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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Cheng Xiangwen wasn’t a Survivor, but he also wasn’t just an ordinary person. He was a survivor of other playfields, after leaving the playfield he had yet to obtain an ability, he chose to join the Special Unit after being contacted by them, and because his own character didn’t like too many rules, he had been one of the Special Unit’s supernumerary members.

In fact, not only him, this time there were unregistered Special Unit staff members. They didn’t set up files in the Special Unit, so in special circumstances, they could also not accept the Special Unit’s orders, so their degree of freedom was very high, and their information wasn’t leaked.

In general, they were also the only ones who could safely join those organizations without being discovered.

“I joined the organization Underworld Trade Union, because I am a survivor so I wasn’t suspected at all, because the awakened ability is not strong so I came here with the reason of wanting to be a little stronger.” Cheng Xiangwen closed his eyes and grabbed Shen Si’s arm, because he trusted Shen Si so much that he didn’t test it all the way, completely following Shen Si’s force and direction. “By the way, Mr. Shen can help me take out the badge in my pocket? Help me hang it on my chest to identify myself.”

Shen Si paused, looked at Cheng Xiangwen, and after a moment reached out to his pocket, took out an item, and pinned on his chest, before Shen Si spoke, “What is this?”

“It’s the badge they sent after joining the Underworld Trade Union, Miss Qian should have one too.”

Shen Si looked at Qian Min who was standing next to him, Qian Min felt the badge in her pocket as if she suddenly realized, and pinned the badge on her chest before she nodded vigorously towards Shen Si, indicating that she did have such a badge, which was indeed the logo of Underworld Trade Union. The badge was gold and looked small, with a red flame in the shape of a sword stuck diagonally into the flame, looking a bit middle-aged, but not too ugly.

Ordinary people would wear the badge to show the Survivors they’d need help.

“It looks plain, but it’s not that simple. I suspect that the Survivor who made this thing is a Survivor with special abilities, maybe there’s a function like eavesdropping.” Cheng Xiangwen very casual speculation, “So I usually don’t take it out to wear, but in the playfield there should not be a problem. After all, outside people can’t eavesdrop on playfield conversations. That said, Mr. Shen, I have been very curious about you. After hearing that you would come to this playfield, I was so excited that I didn’t sleep all night yesterday. You are my idol!”

Shen Si led the person forward, “Are you also so long-winded in the Special Unit?”

“Long-winded?” Cheng Xiangwen froze for a moment, “Uh? Am I long-winded?”

“You don’t think you are?” Shen Si frowned slightly, “We walked all this way, and only you kept talking.”

Cheng Xiangwen closed his mouth, then spoke again aggressively, “Sorry, because I can’t see, unconsciously, I constantly want to say something. It’s the first time I have this feeling, my eyes feel like they are covered with a layer of black cloth, completely unable to get the direction, not even a little light comes through.”

Qian Min covered her stomach with laughter, although there was no sound, Shen Si could still see her face having an almost grimacing smile.

This Special Unit member was really a little funnier than the average person.

“It’s really great that I got to meet Mr. Shen. If it was just me, I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere at all.” Cheng Xiangwen sighed helplessly, “It’s such a terrible feeling to be blind, so terrible. If I could get out, I would donate half of my prize money to children who are blind, it’s so tragic.”

Shen Si looked at him helplessly, “Rather than planning to donate money to small children now, we have to find the thief first, as well as retrieve what was stolen, right?”

“That’s true.” Cheng Xiangwen nodded, “I actually received some details sent to me by the Inspection Unit yesterday. The information is probably a supposition about this playfield, but the message in the information is not much different from what we just saw, which is just to find what was stolen from us. I even had a doubt after reading it.”


“If we take out the thief before we get our own stolen stuff back, it means that what we lost will never be recovered.”

Cheng Xiangwen tilted her head, “That’s terrible.”

Speaking of something really horrible, there was no terrified expression on his face, as if he was just lamenting a horror story told poorly. Was the Special Unit full of strange people? Or had he casually met a guy with such a character?

Qian Min pulled the corner of Shen Si’s coat and wrote a line on the ground when Shen Si turned back, [Is this person really a member of the Special Unit? Why does he look so unreliable?]

Shen Si shook his head at her, indicating that he didn’t know either.

[So is it really okay to take him with us? If he’s the thief…]

“It’s okay.” Shen Si spoke, his voice calm as he held Cheng Xiangwen, “Although this is a playfield, I can’t just watch someone die like this. There’s no problem helping out where you can, whether he’s a member of the Special Unit or not. It’s better not to suspect others of evil so easily.”

Qian Min blinked, and after a moment she smiled, her eyes tinged with a little warmth, and even her smile seemed more sincere and moving.

This was a good person.

This was the moment that made Qian Min sure.

“I’ve heard that Mr. Shen is a rare person, a little cold but never does bad things, and when you see people in need, you will do what you can to help, it really looks like that.” Cheng Xiangwen sighed. He was not a fool, of course he knew what Shen Si just meant.

Don’t easily suspect others are bad people, especially without the slightest evidence.

There weren’t that many people who could do this, or rather, there were very few people who could do this, especially Shen Si, who wasn’t suspicious, but also didn’t trust anyone.


Holding Cheng Xiangwen, Shen Si continued to walk forward passing a desolate stone. Shen Si’s footsteps stopped, completely unable to see the front. Cheng Xiangwen took a step but was pulled back by Shen Si, so he was confused.

“What’s wrong?” Cheng Xiangwen asked, “Why aren’t we going forward?”

“Because there are several people in front of us.” Shen Si pulled Cheng Xiangwen backward, “And they don’t look very friendly.”

At this time, Qian Min had long crouched behind the stone. She waved desperately at Shen Si, but those people had seen Shen Si and the other two. They dropped down from the stone, with a fierce light in their eyes.

Cheng Xiangwen closed his mouth. He also knew that now wasn’ot the time to talk, but could only hope that Shen Si could help him run away.

He felt too guilty, he was originally asked to help Shen Si, but now he needed Shen Si to help him. This was like putting the cart before the horse! How shameful!

“People from the Underworld Trade Union?” The men looked at the badge on Cheng Xiangwen’s chest with an unkind expression, “That’s quite a coincidence, come here, let me check if you are thieves!”

“Why should you check? Do you have a Survivor that can detect thieves?” Shen Si’s voice was smooth and even a little curious, “If so, we are willing to accept the inspection, but do you have proof that you aren’t thieves?”

“What are you nagging for, get your ass over here so we can check!” The man made an annoyed sound, “Or else don’t blame me for not being polite!”

Cheng Xiangwen closed his eyes, and only after a moment did he cock his head, “You’re from the Karma Fire Heaven?”

Karma Fire Heaven?!

Qian Min, who was hiding behind a rock, was startled. She poked her head out to look at the few people stopping them, and sure enough the light in those people’s eyes didn’t look like an inspection, but more like they were planning to just go ahead and kill someone.

Before entering the playfield, Qian Min spent a lot of money to buy information, because this place was too special the other side also gave her some additional information. Among them was this Karma Fire Heaven, it was said that this organization in the world of unlimited flow and Underworld Trade Union were enemies, even back in reality they were also incompatible with each other.

And the Survivors in Karma Fire Heaven were so radical that many of their members were on the blacklist of the Special Unit.

Such bad luck! I can’t believe I ran into these people wearing the badge of the Underworld Trade Union.

Qian Min hurriedly fumbled from her pocket, she clutched a bottle of mace in her hand and rushed out the moment Shen Si dragged Cheng Xiangwen to her side. The mace sprayed directly into the faces of those people. In the moment when those people were caught off guard, she hurriedly pulled Shen Si and Cheng Xiangwen to run backwards.

“What the hell?!” The people of Karma Fire Heaven rubbed their eyes in annoyance, “Damn girl!”

“Wait, let me go after them.” One of them stopped them, “It looks like those three people are ordinary people who bought in badges and had something very important stolen, so I guess it’s not much use, you guys continue to guard here, I can take care of them alone.”

The crowd looked at that person, and after a moment they nodded, “That’s right, go early and return early, hurry up and finish that girl!”

The man smiled and left, and soon his figure disappeared.

On the other hand, Shen Si and Qian Min pulled people to run. Cheng Xiangwen, as a blind man, ran passively the whole time, because running too much without direction also hit the railing head on, forehead bulging with a large bump.

“It hurts!” Cheng Xiangwen covered his forehead, “When I’m not blind, I have poor sense of direction, and now that I’m blind, it’s hard to walk, this playfield must have done it on purpose!”

“Stop it, someone is coming.” Shen Si pushed Cheng Xiangwen and Qian Min behind him, and he listened to the sound of the approaching footsteps, “But only one person.”

“Probably thought we could be handled alone… right?”

“Indeed.” The man slowly stepped over, his eyes fixed on Shen Si, with a little evil smile on his face, “It’s just three ordinary people, why are two people needed? I can take care of all of you by myself, be good and wait to die.” The man smiled and took two steps, as Shen Si defended himself, the man withdrew his smile, “That’s certainly not happening.”

“Uh?” Cheng Xiangwen emerged from Shen Si’s outstretched hand, “What did you say?”

“Are you Shen SI?” The man put his hands behind his back, “Hello, I’m Tang Nan, a member of the Special Unit, currently an undercover agent lurking in Karma Fire Heaven, Team Leader He specifically asked me to take care of you before entering the playfield. Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.” The man smiled gently towards Shen Si, “On the contrary, I will protect you.”


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