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Translated by Yu of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kuneho, UA

June 1st, Children’s Day, due to temporarily reforming its teaching system, pet university was pushed back a few days, but school finally started. 

After a month of intensified training, Xie King graduated from culinary school. He had interviews with Mister Xia and Board of Directors Dong, and finally, he successfully received the letter of appointment as a school teacher. 

Of course, this didn’t mean that Xie King’s culinary skills were so amazing that he could start his own restaurant. In general, pets were not that good, he was just better compared to the other pets. 

As pet university started filling up, it didn’t matter if it was managers, teachers, or students, they were all still in the initial stage of trial operation. 

On the first day of school, Xie Guanze purposely dressed Xie King in an upscale suit. As this was the start of Xie King’s new life, of course a good new image was needed.

“Hahahaha, let’s go, let me take you to eat something good!” excited, Xie King’s hairstyle turned into Scene style again. 

Xie Guanze poured cold water leisurely: “First, you have to at least get a B license, then you can force me to fly with you.” 

Xie King stared at his unsupportive owner with resentment and coldly snorted: “Take a taxi, I will pay for today’s taxi fare!”

He didn’t have any money right now, but he would have a wage as a teacher. He would actually earn quite a lot!”

Xie Guanze smiled, but didn’t decline. If he declined, then King would actually become furious.

For the whole ride, Xie King was feeling quite excited. He pushed Xie Guanze to the front, and sat in the back by himself, secretly using his phone to search for something. He spoke animatedly for the whole ride for once. 

Xie Guanze was curious, he waited until they got off the car and purposely asked: “What were you looking at in the car?”

Xie Guanze uncomfortably shoved his phone back into his pockets, he held his arms in fists in front of his mouth: “Looking at how to teach.”

Xie Guanze: “What?”

“I have never been a teacher before.” Xie Guanze was nervous for once. 

Xie Guanze’s expression also became serious: “What did Mister Xia and the others say?”

“Mister Xia said, humans and pets are different. I should continue with how I interacted with the pets before, just act as if I was teaching skills and knowledge to a friend. There are not many rules.” Xie King puffed out his chest as he spoke, “But if I meet a fierce raptor that doesn’t listen, I have to at least bring out the dignity of a teacher! 

Xie Guanze patted King’s wings: “Not bad, you even know the dignity of a teacher, you have grown.” 

From a bird egg to a young boy, Xie Guanze verified the miracle that even parents did not verify, he actually raised his pet into an adult. He was even about to send him to his workplace. 

He was feeling like a parent that finally saw his son grow up~

“Let’s go, you already came here. Don’t be nervous, you have never taught before. The other teachers have also not taught before, you’ll figure it all out slowly.” 

When Xie Guanze put it that way, King also let out a breath. 

That’s right, everyone has the same starting line. What is there to be afraid of, he is the king! 

Right now the two were standing in front of the university. The newly renovated building turned out magnificent as the real estate giant Mister Xia used a professional construction team to make it look new within a month, with high speed and high quality.

Just the school gate was as magnificent as the 211985th most famous school. The three words “Dream Pet University” was written on the school entrance door in gold; simple and eye-catching.

“Come, King, go stand over there. I’ll take a picture of you.” Xie Guanze excitedly ordered Xie King. This was his first day at work, it was something to be remembered. 

Xie King puffed out his chest and held his head high up to take an individual photo. He also found a passerby to take one together with Xie Guanze. 

However, the photographic skills were not so great; in order to capture the full scenery of the school entrance, the people were so small that it was barely possible to make out their faces. But the owner and the pet were full of joy and in particularly good moods. 

The crowd in front of the school entrance was getting larger and larger. There were people taking pictures, chatting, even some that were selling snacks. 

Some of the snacks were prepared specifically for the herbivores: 

“Come come come, fresh barley grass, savory and sweet!”

“Tender alfalfa, and there are also sweet and sour clovers!” 

“Carrots, fresh and juicy carrots——”

There were some that were prepared specifically for the carnivores:

“Beef jerky, five spices, spicy, we have all kinds of flavors!”

“Eggs, boiled tea eggs——”


“Roasted duck——”

“Are you looking for a fight?” Before they finished talking, a tall and fat figure stood in front of the hawker, and he started to roll his sleeves fiercely at the hawker, “Selling my own kind in front of me, a pig, are you looking for death?”

Xie Guanze saw the owner standing behind the figure, then he recognized who it was. 

Was it Cao Jun and his spotted Hua Hua? 

“Right, you’re also selling chicken products in front of us!” The mini pig incident was not even over and there were already new compaints coming, looking at the pot full of boiled tea eggs and crying, “Oh my poor children, it is all because I arrived too late!” 

The hawker: …… 

Xie Guanze: …… 

Things got heated up in an instant, especially the hawkers who were selling meat related snacks. They looked as if they did not know what to do. 

At this time, a flash of lightning with a halo effect came rushing towards them, steadily stopping in front of the school entrance, capturing everyone’s attention. 

“Ha ha ha ha, cool!” The flash stopped, the man on top of the horse flipped off with satisfaction, laughed three times with triumph, “Ha ha ha! I can finally ride my horse to work, this is so cool!” 

After Mister Xia got off his horse, he did not yet feel the weird atmosphere, he just thought that there were more carnivores since they were all crowding in front of the hawker. He immediately spotted the hawker for herbivore snacks, he passionately asked his horse: “Come Gale, what type of grass do you want to eat?” 

The golden horse shook his head, neighed a few times, transmitting the message, “I don’t want to eat.” 

“Understood, after work let’s go to the juice bar together as it just came out with the new wheat straw juice, I promise you will like it.” 

Ever since his golden horse turned into a human, Mister Xia’s days have been uncomfortably comfortable. He didn’t go to bars to drink and sing after work anymore, instead he spent all his free time with his race horse by taking strolls and eating grass. Even his body had taken a positive turn. 

For Mister Xia, this golden horse was his favourite out of all of his pet horses. After the time he spent caring and pampering, it was the only one that turned into a human. After it turned into a human, he treated his golden horse as a pet and as a brother, still staying loyal to being healthy and environmentally friendly. 

The golden horse rubbed his face against Mister Xia, tender and considerate. 

As Mister Xia stroked the mane of his golden horse, he suddenly felt that the attention of everyone around was on him, he turned his head and wondered: “Why, what are you guys doing?”

Xie Guanze smiled helplessly, he could understand what everyone was thinking: the golden horse was really too handsome, everytime he looked at it he felt bursts of amazement. 

He heard Cao Jun using two eyes to stare at the golden horse without blinking: “This is?”

Mister Xia immediately understood everyone’s stare. He proudly stated: “Oh, this is your principal, golden horse Xia Gale.” 

The golden horse nodded his head towards Cao Jun, he then walked into the school preparing to go into the changeroom to change into work clothes. As soon as he left, there was a burst of screaming at the school entrance. 

“Ah—— the principal is so handsome——”

“The principal is too handsome!”

“The principal’s human form must be even more handsome——”

Xie Guanze also noticed a pet staring at their owner with puppy eyes: “Owner, I want to go to school. Can you also give me a horse as a ride?” 

Their poor owner said: “Your owner is poor and can’t afford it. I also want to buy a golden horse to ride.” 

Xie Guanze laughed and shook his head, seeing Mister Xia bathe in the jealous stares of others. He was so proud that if he had a tail, it would be shaking so much that it would be in the shape of a flagpole. 

“Do you also want to ride a horse?” Xie King asked dangerously while squinting his eyes. 

Xie Guanze smiled, still the familiar taste…‘lemon fairy’ Xie King’s style had never changed. 

“You alone are enough for me.” 

Just one sentence was enough to coax Xie King. He immediately turned from cloudy to bright and started to urge: “Go go go, it’s almost time, opening ceremony. I’m a teacher so I have to stand on the flag platform and show my face. 

Xie King’s anger came easily, but also left easily. In a blink of an eye he was already dragging Xie Guanze into the school. 

Students must first sign in, but Xie King did not. 

After bringing Xie Guanze to meet with the other teachers, he waited for the opening ceremony that he has been anticipating for a long time. He also nervously let Xie Guanze help him to see if the suit was wrinkled and to smooth it out. 

When the familiar music began, and Mister Xia tested the microphone with two coughs, Xie King hurriedly went to the platform with a crowd of people, owners following at the same time. At this opening ceremony, the owners acted as the guardians and they must attend with their pets. 

The principal stood at the center of the flag platform, leaders and teachers on either sides, students and parents below the platform. This familiar scenery made Xie Guanze remember when he was in kindergarden. 

Xie Guanze noticed, when the golden horse principal talked, many pets and humans only had him in their eyes, staring like idiots at the golden horses’s handsome face that was shining like BLING BLING underneath the sun. The=is type of idiocy appeared not only because of jealousy, but mostly as a result of falling in love with the stunning beauty. 

As a noble breed, the golden horse was used to these types of stares. He was very calm throughout the process, and after saying a few simple sentences he began introducing the schools rules and the teachers. 

The school had courses for medicine, law, beauty, sports, culinary art and more. After hearing the golden horse introduction of the teacher’s ontology and strength, Xie Guanze’s mouth started to twist. 

He originally thought that it was already weird to have a parrot teach cooking, but after comparing with the other teachers, he saw that it was barely anything. 

Besides the teachers, there was also the vice principal——Mister Alpaca, the one Xie Guanze saw on television before. He was the white alpaca that believed Chinese was so difficult to learn that he wanted to return to his home country. Mister Alpaca was fluent in many languages, a very knowledgeable pet, so he acted as the foreign language teacher.

Dean——a big white goose.

When he heard the big white goose, Xie Guanze shuddered. He felt the memory of pain on his butt. 

He remembered being chased and pecked on the butt by a big, white goose when he went back to his grandma’s house in the countryside. He still remembered it very clearly. The dog would just bite down, but the big white goose would peck his butt, twisting and turning as if it was a demon’s hand twisting his butt and not letting go. It was too scary! 

It wasn’t only Xie Guanze who thought that the Dean was scary. Seen as one of the infamous village tyrants, many humans and pets felt the malevolence coming from the dean and the whole crowd was so scared that it went quiet. 

Then, Principal Golden Horse said seriously: “Now I will proceed with the introduction of the safety bodyguard to everyone, the one that’s in charge of visuals, that is our bodyguard——Mister Kangaroo!” 

A large shadow walked onto the flag platform. His large build and sturdy breath instantly cleared any noise within the audience. 

Once Xie Guanze saw the large Mister Kangaroo, he seemed to receive a message conveyed by those eyes staring down from above as “a group of weaklings, there’s not one that can withstand a punch.” 

As soon as the 230 cm tall Mister Kangaroo walked onto the flag platform, the audience went silent. 

Principal Golden Horse calmly said: “If a student thinks that just because they are big, they can do anything, and they don’t respect the teachers, we will have to ask the bodyguard to act.” 

Mister Kangaroo hopped off the flag platform with a “peng” sound, the floor shook three times, and the huge quakes made all the students quiet like chickens. 

As if he was patrolling the site, he walked back and forth in front of the students, not saying anything. Then, he picked up an iron basin that one of the students in the front row dropped on the floor and tore it in half with his bare hands. After seeing his performance, the pets were trembling with fright. 

Mister Kangaroo was satisfied with the effect he had on everyone. He maintained his cool composure and did not say anything. He just turned and hopped away from the flag platform. 

After he left, the herding dog from the front row cried while looking at the iron basin that had been ripped: “My food basin….”

The owner of the shepherd dog quickly comforted: “I’ll buy you a new one, a new one, I’ll buy whichever brand you like.” 

Even after seeing so many wonderful pets, he still thought that his own dog was the most obedient. 

Mister Xia stood in the crowd of owner’s together with Xie Guanze. He smiled towards Xie Guanze and said: “Originally Mister Kangaroo wanted to be the dean, but he thought that it would not be good if he hit his own people. It will be better if he could hit social delinquents, that way he can be ruthless.” 

Xie Guanze: …… 

When they just arrived at the school, many pets and their owners were gossiping and picking at various aspects of the school, but now one was more obedient than the next. When leaving the auditorium, they were neatly organized like an army, showing excellent results. 

Once the students left the auditorium, the teachers had to go to their own classrooms and wait for the students to arrive. Xie Guanze was also preparing to bring Xie King to the culinary arts classroom to look at the situation. 

At this time, he heard a muscular and tanned man excitedly look at Mister Kangaroo and say: “Wow, my kangaroo looks so cute when its tail is showing!” 

“Your kangaroo?” Xie Guanze looked over with curiosity, so this is the owner of the kangaroo? Sure enough the owner and pet were similar; both had the same type of toughness. 

At that time Mister Kangaroo was carrying his owner on its back, getting ready to head to the security room at the entrance to look at the work environment. 

The owner of the kangaroo excitedly rushed forward from behind: “Cutie, I’m coming!” 

The corners of Xie Guanze’s mouth moved a bit: Cutie? Are you sure that’s the name of the 230 cm tall Mister Kangaroo? 


In the next second, Xie Guanze saw the human shadow that just rushed out and flew back with an even faster speed. 

The kangaroo didn’t even turn back, its tail already moved towards its owner and sent him flying. 

Everyone on the site, whether the humans or their pets, collectively took in a breath of cold air: it even hits its owner, it’s too cruel! 

If he’s this cruel even to his owner, he would be even more cruel to their babies! 

“Owner I’m scared….”

Xie Guanze already saw many cowardly pets so scared that they started crying. 

Xie King patted his chest, trying to comfort himself: “Thank god I’m a teacher, I’m his collegue, he can’t hit his own people……”

Xie Guanze: It looks like you got comfortable with your teaching role really quickly. 

Complaints are just complaints, Xie Guanze immediately walked over to help the person: “Are you okay?” 

The kangaroo’s owner was lying on the floor face down, but he reached out and motioned with his hands with difficulty. As he crawled back up by himself and wiped his bleeding nose, he calmly said: “It’s okay, I’m okay, I already got used to it.” 

Xie Guanze: …… 

Used to it…… this sentence sounds so bittersweet…… 

“Why did you raise a kangaroo?” Is he really so stubborn to be masochistic? 

The kangaroo’s owner said with bittersweetness: “I was originally a professional boxer. I bought a kangaroo home to practice with me, but I didn’t think that I would turn into a sandbag, only getting hit by the opponent. “

“You must have raised it from a young age, that’s why he’s so cruel but still listens to you.” 

“No, I did raise it from a young age, but the feelings are all because of his hits.” The owner smiled bitterly and explained the real story of his unique favor, “No one else can take a hit like me, if it’s someone else, one punch and he might have to go to jail.” 

Xie Guanze’s eyes widened in horror: “Scary!” 

He looked at his own small, board-like body – one punch and he would definitely be no more, then the kangaroo must go to jail?! 

He then thought of Xie King’s original small, board-like body. When the opportunity came, Xie Guanze secretly told Xie King: “We must unite our colleagues, love our colleagues, and strive to be a family with our colleagues!” 

This isn’t the same as being scared, this is the socialist friendship between colleagues!

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