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Chapter 8: A spiteful hero; cooked all living things

Translated by Yu of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Kuneho/Kate/UA


After being rescued, Xiao Xiao purposely came over to say thank you. 

“You guys are actually spies. Sorry, we misunderstood you guys.” 

Before Da Jian even had a chance of replying, he was suddenly hugged by a woman that rushed towards him. Da Jian had a confused expression on his face. He looked down and saw the woman in white. 

“Waa waa waa waa——” after Ming Mei’s emotions went on a roller coaster ride, she ran straight into his arms and started sobbing when she saw Da Jian. 

Da Jian pushed Ming Mei away with a serious face, “Miss, you are harassing the police.” He secretly took a sniff, the perfume on this woman was too strong, making him lightheaded. 

“You are the police?” Ming Mei held Da Jian’s hands in excitement, her eyes full of respect for a hero, “Are you a spy? Were you specifically sent to save us?” 

Specifically? No, he just happened to pass by when he was on vacation. 

Da Jian scratched his head: “No, we are police dogs.”

Ming Mei: ???

What police dog, isn’t this a human? 

As if Xiao Xiao realized something, she turned her head thoughtfully to find the white parrot from before. She saw a handsome young man holding a white parrot, whispering something non-stop, and walked in that direction. 

Xie Guanze was currently saying various praises: “The king is mighty, the king is domineering, my king is the best! I will give you extra food tonight!”

“Humph, of course this king is the best.” As Xie King proudly pressed against Xie Guanze’s shoulders, he saw Xiao Xiao walking towards him. He lifted his little head even higher, “It’s just that humans are too stupid, not paying attention to any warnings. They deserve to be caught.”

Xiao Xiao blushed from the direct attack. 

“Are you also a police dog…… No, a police bird?”

“Do you not have any eyes, which part of me looks like those two stupid dogs?” Xie King was being fussy, not ignoring Xiao Xiao’s slip of words. 

Xie Guanze quickly covered Xie King’s beak: “That’s enough, be more gentlemanly with the girls.” While sincerely apologizing to the awkward Xiao Xiao: “Sorry sorry, King is hot tempered.”

“What is a gentleman?” Xie King used his claws to remove Xie Guanze’s hand, tilting his head, “Us birds only know how to give flowers, and sing, and dance for female birds during mating season. Why should I be nice to her if she is not a female bird?” 

Xie Guanze: …… 

Your explanation is equal to no explanation. 

“No matter what, still, thank you so much.” Xiao Xiao bowed deeply in thanks. 

This time Xie King did not use his sharp tongue and quietly said: “You guys should remember to see a doctor. I remember hearing the sunglasses-wearing man say they gave you guys some type of drug, which can make one dumb……” 

Xie Guanze almost couldn’t hold back his laugh.

Xie King is the type to be hard on the outside but soft on the inside. 

For the dignity of King, Xie Guanze held back his laughter. 

Xiao Xiao expressed gratitude again with a smile: “Alright, I understand, thanks.” 

In the distance, the police were calling victims to write a report. They also found the parents of the girls so it was bustling with noise everywhere. 

In the crowd, Xiao Xiao saw her parents, who were rushing towards her, and she ran up to meet them. 

When she inadvertently turned her head back, Xiao Xiao saw that the handsome young man already left with the white parrot. Seeing the backs of the two figures, Xiao Xiao suddenly smiled towards her parents and said: “Dad, Mom, I want to raise a parrot……” 

This time, their sudden apprehension of traffickers ended up with huge publicity, so they made it onto the news the second day. 

When Xie Guanze woke up, he could smell the delicious scents coming from the kitchen, and the morning news had been purposely set to the highest volume. 

Xie Guanze was woken up by the sound of the news. 

Seeing that Xie King was not looking at his favourite cooking shows, but instead watching morning news and purposely setting the volume to max to wake him up; how could Xie Guanze not understand what Xie King was trying to do? 

He rubbed his sleepy eyes, muttering the headlines of the news: “Hero police dog, bravely fighting for justice. Undercover traffickers rescue dozens of female victims.” 

Xie King walked over wearing an apron and carrying a cooking knife. The unhappy expression paired with the kitchen knife in his hand gave him a murderous look: “Why am I not mentioned? I was also undercover, I was also a hero.” 

“This is a form of safety measure.” Xie Guanze understood why the police did what they did, “Police dogs have authorized strength and are regularly prepared in police dog units. They also underwent training. They are able to protect their own bodies, but you, one shot and you’ll turn into a dish.” 

Xie King: ……. 

A dish, a dish again, he has been threatened so many times!

“One day, I will turn into Hell’s cook, and turn all the animals into dishes! Including humans!” 

Xie King clamped his teeth and set his goal, picking up the cooking knife and going back to his cooking once again. 

Xie Guanze, who had also been named as an ingredient, shuddered as he poured himself a glass of milk, drinking and watching the news at the same time. 

“It is worth mentioning that one of the victims is a female hedgehog. When the police dogs arrived, one of the traffickers had already been tied into a honeycomb ball. It was concluded that the hedgehog acted out in self-defense and she was acquitted after recording a note. 

Xie King gossiped while listening to the news and cooking: “They wouldn’t even let go of a hedgehog, humans are really seized with crazy ideas!” 

Xie Guanze spoke loudly: “Before, there were people whose job was to steal dogs and hunt birds. You must also be careful when you go outside.” 

The sound of fierce chopping noises came from the kitchen. Xie King turned grief and indignation into strength, crazily making dishes. 

Xie Guanze raised his eyebrows, a smile graced his face. It seems that King will become a professional cook for the home, he will be well fed afterwards! 

The news continued, retelling the story of Miss Hedgehog who saved her owner. 

“Miss Wei routinely brought her pet hedgehog out on a stroll after dinner, who was caught by traffickers. Miss Hedgehog could have turned into her original form and escaped, but she stayed and chose to protect her owner. She rushed forward when her owner was being hurt by the traffickers and ended up getting hurt herself……”

The camera turned and pointed straight at Miss Wei. 

Miss Wei was waiting outside the emergency room at the hospital, wiping her tears in front of the camera: “Wei Wei could have actually escaped by changing back to her original form but she chose to stay in order to protect me. Even when she hurt someone, she only hurt them because they were harassing me. She is not of age yet, so her spikes are still soft.” 

Her tears uncontrollably fell as she talked, crying without a sound: “If it wasn’t for her, I probably would have been……” 

Xie Guanze’s face also expressed sadness. Then, he suddenly heard the sound of crying from behind him. 

He turned his head. He didn’t realize Xie King had been standing behind him, watching the television with tears in his eyes. 

“Waa waa waa waa, so horrible! So touching!” 

Xie Guanze: …… 

So birds can also cry?

Xie Guanze had a confused expression, he didn’t know how to comfort King. 

“Uh, you also know how to cry……” 

“What crying?! It’s because the onions got in my eye!” Xie King refused to admit it. 

Xie Guanze had a face full of doubt: “I remember we didn’t buy any onions.” 

“What if it is chili? It’s just like that!” Xie King performed how the spices got into his eyes in front of Xie Guanze, using his hands to rub the eyes. Then, he yelled in pain: “Do you see, it’s just like this! I just cut some chili and this is how I got spices into my eyes!” 

Xie Guanze: …… 

You are really something. To prove that you didn’t cry, you actually rubbed your eyes with your hands, which were used to cut chili…… 

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Minnie ford
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