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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“You’re also a member of the Special Unit?” Cheng Xiangwen was shocked for a moment.

“Yes, I am a member as well.” Tang Nan walked over, and half squatted down looking at the three people who were on guard, “So far, every organization that has come has a member of the Special Unit in their group, and as far as I know, everyone has been specially messaged by Team Leader He that we need to take more care of Mr. Shen.”

Tang Nan touched his phone and looked at it, “Amber-colored sugar.”

The moment he heard this, Cheng Xiangwen relaxed. He let out a long breath, then tentatively patted Shen Si’s shoulder, “He is indeed a member of the Special Unit, just now he said is the latest code set by the team leader this time, expressing we should help Mr. Shen.”

Tang Nan nodded, “What was stolen from you Mr. Shen?”

“Not quite sure.” Shen Si replied, “So far there are no obvious abnormalities, not at all sure what is missing.”

“It is true that some people don’t know what was stolen from them. Don’t be anxious, you will certainly find out in due time.” Tang Nan laughed a little, “By the way, one of the things that Karma Fire Heaven told us to enter the playfield earlier is also the reason why those people are teaming up to attack people.”

Cheng Xiangwen came over, although he was blind, but his curiosity was not lost, “What is it?”

“In this playfield, we go out to the point of those three mentioned above, to find the lost things as well as catch the thief, but we lost a lot of things including but not limited to things like organs and abilities. That’s where that hidden rule comes from.” Tang Nan put away his smile, his tone also took on a seriousness, “These things, in addition to getting our things back from the thief, there is another way to get out. Which is to rob other people’s things.”

“Huh?” Cheng Xiangwen propped himself up, “What did you say? Rob?”

“That’s right.” Tang Nan nodded, “For example, you, who had your eyesight stolen by a thief, there will be someone in this playfield whose eyesight can match yours. As long as you find this person and rob him of his eyesight, you can recover your eyesight. This is equivalent to completing the condition.”

Shen Si sighed, “This still makes us kill each other.”

“After all, it’s a playfield, and every playfield carries a very large amount of malice; it essentially wants all of us to die.” Tang Nan helplessly spoke, “I also can’t stay here for a long time, you guys be careful. This news may not only spread in Karma Fire Heaven, other organizations should also know.”

“So those people don’t plan to find thieves at all, they’re only ready to rob others?” Cheng Xiangwen frowned slightly, “Completely without the slightest psychological pressure?”

“What do you think? Those people are on the blacklist of the Special Unit, whether it is murder or something else, they do extraordinarily well.” Tang Nan stood up, “I’m leaving, take care of yourselves.”

Qian Min blinked, stood up and was ready to ask Tang Nan some more questions, but before she could take a step she was pulled back by Cheng Xiangwen. Qian Min’s entire body flopped to the ground, fortunately, she was dressed thick enough, so she hurriedly got up from the ground and gave Cheng Xiangwen a slap on the shoulder.

“Don’t hit, I’m doing it for your own good.” Cheng Xiangwen hurriedly dodged towards the side, “That person can’t be touched more than once.”

Qian Min’s hand stopped in the air, she looked at Cheng Xiangwen with some confusion, then wrote down three words on the ground, [Why?]

“She asked you why.” Shen Si opened his mouth to help inquire.

“Because he is a lurker of the Karma Fire Heaven.” Cheng Xiangwen sat on the ground, his hand still holding down the bump from where he knocked his forehead, “The Special Unit doesn’t choose people at random, the organization that continues in the world of unlimited flow to the present is not so easy to get in, especially the Karma Fire Heaven. The people inside are very radical, and even take pride in being on the Special Unit’s blacklist. Don’t look at that person now, being so amiable, it is estimated that before joining the Special Unit, he was also such a person.”

Shen Si thought about Tang Nan for a moment, and after a moment he nodded, “Probably.”

[Then what should we do now?] Qian Min wrote sadly on the ground, [They don’t even think about catching the thief, they don’t even think about finding their lost things, they are simply full of attacking other people, and the three of us have no fighting ability at all.]

“Don’t worry.” Shen Si helped Cheng Xiangwen up, “At least we know the crisis now, try to stay away from the crowd to find clues about the thief.”

“Actually I was thinking about the issue of snatching back what was stolen, where exactly are the things that were stolen from us? Is it with the thief, or was it just randomly thrown at someone else?” Cheng Xiangwen sighed as he walked, “Or was it made to look like it was on someone else, but is actually in the hands of the thief?”

Shen Si helplessly sighed, “You say so many words, can’t you stop?”

“Huh? Can’t.” Cheng Xiangwen replied seriously.

Turning to the stone ruins, in that moment, Shen Si covered Cheng Xiangwen’s mouth and pressed him down. Cheng Xiangwen was caught off guard and one of his knees fell to the ground. The ground had stones, so his knee instantly felt a stabbing pain. He opened his eyes wide, but didn’t make a sound.

Because he could hear the sound coming from not far away.

The male scream was very miserable, and a mixed sound of blood and flesh were churned together rushed into his eardrums, as well as the faint smell of blood. Something on the opposite side was attacking people.

No, there were humans attacking other people on the other side.

“Don’t move, be good, and I’ll let you go when I find it.” The man’s feminine voice mingled in the air as he kept rummaging through the man’s chest cavity, finally pulling a bloodied green orb from it. the moment he found the orb, Shen Si clearly saw the man’s eyes light up for a moment, “Found it.”

The man put the orb next to his own ear, and the next instant, the orb merged into the man’s body, and he stood up with relief in his voice, “Finally I can hear, thanks for the hearing you provided me, little brother.”

Qian Min frowned slightly, and didn’t know whether he was now feeling nauseous or… disgusted.

[What’s wrong with that guy?] Qian Min wrote on the ground, [It’s a man, right? Why does he talk so femininly?]

Shen Si shook his head at Qian Min, signaling her not to make a sound.

After about ten minutes like this, there was no other movement in front of him. Shen Si let go of Cheng Xiangwen, who was covered by him, and then only walked to the place where he was just now. The man whose chest was opened was already dead, and the ground was covered with crimson blood, a complete scene of abuse and killing.

“That man…” Cheng Xiangwen sat on the ground, “If I heard correctly, it should be Yan Qian.”

“Ordinary person or Survivor?”

“Survivor, the one whose reputation is as notorious as the Doomsayer.” Cheng Xiangwen fumbled with the stone to support himself, “Shen Si did the right thing just now, that person is dangerous and likes to kill innocents indiscriminately. There’s no way for the three of us with our combat power greatly weakened to win against him, but I didn’t expect him to be here…”

Shen Si kneeled on one knee looking at the dead man, “Now it looks like what Tang Nan said is true, losing things can be done by taking things away from others, in which case nothing is lost.”

“Yeah, so soon this place will turn into a battle royale game.” Cheng Xiangwen raised his hand, “How scary!”

Qian Min frowned and reached out to squeeze Cheng Xiangwen’s cheeks, vigorously, seizing it hard! Don’t use such a tone of voice and expression to say scary words! This guy!

Not caring about the childish fighting of two people behind him, Shen Si stood up from the ground and looked into the distance, the bloody footprints on the ground, heading in that direction.

Probably soon the whole playfield would become very chaotic. Even if they hid, they couldn’t completely escape, but Shen Si didn’t intend to fight with anyone. He had enough unwarranted beatings in high school.

There was always a way to get through this playfield quietly, right?

“I hear you, oh.” Suddenly, a voice rang out above them, Shen Si looked up, the person with blood on his shoes was standing at the top of the stone ruins with a delicate smile on his face, “I heard you guys talking badly about me, how can you talk badly about people behind their backs?”

“Yan Qian?!”

“I hate people who smear my reputation behind my back.” Yan Qian’s voice pretended to be delicate, but the man’s feminine voice made his voice extra strange, as if he was pretending to be a little girl, making them get goose bumps. He jumped down from the ruins with a vague pleasure in his playful voice, “In that case, you will have to be punished.”

“You two come behind me.” Cheng Xiangwen suddenly spoke, “Quick!”

At this time, Cheng Xiangwen, contrary to his previous indifferent tone, looked extra serious. Shen Si glanced at Yan Qian in front of him, then directly moved behind Cheng Xiangwen. Qian Min also fished out another bottle of pepper spray from her arms, ready to open it the moment this person came over.

“It would have been shameful enough for Mr. Shen to help, how could I possibly let you attack him?” Cheng Xiangwen listened to Yan Qian’s footsteps with a slightly relaxed smile on his face, “I definitely won’t let Mr. Shen get hurt.”

Yan Qian covered the corner of his mouth with a handkerchief with one hand and let out a giggle as if he was a shy little girl, “Aiya, this makes my heart pound, I can love a boy like you.”

Defeated by Yan Qian’s words, Qian Min rubbed the goose bumps on her arms, and the mace in her hand almost fell to the ground.

“Do you know what kind of gifts I receive for the men I like?” Yan Qian pounced directly over, “I love to see boys fall in a pool of blood!”

Cheng Xiangwen raised his head. In that moment, a pale blue light crawled up into his empty eyes, with a little bit of ghostly blue pupils looking extra merciless. He opened his mouth and said the shortest sentence since entering the playfield, “Absolute defense!”

A wall of air instantly unfolded around Cheng Xiangwen, the ghostly blue light climbing on the wall, as if it was a climbing plant that was stretching a little, those seemingly crack-like things with a strong current. Completely defenseless, Yan Qian ran head-on into this wall of air, and the next instant, the scorching smell of electricity passing into the human body rushed directly into their nostrils.

“Ah!” Yan Qian fell from the air wall, his hair exploded directly from the electricity, and his clothes were torn. He coughed and got up from the ground, his eyes were full of hate, “Very good, I like you more now than before, so much more.”


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Another creepy killer… too bad Jian Nian is not here. But let’s give our chatty Chen Xiangwen a chance to prove himself. Thank you for the chapter!!!

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