlier.

The dummy was made according to human memory, but it didn’t go beyond human memory, so in other words, a person’s memory and thoughts would somehow shape a person completely different from itself. This was the nature of this playfield, and also increased the difficulty of recognizing the playfield.


As Shen Si looked to his right and back, at the entrance of the alley, a man was hiding, and had been staring at Shen Si, not moving forward, nor backward, always staying a certain distance from him.

Turning to look behind him, Shen Si was able to see he was obviously nervous, but even so he didn’t retreat, but shrunk to the place where the rain couldn’t fall, as he and Shen Si stared at each other.

This was the dummy shaped by this playfield.

This was ‘Jian Nian’.

“This is really strange.” Shen Si looked at the person who insisted on staring at him even though he was discovered, with his eyes full of persistence. “Is the Jian Nian I remember like this? Or is this actually the Jian Nian that others see and just don’t know why he is following me?”

Shen Si tried to take a step forward, and the ‘Jian Nian’ over there immediately took a step back, not daring to approach at all, yet not wanting to give up. At that moment, Shen Si even saw the desperation in his eyes, a kind of desperation that showed he wanted to get closer, but was afraid of getting closer.

“What the hell is this?”


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March 16, 2021 11:10 am

What the heck indeed. I’m really curious about this ‘Jian Nian’.

Thanks for the chapter! ^^

March 16, 2021 12:34 pm

I ship them even though the situation is pretty hopeless! 😭

I don’t know if Jian Nian’s obsession can be cured, so that they could have a healthy relationship. If he’s not cured, it’s best for Shen Si to continue being cold to him, and hope he can move on. 😓

March 16, 2021 7:55 pm

The image of dummy Jian Nian changed because Shen Si’s perception of Jian Nian also changed? Maybe he isn’t so indifferent from Jian Nian after all? #wishfulthinking

Thanks for the chapter!

March 16, 2021 9:47 pm

Either this is rare Jian Nain that our MC saw because of this conversation, or Parasite can take over the bodies of dummies. Both are rather strange.

Thanks for the chapter!

March 16, 2021 11:45 pm

Even if this playfield is simple, it doesn’t make it any less dangerous, people can still die and there is that Parasite going about. It’s a hard mission to complete, but you can do it Shen Si!!! Thank you for the chapter!!!

March 17, 2021 10:24 pm

Still so cold? Hmm I’m sensing secrets

May 23, 2022 6:55 am

Thank you for the chapter.
This is a bad side of me to expose, but I’m not enjoying the character SS. His need to avoiding emotional pain annoys me. In a way I find it cowardly and unattractive. I hope the change in the story is an indication of a breakthrough of the character.

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