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Translated by Vivian of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Addis


The blood pattered as it dripped onto the ground…

It stained the light gray carpet.

Mrs. Qi screamed in fear and was so frightened she suddenly stood up, trembling, her face pale, and she nearly fell. Qi Zhen hastily reached out to hold up his mother, his pupils dilating from shock. He was scared, confused, and at a loss.

Chen Jia was also shocked, but he was the most steady out of everyone and was the first to think to check on Mr. Qi. He pressed two fingers to his wrist and then checked if he was breathing. After a while, he said with a dark expression, “He’s dead.”

This nearly caused Mrs. Qi to faint.

Ding Rong’s and Ding Xue’s expressions were of panic and disbelief.

Finch’s palms were wet with sweat from his nervousness, and he thought to himself that he probably didn’t have the ability to curse others…

But didn’t he seem to be a herald of death? The probability of encountering this many mishaps was too high… Finch practically suspected that he had been friends with a famous grim reaper in his past life… The only thing he could be thankful for this time was that Cesar was here, so Finch instinctively felt less scared. He quickly looked at Cesar.

Sure enough, Cesar was still as calm and indifferent as ever. No matter what happened, he was still as steadfast as a mountain. He merely surveyed everything thoughtfully, his gaze lightly sweeping over everyone.

Finch nudged him and asked with his eyes, What do we do now?

Cesar’s eyes were as deep as a pond and he lightly shook his head at Finch.

Finch was speechless. What, what does that mean? I don’t understand!

Ding Xue was only a young lady, so she was completely panicked, and Ding Rong was sitting there in shock, her face drained of color. She also seemed to have a hint of a complicated and scared expression, but it was hidden very deeply. She quickly glanced at Mrs. Qi and pressed her lips together tightly.

Ling Bai could only be considered a guest, so although he was Qi Zhen’s best friend, he didn’t seem to be able to help at this time. He sat there, and like Finch, was at a loss.

Qi Zhen and his mother looked at Mr. Qi’s body in grief, desperation, and disbelief.

In the end, it was Chen Jia who stood up, took out his phone, and called the police.

This accident made him just as shocked and sad; after all, Mr. Qi had always regarded him highly and had taken care of him, and he had even treated him as his own son…

But when Chen Jia looked at the grieving and disbelieving mother and son, and then at Ding Rong and Ding Xue who were at a loss, he realized that the only person who could step up and handle things was him. He couldn’t panic too, and he had to calm down.

Chen Jia paused and then comforted Mrs. Qi in a low voice, saying, “Ma’am, why don’t you first go in and rest…”

Mrs. Qi’s eyes were puffy and red and her breaths were uneven. She had originally been muddled, but Chen Jia’s voice seemed to pull her back to reality. However, she didn’t look at Chen Jia at all, and instead, she suddenly looked up and fiercely looked at Ding Rong in resentment and despair. She cried angrily, “It was you! It was you, right?! It was you who killed him!”

“Why would you do this?!” Tears flowed freely down Mrs. Qi’s face, and she sobbed, “You were the one who made dinner, so only you could have the opportunity to poison it! Why would you do this? When did we ever do anything wrong to you?!”

Ding Rong had originally been shocked and panicked, but she nearly fell over from Mrs. Qi’s sudden accusation. However, Ding Rong knew that she couldn’t just take the accusation, so she explained anxiously, “I didn’t do it! I don’t have a motive to kill him, it wasn’t me!”

Ding Xue quickly defended her mother. “My mom wouldn’t do it, you must have misunderstood something.”

But their justifications seemed pale and weak.

Mrs. Qi’s accusation was reasonable and well-founded; from the surface, at least, Ding Rong was the one who had had the best opportunity to poison someone, and when Mrs. Qi brought it up, everyone looked at Ding Rong and her daughter suspiciously.

Ding Rong also realized that the situation wasn’t in her favor, and to prove her innocence, she said impetuously, “I really didn’t do it! You, you were sitting right next to him… You also had the opportunity to do it!”

She looked at Mrs. Qi, but she seemed to be avoiding eye contact. She opened her mouth, apparently wanting to say more, but she glanced at Finch and the others. In the end, she closed her mouth without saying anything else, her expression worried and uneasy.

Finch was a little perplexed and thought, This just makes people feel that you seem to be hiding something…

He looked at Ding Rong and then at Mrs. Qi. Mrs. Qi’s beautiful but thin body was in poor health, and Ding Rong was mature and charming. Finch thought, Can this be some exaggerated drama between two rich families…

How vulgar…

Chen Jia was keen and felt that arguing wouldn’t help, so he stepped forward and said, “No one leave, and we shouldn’t cause any more chaos than necessary, so don’t make wild guesses. We’ll wait for the police to come, and they can find out the truth.”

Mr. Qi had been poisoned, so besides Cesar and Finch, anyone here could have done it, even Chen Jia, so none of them could leave.

Chen Jia paused and said apologetically to Finch, “My apologies that this happened. Clearly, we don’t have time to entertain you two…” This was hinting for them to leave because this was none of their business, and they didn’t need outsiders joining in.

Finch was very knowledgeabe and knew that he should leave immediately. In reality, he indeed did want to leave!

He was finally on a break, and he didn’t want to take part in some murder drama between the rich.

Thus, Finch was about to say his goodbyes, but suddenly, Cesar grabbed his hand and stepped forward, saying, “I am also very sorry that this happened, but we’re your neighbors, so we can’t just sit by and do nothing. Please allow us to stay and help.”

Finch was shocked and thought, I couldn’t tell that you had such an ardent side before!

Chen Jia was stunned and a little surprised because usually, outsiders definitely wouldn’t want to stay here at a time like this. After all, this was their first time meeting… but since Cesar said that, forcing them to leave wasn’t too polite…

Just as Chen Jia was in a dilemma, Qi Zhen finally looked up with gloomy red eyes and said hoarsely, “They’re my friends, let them stay.”

Chen Jia was silent for a moment before nodding.

Although he had been handling things just then, that was because Mrs. Qi and Qi Zhen had been overwhelmed. In the end, Qi Zhen was the family’s head, so he should be the one to make decisions.

Since the head of the family had spoken, Chen Jia naturally wouldn’t object.

Thus, Cesar and Finch stayed.

Cesar’s expression was calm and indifferent the entire time, and Finch felt a little awkward… He didn’t understand why Cesar would stay here.

Qi Zhen led his grieving mother upstairs so she could rest, and the other people moved Mr. Qi’s body onto a chair.

But the strangest thing was that the police still hadn’t come. Although this villa was a little remote, the police were still taking a little too long to arrive…

The sky gradually darkened.

Finch tugged Cesar’s sleeve and was just about to advise Cesar to go; it was already night now, so why were they still here…

However, Qi Zhen just happened to return.

He looked haggard, and his eyes were still a little red. He forced a stiff smile at Finch and said, “I’m really grateful you guys can stay and keep my company… I…”

He bit his lip, and a dim layer shrouded his pretty eyes. Qi Zhen’s voice was so low Finch could barely hear it as he said, “The only people I can trust here are Ling Bai, my mother, and you two…”

Finch hadn’t thought that he was this trustworthy, but seeing Qi Zhen’s weak gaze, he couldn’t bring himself to say that he was going to leave…

Qi Zhen said, “There are guest rooms upstairs, I can bring you two up there to rest.” Finch was surprised that he actually wanted to have them stay overnight.

Finch hesitated, as he kind of wanted to decline…

However, Cesar suddenly wrapped an arm around Finch’s waist and pulled him closer, letting Finch lean into his arms. Cesar said calmly, “Just one room is fine.”

Finch was shocked.

Cesar’s warm arm was wrapped tightly around his waist, and Finch was so flustered he forgot what he was going to say… His mind was filled with Cesar’s aura.

What did Cesar mean by this? Why did he want to stay in the same room as him?

Finch thought, Wait… what do you mean by doing this in front of everyone?!! Who allowed you to do this?

There’s other people around!

Qi Zhen was surprised, but he quickly recovered and said simply, “Okay.”

Cesar followed Qi Zhen up the stairs, his arm still tightly wrapped around Finch, not giving him any opportunity to leave.

Finch’s heart raced, and he followed Cesar with stiff steps. He had racked his brains for so long, trying to think of ways to win back Cesar’s heart, but in the end, just when he was about to leave, he was going to stay in the same room as Cesar? One room, one bed… what would happen…

Finch felt his face heating up, and he had already begun thinking inappropriate thoughts.

Only until the door closed behind him did Finch wake up! Was now the time to think about these things? Was now the time to pay attention to such insignificant love trifles??? He didn’t want to live in the room of someone who had just died; after all, he had recently seen ghosts twice!

But Cesar was still calm as if nothing had happened.

He let go of Finch when they went in the room and undid the buttons of his jacket, took it off, and casually threw it to the edge of the bed. Cesar was now only wearing a white shirt that accentuated his lean, powerful figure and waistline, causing Finch to imagine…

Stop! Don’t forget how he looked down on your charm yesterday, Finch told himself.

Finch was finally a little angry and thought, You never asked for my opinion and just used self-assertion to agree to stay. You even want me to stay in the same room as you, hmph, who told you that I want to stay with you? It’s too late.

I also have dignity.

Finch lifted his chin arrogantly and pretended to be cold as he said, “If you want to stay, then stay. I’m leaving.”

Cesar glanced at him, his slender fingers resting lazily on his arm, and said dully, “Is that so? Are you sure you want to leave now?”

Finch fell into his deep and gloom eyes, and his heart inexplicably skipped a beat. However, this time, he didn’t forget his goal. In reality, he had originally planned on leaving that morning, but the only reason why he was still here was because he wanted to say goodbye in person. Yet, the weather hadn’t cooperated, and he had been interrupted by a rainstorm.

Now, there was no one else here, only them…

There was no excuse to continue putting it off.

Finch pressed his lips together and then spat out slowly, “Yes.”

A dark, complicated expression flitted past the depths of Cesar’s eyes, so fast that it was practically imperceptible. He looked up again, and there was only his usual indifference left, as well as faintly concealed derision. The corner of his lips hooked upwards as he said, “Take a look at your phone.”

Finch was puzzled.

Although he was baffled, Finch still instinctively took out his phone and glanced at it. When he did, his scalp tingled; his phone had lost its signal!

He had already experienced two supernatural events, so of course he understood what had happened.

Just as Finch was sighing about his unluckiness and kind of wanted to cry but couldn’t, Cesar laughed lightly and he said breezily, “Although it’s a pity, none of us can leave now. So…” Cesar looked deep into his eyes, “Are you sure you want to stay in a room by yourself tonight?” 

Finch was speechless. He nearly started crying as he thought, Even though you and I have already broken up, you’re still so thoughtful!

Wasn’t it just staying in the same room? What was wrong with that?

Whoever left was a coward!

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Minnie ford
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