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Chapter 25: Surprise Attack

Translated by ANON of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

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The stray pets were bitten by the crowd from the auditorium, and several people were hit immediately when the audience did not react in time.

The pets that ran into the crowd were in their original animal form, small and agile, and had suffered more abuse than their domestic counterparts, so they were merciless when biting in the crowded seats.

At first, many of the spectators thought it was a special event at the sporting event, and were attacked without any warning.

Xie Guanze even saw a man in a hooded sweatshirt stand up, pull out a long string of firecrackers from his backpack, light them and throw them into the thickest part of the crowd.

“The man in the hooded sweatshirt pulled out a long string of firecrackers and threw them into the crowded area of the auditorium. The crackling of the firecrackers caused the crowd to scream in pain, and the man in the hooded sweatshirt pulled out another string of firecrackers and deliberately set them on fire.

“Call the police!”

Xie Guanze immediately called the police, Xie King immediately transformed back into his original form and flew to the security room to look for Mr. Kangaroo.

There are too many parents today, some humans are lost with their kids, so the school has an announcer to announce that if the kids are lost, they should go to the security room in front of the school and wait for their parents to come and claim them, so Mr. Kangaroo is staying in the security room with the kids and waiting for their parents, not knowing about the accident that happened inside the stadium.

From a distance, Xie Guanze saw Principal Jin Ma, Mr. Tiger and Mr. Eagle transforming back into their original forms to chase away the stray pets, but the stray pets were already premeditated.

Xie Guanze didn’t have time to wait for the other teachers to help, and rushed towards the audience.

Even quicker than them were the pet people near the auditorium, who almost went crazy when they saw their master was injured, and instinctively turned back to their original form, rushing to their master’s side as fast as they could.

“Don’t bite my master!” There is the same parrot, the mouth out of human speech flapping wings fly over, not close to their master, was blown up the firecrackers splashed on the wings, blew up a few feathers, blew up the wings wounded and bleeding, the owner to see more than their own wounded heartache.

“Ga-” a huge size ostrich, marching long legs rushed over, ignoring the firecracker’s light, to throw firecrackers on the stray pets raised long legs to kick over, has always been mild temperament ostrich in see their own master was attacked and injured, become very aggressive! .

“The man in the hooded sweatshirt in the distance saw the scene and threw himself at the mangy dog. Rattle.

“Squeak -” even the tiny hamster hurriedly ran towards its owner, four together, catching a stray dog that bit it, but was mercilessly kicked by the stray dog one at a time.


Xie Guanze rushed over, but it didn’t help much.

The stray pets seemed to be especially prepared, knowing that many pets would bring their owners’ families to watch today, except for some who couldn’t transform to make trouble, and some who could transform to stay in human form, sitting there screaming thinking they were also spectators, and suddenly attacked while the pet teacher was rescuing them, causing unexpected damage.

Until “BANG!” Xie Guanze saw that it was the referee who was holding the starting gun before, and he fired a warning shot to deliberately scare away the stray pets.

Many pets were indeed frightened, they couldn’t tell the difference between a starting gun and a real gun, and their first reaction to the sound of the gunshot was to run away.

In the next second, Xie Guanze saw the man in the hooded sweatshirt turn into a black dog and rush towards the referee, biting down on his wrist with a gun, causing the referee to revert to his original form with a scream.

Xie Guanze immediately recognized the one who took the initiative to attack.

It’s a one-eyed pitbull with a muscular body, missing an eye and aggressive eyes.

The one-eyed pitbull that expressed hostility towards humans in the Tianshengqiao Ruins.

A fight between a domestic husky and a stray pitbull, who wins and who loses?

Xie Guanze helplessly covered his eyes, almost could already see the end.

As expected, Erha was almost hanging on by an overwhelming advantage by One-Eyed Bit, but the mental attack was non-stop from beginning to end, and it gave One-Eyed Bit great annoyance, and he was irritated, “You shut up!”

“It hurts Ow Ow! Try to beat him up Ow Ow Ow! Of course it doesn’t hurt when you hit someone! I’m beaten, of course it hurts!”

Xie Guanze almost laughed at Erha, you’ve been hit with a big fat dog face and you still have the energy to owl?

Xie Guanze knew that he could not fight with Bitter, so he picked up a high jump pole on the runway and hit Bitter with a stick.

He knew the dog’s weakness was his waist, but he didn’t hit the hardest part of his skull, and he didn’t use much force.

But Bit was more agile than he thought, and even though there was a dead spot in his one-eyed vision, when he heard the wind brought up by the swing of the stick, One-eyed Bit had quickly jumped to the side and also took Erha by the buttocks.

Then in the next second, Erha let out a long scream of “ow-” that almost pierced Xie Guanze’s eardrums.

“You hit the wrong person ow-”

“You’re the one who’s too slow.” Xie Guanze said helplessly, it’s a good thing he didn’t hit him too hard, or else the two-ha owner would have come after him with this stick.

The same dog, why was there such a big difference?

Xie Guanze looked at One-Eyed Bit, whose eyes were as fierce as a wolf, and then at Erha, who was screaming incessantly, and sighed inwardly: “Pig mates, pig mates.

One-eyed Bit has recognized Xie Guanze: “It’s you!”

“Why are you doing this?” Xie Guanze looked deeply at Bit, alert with long pole in hand, and didn’t do anything right away.

“Heh, why, I told you before that you humans will have to pay for your own sins one day.”

As soon as One-Eyed Bit’s words died down, a panicked scream was once again heard from the audience.

“Ah, snakes! Snakes!”

Xie Guanze was busy looking over, but saw a young man with a backpack on his back, opened his backpack, raised a squirming snake skin bag, and poured all the snakes in the bag onto the audience.

The small snakes all over the floor were frightened and ducked into dark corners in panic, while many in the audience who were afraid of snakes jumped to their feet.

“He was a corn snake, gentle and non-poisonous, but was abused in all sorts of ways by his owner, who deliberately scalded him with hot water just to make a video to make money,”

One-eyed Bit said coldly in Xie Guanze’s ear.

Xie Guanze looked deeply at the young man and saw his pupils squint into a vertical line that turned a nice pink when the other felt his gaze and turned his head to look over.

The sins that mankind had made, one day mankind would eat its own.

For a moment, the effect of that phrase in Xie Guanze’s mind was magnified infinitely.

The corn snake looked at Xie Guanze coldly and saw that the eagle teacher had flown from the air to catch the snake, without stopping any longer, quickly turned away.

And when Xie Guanze turned her head, she noticed that One-Eyed Bit was also gone, only a pitiful and still whimpering Erha was screaming, covering her right hand that was bleeding from the bite.

“Where is everyone?”

“Run away.”

Xie Guanze: ……

“Didn’t you stop it?”

Erha teacher righteously said, “What are you looking at, I can’t beat him, stopping him will only result in being bitten again.”

“It’s a good thing he didn’t think I was talking too much and just ran away, otherwise I would have been dead when the police came.”

Xie Guanze: ……

You talk too much and you’re proud of it, why didn’t you tell me you’re so weak in combat that you’re worse than a hamster?

At least four hamsters have bitten a stray dog!

“Bang”, along with the sound of real gunshots, the police arrived belatedly.

The police were followed by a large number of reporters who came out on the news, almost blocking the entrance of the school, and the police had to divide a part of the police force to maintain order in front of the school.

There were many police officers out, and they had brought police dogs with them, including Xie Guanze’s acquaintances, Big Sword and Song Qing.

The two police dogs greeted Xie Guanze from a distance and then went to work.

Surprisingly, when the police arrived, the stray pets became very tame and were quickly wiped out.

Even the tools of the crime, firecrackers and snakes, were all found.

Xie Guanze subconsciously felt something was wrong.

There were so many strange faces today that it was easy to blend in and leave before the police arrived.

Even the stray pets that couldn’t take human form had a way to leave.

The wall of the Pet University is not high, and there are large trees near the wall, so no matter if the stray pets fly, jump or climb, it is not difficult for them to escape.

Why is it so easy?

Until the police escorted all the suspects out of the school gates, many reporters went crazy taking pictures, squeezing through the police interception to put the microphone together and ask questions of One-Eyed Bit.

“May I ask if you are the mastermind of this stray pet terror/attack? Do you have any complaints about your attack on Pet University?”

At this time, Xie Guanze saw it, the smile on One-Eyed Bit’s face.

It was the smile of a victor.

Xie Guanze’s heart lifted sharply, and he finally realized that One-Eyed Bit had been stalling from the beginning, and that he was deliberately waiting for the police to arrive and for the reporters to arrive.

The people who even informed the reporters might have One-Eyed Biter among them.

Looking at the microphone in front of him, even when the police tried to pull One-Eyed Bit towards the car, One-Eyed Bit gave him a look and the other pet people helped him hold off the police.

He cleared his throat and answered in his loudest voice.

“Exactly! I planned it!”

“I’m unhappy with Pet University? Wrong, I am dissatisfied with all of you humans!”

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