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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


After coming to this playfield, Bai JunYi had been looking for traces of Parasite, and he knew very well that Parasite must be inside. He had done so many things, even to the extent of parasitizing He Huiwen to swallow the playfield, in order to reach Shen Si. That nasty rat was hiding in the gutter, forever making small movements, spying on everything around him, and then looking for an opportunity to reveal his poisonous claws.

That… The guy shouldn’t be alive.

No one knew what the true name of Parasite was, but Bai JunYi had heard of this organization a long time ago, and at that time Bai JunYi was not an S-Rank Survivor, nor did he care about any organization. He only had himself and his companions who were struggling with him in this cruel world.

Light magic was a very broad term, Bai JunYi did not even know how to use this ability. He even needed to use light dark places. In the playfield, it was almost useless, and he was ridiculed by his peers for a long time. Bai JunYi never thought that this ability had the potential of S-Rank, and never thought that Parasite would target him.

Opening his wings behind him and flying towards the sky, Bai JunYi searched for his target. The playfield was so large that he could hardly see anyone, but equally, if someone was moving around it would look very conspicuous.

The rain pounded down on his wings, Bai JunYi could feel that his wings were very heavy, but he was reluctant to go down, only the view was open to see the wrong place.

“Where the hell is it?”

The sound of breaking glass was unusually clear, Bai JunYi jerked his head to look at the side. In an alley, the man in the Special Unit overalls broke the mirror in front of him, he twisted his wrist strangely, as if sensing Bai JunYi’s gaze, the man slowly raised his head.

In the moment of looking at each other, Bai JunYi knew that he had found him.

That disgusting gaze, as if trapped in the sludge emitting the stench of the eyes, could not be anyone but Parasite.

Bai JunYi directly flew down. Parasite was very clear about the gap between himself and Bai JunYi, after understanding that he was found, he immediately turned and ran, and did not intend to fight Bai JunYi head-on. He came here to get a better host body, to improve his strength, not idly fight face to face with an S-Rank Survivor. Cuscuta could subliminally kill other plants, but did not have the ability to annihilate opponents in an instant, he certainly would not be so stupid.

Bai JunYi stared at Parasite, his dark eyes slowly turning golden, but at this moment this brilliant gold did not seem warm, but like metal, cold and glowing.

“… God of Light?” Parasite cracked a smile, “Long time no see.”

“Long time no see indeed, I’ve been looking for you for a long time.” Bai JunYi opened his hand and light coalesced behind him, floating arrows of light filled the air like beautiful rain.

Parasite took a step back, “Do you want to kill him? This is not my body, I am just a parasite in this man. Even if you use your ability to kill only him and not me.” Parasite made a mocking sound, “As an S-Rank Survivor who doesn’t kill people, but will kill members of the Special Unit, I think they would be happy to send you a blacklist!”

Bai JunYi stared at him, “That would not be something you should care about.”

“You wouldn’t dare! Because you wouldn’t even kill anyone.” Parasite continued to stimulate Bai JunYi, “Let’s see, so far you seem to have only killed one person, who was it? It seems to be the same image as now, opposite you, and I am boarding in a person’s body, standing here. Do you want to repeat the same mistake? You can only repeat the same mistake!”

The hand swung forward, the next instant, the light arrow behind Bai JunYi shot over violently. Parasite laughed, he rolled on the ground, the light arrow penetrated his body, but he was not injured, the next instant, intense pain rose. Parasite let out a miserable scream.

“What? What is this?!”

“The best weed killer in the world was slipped to me by He Xin before I left.” A large pile of light arrows coalesced behind Bai JunYi once again, “Just the thing to deal with you.”

Parasite’s eyes widened, it’s this thing again! Why was it like this? What the hell was that? He never remembered this strange weed killer in the unlimited flow world, restraining even plant-based abilities.

No, he couldn’t fight it hard, he must leave now!

The green vines fell from his ankles and instantly merged into the dirt. Bai JunYi hurriedly chased after them, and just a moment after he reached the corner, several people came out from there, it was Ning Yangze, He Xin, and Jian Nian.

“Bai JunYi?” Ning Yangze spoke.

Without waiting for them to speak, Bai JunYi instantly shot out the light arrow behind himself, the light arrow pierced through the three people. The next instant, the cracked mirror surface printed out the shadow of the three people, the cracks fused in the next instant, the three dummies looked at each other and then attacked towards Bai JunYi.

“Now there is no time to delay with you here!”

Bai JunYi kicked a dummy, then opened his wings and soared into the air. By the time Bai JunYi found the green silk thread again, the thread had seeped right into a person’s body.

Parasitism again.

“Sooner or later, your weed killer will run out, but my hostages can be used again and again.” Parasite manipulated the man’s body and smiled at Bai JunYi, “You keep coming, huh? The S-Rank Survivor who doesn’t kill people, Bai JunYi, I’m quite eager to see the day when you break your rule!”

Stomping on the dummy that was rushing up, Bai JunYi looked at Parasite without expression, “You are really cowardly to the extreme, not even daring to show your own face.”

“So what if I am cowardly? You still can’t do anything about it!” Parasite maneuvered his body backwards, “I say, are you blaming me?”

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

“Are you really blaming me?” Parasite smiled nastily and disgustingly, “But, I just parasitized that person, I didn’t kill him, it was you who killed that person. Bai JunYi, don’t you think you’re ridiculous? Killing someone and then blaming someone else for the killing. Obviously you are the murderer.”

Bai JunYi clenched his hand so hard that he didn’t even notice his nails sinking into the flesh.

The light arrows behind him fired out fiercely. Parasite hurriedly retreated, and the next instant the man fell softly to the ground, the green vines had long left at some point.

Looking at the person who fell to the ground, Bai JunYi closed his eyes, his feet slowly present a magic array, the formation was turning. Before the time he put the light factor on Parasite, as long as Parasite went back to his own body, he could certainly detect it.

Parasite was really too worried and too cautious, that’s why he must use this method to make him keep switching his host body and finally hide back in his own body.

Where was he, where the hell was he?

“Mr. Bai?”

It was Shen Si’s voice.

Here we go again… Those dummies that exist in this playfield, those real and fake things that are made based on the Survivor’s memory in order to disturb the Survivor, come to disturb him at the most crucial time every time.

As soon as he was about to find the hiding place of Parasite, and this time he must put an end to him here.

“Mr. Bai? Are you alright?”

Bai JunYi turned his head, he opened his eyes, his golden eyes were full of ice. He looked behind him, the lightsaber in his hand stabbed straight at Shen Si’s chest.

Just a moment before the lightsaber was about to pierce in, time stopped. Shen Si cocked his head, he looked at Bai JunYi who was motionless in front of him. The clock behind him was reversing, time went back three seconds. Tick. Time was running again, Shen Si turned around and dodged Bai JunYi’s lightsaber, then a punch hit Bai JunYi’s chest.

Not the touch of glass, nor the sound of glass breaking, but a solid punch.

Bai JunYi’s eyes widened, his whole body flew backwards and hit the ground hard. Light rain fell on his face, Bai JunYi felt his whole brain was confused.

Not a fake? It was the real Shen Si, Shen Si was attacked by him as a dummy? What had just happened? Was he mistaken once again? If the opposite side was not Shen Si, was he going to kill another person by mistake?

“Are you awake?” Shen Si crouched down next to Bai JunYi.

“Cough cough.” Bai JunYi covered his mouth and kept coughing, he got up from the ground, rain and mud smeared on his jacket, looking a bit lousy, “Sober, very sober, there is not that moment more sober than now. I’m sorry, I can’t believe I took Xiao Si for a dummy, it was too much, fortunately nothing went wrong.”

Shen Si pulled Bai JunYi up from the ground, “What was Mr. Bai thinking about? It’s amazing that you can be so focused, so focused that you can’t even tell if a person is real or fake.”

“This.” Bai JunYi looked around, and after a moment he sighed, “I was just tracking down Parasite, and sure enough, I’m a little too obsessed with this.”

“Obsession is good, after all, only obsession can make a person focus on something and achieve it.” Shen Si thought for a moment, “But extreme obsession really won’t bring anything good, but I still think that people like Mr. Bai won’t be blinded by obsession.”

Bai JunYi looked at Shen Si, and after a moment he smiled a little, “Xiao Si is a thorough person.”

“And no, I just want very little, which means no obsessions.” Shen Si shook his head in disbelief, “People who don’t have obsessions don’t get lost in them.”

Bai JunYi nodded mildly, “Did you just rewind time?”

“Three seconds.” Shen Si graciously admitted, “Controlling the ability in a playfield is much easier than one might think, whether it’s time pause or rewind, only the range is small, maybe just a few seconds.”

But Shen Si relied on these few seconds of difference to stagger Bai JunYi’s attack, and still manage to dryly knock him out, and the ability to time perfectly.

At this moment, Bai JunYi suddenly understood why the Special Unit valued Shen Si and his ability so much.

The unique ability to manipulate time, the ability to use the ability in the playfield almost no need to adapt, because there was no obsession so he would not use this ability to do unthinkable things. Shen Si, this person, seemed to be born with this ability.

If he could enter the world of unlimited flow, he would become a new S-Rank Survivor or maybe even higher.


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I hope they get that Parasite guy! He really is cowardly!

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Shen Si is way too cool!

March 15, 2021 11:30 pm

Good, Shen Si found Mr. Bai. Now go find the rest, break the playfield and catch the rat. He is really too much and way too creepy to let him go! Thank you for the chapter!!!

March 16, 2021 10:23 am

Imagine being able to rewind time and just read entire books in a few seconds. My dream right there

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Shen Si is anything but ordinary and very straightforward. I’d like for him to not be alone though.
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