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The foreign guests visited for a week, and exchanged contact information with King in private, and maintained friendly contacts.

King was bored for a long time, making Xie Guanze always wonder if he was bullied by a foreign guest. He deliberately knocked on the side and inquired about the other teachers who were receiving at the time.

Xie Guanze thought about finding an opportunity to chat with King, but before it was too late, their community had an accident.

What happened was the canary downstairs in Chen’s house, Jingjing.

“What’s the matter ?” When Xie Guanze knew about this, engineer Chen called him personally. At that time, he had just picked up King from work. He had already booked a romantic restaurant with a romantic atmosphere and wanted to eat and talk together.

“Jingjing is dead.” Old Chen was on the phone with a sad voice, “It’s all my fault, I didn’t discipline my daughter, it’s me…”

He sobbed, blaming himself, on the phone, there came a scream from his daughter: “What do you mean dead, you are blaming me!” Mrs. Chen scolded engineer Chen’s cold reproach, and the phone was a mess.

“I’ll come over right now and bring King together.”

Xie Guanze hung up the phone and looked at King, sorry: “Today’s dinner can’t be eaten, Jingjing can’t.”

Xie King was also surprised, although the tone was right, he really cared about his bird family.

“Let’s go and have a look together.”

King immediately took out his phone and called it, and was more worried than Xie Guanze.

After sitting in the car, King kept urging the driver, and he could not care about his sulking.

When they arrived at Engineer Chen’s house, Xie Guanze and the two of them saw their doors still open, and Engineer Chen held a slap-sized wooden box and saw Xie Guanze beckoning at him: “Just come when you come, help me set up a cemetery, Jingjing is to be buried.”

The wooden box contained the body of Canary Jingjing.

In the end, they were too late, and even the last vestiges were too late to see.

When Engineer Chen mentioned this, Chen Xing and Mrs. Chen were weeping and crying, which caused Xie Guanze a headache.

Engineer Chen sighed and shook his hand at Xie Guanze. After stepping out of the door, he slammed the door and took out the key to lock the mother and daughter in, letting the mother and daughter pat the door and cry.

Xie Guanze and Xie King looked at each other for a while, and then asked: “What’s the matter?”

“I blame me for raising my daughter, being spoiled and jealous.” Engineer Chen touched the wooden box in his hand and said in a horse voice.

Xie Guanze watched him fall into remembrance, without disturbing him, and silently waited for his mood to subside.

Unconsciously, Xie Guanze turned his head to look at Xie King. He was even in a trance, thinking of the canary as Xie King, and then his heart hurt.

Do not! How can King die, the parrot can live for decades, and King has just grown up and will have a long life!

But the canary is also a long-living bird. Jingjing was younger than King. How come it suddenly disappeared…

Engineer Chen finally spoke and talked about his family’s terrible things.

At first, when Jingjing became a human figure, the whole family was happy, as if she had an extra daughter in her family, and Chen Xing had a younger sister.

But people are afraid of comparison.

Especially Jingjing went to the Pet University and chose a beauty class. Her plan was to be a pet beautician. In order to work hard and study hard, she was getting more and more beautiful.

Compared with her, Chen Xing, who entered a period of youth rebellion, skipped class, got a boyfriend at school, and also learned makeup. All kinds of mature beauty photos became popular on the Internet, and her grades dropped very badly.

The same in self-dressing, Jing Jing was praised by his father, Chen Xing was scolded by his parents, Chen Xing’s psychology became more and more imbalanced.

Jingjing was a docile canary. In the face of Chen Xing’s unreasonable troubles and anger, she still tolerated meticulously. But in the end, Mrs. Chen had an eccentric biological daughter. Naturally, she must not be cruel to really scold Chen Xing. Only Engineer Chen, the more he compared the two daughters, the worse he looked at Chen Xing.

Such discomfort reached its culmination after Chen Xing failed the college entrance examination.

After the college entrance examination results came out in June, Chen Xing wanted to join her job after learning her favorite makeup technique just like Jing Jing, who was about to graduate, but Engineer Chen strongly asked her to resit, and even had already signed up for a closed management live-in school.

No matter how Chen Xing cried, Engineer Chen refused to compromise. Eventually, Chen Xing ran away from home, went to find her boyfriend, and secretly rented a house to spend her little time outside.

The daughter was missing, and Mrs. Chen was angry at Jingjing, calling her a goblin, causing their family to be in conflict with each other.

Engineer Chen was angry with Mrs. Chen, thinking that she did not teach her daughter well and would only do beauty and mahjong all day long.

Jingjing was caught in the middle, embarrassed at both ends. She thought that as long as Chen Xing came home, all the contradictions would subside, so she turned back to a bird, looking around day and night, finally found Chen Xing, and then notified the Chen couple to take their daughter back together.

Jingjing’s idea was to surprise the owner, but as a pet, her instinctive animal nature made her ignorant of human love, marriage, and parental interference with her children.

After seeing his fifteen-year-old daughter cohabiting with her boyfriend, Chen husband and wife were even more angry.

In the evening, the Chens and his wife dragged Chen Xing home forcibly. The conservative engineer Chen could not accept it. He locked her daughter in the room and beat her up, and it was useless for Mrs. Chen to persuade.

Engineer Chen scolded his daughter while indoors, and Mrs. Chen thought that Jing Jing had “destroyed” Chen Xing and beat Jing Jing in the living room. Grabbing her hair, scolding while beating, threatened to throw Jingjing away, and never wanted her again.

“Jingjing was gentle and timid, and after being threatened by the tigress of my family, she was stimulated and depressed. As long as I was not at home, she returned to a bird shape and dared not to come out of the cage. I never knew.” Engineer Chen regretted it.

In the summer vacation where Jingjing was most seriously ill, Engineer Chen just happened to be at the end of the project he was responsible for. He could easily get into trouble if he was careless. He almost lived in the laboratory, returned home late, and left early.

Jingjing was going to school at that time, and staggered away during school. Occasionally, Jingjing always laughed very quietly except for a little silence. She said Mrs. Chen and Chen Xing forgave her and treated her well very much. It was good. Engineer Chen believed Jingjing, he did not know how terrible the wife and daughter, who had been at home throughout the summer vacation, had been to Jingjing.

Even if she turned back into a bird shape and hid in a bird cage, Chen Xing, who was staring at her parents at home all the time, did not forgive Jing Jing. She even more maliciously took advantage of Jing Jing’s inability to resist, secretly smoked and blew it at her. She forced Jingjing to drink water deliberately mixed with rancid water, causing Jingjing diarrhea.

After the hair was pulled out by Mrs. Chen, the feathers on Jingjing’s crown were almost bald. After suffering from depression, as soon as she turned back into a bird shape, she madly pulled out her hair.

Coupled with Chen Xing’s deliberate abuse and Mrs. Chen’s indifference, Jingjing finally fell.

“It was raining last night. I had planned to live in the laboratory. Jingjing suddenly flew to the laboratory and died in my arms… She must know that she wouldn’t live and wanted to see me for the last time. “”

Engineer Chen’s tears dripped into the wooden box in his hand. When he came home, he came back specifically to take the pictures he had taken together, to take the toys that Jingjing used to like, and planned to bury them with Jingjing together. She would be happy underground.

Xie Guanze and Xie King were silent for a moment.

At this moment, Xie Guanze was deeply touched.

Your moment of emotional venting can be a deadly shadow for others and pets.

The contradiction of the Chen family has existed from beginning to end.

Engineer Chen has always been dissatisfied with his wife and daughter. The wife’s idling, the daughter’s rebellion, Engineer Chen’s strong conservative nature, the family has never passed through well, the conflict will only deepen.

Jingjing just detonated the bombs buried between the Chen family in advance, but unfortunately she became a victim.

After being silent for a long time, Xie Guanze said lightly: “Do you know that the law of “Abusing Pets” has been promulgated?”

As the coordinating department of pet relations, since he knew about it, even neighbors could not be spared.

Knowing the face of the person but not knowing them, he never knew that Chen Xing, who would shout at her brother in the sun, would be so cruel to her pet bird.

If King made her unhappy one day, would Chen Xing also secretly attack King?

The three views of minors have not been finalized. In many cases, there is no particularly clear concept of right and wrong, and everything is done according to preferences. There is no correct concept of illegal crimes, and if they are not corrected in time, the consequences are more terrible than adult crimes.

“I know.” Engineer Chen’s voice was indifferent. “I called you over for this matter. Just now Chen Xing herself said that she deliberately abused Jingjing. I want to give her to you. Everything will be handled according to law.”

Xie Guanze took a deep look at Engineer Chen. He became more innocent, Chen Xing’s rebellion had a reason, parents and family reasons.

However, many parents think that it is the teachers who do not educate them well. It is the games and the internet that harm the children. It has never been thought that the most profound impact on the children is themselves.

“You also have a responsibility for this matter.”

“I know.” Engineer Chen hung his head down and said irresistibly. “After burying Jingjing, I will surrender myself. What responsibility do I have to bear for this matter?”

Xie Guanze nodded: “The new pet cemetery has been established, and I will arrange it for you.”

There are lives and deaths. After the pets mate, new pet-people will continue to appear, and short-lived pet-people will also die. .

Not every human is willing to accept that the neighbors of his family are animals, so the brainy businessman used his brain to make a pet cemetery and contracted the cremation business.

After the establishment of the pet cemetery, the pet coordinating department intended to cooperate with them, preparing to bury the unclaimed stray pets after cremation to avoid epidemics.

Xie Guanze was the representative of the department at that time. He visited it deliberately. The pet cemetery was more western-style, it is biased towards the garden cemeteries of Europe. The lawn was full of grass. The tombstones lay on the ground. A small piece was under the tombstone and the tombs were small and delicate.

After contacting Engineer Chen, Xie Guanze specially showed Engineer Chen the conditions of the pet cemetery.

When he heard about cremation, Engineer Chen was a little reluctant, but considering the possible germs after the animal corpse changed, if it affected the surrounding humans, the dominant human beings in the society might destroy the pet cemetery in anger.

Seeing that Engineer Chen compromised with the cremation, Xie Guanze nodded, but he was worried.

“Take Chen Xing away and send it in today.” Engineer Chen took out the key to open the door. Chen Xing behind the door was tired and hoarse. When she saw his father, she screamed: “Wasn’t she a bird? I was going to be sent to prison!”

Obviously, their conversation at the door was overheard by Chen Xing.

“Old Chen, how can you do this, she is your daughter!” Mrs. Chen looked at Xie Guanze with a frightened face, and subconsciously pulled Chen Xing behind her.

“Shut up for me!” Engineer Chen didn’t swear. “The mother is a failure. These are the good daughters you taught!”

Xie Guanze frowned, trying to say something. Engineer Chen fired again and interrupted him.

Engineer Chen looked at her daughter coldly, his eyes full of disappointment, dissatisfaction, and disgust.

“Jingjing is just a bird? Then aren’t you a filial daughter? How good are you? How filial?”

“Your father, when it was raining outside, did you ever think of sending me an umbrella? I work overtime. When earning tuition for you, have you ever thought about whether I had a stomach attack or have had a meal? Ah? Do you know that your father has arthritis, do you feel painful joints downstairs every rainy day?”

“How many people did you ask for in the repetition class, and how many good things did you say? You know my mom and I went looking for you at night when you ran away from home. I didn’t sleep all night. I almost spilled sulfuric acid when I rushed to the experiment the next day. You know how sad I was when I was beating you and I was crying like a big old man that night? You are rebellious, you are reasonable, you are abusing pets, you are reasonable, you are the emperor, everyone must get used to you?!”

” I haven’t taught you this way!” Chen Xing pushed away her mother, walked to Engineer Chen and pointed at his nose, screaming hysterically, tears bursting.

“Did you ever pick me up for school? Have you ever attended my parents’ meetings? You know that the school’s parent-child activities are all sent by the whole family. My family has only been visited by my mother. The classmates also asked me if I was a single-parent family! You would rather believe the teachers and classmates, never me! You believe that bird, and don’t believe me!”


Engineer Chen slapped her daughter in the face, Chen Xing covered her face inexplicably and looked at her father, Mrs. Chen pointed with a cry around his daughter.

“Why are you hitting her? It’s better to beat her to death! What’s wrong with her, no matter what, she is your only daughter!”

Engineer Chen was exhausted, and instantly seemed to be ten years older. Without looking at them, he turned and looked at Xie Guanze visibly: “Xiao Xie, take them back, I will go to the cemetery to finish things.” Xie Guanze looked at Chen Xing, Chen Xing seemed to be beaten silly, standing there dumbly. No crying, no trouble, no talking. When she was taken away by Xie Guanze, she was very cooperative, and Mrs. Chen refused to stop it. She honestly followed Xie Guanze back to the police department to register.

That night, Chen Xing and Mrs. Chen both honestly pleaded guilty and were arranged by the pet department to serve as a volunteer in the pet pension center.

Compared with stray pet collection centers, pet pension centers have a completely different atmosphere.

In the stray pet collection center, there are pets that have not been transformed and pet people, and most of the services are pet people. Pets are more or less repulsive to humans because of past shadows.

Most pet care centers are humans.

They did not send their pets to the retirement center for abandonment. They can seriously consider that the owners who make their pets comfortable and complete the last journey of life are attentive, warm and caring. Mostly for more professional services, pet doctors, and other pet companions.

The pet pension center charges humans, and many human owners would rather charge to stay and want to see their pets for the last time.

Some unconditional accommodations will also take the time to visit every day, keep in touch with your pet every day, and ask the doctor about your pet’s health.

When Xie Guanze and Xie Wang sent Chen Xing personally, they happened to see a human in the corridor asking the pet doctor how his budgie was. Hearing that the situation was not good, the elite-looking man cried on the spot.

Although his budgie was worthless and of ordinary breed, he hatched himself from bird eggs. A parrot with a fledgling plot, from the first sight of his broken shell, saw him as his father.

The average life span of the budgie is relatively short, only 7-10 years, and some can be raised for 12-20 years. Unfortunately, he only raised it for 11 years.

Chen Xing puzzled: “Isn’t it just a bird?” The elite man glanced tearfully at Chen Xing: “What do you know! Xiaohu is my son!”

Chen Xing was silent.

At this time, a nurse suddenly rushed out of the ward: “Who is Mr. Chen? Chen Xiaohu is in critical condition!”

“Xiaohu!” The elite man couldn’t care about Chen Xing, and hurriedly followed the pet doctor into the ward. After a while, his heart-breaking cry came from inside.

Chen Xing bit her lip and looked deeply inside the ward, still turning back until she walked past.

They were all birds and pets, and they all happened to be named Chen. Chen Xing seemed to be touched.

Xie Guanze said nothing. After handing over with the staff of the pet doctor, he quietly looked at their arrangements.

Because they were serving prison sentences and volunteering, both Chen Xing and Mrs. Chen changed into prison uniforms. Striped prison uniforms showed a disgraceful expression on their faces at the same time, and other humans also knew the identity of the two of them, pointing and exposing a look of contempt and alertness.

Mrs. Chen quietly found Xie Guanze to plead: “I’m fine in prison uniforms. My Cehn Xing is still a child. She can’t wear it when she’s a teenager.”

“She must be responsible for her own mistakes.” , Xie Guanze said lightly, “From the criminals we have received, many of the criminals started from abusing pets at the earliest, becoming more and more cold-blooded, and taking lives less and less seriously; petting, abusing, hurting and killing . Do you want her to grow up and go to prison?”

Mrs. Chen shut up.

Xie Guanze knew that because of the significance of prison uniforms, neither mother nor daughter would be better off during the three-year prison sentence.

Whether it is a human and pet doctor who loves pets, or a pet person who came here to care for the elderly, they will express doubts, fear, and maliciousness to them, and may even secretly find trouble and deliberately make trouble for the two.

But the significance of coming here to serve as a volunteer to serve a prison sentence is clear. Only by seeing death at close range and seeing the maliciousness of others can we know where we are wrong. In this process, not only the body is to be punished, but the most important thing is the soul.

This scale will be grasped by psychologists and police officers here.

“Let’s go.” Xie Guanze took a deep look at the mother and daughter and nodded farewell to the staff. He needed to go back and receive the surrendered engineer Chen.

He got off work early to pick up King, and now was ahead of schedule. For the Chen family, he will work overtime again.

Engineer Chen arrived on schedule and told Xie Guanze that he had sent Jingjing to the cremation and had customized the tombstone.

Xie Guanze made a record calmly and said seriously: “You will go to a parental counseling class. How to be a parent also needs learning.”

Engineer Chen breathed out for a long time: “I’m not good, I didn’t teach her well, when there is a more obedient pet, I couldn’t help comparing them.” The pet grew too fast, too sensible, so fast that he couldn’t wait for the growth of his children, and he was eccentric.

Her daughter was too spoiled when she was a child. Her selfish and arrogant character was cultivated by her parents without education.

He now understood, but it’s a pity that it’s too late to pay for an innocent life…

Engineer Chen is a criminal by default, and Chen Xing and Mrs. Chen are pet abusers. The positions of the two parties serving sentences are not together, and Engineer Chen is arranged to volunteer at the pet workstation, and does not need to wear prison uniforms, but must receive a large number of pets every day. The workload is very heavy and extremely tiring.

The family served their sentences in different places. Engineer Chen did not contact his wife and daughter even if he had the opportunity. When he arrived at the pet cemetery, he informed him that Jingjing could be buried. He asked for leave to watch Jingjing being buried. He was alone and no one asked.

During the prison sentence, a prisoner must ask for a leave, and a police officer must accompany them. Xie Guanze took the initiative.

Before leaving, Xie Guanze thought about it and asked King to go to the pet care center to pick up Chen Xing’s mother and daughter.

Engineer Chen didn’t know about it, or didn’t care to know.

Arriving at the pet cemetery, Xie Guanze did not disturb Engineer Chen, standing far away and watching.

The ceremonial ashes were replaced by ceramic pots, slap-sized and very delicate.

After the ashes are removed, the tombstones that have been completed will be placed at that time. Xie Guanze was very surprised to see the tombstone being carried by him.

On the tombstone, Engineer Chen did not shy away, and had to put a photo of the two together. It was a group photo of Jingjing when she first arrived at Chen’s house. At that time, Jingjing, who was a young bird, nestled in his hand and rubbed his thumb with her head very closely.

The epitaph was written by engineer Chen himself: “Love Jingjing, Dad will always love you.”

Chen Xing just came over, saw this scene and was deeply silent.

Engineer Chen turned around and saw his wife and daughter, turning her head blankly, with a whole body of resistance.

Chen Xing’s footsteps paused, he didn’t dare to walk over, she stood with Xie Guanze, and watched from afar.

After the tombstone was installed, Engineer Chen sat cross-legged on the ground, took out a bottle of mineral water, poured two glasses, one was poured on the ground, and one was drunk by himself.
He smiled happily: “Jing Jing, now there’s only a father and daughter here, let’s talk…” Xie Guanze glanced at the corner of his eye, and Chen Xing’s face was silent with two lines of tears…

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