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Chapter 24: fun sports festival(3): love or love

Translated by Heather of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA


Ever since he was small, Xie Guanze was very pretty. He had milky white skin and was as beautiful as a polished jade. Since Mother Xie had only one son, she liked to dress him up like a doll. 

During elementary school, because he had not hit puberty and his voice had not changed, he was often mistaken for a girl wearing boy’s clothing. 

Around 5th grade, his elementary school participated in the regional arts competition. Their event was traditional dance and the dancing instructor picked a group of cute and nimble kids to participate. Without fail, Xie Guanze was also chosen. 

Originally, he was one of the male dancers but on the day of the competition, the lead female dancer got food poisoning. She couldn’t stop throwing up and couldn’t compete. The dancing instructor saw Xie Guanze, who had the best looks and made him dance the female lead part. 

It turned out that this dance won the grand prize at the competition. Xie Guanze also got numerous flowers and group photos with the crowd. 

And nobody found out that the lead dancer was actually a boy!

Since that one competition, Xie Guanze’s female dance became famous.

In his school and class, everyone knew that Xie Guanze not only dances well, he won the regional competition with his female dance!

Xie Guanze’s picture when he went up the stage, holding flowers, to get his trophy was still hanging in his house. Everytime Mother Xie took it out to brag to his relatives, Xie Guanze felt embarrassed. 

When Xie Guanze was competing, Xie King hadn’t been born yet. However that picture was still in their house. Before Mother Xie passed away, she often pointed at that picture and teased her son who wasn’t cute after growing up. King definitely listened to her because he was really good at dancing. 

That’s not the case and after that incident, Xie Guanze didn’t want to learn dance anymore. When his class participated in these competitions , he would rather sing in the choir than dance. He was afraid that he would be forced to wear a dress again.

Even if he was a boy, his self respect was very strong. After Xie Guanze was called “sister Xie” by his male classmates, he got angry and ignored them for a week!

“What if I pretend that I got food poisoning from lunch?” 

After hearing what Teacher Eagle’s owner said about the content of the competition, Xie Guanze started playing the drums of retreat.

How do you ballroom dance?

The only thing he know about it was a man and woman hold hands and spin around, enough so that the female could fly~

In his heart, he was thinking about how to escape from this activity. After thinking for a while, he thought he should make his food poisoning act more realistic. 

What was he allergic to again? It seemed that he had an iron stomach and wasn’t allergic to anything …..

Which restaurant around the school wasn’t very clean? Why not go try it before King gets back?

But after a while, he thought again. This wouldn’t be very good toward King. He was so excited about this event. If the result was that I had deceived him, I would feel terrible.

How to get the best of both worlds?

He really didn’t know how to dance and disliked dancing. 

Xie Guanze kept thinking and decided to go to the washroom to calm down a bit. 

Just as he got to the bathroom door, he heard the sound of a conversation by the sink. There was a man and woman who looked very familiar. 

Xie Guanze heard that they were arguing and felt the need to hide to avoid being seen. He squatted by the green plants next to the washroom and decided to go in after they finished arguing. 

“Ju Zi, let me tell you, I’m angry, very very angry!”

It was the woman that talked and she was the “long leg hair” Ms. Lu Rong. She puffed out her cheeks in anger which made her look like a little squirrel. 

Lu Rong’s orange cat, that overbearing old cat, smiled while poking her cheeks. He grinned cheekily with a completely undisturbed expression: “Do you want flowers?”

There was a vase full of plastic flowers on the counter behind them and Ju Zi pulled a pink flower and tucked it behind Lu Rong’s ear.

Lu Rong expressed her dislike: “I don’t want it! I’m still angry, very, very angry!”

However, she didn’t resist and allowed Ju Zi to put the flower on her ear but her cheeks were puffed out like a puffer fish. 

Ju Zi skillfully took out his phone and searched for restaurants in the area: “It’s almost lunch time, where do you want to go eat?”


Lu Rong said with disgust while sitting upright. Upon hearing about food, her stomach started growling and she went over and scrolled through the options, “This place seems pretty good.”

“Okay, this restaurant allows reservations, I’ve reserved two seats. We can also order early, do you want to eat spicy fish?”

“No! Have you forgotten the pain I went through at anorectal hospital?”

“Okay then, The steamed fish will do.”

After they finished ordering, Ju Zi stuffed his phone back into his pants pocket, he asked smiling: “What were you saying before? You were angry?”

“Yes, I’m still angry!” After resolving the problem regarding lunch, Lu Rong brought up what was bothering her again. “I’m so angry, you’re not going to ask me why I’m angry?”

“Your long leg hair or that you’re single?”

“Why are you saying it if you already know!” Lu Rong felt ashamed as she hit Ji Zi’s chest with her small fists. “Now the whole school knows, it’s so embarrassing.”

“You’re thinking too much, people who don’t care about you will forget about it once they hear it.”

Ju Zi reached out and rubbed Lu Rong’s head: “Everyone is so busy and has their own problems to worry about. Other people’s affairs will be forgotten very quickly.”


“Really, you are my owner, why would I lie to you?”

“The people that care about you, hehehehe, once they know you’re single will come looking for you.”

Lu Rong pouted unhappily and mumbled: “Who would like a girl with long leg hair ……”

Ju Zi enthusiastically hugged her: “Me! I like my owner the best!”


The more Xie Guanze listened, the more he thought it was odd. This conversation, why was it something out of a romantic drama?

It was so sweet and coquettish. One sulked while the other coaxed her. Wasn’t this what he saw couples doing when he was returning to his dorm from university?

Xie Guanze entered deep thought as he rubbed his chin.

After hearing that the argument had calmed down, Xie Guanze got ready to enter the washroom to solve his biological needs. As soon as he left the cover of the leaves, he saw Ju Zi suddenly change into his original form and was rolling around on Lu Rong’s lap acting cute.

“Okay okay, I know you like me the best. I need to compete in high jump soon, turn back!”

When the soft and cute creatures acted spoiled, any anger was forgotten. Lu Rong enjoyed the fluffiness in her lap and petted the cat happily. 

However,  Ju Zi placed his chin on Lu Rong’s shoulder and glanced over at Xie Guanze who was frozen in place. His eyes were full of annoyance.

“Sorry, excuse me.”

Xie Guanze awkwardly mouthed his apologies.  He saw Ju Zi lick his owner’s ear and thoughts ran astray. He felt that this was not a pet acting cute toward their owner, but the way a man would get a woman to fall in love with him. 

Ju Zi and Niu Nai were two completely different characters. Cats really had their own unique personalities. 

Xie Guanze quietly left. Lu Rong, whose back was facing Xie Guanze, didn’t realize that there was a person that saw their whole argument, who came and then left. 

However, with a cat’s hearing abilities, he already knew. Since it was a person he recognized, he didn’t mind so much.  

After seeing Xie Guanze had left, Ju Zi turned back: “It’s time to go, I need to go compete.”

Lu Rong shyly covered her eyes: “Hurry up and put your clothes back on!”

“Don’t you look at my naked body every day?” Ju Zi stretched out his arms, “I don’t know how too, meow~”

Lu Rong: ……

You’re really an old man. 

Xie Guanze only heard the beginning part of that conversation, shook his head, and went to look for another washroom. 

It wasn’t his place to worry about the relationship between Ju Zi and his owner.

However, this incident helped Xie Guanze decide that after lunch, he would talk to Xie King and discuss the situation about dancing ……

When he returned to the field, Xie Guanze saw Xie King heading toward him and said with a face full of happiness: “Today’s lunch is a buffet prepared by the school. It was made by the students of the cooking class and some dishes were made by me! Let’s go, I made sure to leave you some in the kitchen. Let’s go try it.”

Facing this gesture, it made it hard for Xie Guanze to talk.

“Wait, King, I ……”

“King, King, there’s a problem!” A teacher who was helping at the cafeteria hurriedly rushed over and started shouting at Xie King from far away. 

“HaHa, what’s wrong, were the soldiers chased up the mountain? (是不是官兵打上山了?)

Hearing his response, Xie Guanze couldn’t help but laugh. 

“No, all the food in the cafeteria has been ruined!” This teacher was the golden hamster that usually had a calm and soft demeanor. Normally, he was in charge of the class of smaller pets. It was his first time encountering a sabotage case and he quickly became panicked. 

Xie Guanze could only try to get the teacher to calm down and then describe what happened in the cafeteria.

“I don’t know either, I just went to the kitchen to make some juice and saw the cafeteria had been ravaged. The food had all been eaten, the cutlery was everywhere, it was a mess!”

Xie King became angry: “What happened? Who did this?!”

To prepare for lunch, his whole class had worked hard all morning to make the dishes. A lot of people arrived earlier in the morning to help.

“Woof woof woof!”

The loud, chaotic barking of dogs interrupted the cheers and laughter on campus and was followed by a series of panic screams.

“As ——-”

“It’s the stray dogs! That group of stray dogs and cats that randomly bite people!”

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Minnie ford
November 18, 2020 6:36 pm

Thank you for the hard work much appreciated loving it

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Actually, I was sort of expecting the strays attack on the school, it was too good of an opportunity to miss. Let’s see what happens next.
Thank you for the chapter!!!
P.S. I still hope the ballroom dance will happen.

November 21, 2020 9:05 pm

Thank you for the chapter!

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